Geert Wilders: Islam Is To Blame for Manchester

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, sends the following essay on Monday night’s jihad terror attack in Manchester.

Islam Is To Blame for Manchester

by Geert Wilders

I am writing this article today just after we, members of the Dutch Parliament, in the presence of the British Ambassador, commemorated the Manchester victims with a short speech by our Prime Minister and one minute of silence.

Two months ago, we did the same for the victims in Stockholm. Last December, for those in Berlin. And, earlier, for those in Nice, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen… The list becomes endless, while the number of Western ambassadors, who have not visited our Parliament for one of these sad occasions, becomes ever smaller.

And, every time, we hear the same hollow words of shock and grief and how incomprehensible it all is. But we never hear our Prime Minister, nor the leaders of other Western countries, tell us the truth: The cause of all this bloodshed, all this misery, all this pain and sorrow, is Islam.

Instead of the truth, we get crocodile tears. We have to listen to platitudes, we have politically correct hot air blown at us, again and again. But the truth remains that no bad tree bears good fruit.

What we are witnessing is pure Islamic practice. It is the Koran with its admonishment to “cast terror in the heart of the non-Muslims” (Surah 8:12). It is the so-called prophet Muhammad, who boasted to his followers: “I have been made victorious through terror” (Bukhari, 4.52.220).

Islam is not a peace-loving religion, but an evil totalitarian ideology. It wants all non-Muslims to submit. It is totally incompatible with freedom and human decency. It preaches hatred, propagates violence and is barbaric and violent by nature.

And it also abuses our own freedoms and democratic liberties to subvert our democracy and rob us of these freedoms. It builds mosques and Islamic schools, often with Saudi money, where hatred against the West is preached. It abuses our legal system to harass its critics. It behaves like a fifth column in our midst. It is not global warming that is threatening the world; it is global Islam.

Attack after attack, innocent people are being killed. Everyone is a target. It is absolutely unacceptable that there are still political leaders and media ignoring the problem. They want the citizens to believe that Islam is a peace-loving religion and that there are only a few Islamic extremists who are ruining everything for everyone. But do not let yourselves be fooled.

Opinion polls show that no less than two-thirds of Muslims in the Netherlands find Islamic rules more important than our secular democratic laws. Research from the University of Amsterdam shows that as many as 11 percent of Dutch Muslims find it acceptable to use violence in the name of Islam. That is more than 100,000 Muslims in the Netherlands. Twice the number of soldiers in our Dutch army.

It is impossible for the ideology of Islam to assimilate in a free society. People can assimilate; an ideology cannot. We should not import it any longer to our society. Not because we hate the people, but because we have a problem with an ideology that is totally incompatible with freedom. Those who sow Islam must realize that they will harvest nothing but terrorism and the barbarism of Sharia law, with its oppression of women, Christians, Jews, apostates and Islam critics.

Last month, the Pew Forum revealed something truly shocking. The world is becoming ever more Islamic. Between today and 2060, the number of Muslims will grow by 70 percent. That is more than twice as fast as Christians, thrice as rapid as Hindus, and almost five times faster than Jews. By 2060, Islam will have almost as many adherents as Christianity. And soon after, it is bound to become the largest belief system on earth.

In many Western European countries, populations are growing only because of immigrants. And many of these are Islamic. Muhammad is already the most popular name among newborn boys in major cities in Britain, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and elsewhere. Islam uses all the tools it can lay its hands on. Guns and bombs, knives and cars and planes. But also demography and immigration.

Last year, over 180,000 people crossed in shabby boats from Libya to Europe. And this is just the beginning. The United Nations expect the population of Africa to quadruple by the end of the century. From 1 billion today to 4 billion. One third of the Africans want to leave their own countries. Many of them are Islamic. And many want to move north. If Western Europe continues with its present open-door policies, the population of the European continent is in danger of being replaced and its nations colonized and Islamized. No longer European, but a province of Africa.

In order to save ourselves from atrocities such as the one just committed in Manchester, and to stop the process of population replacement in Europe, these are the three most important things we should do:

1.   Realize that Islam is the problem and start to de-Islamize our societies. No Islamic schools anymore, no hate preaching. We are facing an existential threat and should treat it as such.
2.   End all immigration from Islamic countries. Enough is enough! Those immigrants who are already in our nations are welcome to stay, but only if they fully adhere to our values, our constitution, our laws. If they commit crimes or start acting according to Sharia law, we should expel them at once. If necessary, radical Muslims must also be administratively detained.
3.   Get rid of political correctness. We should not let Islam abuse our freedoms and our constitutional rights just to abolish them. It is naïve and dangerous to grant rights to a totalitarian ideology which, if it gets its way, wants to rob us of our rights. We should realize that Islam has declared war on us, but that we will never allow it to win!

