Dearborn vs. Malmö

A reader named MJ sent us an email this morning with some questions and a request for a discussion about Dearborn and Malmö.

Dearborn is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, and one of the most thoroughly Islamized municipalities in the USA.

Malmö is the second-largest city in Sweden, and lies just across the Öresund from Copenhagen in the province of Skåne. Malmö, too, is heavily Islamized, and is currently experiencing a crime wave like none ever seen before in Sweden — murders, assaults, rapes, bombings, carbecues, robberies, and God knows what else.

I’ll offer my own take on the differences between the two cities, but first the questions from MJ:

I am wondering if you could start a thread asking the GoV community to explain the differences between Dearborn and Malmö. I was asked this question and did not have a good answer.

I am turning to you and your community because I am unaware of any other sources that might be interested in getting the facts straight on a sensitive question like this.

Dearborn:   Population 95,000; roughly 20%-25% Muslim
Malmö:   Population 350,000; about 20%-25% Muslim

Despite some demographic similarities, the news reports of Muslim criminal activity in Malmö appear far worse than what we hear from Dearborn. Why?

Perhaps the media are biased:

  • Is the media coverage the same?
  • Is Dearborn (or parts thereof) a no-go zone like Malmö?
  • Do Dearborn residents through molotov cocktails, rocks, etc., at police and fire services?
  • What are the real statistics?

Maybe there are demographic differences:

  • Do the national origins of the Muslims differ? How?
  • Do the socio-economic status of Muslims in the two cities differ?
  • Were recent Muslim immigrants better screened in the U.S. compared to Sweden?

Maybe there are substantive policy differences:

  • Does the U.S. have a better model for assimilation than Sweden? How, exactly?
  • More aggressive policing/intelligence in the U.S.?

Other explanations?

Thanks in advance!

Off the top of my head, these are some of the differences between the two cities:

1.   Muslim immigrants to Dearborn have been mostly Arabs. In contrast, Malmö is home to large contingents of Somalis and Afghans. Other ethnicities include Eritreans, Kosovars, Iraqis, and Syrians. So there are Arabs in the city, but they are not the dominant group.
2.   Until relatively recently, no Muslim immigrant would have arrived in Dearborn with the expectation of living the good life on welfare. We didn’t offer that option, so the Arab arrivals tended to get jobs or become entrepreneurs. Decades ago, if I’m not mistaken, there were substantial numbers of Arabs working in the auto factories. Those factories are mostly gone, so I don’t know what most of them do nowadays.

In contrast, immigrants to Malmö largely depend on the generous welfare benefits provided by the Swedish government. The latest statistics I’ve seen indicate that the vast majority of “persons with a migration background” in Malmö are unemployed — I believe the figure was 86%. And most of those are essentially unemployable in Sweden.

3.   Laws against “hate speech” in Sweden are more draconian than those in the USA, so open and frank discussion about the issues in Malmö is fraught with difficulty. We have to tread carefully here, too — after all, David Wood was arrested in Dearborn for handing out Christian pamphlets on the street. His case was thrown out, and he won his lawsuit, but the chilling effect on free speech is still present.
4.   Policing is indeed more rigorous in the USA. Police in Sweden are usually unarmed, and operate under PC constraints far worse than anything American cops have to deal with. That may explain the lower crime rate in Dearborn; but then again, the fact that the city is mainly Arab, rather than Somali/Afghan, may have something to do with it. “Little Mogadishu” in Minneapolis is probably going to give Malmö a run for its money in another five or ten years.

I’ve never heard of any no-go zones in Dearborn, but openly Christian Americans have to be careful there, as was shown in past years by incidents during the Arab-American festival.

That’s all I can think of without doing additional research. Readers are welcome to add their own compare-and-contrast items in the comments.

A final note: Accurate statistics about the ethnic composition of Swedish cities are increasingly hard to come by. Nevertheless, I think the latest estimates of the Muslim population in Malmö put the number at something very close to 50%.

