Éric Zemmour: “Trump is now talking like a trivial Bush junior”

The following commentary from the ever-popular Éric Zemmour on RTL concerns President Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   RTL morning, We Don’t Necessarily Agree
00:04   8:20am on RTL, good morning Eric Zemmour. —Good morning.
00:08   During his visit to Riyadh president Trump praised Saudi Arabia and designated Iran
00:12   and the Islamic State as his new Axis of Evil.
00:16   American presidents come and go; Saudis stay.
00:20   That’s what the princes of Riyadh had to be thinking, with their bantering smiles, while listening
00:24   to the speech by president Trump. They did have a fright though,
00:28   first with Obama, who ostensibly favored Iranians.
00:32   Obama engaged in a very daring geostrategic flip
00:36   in order to replace the traditional alliance with the Saudis, which started with
00:40   President Roosevelt at the end of WW2, a rapprochement with the other
00:44   great pole of the Muslim world: the one of the Iranian Shia.
00:48   Saudi oil wells are shaking in fear.
00:52   This boldness of his predecessor could have, SHOULD have pleased Donald Trump.
00:56   After all, behind Iran there’s Russia, and Trump just wanted
01:00   to get closer to Russia. Trump, who during his campaign multiplied
01:04   His devastating tweets against the country, which, I’m quoting: “which wants to
01:08   enslave women and kill homosexuals”. Trump who was back then
01:12   putting himself in the ideological shoes of Samuel Huntington and assumed a
01:16   civilizational war between the Muslim bloc and the Judeo-Christian bloc.
01:20   But Trump “is fickle; unhappy is he who puts his trust in him” [allusion to King Francis I on women, 1545]
01:24   Saudi Arabia again became a wonderful kingdom and Islam a Religion of Peace.
01:28   Even though for years we knew what to think about them: Saudi Arabia from the start financed
01:32   Al Qaeda and Bin Laden; Saudi Arabia from the start financed
01:36   the Islamic Caliphate; and let’s not mention the current war in Yemen, where the Saudi air force
01:40   is wreaking havoc. ISIS is simply a Saudi Arabia which succeeded; Riyadh is
01:45   a matrix of salafization of the world, in the in the Land of Islam,
01:49   but also in Europe and Africa with huge mosque and Quran schools being constructed.
01:53   Refuse to welcome people originating from Muslim countries
01:57   in order to protect America against terrorism and then sing the praises of Saudi Arabia.
02:01   It’s as if president Roosevelt had, in the ’30s, forbidden the entrance of
02:05   Nazis, while going to Berlin to glorify that great democrat
02:09   who was Chancellor Hitler. —Well, what is in your opinion the explanation of such a flip?
02:13   Saudi Arabia has money. A lot of money.
02:17   Immense amounts of money. The welcome for Trump was sumptuous.
02:21   The American president was able to triumphantly announce 380 billion dollars
02:25   of contracts and investments. It’s not a presidential trip any more;
02:29   it’s Santa Claus’ sack! And the princes took advantage of it
02:33   to slip a check of 100 million dollars in the slipper of Trump’s daughter,
02:37   Ivanka, and her fund for business women. No more war of civilizations.
02:41   No more problems with Islam: it’s only the everlasting
02:45   fight between Good and Evil. Trump is now talking like a trivial Bush junior.
02:49   With the same contradictions: how to fight
02:53   Iran and the Islamic State at the same time while those two are
02:57   Irreconcilable adversaries? How to solve the Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan questions
03:01   without negotiating with Iran? Why flatter Saudi potentates
03:05   and denigrate an Islamic Republic of Iran which is organizing elections, more or less democratic?
03:10   “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them,” said Lenin.
03:17   It’s been a while since Saudis understood that they just had to replace “capitalists” with “infidels”.
03:21   Eric Zemmour. — for We Don’t Necessarily Agree.

17 thoughts on “Éric Zemmour: “Trump is now talking like a trivial Bush junior”

  1. Eric needs to familiarize himself with some geopoliticking and what that entails. I wonder if he has ever heard of the 12th Iman and to comprehend that it is Iranian clerics who control the Islamic Republic of Iran, clerics who have a religious agenda and will carry out that agenda, which is the destruction of the United States and Israel, as soon as they are able to do so – Obama was instrumental in setting up Iranian nuclear arms development – has Eric not realized that as well?

    • But that doesn’t mean you have to climb into Saudi Arabia’s derriere. They also have a strategical objective: Islamising western civilisation. And as the head of one of the most important western countries, Trump should oppose this.

      Well, they all should, but they have their derrieres stuffed too full of Saudi money to care.

      • Trump has done the deal – will it get through the Senate though?

        And one wins more influence when doing deals with honey than with vinegar.

        I see the arms deal as a sweetener.

        Trump has also laid out to the Arabs what concerns him most – Islamic terrorism. What will happen if they do not accept his concerns and continue to act as they are currently acting. On that, only time will tell. But, he has put them on notice.