Islam hates and kills us. And nobody protects us. Our leaders betray us.

Let us start acting bravely, do our duty and de-Islamize our nations in order to protect us and remain a free people.

Geert Wilders MP is a member of the Dutch Parliament and the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in The Netherlands

84 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Islam Is To Blame for Manchester

    • Honest, plainspoken people are seldom welcome in politics. Geert is a refreshing exception.

  1. Islam is the virus that kills its host; leftists are its carriers- therefore we must find a way to deal with the carriers first.

    • I agree, totally. The left IS to blame for this. They were and are the enablers. Let’s get rid of the left to start with.

      • U are absolutely correct, now that we have enough time we should start destroying Islam. Muslim are not our friends so we should not do any business with Muslim and we should increase rapidly our birth rates to counter Islam. I am planning to have minimum 8 kids

        • Everyone in the West should have at least one for Mum, one for Dad and one for the country. I am saddened when I see so many one child families out there!

          • Oh and large tax incentives to encourage families to have extra children! (Not welfare, but lower taxes). It’s simple!

      • Liberals, and let us face it many conservatives, are its enablers. But liberals will rewrite history as this nightmare continues to unravel. They will reinvent themselves and pretend they always hated Islam because they are anti-fascist and Islam is fascist. You may think they could never get away with such outrageous lying, but they may well do so.

        There are not enough of us anti-dhimmis around, to make them pay. I mean the media alone cannot be reformed, so it needs to be junked. And the media heads from the BBC and the rest need to be held accountable. Do you ever see this happening? How? When? And if not now, when? And what about their viewers and readers? They fed all this, instead of just stopping to tune into CNN etc and stop reading MSM garbage. How do we hold them accountable? It is the majority of people in the West.

    • Your statement definitely carries a lot of truth and rings lots of bells.

      The savagery and the killing and the expansion of Islam will never ever stop, but as a western society we must uphold the laws of our civilization and elect a political system that will work to protect our democracy for us all and for our future generations forever to come. We shall never ever be fouled by the perpetrators or perpetual liars and always stand tall and strong for our democracy.

      • Yeah right. We stand tall and strong. In the meantime our children are being raped and shredded.
        But we are standing tall and strong.
        An eight year old girl by the name of Saffie in Manchester ended up blown to bits. Part of her intestine here part of her brain there and the rest of her on the ceiling, floor and walls.
        But we are standing tall and strong. We carry on with our stiff upper lip. All for the salvation of democracy.

        • If democracy means we have to sacrifice our children and grand children than we’re better of without democracy.

          • Amen, copywriter. “Democracy” in modern terms is in reality totalitarian “democracy”. It’s easiest to see in places like Norway, where choices are few and the news is carved to fit.

            There are worse, but Norway has the advantage for observers of being small and monocultural, despite their inviting in all those culture-changers. It’s the only Western ‘democracy’ that not only doesn’t condemn Hamas as the terrorist organization it is, but actually supports those stone killers. It’s schizophrenic. A forensic psychiatrist could have a field day there. If they let him in.

            I’d love to know the percentage of male expatriates Norway produces annually. It’s a positive benefit for the receiving countries.

          • I have pointed out this writer’s views on T.D. frequently:


            Totalitarian democracy is a term popularized by Israeli historian J. L. Talmon to refer to a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government.[1] […]

            Talmon’s 1952 book The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy discusses the transformation of a state in which traditional values and articles of faith shape the role of government into one in which social utility takes absolute precedence. His work is a criticism of the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a Swiss philosopher whose ideas influenced the French Revolution. In The Social Contract, Rousseau contends that the interests of the individual and the state are one and the same, and it is the state’s responsibility to implement the “general will”.