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  1. I’ve been following Malmo for several years now. The Jewish population, many of whom are descended from those who were smuggled into Malmo from Denmark during the German occupation, are leaving in droves thanks to the harassment suffered at the hands of the Muslim residents, who, when not harassing Jews, are rioting in the streets and burning cars. As to the plight of the Jews, the ex-mayor, an anti-semite named Ilmar Reepalu, told the Jews if they were not happy they could leave. He was made at the Jewish community for not bashing Israel.

    Malmo is arguably the anti-Jewish city in Europe. The Swedes should be ashamed for allowing their Jews to be treated in this manner.

    • Your comment brings back memories of learning and writing about the situation in Malmo when we first began GoV. Here are a few points that stayed with me:

      Back then, many years before the Norway massacre, Fjordman was calling attention to the particular problems Swedish women, especially residents of Malmo, were facing. He had some statistics (this was way back, when he still maintained his own blog) about the rise in sexual assaults and Muslim men openly saying they chose to rape Swedish women because Muslim women were meant for marriage. Besides, Swedish women were so slutty they wouldn’t care, etc.

      It was at Fj’s website where I first learned of blond Swedish women dyeing their hair as a way to maintain their freedom to go out of the house. (I’ll bet it’s a different -and worse – story now in many places).

      I learned from him and from others that the sudden uptick in the “suicide” rate for young Muslim women in Malmo was, in reality, more likely to be a family hit job in the name of their “honor”. Living in one of the high-rise apartments, it was an easy task to throw a girl from the balconies.

      I can’t recall the mayor’s name (oh, I just saw your mention of it), but I do remember that his remarks were often openly anti-Semitic – e.g., telling Jews who complained they should move to Israel. He and the town poobahs denied a synagogue’s application to build bomb prevention structures in front of its doors. The congregation was afraid of some jihadi driving through the doors one day with a truck bomb.

      Their fears were reasonable as they had been warned against wearing in public any talisman that identified them as Jewish. If they could somehow be id’d as Jews, then public attacks were their fault and the police would do nothing.

      As things worsened, the membership of the synagogue dropped, especially for families with young children. More and more of the monies collected went into providing security for the building.

      I don’t remember the details of this story either, but can recall my shock on learning of two young Malmo Jewish men who’d decided to leave home to join the Israeli military forces. They said they felt safer doing that than they did just waiting to be picked off by Muslims in their own city.
      As for Dearborn, it made headlines when an Arab Christian pastor tried to distribute leaflets and was stopped from doing so. Dearborn then passed an unconstitutional law making such things illegal.

      Good account here:

      There’s a notice on all the archived pages saying the DFP has suspended publication while it searches for a new publisher. Given the demographics in that town, it’s amazing they ever got off the ground. Look at the editorial staff, here:

      Anyway, I remember Dearborn as being part of my learning curve re civilizational jihad. When I searched via Google back then for plastic surgeons doing hymenoplasty procedures in Dearborn, I got A LOT of hits. [I use Duck Duck Go these days so the search wouldn’t have nearly as many hits]

      What was intriguing was the nature of the doctors’ ads. They could “restore” virginity during a prospective bride’s lunch hour but she would have to refrain from any “exercise” for several weeks before the wedding. That’s a lucrative field in Dearborn…just look up Dr. Haddad (I think that was his name).

      BTW, I did do a Duck Duck Go search for ‘fun’ just now and very near the top was a long ad from a clinic in Belgium…

      That wouldn’t have come up ten years ago when I did my first search for hymen repair in Dearborn. No doubt there are now enough wealthy Arab women in Dearborn who’d really enjoy a cultural tour in Europe.

      Sick. Sick and very sad…how cynical Islam makes its adherents.

      • Dymphna, you write: “…but can recall my shock on learning of two young Malmo Jewish men who’d decided to leave home to join the Israeli military forces. They said they felt safer doing that than they did just waiting to be picked off by Muslims in their own city.”

