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The big surprise of the day is that the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for last night’s jihad massacre in London. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the news — I mean, who would have guessed??

In other news, ten illegal migrants were killed when their minivan overturned in Bulgaria. According to the seven survivors, the men in the van were from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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» Ten Migrants Killed in Car Accident in Bulgaria

12 Signs the Economic Slowdown the Experts Have Been Warning About is Now Here

Since the election there has been this perception among the American public that the economy is improving, but that has not been the case at all. U.S. GDP growth for the first quarter was just revised up to 1.2 percent, but that is even lower than the average growth of just 1.33 percent that we saw over the previous ten years. But when you look even deeper into the numbers a much more alarming picture emerges. Commercial and industrial loan growth is declining, auto loan defaults are rising, bankruptcies are absolutely surging and we are on pace to break the all-time record for most store closings in a single year in the United States by more than 20 percent. All of these are points that I have covered before, but today I have 12 new facts to share with you. The following are 12 signs that the economic slowdown that the experts have been warning about is now here…

#1 According to Challenger, the number of job cuts in May was 71 percent higher than it was in May 2016.

#2 We just witnessed the third worst drop in U.S. construction spending in the last six years.

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A List of 100 Things That Liberals Hate About America

Why do liberals seem to hate just about everything that is good and true and right about this country? Earlier today I was writing an article about Kathy Griffin and the hate-filled ideology that she represents, and it got me thinking about a lot of things. I truly believe that her now infamous photograph will turn out to be a defining moment in American politics. It has become exceedingly clear that Kathy Griffin and those like her have nothing to offer but anger, hate and violence, and that is not a message that most Americans are going to embrace. So if true conservatives can start communicating a message of love, peace, prosperity, liberty and freedom that is based on the principles and values that this nation was founded upon, there is no way that the left is going to be able to compete with that.

If we want to make America great again, we need to embrace the things that made us great in the first place. Unfortunately, the left tends to hate most of those things. In fact, many leftists will actually tell you that America was never great. These “progressives” want our nation to be fundamentally “transformed” into an entirely different place than our forefathers intended, and they plan to use big government as the tool to conduct that “transformation”.

If they ultimately win, the country that you and I love so much today will be gone forever. I want you to read the list below and imagine what the United States would be like if all of these things were eradicated. The following is a list of 100 things that liberals hate about America…

#1 The U.S. Constitution

#2 Liberty

#3 Freedom

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Because You’re a Comedian Does Not Mean Everything You Say or Do is a Joke

At her press conference, she kept crying “Trump broke me, Trump broke me.” Now Kathy, that was really funny!

Almost as bad as those who praise Griffin for her posing with what appeared to be the severed head of Trump are those who buy her justification for doing it. It was just a joke or a parody that did not go over well. An example were the broads on The View who whined that poor Kathy’s joke just wasn’t funny. Griffin, despite her whining to the contrary, was not trying to be funny. She is a serious Trump-hating political activist who was using her fame to illustrate how she would like to see Trump gone. Just because she happens to be a comedian is no reason to buy her argument that she was just making a joke.

Griffin is just deluding herself in believing because she is a comedian, her portrayal of a beheaded Trump was a joke. Then again she is not particularly bright. In blaming Trump for what she believes is the end of her career, she adopts what a lot of the left think. Trump supporters are unable to think for themselves and are only reacting negatively to her on orders from The Donald. She would be shocked to learn that many of us were disgusted by the picture even before we heard what Trump and members of his family had to say about it.

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Bilderberg 2017: Secret Meeting of Global Leaders Could Prove a Problem for Trump

The storm around Donald Trump is about to shift a few miles west of the White House, to a conference centre in Chantilly, Virginia, where the embattled president will be getting his end-of-term grades from the people whose opinion really matters: Bilderberg.

The secretive three-day summit of the political and economic elite kicks off on Thursday in heavily guarded seclusion at the Westfields Marriott, a luxury hotel a short distance from the Oval Office. The hotel was already on lockdown on Wednesday, and an army of landscapers have been busy planting fir trees around the perimeter, to protect coy billionaires and bashful bank bosses from any prying lenses.

[Comment: Guardian article so watch the leftist “globalism is good” slant.]

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Climate Alarmists Have Been Wrong About Virtually Everything

Not surprisingly, champions of the Paris accord are warning that U.S. withdrawal will lead to global environmental devastation. Are they correct? In answering this question, it is worthwhile looking at past predictions climate doomsayers have made, and to compare their dire warnings with what has actually happened. This article was originally published in the Jan. 4, 2016 print issue of The New American magazine.