            The political neologism “messianic democracy” also derives from Talmon’s introduction to this work:
            Indeed, from the vantage point of the mid-twentieth century, the history of the last hundred and fifty years looks like a systematic preparation for the headlong collision between empirical and liberal democracy on the one hand, and totalitarian Messianic democracy on the other, in which the world crisis of to-day consists. [1]

            The philosophy of totalitarian democracy, according to Talmon, is based on a top-down view of society, which sees an absolute and perfect political truth to which all reasonable humans are driven. It is contended that not only is it beyond the individual to arrive at this truth independently, it is his duty and responsibility to aid his compatriots in realizing it. Moreover, any public or private activities that do not forward this goal have no useful purpose, sap time and energy from those that do, and must be eliminated. Thus economic and social endeavors, which tend to strengthen the collective, are seen as valuable, whereas education and religion, which tend to strengthen the individual, are seen as counterproductive. “You cannot be a citizen and a Christian at the same time,” says Talmon, referring to Rousseau’s arguments, “for the loyalties clash.”

            That quote from Rousseau is not Talmon’s view (afaik). After all, he lived in a theocratic democracy himself.

            I recommend looking at the whole thing.

        • Right. This isn’t good enough. Islam must be destroyed. The end justifies all necessary means.





            IT’S A SICK WORLD!

  2. Thank you, Geert Wilders.
    It’s too bad that such common sense is so uncommon. I’m afraid that too many Westerners believe that our Judeo-Christian values rationalize cultural suicide. Turning the other cheek, loving one’s enemies, one’s neighbors, the stranger etc. are fine for cases of genuine refugees fleeing persecution or for internal social cohesion, but these principles should not mean open borders to the entire Umma. Western morality is not a suicide pact. For the most part, idealistic liberals do not understand this distinction, and that misunderstanding may ultimately be disastrous.

    • The state, antagonistic toward its citizens’ well-being and preying on their naiveté, deliberately conflate the duty (as per Judeo-Christian values) of the individual to love and pray for one’s enemies with the duty of the state.

      Let me be more clear: the state wields the sword to punish evil-doers and to protect the innocent (Romans 13).
      The individual does NOT wield the sword to punish evil-doers (but does so only to protect the innocent when directly attacked).

      It is not the duty of the state to assume the duties required of the individual.

      An individual’s duty is to pray for his enemies. States do not pray for their enemies but rather punish them.

      When states love and pray for evil doers and enemies, they have in essence delegitimized their primary function — which is to PROTECT their citizens.

      They have conveniently, for their own nefarious purposes of subjugating their own citizens, conflated — by means of propaganda and political correctness — the two roles: the role of the individual citizen in his personal relationships, and the role of the state in its prime duty to protect the citizen.

      Moreover, for the state to protect the non-citizen at the cost of oppressing its own people is the mark of an illegitimate state; that state’s leaders must be exiled, by any means necessary.

      • This accept this [vulgarity denoting fallacious material] from the Bible is just as rational as accepting the superstition in the Koran. It only applies to you and your friends who impose it on yourselves.

      • As Wilders says, we must ban Muslim immigration and shut down mosques and their madrasses. But in the U.S. this would run afoul of the first amendment. At the very least all western countries should block Muslims who travel to Muslim countries from returning. Muslims at home should be profiled on the slightest suspicion — we have seen in countless cases including Manchester that the killer was known to authorities. Obviously police must be strengthened. And any suspicious Muslims should be interned and deported. This would not be possible in the US unless Congress suspended habeus corpus and we know the courts would block this. Unhappily the only possible way these steps will be implemented , maybe, is when we suffer attacks with weapons of mass destruction. Only then might the blindness of liberal PC be shattered.

        • There are ways to create laws of general application that would effectively accomplish the same thing.

          I think that in the USA, the RICO statute may already have potential…

        • Hi SpencerC,
          Your comment “As Wilders says, we must ban Muslim immigration and shut down mosques and their madrasses. But in the U.S. this would run afoul of the first amendment.”
          In my and many others opinions, Islam is NOT a religion, it is first and foremost a Totalitarian Ideology. Islam needs to be reclassified in all Western Countries as such, and then banned. Therefore we will not be in violation of the First Amendment in the USA.

  3. Step 3 is most important. It could be done tomorrow at the stroke of a pen if our leaders were not such Quislings.

    • I would add that we must prepare for war… with Islam.
      It will happen, we might as well act instead of react.

  4. Geert, you are our hero. You are the new Charles Martel. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made.

  5. Dear Mr Wilders

    Thank you for your resilience and fortitude in doing what is right, in stating what is obvious, in putting yourself and your family at mortal peril for the benefit of our Western societies and highlighting the cowardice of our political leaders.