        It reminds me of my next door neighbour of 20 years ago, a short, elderly and rotund but still vital and lively Polish born man who had been an 18 year old in a major city of Nazi occupied Poland. He was very open about the war and how he despised any German who was an adult when the Nazis came to power but quite accepting of those born afterwards. His favourite TV show was Hogan’s Heroes. We used to hear him guffawing in laughter at re-runs. He said he loved the way Klink and Schultz were portrayed as foolish and he was the first person to point out to me that the actor who played Klink was in fact a Jew who had made Bob Crane promise Klink would be written that way.
        I’ll never forget the day my neighbour told me, almost casually, how as a teenager he was ‘recruited’ into the Polish resistance and spent a terror filled period running errands (including lugging explosives across the city) and hiding weapons. He said he was constantly frightened he was going to end up like the randomly exedcuted Poles whose bodies would lie on the street for days before the Germans sqw fit to allow their burial. He told of one evening with stolen pistols under his bed when he heard a German search raid making its way up the stairs of the building he lived in and his relief when they found what they were looking for on the floor below his.

        The following day he asked to be moved to an active fighting resistance unit where average survival was measured in mere days or perhaps a few weeks. They told him “You won’t last 2 minutes, you little squirt.” He said he didn’t care – being killed like that was preferrable to the endless terror of awaiting arrest and execution or worse. His request was refused and he simply fled the city when the Soviets arrived only a few weeks later.

    • A few links about the situation for jews in Malmö.

      The Swedish town of Malmö was declared a dangerous destination for Jews by a well-known US organisation that fights antisemitism – the Simon Wiesenthal Center. (2010)

      Sweden’s Jewish community has railed anew against Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu after comments suggesting the city’s Jewish community had been “infiltrated” by Sweden Democrats to foment anti-Muslim sentiments.
      “With this letter, we want to point out that Ilmar Reepalu no long has any credibility among us Jews in Sweden,” reads a letter signed by the heads of the Jewish communities in Malmö, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. (2012)

      Anti-Semitism in Malmo Reaches New, Horrific Depths
      Latest attacks and threats reminiscent of Nazi Germany (2015)

      President Obama’s special envoy against anti-Semitism, Ira Forman, is set to visit Stockholm and Malmö to analyse how the Swedish cities are coping with rising threats against Jewish communities.
      Forman will hold talks with Jews in Stockholm on Friday before heading to the southern city of Malmö on Monday. (2015)

      On a chilly fall day, passersby on a central street in Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, were greeted with chants in Arabic urging the killing of Jews.
      “Death to the Jews,’ and ‘More stabbings,’ the protesters screamed,” recalls Jehoshua Kaufman, head of communications for Malmö’s Jewish community. The protesters at the October pro-Palestinian rally were referring to the near-daily stabbings of Jews by Arab assailants over the past couple of months in Israel. (2105)

      Israel’s ambassador to Sweden has strongly criticised videos circulating of a pro-Palestinian rally in Malmö in which protestors appear to praise recent attacks in Israel.
      Footage from the demonstration on Sunday, which is circulating on social media in Sweden, includes chants in Arabic which are understood to translate to “slaughter the Jews” and “stab soldiers”. (2015)

      A spike in anti-Jewish sentiment in the Swedish city that plays host to much of the action in The Bridge contributed to Kim Bodnia’s decision to leave the show, the actor told an Israeli TV station. (2016)

      Anti-Semitism and Malmö are words that frequently appear together. Jews are turning their back on the southern city in the wake of several incidents while potential Jewish tourists have expressed concern over the city’s safety. The Local’s Patrick Reilly donned a kippah for a day to find out what the situation is really like.

      I could go on and on and on. It’s a complete disgrace and it’s disgusting to see our politicians cozy up to Palestinian / Hamas leaders and sending billions of kroner in “aid” to them, while painting Israel as the constant vilain in the Middle East.

    • The Swedes allow themselves to be treated in such fashion so why should “their Jews” be treated any differently?

  2. An important difference is that in the US local criminal justice authorities come down hard on criminal behavior. Homicide, Rape, battery, arson, can get you a decades long prison sentence in Michigan and everywhere else. Even in liberal states and enclaves such as Boston, New York City, San Francisco, prosecutors and judges are quite severe. Extenuating excuses are wooshed right out of the court room. Makes for a huge difference in how Muslim miscreants behave.