    • May I know what makes you (or anyone) think that Iranian ayatollahs will destroy US and Israel having nukes? (links, please)

      • I have given you a clue – the 12th Iman – look it up. The Iranian clerics have been broadcasting loud and clear ever since 1979 their goal of ushering in their ‘messiah’ by destroying little Satan (Israel) and Big Satan (United States).

      • My concern about Iran’s destructive power is an issue the Center for Security Policy keeps putting before Congress because it is deeply problematic when dealing with an essentially insane eschatology like Iran’s.

        EMPs could push us back to the 18th century in short order.


        THey rightly praise the state of Maine for being pro-active. In most states, legislators yawn and go on to something else.

        With the end of the Cold War, the threat of a massive bipolar nuclear exchange has, thankfully, abated. However, one of the most frightening consequences of nuclear proliferation among rogue states and, potentially, terrorist organizations, is these bad actors’ ability to create unimaginable devastation without massive stockpiles of warheads or ICBMs.

        One of the most terrifying of these is an EMP attack. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is generated when a conventional nuclear weapon is detonated high in the earth’s atmosphere over a desired target; the pusle radiates a powerful current that disables and ‘fries’ all electrical equipment for thousands of miles. This kind of assault would, in effect, reduce our technology-based society to pre-industrial modes of communication and subsistence—and leave hundreds of millions without food, money, or transportation.

        In his book, War Footing, Frank Gaffney outlined the threat of an EMP attack—and what the United States needs to do to protect itself.

        The e-book is here:


        “Ten Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World”

        There are used text versions for a dollar or so.

        Foreword by Victor Davis Hanson, another prophet crying in the wind.

        Read the book; you’ll have to change your nic…for that matter, explore the website.

        • I believe Trump has or is putting in place a study for such a scenario – I think it was mentioned on the Gateway Pundit.

          • That’s good news. CSP does important work and has been crying into the wind for years about our existential risk.

            Maine is working on “hardening” their skies. Meanwhile, here in VA, the Dem candidates for governor are duking it out with virtue-signaling speeches about the need for union workers. Never was there a deader issue in Virginia. We will continue to be a right to work state, thank heavens.

            BTW, one of those candidates is a feckless Soros employee. After he finished a two-year stint as our Congressional rep, he was thrown out after the first term. Stupid Yale Law grad really thought our rights derive from the government. He told me this. And now this twit, Perriello, is running for governor.

            Time to get out my Tea Party shirt…

            I’ll see if I can find the old video where he tells us that only we can stop Congress from spending. I think his brief stay there scared him.

      • Okay…hope you got the links, relatively uninformed.

        What is your opinion now after reading the information given you? Did you actually read it and do you understand how deeply crazy the Iranians are?

        Did you notice that the nukes don’t have to have warheads, just EMP devices. In fact, those are far more deadly. Hound your own state legislators to harden the skies under which you walk. They don’t have to wait for the feds.

  2. A president who lacks the judgement to Play with people his own age { his winter- spring marriage } certainly should not be expected to remain consistent with his campaign promises . The inevitable collapse of the United Staes of America is proceeding on course. After the Globalists finish using Islam to destroy western Civilization…..they will ultimately destroy themselves. Sad comfort to the victims of this process. Simply be true tones self . This wold is a hard place.

  3. Tbe good thing about those weapons sold to the House of Saud is that they are built by Americans and keep Americans employed, while they are used by muslims to kill other muslims. The Saudis know better than to try and pick a fight with the Israelis.

    • I suspect the weapons sold to the Sunni Sauds were thought to be a necessary counterweight to the huge influx of cash given by Obama to Shi’ite Iran. The latter is now busy supplying weapons throughout MENA…and beyond.

    • Saudis and Israel have a very nice accord, if not alliance. They are both extremely apprehensive of Iran, and neither one has any illusions about friendship. There is a bit of trade between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Where there is business to be done, ideological barriers melt in the green sunlight…and that’s not a bad thing.

  4. I heard last night that the weapons intended for the Saudis were first reviewed by the Israelis so they will maintain a qualitative edge. Good.

    What worries me more is the fact that the Saudis influence in the U.S. is growing. More Saudi money and more Saudi buying of property in the U.S. is going on. Not good at all. Well when you own the property you can invite in all sorts of people. This selling out to perpetrators of this horrible philosophy is beyond me. I occasionally tell myself well at least future generations will learn from our mistakes but then if occurs to me that future generations will grow up Islamized.

    Pardon me while I turn on the cartoon network.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • You’re very correct. Lots of people want energy independence from the Middle East, but the fact is, we’re already energy independent. What we are not is money-independent. Our government is addicted to spending more than it takes in, like the quasi-third world countries Greece and Italy. The Saudis are floating in an ocean of US treasuries, and universities, foundations, NGOs, media conglomerates and other centers of power in the US are falling over themselves to get some of the green.

      Any country engaging in chronic deficit spending is not going to make independent decisions.

      Probably the biggest danger to Israel from Saudi Arabia is any temptation to take loans from Saudi Arabia.

    • Saudis aren’t buying as much as the Chinese, Mike. HUGE infrastructure investment.

      My advice: learn Mandarin.

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