    We all owe you an enormous debt that could never be paid.

  6. i agree with most of his comments, but some part 2 i don’t. all muslims should be deported, except for a few apostates who may be useful.

    • Not even Muslim apostates are “useful” to the West. Taqiyya ensures that there can never be an iota of functional or meaningful trust. EVER.

  7. Wilders tells it like it is. Wish I could be more positive but all of the three remedies Mr. Wilders advises will likely be ignored by a brainwashed public too fixated on the bread and circuses of their society. Islam has become the second largest religion in The Netherlands and growing. One question for those in the minority, aware of the highly controlled matrix they live in is: fight or flight?

  8. Like the demi-god Hercules the great hero Wilders is trying to accomplish the (nearly) impossible. One of Wilders’ many tasks is to Drain the Swamp, which is comparable with Hercules’ Cleaning of Augias’ Stables. Another task is the to slay the nine-headed Hydra, i.e. Political Correctness.
    In doing so he is inspired by a maxim attributed to the Dutch PATER PATRIAE: Point n’est besoin d’espérer pour entreprendre, ni de réussir pour persévérer – One need not hope in order to undertake, nor succeed in order to persevere.

  9. Mainstream media says:Islam is not the problem(again & again) Sleep tight! Islam IS the problem!Thanks Geert;this is the awful shocking truth.Besides this,I think Dutch & French elections results have been manipulated .It’s time to revolt .

    • “It’s time to revolt.”


      I say that from a position of relative safety in America, so my saying it comes cheap. But I would imagine that many thousands of Europeans are now having the most serious possible conversation with themselves, “Do I risk everything?” And I hope networks of those who have answered in the affirmative, I hope such networks are forming. The first attempts will almost surely be death sentences. But one would have to be utterly naive to think that the decline and fall [of the] European Ruling Class will, of its own volition, lead Europe out of the trap into which it has led Europe. The Ruling Class must be overthrown.

  10. That Ayyat he refered is about that time during Ghazwa, Allah says to His prophet. Not to all mankind. Wilders is just trying to make his shop of politics more attractive to ignorant people of Netherlands. People mmst read Quran and then should believe. Shame on Geert Wilders….!

    • What are you doing on an infidel website ?We kaffirs are not likely to turn around and worship a mass murdering warlord and pedophile like Mohammed.You are wasting your time.

    • Why tell us? Tell that to al-Baghdadi or the millions of Mohammedans committing murder. Explain your version of Unicorn Islam to them. After all, it is they who are doing the killing. In fact, they spend most of their time killing other Mohammedans. I am sure they will listen to you and your interpretation. Good luck!

      Stop explaining Unicorn Islam to us.

      • Unicorn Islam…is that your term? I like it! I can see Obama now, astride a unicorn, waving the ISIS flag.

    • You’re right, fellah. People must read Quran and then believe that their lives are at risk if they let a single follower of that rapacious caravan robber anywhere near them.

      Islam means death.

  11. Gert says, “political leaders and media ignoring the problem…….Islam is a peace-loving religion and that there are only a few Islamic extremists who are ruining everything for everyone”.
    Like the now current mayor of Manchester.

    Last year, shadow home secretary Andy Burnham, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester

    26 September 2016
    Mr Burnham told a fringe event at Labour conference organised by the Mend (Muslim Engagement &Development), a not-for-profit company that aims to enhance the engagement of British Muslims in national life…….
    He [Andy Burnham] added: “There’s a lot of people in this country not necessarily at risk from ‘Islamic extremism’ but it’s far-right extremism. and Gert was right “Those who sow Islam must realize that they will harvest nothing but terrorism and the barbarism of Sharia law”

    Gert says “[Islam] It behaves like a fifth column in our midst”.
    That Mayor of Manchester I doubt has learnt a thing, and will continue to liaise with muslims, selling out the rest of his constituents that peacefully went to a concert.

    Sad to say that if any one was considered “islamphobic” after the massacre then they would be considered ‘far right extremist’

  12. Whoops, forgot to put the in after “far right extremism.”- and before- “and Gert was right “Those….””

    • Sorry
      and forgot the link about the leftist mayor of Manchester.

      This is another link with a story about MEND “Muslim Engagement & Development” showing major connections into British politics and Islam extremists.

      I believe this is what Tommy Robinson was referring to in his video that was posted a few days ago here.