    • There are few if any Americans in Dearborne, Mi., the street signs are in arabic, and the police let them police themselves and freely assault the Christians who went to their islamic fair.

      They do not assimilate, they self segregate and when numbers permit subjugate.
      The street signs suddenly went from English to Arabic. There wasn’t a single English word on any shop or any street sign. And in fact, these little yellow signs were posted all along the edges. Jeremy said to me, ‘this is it. We don’t go past this line.’ And I said to Jeremy, ‘what do you mean? You guys are Detroit Metro. You’re the SWAT team. You can go anywhere you want. What if you get a call over there?’ He said ‘this is it, it’s hazardous for our team if we go past this line.’

  3. Copied this from another site:

    “Below two percent Muslims are well-behaved citizens and cause little apparent trouble for the host society.

    At two percent and three percent Muslims begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

    From five percent on Muslims exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. They push for the introduction of halal (“clean” by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves—along with threats for failure to comply (United States, Switzerland, Sweden). At this point, Muslims work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, or Islamic law. (England, Netherlands, Philippines).

    When Muslims reach 10 percent of the population, they increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions (Paris—car burning). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats (Amsterdam, Denmark—Mohammed cartoons, murder of Theo van Gogh). ”

    Currently, the US: 1%.
    Sweden was 5% six years ago (Wiki). Not unreasonable to think that has doubled since because of the massive migration wave, as well as new births. So, 10%. Bingo.

  4. Here’s my pseudo-anthropologic take on the difference between Malmo Sweden and Dearborn Michigan.

    Never been to Malmo, but have wandered about Europe. Luckily have been in Dearborn many times however not recently but was their at a very peculiar time in its’ very peculiar history.

    Ventured into the streets of Dearborn in the early 1980’s till 1985. I lived in East Detroit and was very intrigued at the population of Chaldean Christian families that were filling the gap in grocery stores that were sorely needed in all of Detroit. The Kroger Food and A&P grocery chains had basically left Detroit below 8Mile Rd without a major food grocery store chain. Now my view of this is from my memory of plus thirty years past. But I had multiple conversations with Chaldean store managers and clerks. And interestingly they never identified to me as Iraqi’s or Syrian’s, simply Chaldean Christians.

    Here is where this place Dearborn becomes interesting. Dearborn I was always reminded was the “redneck” pseudo southern, Ma and Pa Kelly patch of Southeast Michigan. Pleasant looking suburban homes. A majority white population living on quiet tree lined streets, and to my eyes well tended homes with neighborhoods off limits to the “colored” people over there in Detroit. This I found out later was the preferred location for many Chaldean Christian strivers to reside in with their families.

    What opened up the realty market to the striver class from the Middle-East to eventually form micro communities all throughout the Detroit metropolitan area was simply all of Southeast Michigan was in a major economic decline. Massive amounts of thoughtful considerations from journalists to academics have delved into the migration of all the Middle-easterners to the Midwest of America. Much of it is worthwhile reading. Regrettably tons of it are victimization crap sandwiches designed to be swallowed whole.

    The economic decline of of SE Michigan loosened the lower class, middle class moorings of every family. And what is that moor every family in America ties that sailors knot too? The value of our homes! Jobs exit the area, striver class from some of the most oppressed places on the Earth move in. They see a garden full of roses and perennials. Second third generation Americans see a field full of kale thus house for sale. I figure in the Arab speaking grapevine that communicates equally well for the Kaffir as it does for oppressed depressed Muslims. Well they followed their Chaldean Christian (kinsmen?)to SE Michigan? Nah! They came to be civilized! Explanation soon.

    What I suspect is the “good ole boy class” of Dearborn saw what most of the rest of SE Michigan never got to experience. A minimal loss on the sale of their home. Thank God for that striver class. Ferndale and Livonia weren’t as lucky as Dearborn and maybe Southfield?