The 1975 Newsweek article entitled “The Cooling World,” which claimed Earth’s temperature had been plunging for decades due to humanity’s activities, opens as follows:

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Message to MSM & Western Leaders: Fight Terrorism Not Trump

Unfortunately and most tragically, citizens of the world are on their own as long as the mainstream media, Western leaders do not come together to unite against Islamist terrorism but instead unite against the courageous president of the U.S.

The twisted minds of the truth-killing mainstream media and many European leaders, it’s not the death of innocents in ongoing Islamist terrorist attacks worth uniting over to fight, but President Donald Trump.

This piece of # is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He’s an embarrassment to humankind.

– Reza Aslan (@rezaaslan) June 3, 2017

That was CNN host Reza Aslan’s Tweet some two hours in to the terrorist attacks on London Bridge and in Borough Market and Vauxhall where seven were killed and 28 injured by a jihadist gang, screaming out, ‘This is for Allah!’

“Aslan hosts a show called “Believer with Reza Aslan” on the network in which he “immerses himself in the world’s most fascinating faith-based groups to experience life as a true believer,” according to the show’s website. (American Mirror, June 3, 2017)

Aslan, it seems is a “true believer” in anything but the horror of Islamist terrorists attacks.

The CNN host wasn’t the only one to come out on the attack against President Trump as civilians were being mowed off of London Bridge and knifed in surrounding bars.

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Obama Feds Refused to Prosecute NASA Intern Caught With Child Porn

A federal attorney in California refused to prosecute a NASA intern who was caught with nearly 1000 images of child pornography on his computer, according to a Inspector General’s report obtained by The Daily Caller.

While the United States Attorney for the Northern District of California refused to prosecute Arthemuel Panes Hernaez, an intern with NASA, for downloading child pornography on his personal laptop while in the workplace, the reason for their refusal to prosecute Hernaez was redacted from a report provided by the office of the NASA Inspector General.

The report from the NASA IG found “that a NASA intern was downloading child pornographic material onto his personal laptop” on December 5, 2014.

“On December 10, 2014, the RA coordinated with (redacted) Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA), US Attorney’s Office (USAO), Northern District of California, San Jose, CA and briefed him on all aspects of this investigation,” the report said.

“(Redacted) stated that his office formally declined to prosecute Hernaez based on (redacted).”

Hernaez allowed investigators to search his laptop, which “confirmed the presence of images and videos on the computer that appeared to depict naked underage children engaged in sexually explicit conduct.”

Investigators subsequently informed Hernaez that “he did not have to at anything and he was free to leave.”

“I made a mistake. I will never do it again. I have child porn. Why am I not getting arrested,” Hernaez asked investigators, confessing to downloading and viewing child pornography despite being aware doing so was illegal.

While the U.S. Attorney in Northern California refused to prosecute Hernaez, an assistant attorney in the office suggested investigators file charges through the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office.

Hernaez was subsequently arrested in his NASA office on January 14, 2015, pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography, and was sentenced to four months in a county prison, three years of probation, and ordered to pay over $1900 in fines and fees. He must also register as a sex offender.

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‘Piece of S***’: CNN Host Reza Aslan Lets Rip at President Trump

President tweets about reinforcing the travel ban in the wake of the London terror attack

After US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to use the London terrorist attack to reinforce his call for a United States Muslim travel ban, a CNN host decided to speak out against him.

Reza Aslan, host of CNN’s Believer TV, called the president a ‘piece of s**t’ after Trump used the London tragedy where three Jihadi terrorists killed seven people and injuring 30 more during a horrific knife rampage in central London last night as a means to try to reinforce America.

The tweet from President Trump that sparked the 45-year-old journalist to respond said:

[Comment: No wonder CNN ratings are tanking. Trump is using common sense in seeking to prevent such attacks in America. Reza and all his ilk are ones that comes across looking like ‘piece of s***’…]

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‘Piece of S***’: President Trump Comes Under Fire Over Tweets About Reinforcing the Travel Just Hours After London Terror Attack

Many reacted negatively to Aslan’s comment upset that he chose to harp on President Trump instead of focusing on the attack in London

The reactions to the commentators tweet were more negative if anything with many upset that instead of focusing on the terrorist attack, that Aslan chose to focus on Trump.

User @CarmineSabia pointed out the issue and said: ‘The fact that you are more concerned about his words than terror attacks says a ton.’

It was a criticism cosigned by @B_Y_E who tweeted: ‘Glad you’re more worried about him than the murders in London and Kabul.’

Aslan is most recognizable for having come under heavy scrutiny after he ate part of a human brain while filming a segment on a Hindu sect in India as part of his show.