      A real 5th column

      after claiming to promote “democratic engagement” by Muslims. However, it is actually a facade to win political access and influence for individuals holding extreme, bigoted and anti-democratic views.

      They may be dreaming, but it is not for the lack of trying.

      A real active net work and a quagmire as I keep finding more and more connections.
      If only others would do a bit of research and connect the dots, as Gert quite a while did.

      Thanks to Baron and Dymphna., and for putting up with my errors tonight, or if it is too much just delete.

      • Further to MEND “Muslim Engagement & Development” and its above link

        Mend strongly supports Cage and has held joint meetings with it, including in Manchester on November 28 last year. In another talk, at a mosque in Cheadle, Cheshire, Mr Ismail said Cage and another group linked to Syrian jihadis, IERA [Islamic Education and Research Academy], “do a really good job.”
        As well as Mr Niamatullah, the group also promotes Haitham al-Haddad, a hate preacher who describes democracy as “filthy” and says that “all the kuffar [an insulting term for non-Muslims] will go to hellfire.”
        Haddad adds, however, that Muslims are “allowed to vote for a kafir [infidel] system in order to avoid a bigger kafir system taking power.”

        Now to a link of further evilness Cage, which I believe Tommy Robinson mentions in his video.

        ….I really can’t think of anything nobler.” These fallen soldiers were Abdullah and Jaffar Deghayes, teenage al-Qaeda recruits from Brighton who died in Syria, she said, “as heroes”.
        Other Cage favourites include Abu Qatada, the al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki — linked to at least a dozen terrorist attacks — and Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamist group which abducted 275 schoolgirls (the Bring Back Our Girls campaign is a “colonial trope” and criticism of Boko Haram is about “demonising Islam”, according to the Cage website.)……..
        Amnesty, Liberty, Justice and five other mainstream human rights groups joined with Cage in a “collective” to make representations ….Cage also has close links with Universities UK (UUK), the collective body for British universities, which has taken a notably weak stance on campus extremism and strongly resisted attempts to ban Muslim bigots….

        As Gert says that 5th column is very deep rooted with islamic connections.
        Well worth a read to see the connecting Octopus hold and control being exerted in Britain.

      • The British labour party is unable to function in certain constituencies without the “Block” Muslim vote.

        The cases’ in the UK, of child rape, commited by Muslim males, were covered up with the help of the Local Labour Party. Muslim Offenders were tipped off by ‘Community workers’, allowing these criminals to escape to Pakistan. From Rotherham to Rochdale, Bradford to sheffield, muslim perverts have preyed on the children their European hosts, with an Air of Entitlement.

  13. Sir / Madam around the world please unite together ASAP to eradicate / ban this evil called political cult of Islam / terrorists / Wahabies / Mughals from the face of our Mother Earth, this irreligion must be banned / stopped. Love All.

  14. Geert Wilders is one of my major heros. Magnificent brave man. The west would do well to listen to him as he has quite a lot of experience with muslims in his own country.

  15. Wilders is one of the few politicians of the free world that is absolutely not afraid of telling the truth about Islam.

    All others cower before the sword of political correctness.
    The world will see doom and destruction if we do not heed this dire warning.

    Muslims now in western nation even though in minority brazenly make unrealistic demands, can you imagine when their numbers increase a decade or two from today?

    I guess the west will learn the hard way and then there will be civil wars in almost every western nation that pledged to protect the adherents of this barbaric ideology.

    I know in the end we will prevail, however the left should know that they were the vehicle that enabled Islam to prosper.

    • We will look like India, and like India, we will naively partition part of our land to give to Islam so it will stop murdering native people.

      We will all have Pakistans and Bangaladeshs and we will call the killers, oh, maybe “Asians” to avoid offending anyone because we all know Asians are used to being defamed.

      Yeah, that’ll work.

  16. It isn’t islam that is to blame. Muslims are to blame. They are all guilty of blasphemy.

    • Not true Michael,
      Humans are like sheep, that mostly blindly follow an ideology they were born into.

      If Islam sets down a set of rules that tell it’s adherents what to do and not to, then the ideology is guilty of the greater sin.

      • Humans are like sheep, that mostly blindly follow an ideology they were born into.

        For the hard Left, that means a frivolous changing of ideologies more often than they change their socks.

    • I’m afraid that our own western Christian/Humanist cultural values necessitate the judgement that what the other Book preaches is blasphemy. Q.E.D. the massacre of innocents in Manchester, committed by a person whose religious teachers taught him it was a profoundly righteous and pious duty.