    Black folks have always been the X-Factor in the history of SE Michigan. Southern blacks migrated like no other unique population into the Detroit zeitgeist. White southern rednecks were welcomed into Michigan. Late 19th 20th century Michigan was already rural and white. Black and white Americans had a two century long contentious history together. Yet shared a common civilizing influence; Christianity. What an irony that a 1st century Christian sect comes to America to save (salvation?) the economic moorings of what was once the greatest economic engine in the USA.

    The civilizing affect on and in America is our American miracle. It is the “Great”, in MAGA. Chaldean Christians came to America to be great, the southern black and whites came to SE Michigan to be great. What made that possible was the civilizing influence of our collective faith. When these communities regress, the steeples turn to minarets (hello Malmo) the loathsome is called the lovely is called loathsome. You know, that good and evil thing.

    Malmo I regret to inform you were told you could be and do better than America. You were hustled my friend. What America did was so unique that even most Americans don’t understand how wonderful and great America is and could be. Our politicians suck and our citizens are great. The difference between Malmo and and Dearborn is not much, people generally respond and react based upon our fears. What saved America, hopefully (11/08/2016) was Americans can still smell a rat, a bad deal, a hustle. Sweden did not. Populate your churches, that’s whats makes a people great.

  5. In NYC Muslims own all of the small groceries, run all of the vendor-carts, and drive all of the cabs. The kids are fairly polite — comparable in manner to the Sicilians, but the boys tend to move around in groups of 3+, a larger group size than is typical of Sicilians. If they started misbehaving they’d have to deal with the PR/Dominicans, who are tougher than they are, and the Chinese, who are more numerous and an unpredictable factor. The Hassidim would also be formidable antagonists, although the Hassadim would only defend their own neighborhoods. The Blacks aren’t organized or clever enough to be a political problem for the Muslims, but I doubt groups of fewer than 5 Muslim boys would want to confront a couple of Blacks. I guess the point of all of this is that one reason for better Muslim behavior in the US is that there are so many other “minority” groups that can kick their [posteriors]. (The Mexicans/Central-Americans, especially the Pentecostals among them, are another example.) Another reason might be that it’s harder to get to the US than to Sweden, so higher-quality families make it here.

  6. I think a significant difference is that Dearborn is ethnically/culturally homogeneous whereas Malmo isn’t. As far as I can see, Dearborn runs its own affairs as an Arab enclave. Malmo is a war zone of competing tribes.

  7. I think there are mainly two reasons why Malmö is sinking.

    1. The numbers of immigrants. In other cities in Sweden, the number of immigrants has been fairly low, at least up until the last years . As a minority population, the immigrants will have to blend in with the Swedes whether they like it or not.
    They have to send their kids to school with mostly Swedish kids, the people they meet at the social service office, unemployment agency, health care facilities have been Swedish and they have had to shop in Swedish stores. When they have started to work, they have had mostly Swedish coworkers.
    In short: the immigrant numbers has been too low to make it possible for them to live in their own ethnic enclave.
    In Malmö there has been a huge immigrant population for 20-30 years now and it’s been entirely possible for them to live outside the Swedish society. I saw an interview with a newly arrived woman from Iraq a couple of years ago and she was thrilled to come to Malmö becuase it was just like living in an Arab town. Arab stores, Arab hair dressers, arab speaking staff at the government institutions, Arab clubs, restaurants, cafés, child care, hospital staff! She will never have to learn Swedish or even talk to a Swede, unless she desperately wants to.