Blogger @MarkDice pointed that out by simply stating: ‘You ate human brains bro. Human brains. On CNN.’

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Swamp Explodes After Trump Dumps UN “Climate” Regime

The establishment Swamp of globalists, tax-funded climate alarmists, socialists, and others erupted into a frenzy of unhinged outrage and apoplectic fury after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the illegal and unratified United Nations Paris Agreement on “climate change.” Some of the most unhinged voices claimed Trump’s move would destroy the planet and was tantamount to a war on America or humanity. From Obama and foreign rulers to crony capitalists and UN bureaucrats, the seething anger is clearly intense. And a full day after the president announced his historic decision to reclaim U.S. sovereignty, protect the Constitution, unlock domestic energy supplies, and reinvigorate America’s economy, the Swamp’s hysterical panic is still growing more extreme.

It is easy to see why the Swamp is losing its collective marbles over Trump’s decision. Even after the globalist establishment and its institutions, including the pseudo-”mainstream” media, put all their combined credibility on the line, most Americans still do not even believe in their discredited global-warming theory — much less in the totalitarian, anti-American pseudo-solutions. And that means the jig may well be up for their deception. Indeed, if the climate “hoax,” as Trump has called it, finally collapses completely, it may be close to impossible for the establishment and its propaganda organs to be taken seriously by the public again for the foreseeable future. And so, the Swamp is metaphorically doubling down on a metaphorical busted flush.

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Top Trump Officials Attend Globalist Bilderberg Summit. Why?

Several top officials in the Trump administration are attending this year’s secrecy-obsessed Bilderberg meeting, an annual globalist gathering of the world’s self-appointed elites and a select group of their “useful idiots.” The reason for their attendance was not immediately clear, nor was it clear whether President Trump had approved their visit. But the implications could be massive, and analysts say Trump should be on guard.

President Donald Trump and his administration are literally at the top of the Bilderberg discussion agenda for 2017, an official press release from the summit organizers shows. There to help formulate the president’s “Progress Report,” as the Bilderberg statement describes it, are at least a few of Trump’s top officials — all of whom have longstanding links to the establishment swamp. But with the would-be global rulers of humanity sneaking around behind closed doors and heavily armed guards, this time in Chantilly, Virginia, for the four-day conference that began Thursday, little reliable information is likely to emerge publicly in the immediate future. Among the senior Trump officials attending the June 1 — 4, 2017 Bilderberg summit are H.R. McMaster (shown), Trump’s national security advisor, according to an official list of participants provided by Bilderberg organizers. Also attending are Trump’s controversial Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Nadia Schadlow, identified as “Deputy Assistant to the President, National Security Council,” is also on the list.

A number of reputed advisors to Trump are also participating. Among them: homosexual activist and billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel, as well as Chris Liddell, identified on the official list of attendees as “Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Initiatives.” Notorious globalist Henry “New World Order” Kissinger, a fanatical advocate of depopulation who recently met Trump at the White House, is listed, too. There may be other attendees whose names were kept off the list.

[Comment: Recommended reading. Time to enforce the Logan Act.]

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Trump Blasts London Terrorist Attacks: “We Must Stop Being Politically Correct” Or “It Will Only Get Worse”

After a torrid night, in which at least seven people were killed in a terrorist rampage by three knife-wielding assailants in London, President Trump took to Twitter to warn terrorism will “only get worse” if officials don’t “get down to the business of security for our own people” and end political correctness.

“We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse,” he tweeted just after 7am ET on Sunday as the world reeled from the third deadly terrorist attack in the UK in less than three months.

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Which Dominates Your Life? Purpose or Cause?

Donald Trump tried to convince people that there are some in the world who are better off staying in the misery they have created for themselves, but liberal progressives who prefer socialism to a constitutional republic fight to prove him wrong… but all of the explosions and death keep adding to President Trump’s wisdom on this subject.

We are told by most of our professors who are employed by universities that are financially supported by taxpayers — that would be you and I — that Islam is a religion of peace. As explained above, it is not just a religion. It is a religion contained within a government structure called Sharia law. The following statistics prove there is nothing peaceful about it.

The Crusades began in 1095. For those students who attend university in America and do not know which nations fought in America’s Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and the Korean or Vietnam wars, the Crusades were official wars declared by various nations against Islam. What motivated these nations to declare war against non-European nations in the Middle East beginning in 1095?

In 1095, Muslims had been attacking Christians for almost 1,500 years. They declared their wars against hundreds of nations and fought over millions of square miles.