      Any ‘god’ that sanctions such obscene actions is not God, but Satan, and the faith is exposed as a false faith and a perversion of religion. This truth was well understood by the Christian theologians of the early Church – it was the previous Pope’s timely reference to the uncomfortable fact which made his position politically untenable. The current incumbent of the Throne of Peter appears to be a secular Marxist.

      He and the other earthly powers also want Geert Wilders to be removed. The ‘Gospel according to Marx’ as we might call the official brand of Christianity being peddled to the masses, has already led to an Islamic person being invited into St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow to read a Koranic passage that denied the divinity of Christ; and empty churches are being converted – indeed! – into mosques; a former Archbishop of Canterbury (in his wisdom) has even preached that Sharia Law should be accepted in Britain: The common herd are being softened up for what the Powers That Be hope will be a quiet and orderly transition of the West into what these traitors see as our inevitable submission to Islam.

      This colossal, cynical gamble with the lives of millions is not really working out, though – – – It turns out people don’t like being disposed of like chattels – or butchered like halal meat!

      More bankruptcy of our blood and treasure will inevitably follow, as the world finds itself struggling with the consequences of the latest mad folly perpetrated by ‘those set in authority over us.’

      Eventually, this dangerous trait of unerringly doing the wrong thing, and bringing the whole edifice of our hard-won civilisation down on our heads, will prove that Homo Sapiens (so-called) is just another evolutionary bungle, doomed to fail and be swept away like all the rubbish of the past.

      We have reached our climacteric: The West must fall, for all that is great passes away.

      But I still bitterly resent the smug Left telling me, after seeing their Islamic friends murdering our children, ‘Get used to it.’

      That is no way to die: A last stand – a forlorn hope is called for:

      ‘Rage, rage against the dying of the light.’

      Historically, such fights – backs to the wall, nowhere left to run – are I fear always the bitterest.

      We’re not there yet – even at this late stage: Not quite. But the constant nudging, hectoring, bullying, intimidating, torturing and murdering of civilised and long-suffering people will one day produce a crescendo of the rage so long suppressed, and History (shall we say?), History will break out everywhere – spontaneously, without any prior conspiracy or plotting, as an instinctive and unstoppable outpouring of primal integrity.

      It is probably fortunate that people are still mostly too comfortable in their material circumstances to fly rashly into such popular revolt, however enraged and sickened they are by the course of events. However, if our faltering leaders ever let the economy slip from their shaking grasp, and shatter, we would have a perfect storm, and all Hell would most assuredly be let loose.

      So it would be good if one could believe that those in power were seriously having second thoughts about where they have been leading us, and would at the last minute recoil from the brink of disaster – – –

      Of course, as long as they can keep on fooling most of the people, beyond the ballot-box politicians seem to have nothing resembling a conscience and so they will mislead us gladly into the Abyss.

      Election platitudes like, ‘We must not demonise all Muslims’ peddle the comforting but dangerous superstition that refusing to admit the full horror of our existential crisis will defuse it: Actually, such wishful thinking disarms vigilance, and surrenders us to murder as surely as the trusting Dodo died out!

      Enjoy the summer! Because who knows what follows?

      • My family, on a long road trip, were just listening to a radio theatre production of CS Lewis’ “The Last Battle” from his “Chronicles of Narnia” series and my husband and I were commenting on how prescient he turned out to be. His Narnia (loosely based on Western Europe) was betrayed by one of their own to the evil Calormen who were based on the Ottoman Turks and Persians. In the end, it becomes clear to the main characters that they will never win but decide to make their last battle anyways for the evil and lies could not go unopposed without staining their honour. The biggest lie was that the lion god of Narnia was the same as the demonic bird/man god of the Calorman. Aslan and Tash became “Tashlan” and it was clear that those peddling the lie didn’t believe it themselves but used it to manipulate the Narnians to believing that they were sell themselves into slavery and to murder their own.

        What had really struck me and nearly brought me to tears was the main characters and other inhabitants of Narnia saying that they wished they had died before living to see such days. It’s one thing to see evil in action but quite another to see it ignored or even justified in the eyes of the elite and appeasers.

        Where Lewis got it wrong was that the main character opposing the evil was Narnia’s rightful and ruling king whom his people ended up rejecting. In reality, it is our rulers betraying us to our enemies.