All we hear today is how the Muslim nations are the victims of Western imperialism. However, the 1,500 years of Muslim imperialism should and does give Christian nations reasons to prevent the takeover of Christian nations today… though Angela Merkel and the rest of the G-20 do not seem to be aware of the dangers (regardless of the number of bombings, motor vehicle deaths, and rapes against the people of their nations — their primary job is to protect citizens, not immigrants from the Middle East).

Maybe it will help if we remind the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) about the history of wars declared against Christian nations by Muslims.

In the fifth century B.C. (for Millennials and for those who attended Ivy League schools, that means Before Christ), the Persians invaded Europe in an attempt to conquer the Greeks.

August 20, 636 (that is 459 years before Christians fought back via the Crusades), the Muslims declared war, defeating the Byzentines, at the battle of Yarmuk.

[Comment: Good summary of islamic attacks throughout history.]

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Antifa — the New Nazis

ANTIFA- the group which claims to be “anti-fascist” has literally become Nazi Fascists. Yet their propaganda has people believing a lie by saying the group is against Fascism.

The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of the propagandistic initiative. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister 1933

The word “Nazi” comes from The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei). Socialist or Socialism is FAR LEFT. The truth is, Antifa has literally become the very thing they say they are protesting.

Look at this photo:…

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Investigation Into Franky Zapata’s Flyboard Air Hovercraft Stirs Debate Over Innovation and Regulation in France

The man who invented the Flyboard Air has been barred from flying his jet-powered hoverboard in France, sparking a debate over the country’s policies on innovation. In a Facebook post on March 10th, Franky Zapata, founder of the company that bears his name, said there is a “strong probability that the Flyboard Air will never fly again in France,” after officials from the French air gendarmerie told him he would be placed under criminal investigation if he continued to pilot the craft. Zapata added that he will now be “obliged to leave France” in order to continue his work.

“That is how innovators are treated in our country,” Zapata wrote in a French-language post. “I leave you [to] imagine my disgust after having produced more than 10,000 ‘made in France’ Flyboards.”

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ISIS Has Claimed Responsibility for the London Terror Attack

In perhaps the day’s least-surprising headline, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the London terror attack through its Amaq ‘news agency’.

A statement on the group’s propaganda outlet said a “detachment” of its fighters had carried out the atrocity, in which seven people were killed and 48 were wounded.

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London Terror Attack: Bystander Shot in Head as Police Open Fire on Terrorist, Report

“They fired at least 20 times. One of the guys in the pub took a bullet in the head. I think he’s dead.”

A man has reportedly been shot in the head after he was caught in the crossfire between police and suspected terrorists amid the horrific attacks in London.

The man was shot after suspects smashed their way into a Borough Market pub and attacked customers with knives, The Sun reports.

Police then reportedly opened fire.

A witness, who claimed to be inside the pub at the time, told The Sun the men were smashing windows.

“I was in the Wheatsheaf pub,” the witness said.

“The doors were locked by the bar staff.

“Three men with big hunting knives were outside.

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London Terrorist Attack: Is Jihadism Rising in the West? Why?

Six people have been killed along with the three terrorists who carried out the deadly attack in London late Saturday night, according to police. The attack — happening one week into Ramadan and less than two weeks after a deadly suicide bomb attack in Manchester — may indicate that more attacks are likely.

Early reports indicated that there may have been attacks at three sites in London. Police have now said that third incident at Vauxhall was unrelated to the two attacks at London Bridge and nearby Borough Market.

[Comment: Why? The globalist puppet traitor political class allowed the snakes into the house. Destabilization -Balkanize nations -more “security” -globalist “solution” will be global tyranny.]

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The French Inventor of This Incredible Hoverboard is Now Collaborating With the US Army

Last year, French inventor and former jet ski champion Franky Zapata blew everyone’s mind when he unveiled his hoverboard, which he has dubbed the Flyboard Air. His invention was on display once again in Arizona last week, when he surprised onlookers by testing the Flyboard over Lake Havasu.

As for why Zapata was testing his device in Arizona of all places, it turns out that his home country recently banned him from using the Flyboard in France, over safety concerns.

Since being published, many commenters have suggested that this video is a hoax. That’s understandable considering how impressive it is. However, Zapata set a world record when he flew his hoverboard 7,388 feet last year, which was confirmed by Guinness World Records.

This device is for real, and its capabilities are amazing. So amazing in fact, that the US Army is interested in it.

The Flyboard Air allows users to fly untethered through the sky to an incredible height of 10,000ft (3,048m), which is almost seven times that of the Empire State Building.

The 37-year-old’s original Water Flyboards are popular with the likes of Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner — but his latest invention puts Marty McFly’s hoverboard to shame.