        • The battle is also set at night, in the dying light of a bonfire and their backs pressed against a rock with no where to go. Your comments just struck me as similar to the observations my husband and I were making the other day.

          Some resent the defeatist talk and I do understand. I try to be hopeful but all things do come to an end. People aren’t listening and the smugness of the left is making them deaf.

          Your last remark “Enjoy the Summer! Because who knows what follows?” really rings true with me. It’s something I’ve been trying to live by for a while now. I can see what is coming but my immediate world is still beautiful (mostly) now and I want to enjoy every minute with it I have left. We must teach our children to be brave and stand for truth no matter what.

          • I have heard rumours they are making more of the books into movies–a director has been chosen already, I believe. I doubt they would get around to making this particular one into a movie (deemed too religious and ‘racist’)but I think it’s message needs to get out there.

            One of his other books centres in Calormen and one of the main characters is a Calormen girl who wants to run away into Narnia because she is about to be forced into a child marriage.

        • Your parallels leave me breathless, waiting for Charles to ascend the throne…

          Seriously, there may be riots at that point and troops on the streets…

          • Is Charles that unpopular? I’m a Canadian who feels somewhat loyal to the Crown but doesn’t actually follow their politics (seeing their position as ceremonial). The Queen always reminds me of my grandmother as they’re the same age and kind of look alike even though my grandmother is German.

          • I’ll have to let a Brit answer you. I only know what I read and it more often makes fun of Bonnie Prince Charlie than it shows respect. I think the contempt dates back to Diana’s time, when Charles was taped saying some most unfortunate things.

            There is some talk that Charles is a quasi-Muslim. He will take his vow to be The Protector of Faiths…not The Faith.

    • “muslims to blame, not islam?” Are you serious?
      The koran is islam’s handbook, moslems follow it, some more ardently than others.

      Not only do they not assimilate, they have no intention of doing so. They are the enemy, and have been for 1400 years.

      • “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

  17. Geert thanks for another dose of reality & common sense.
    Another measure to counteract the enemy is to pass law to make your movie Fitna, compulsory to all citizens!
    Keep up the great work, we will succeed

  18. Wilders is one of the few sane politicians left in Europe or America, willing to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. It is to the eternal shame of the Netherlands that they did not elect him PM.

  19. It is indeed sad that Mr. Wilders was not successful in the election and it is incredible that the people of the Netherlands could not see the necessity of his leadership during this dark time. By the time they wake up from their lefty, we love everyone and everyone is pure and good delirium, it will be too late for the Netherlands and likely, the rest of Europe. So long as there are people like Geert Wilders there is still hope that western civilization might survive.

  20. Mr.Wilders i love to have a good beer with you,it will be a great honour.thx. for giving a ray of hope.

    • In rural areas, they are. It’s affordable here. Our federal government does not support having children or protecting them. I don’t know if it’s still the law that the husband/father has to be physically absent before the mother is eligible for help. That’s how they destroyed the black family. Quite effective.

  21. In or around 2100 furtive Western dissident groups will extoll Geert Wilders as the grandest of seers of the beginning of the 21st century: the man who saw what was coming, devoted his life to warning the West of the dangers they faced (at huge personal sacrifice), but was vilified, derided and ultimately assassinated. The children of the dhimmi dissidents will ask their parents: “Why didn’t people listen to Geert Wilders?”. And the parents will be at a loss for cogent answers. Because it was (and is) so blatantly obvious that Wilders has brilliantly and courageously diagnosed the problem the West faced (and faces).

    I take some small comfort in the likelihood that my children will tell their grandchildren: “Well, your great-grandfather was a steadfast supporter of Geert Wilders from the moment he became a public figure. At the time supporting Wilders was deeply unpopular and incurred both social ostracism and professional opprobrium.”

    • Actually, your grandchildren will say, “I’m so ashamed that Granddad was a kafir of the Jahiliyyah.”

      • As a general proposition, you are probably right.

        But I sincerely hope that you are not.

  22. He is correct. I read the quran, portions of the hadiths and studied the history of islam. islam was spewed from hell, it’s followers worship satan. mohammed was depraved, as proven by his many perversions and his violence, as proven by the quran. If you study the history of islam you will find that is steeped in death, deceit, war, rape, torture , oppression, past and present. Every nation that accepted muslims and islam into their midst either succumbed to their evil or the muslims were driven out by force. There are no other outcomes.

  23. The problem at this point is also that the general population is brainwashed into not realising how big the problem is.

    15 years ago, a friend spoke like I speak now, and I was shocked.

    5 years ago, I still thought that it was way exaggerated.

    Now I know.

    Here’s the bright side: on political things, my opinion usually starts to turn fairly early on towards a reasonable direction. Not the first, but maybe among the first 10%. Often, years down the line, others have rejoined my way of thinking.

    I hope that it happens this time, too.

  24. [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”8:12
    That is because they opposed Allah and His Messenger. And whoever opposes Allah and His Messenger – indeed, Allah is severe in penalty.8:13

    This is what God says in the bible, the tora and in the koran. Beware thou fools and disbelievers, by whom you will be mislead

    • What? This is a quote from the koran. What have the Bible and Torah have to do with it?

    • I think Sir, the ONE being misled instead is YOU.

      The Christian God and allah (Satan) are NOT the same God. A basic search for the truth online will reveal this simple truth. Islam is not a religion in the truest sense sanctioned by God, it is a satanic-inspired death cult.

  25. ‘Islam’ has come to incorporate ‘all Muslims’. Yes, just like ‘Christendom’ incorporates all Christians. What’s the problem? Without going into great details, ‘Islam’ is now a problematic obfuscated word.

    I propose, instead of saying ‘Islam’ is to blame, that we use ‘Quranism’ (adhering to the content of the Quran) and ‘Mohamedism’ (promoting Mohamed and his actions as untouchably exemplary) is to blame.

    Both of these target directly the problems: the Quran/Haddith and Mohamed. Whereas ‘Islam’ is taken by many to include Muslims who are only nominally Muslim, those who identify weakly, those who would never pay attention to any Imam.

    • Disagree.

      Muslims who don’t adhere to the Quran are called ‘hypocrites’ by the same evil book, and are valid targets to be killed by IS and the like.
      The dream of our western leaders is that ‘moderate muslims’ will take the upperhand and ‘defeat’ the strict muslims. They’re effectively trying to secularize islam. First of all, this is a classical violation of separation of Church/Religion and State. Second, history has shown that this is NOT going to work. A reform is virtually impossible, because the evil book has declared itself to be the final revelation, which is without error, and cannot be altered.
      The only way out is if people leave islam.

      And there we are at the situation in the western world of the last 50 years; as the churches are emptying, do not be fooled to think that a religious vacuum will not be filled, it will be filled, and is being filled, with the religion from hell. The masses are unfortunately blinded and lulled into sleep by our very own political leaders.

      Maybe this is the deception that was spoken of in the bible that would fall upon the people before the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Almighty God.

  26. are my hero,true patriot and a man of fine convictions and immense bravery.May God cover you with his almighty hand and protect you from your enemies.

  27. Many good wishes and prayers go with you, Mr. Wilders, the brave speaker of the truth. God bless!

  28. For those Lefties and ‘Social Regressives’ out there, let me explain the difference between Islam and Christianity. Killing in the name of Christ goes against His teachings, and in Christianity that means a ticket to hell. Killing for Islam is your ticket to heaven, and this is a valid interpretation of Mohammed’s teachings. In fact in the Qur’an it says to kill infidels 109 times. This cannot be disputed and this is the massive difference many people ignore.

    The difference between a moderate Muslim and an extremist Muslim – an extremist Muslim wants to cut off your head. A moderate Muslim wants the extremist Muslim to cut off your head.

    What is happening in Europe is disgusting. Mass importation of Muslims most of whom hate us and hate what we stand for whilst they suck off the public test. Shameful to see this DELIBERATE suicide. It’s INTENTIONAL PEOPLE. Can’t you not see it?? It’s white genocide!!
    They are trying to do this to my country Australia. Multiculturalism does not unify – it dissects!! It’s the Left-wing bigoted fascists that are making this happen!! It’s all about de-nationalising countries, breaking down our sense of nationalism, sending countries broke and bringing in a leftist authoritarian version of Globalism. Merkel should be held accountable for what she has done. Can’t you all see that this is headed towards massive conflict in Europe?? It’s inevitable! Mass immigration of foreign cultures must end now!! Break up the EU!! Cut red tape!! Lower taxes!! Stop the welfare state ‘entitlement’ mentality!!

    Geert is right on everything except one thing. Existing Muslims with dual citizenship should NOT stay. Mass deportation of all dual citizenship Muslims NOW!!!!!

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