The device uses an ‘ Independent Propulsion Unit’to fly for about ten minutes and has a top speed of 93mph (150 km/h), Zapata Racing claims.

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UK: May Vows “Enough is Enough”, Slams “Evil Islamist Extremism” As “One of the Great Challenges of Our Time”

After the third deadly terrorist attack on UK soil in less than three months (and one which paradoxically took place just days after the UK lowered its “imminent attack” terror alert), Prime Minister Theresa May — facing a crucial election on Thursday — vowed to (finally?) step up Britain’s fight against Islamist extremism, saying “enough is enough” after Saturday night’s terrorist attacks left seven dead and 48 injured.

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UK: Nigel Farage: “Words Are Not Enough, People Want Action”, Slams Sadiq Khan, Theresa May on Terror Responses

UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEP Nigel Farage has slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan for not addressing extremism in Muslim communities and criticised Theresa May’s tenure as home secretary, saying that the prime minister’s words are not enough and people want action.

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And the 2017 Global Peace Prize Goes To… Black Lives Matter (No, Seriously)

Every year the Sydney Peace Foundation bestows their Global Peace Prize on extraordinary people who advocate for “true and lasting peace” by ending “ war and violent conflict” through addressing “deep injustices and structural inequality.”

Previous years have seen such individuals as Noam Chomsky, Hans Blix and Archbishop Desmond Tutu receive the esteemed prize.

But this year the award is taking a different direction, and rather than being given to a single person, it is being awarded to an entire movement for the first time.

And the winner of the 2017 Global Peace Prize goes to…

Drum roll…

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter, the movement against racial inequality and police violence in the US which began as a powerful hashtag and became a global rallying cry, will be the 2017 recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize — the first time the often-controversial award has gone to a movement and not an individual.

The prize recognises the work of the amorphous racial justice movement that exists under the catch-all moniker, but has nevertheless managed to unite activists from around the world, including in Australia…

The Sydney Peace Prize jury’s citation for this year’s winners applauded the movement “for building a powerful movement for racial equality, courageously reigniting a global conversation around state violence and racism. And for harnessing the potential of new platforms and power of people to inspire a bold movement for change at a time when peace is threatened by growing inequality and injustice.”

Via Sydney Peace Foundation

But as Louder With Crowder points out, peace is not exactly how one would describe the activities engaged in and supported by Black Lives Matter:

[Comment: Proof that the Syndnety Peace Foundation pushes a globalist agenda — – the clue is in the word “foundation”.]

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62-Year-Old German Woman Fined Over 1,000 Euros for Sharing Anti-Migrant Joke Online

A 62-year-old German woman has been fined 1,350 euros by the government after she shared and liked an anti-migrant joke picture on her Facebook page.

The 62-year-old Berlin resident Jutta B. from Lichtenberg was arrested and had her home raided by police after she shared a picture on Facebook entitled, “Do you have anything against refugees?” For sharing the picture, which included disparaging comments about migrants, the woman was sentenced to a 1,350 euro fine, German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost reports.

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Ten Migrants Killed in Car Accident in Bulgaria

Ten migrants were killed and seven were injured after a minivan transporting them overturned on a highway near the city of Pazardzhik in southern Bulgaria, the interior ministry said.

The ministry said the 16-year-old Bulgarian driver of the vehicle, who did not hold a driving license, was also killed in the accident early on Sunday.

The migrants did not have any documents on them, but some of the wounded, who were being treated in hospital, told police officers they were of Afghani and Pakistani origin.

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  1. Re the “migrants”-invaders bus that crashed in Bulgaria. The 16-yrs old driver without license was undoubtedly chosen so as not to be judicially responsible. The TV showed some footage of his neighbourhood that was Gypsy without doubt; his relatives looked not much different from the Pakistani they were smuggling. Furthermore, previous police raids has uncovered invaders hiding in this particular Gypsy area before being transported further into “mainland Europe”, the reporters announced that in one single house the police arrested 100 (!) invaders, who were the “transported to a temporary shelter” (not to their home countries, unfortunately).

  2. Teddy Bears, flowers, candles and sing songs won’t overcome the Koranic beliefs of jihadists. The truth is that Millennials will be fighting this world war against 1.6 billion crazies and understandably prefer to act like 15 year olds rather than confront this problem our Harvard-Yale-Oxford masters bestowed upon them at birth.

  3. The real surprise is the turmoil between Qatar and the rest of the GCC.

  4. Add another country to the list of ‘refugees’ flooding into Europe–Bangladesh. Well, there’s a terrible civil war tearing the country apart, right?
    And of course they’re moslems, too. Curious.

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