    2. The subsidiaries. In America, the common view is that you are supposed to support yourself. It’s a country built on emigrants and their hard work and most Americans seem to have a family history of struggling immigrants. For you it’s normal that the first generation of immigrants take whatever job they can get to support their families and make sure that the next generation gets a better life. If a present day immigrant complains about their hard life, you can probably snap back with a story of how your Polish grandfather worked 14 hours in a coal mine and lived under a tarp for the first five years, while grandmother’s family survived on cabbage and stolen milk during the depression.
    In Sweden we have a very patronising view of immigrants from the third world. We feel so sorry for them and it must be so terrible for them to have to leave their country. There is no way that we can place another burden on their shoulders by demanding that they should learn Swedish and get a job, any job and support themselves.
    Combine that with our verrrrry generous welfare system, more generous for refugees than for Swedes, and you have created a society where, if you come as a refugee, the moment you get your green card, you will be set for life.
    If you don’t work, the council will pay for everything: rent in a decent apartment, utilities, food, spending money, free Swedish classes, free dental care, free health care, free child care, child subsidiaries of $120 per child per month.
    Being a “welfare case” (as we call them) has been something that has been seen as very shameful for Swedish people and something that should be a short term solution between two jobs. That was the idea and the situation when the system was created. It is not dimensioned to be a life long way of life for millions of third world people who are thrilled to have hit the jackpot and being comfortably supported without lifting a finger. But that’s the situation we are living in now. People are working their butts off and pay 30-50% in income tax to support the third world people who spend their days leisurly visitng their local mosque or reading their Arab newspaper in the local café.
    It’s like the guest worker system in the Arabic world, but the total opposite: the population work and the guests are paid for doing nothing. I can sort of understand why so many of the immigrants despise us.

  8. Here is an article from yesterday about Värnhemsskolan, a school in Malmö with a very high percentage of immigrant students and newly arrived students. It is in Swedish but you can use Google translate.

    Some of the highligths:
    The school has been forced to put up barbed wire, closed gates and use security guards and id-cards. (For reference, this is unheard of in Sweden. Schools are not locked and anybody can enter them without id or security checks.)
    A numer of fights and brawls between different immigrant groups.
    Criminal gangs recruiting inside the school.
    Drug abuse.
    Religious conflicts.

    “The scandal school that is guarded with barbed wire”:

  9. I would add that most of the immigrants who are, and were accepted into the US are families where the parade of muslims into Europe are 70% unmarried men. It cuts down on the conquering army mentality are means the men are getting some, without turning to rape

  10. If you think about Islam’s plan for global jihad and how they progress and achieve their goals, the difference in their actions in Malmo versus Dearborn can be understood. The plan always starts with the hijra into the targeted area. This ongoing invasion continues to this day in both countries; Sweden and the USA. There are milestones Islam uses to advance their program of world domination an taking over a civilization. First they fight a war of the mind and will. They infiltrate the government and try to destroy their programs while they institute their shariah law. This continues while they increase their population within the target country. Once they have completely dominated the minds and wills of the people, then they will start the kinetic jihad (war). Islam is very close to this milestone in Europe and not so much close to this milestone in America. Their presence is not so thick in America as it is in Sweden and Europe. Now that Frau Merkel has invited Islamic warriors into the EU by the millions, it only moves the war and ultimate conquest by Islam closer. Books have been written about this subject and I cannot do the topic justice but suffice to say that the “refugee” invite by Obama and the Main Stream Churches is a move to assist the ultimate goals of Islam in America.

  11. A reader sends this knowledgeable report on the situation in Dearborn:

    I thought I could be of some help here. Regarding your article, much of what was written looks accurate. I lived in Dearborn on and off while working for Ford from 2004-2006 and pass through on occasion as I live close.

    1. Dearborn is nothing like Malmo. It is not a no go zone. Dearborn resides in Wayne County, which resides in Michigan, which resides in the United States. We have rule of law in the county, state, and Country for the most part. In France for example verbal abuse is tolerated, then it escalates to beatings, and then deadly terrorism. It doesn’t get to any level in Dearborn because the county and state won’t tolerate it. Think broken windows. We do not have the political environment of Sweden that allows muslims to become bolder and more violent. I am Jewish and I could walk around Dearborn without a problem. If I walked into a restaurant there I would get some dirty looks, but that’s it.

    2. Dearborn is not a port of entry. Most muslims are immigrants and not “refugees”. They have jobs. When you have a job you have less time to be a thug or terrorist.

    3. There was and still is a fair number of Italian Catholics in Dearborn. They don’t like the muslims. The Chaldeans used to live here, and their language made them a magnet for Arabs. The Chaldeans have since moved to eastern Detroit suburbs, where they have again been followed by Arabs. I know they hate this. You never see in the media how there are non white people that don’t like muslims.

    4. Dearborn muslims are less homogeneous than you think. An Afghani coworker complained to me about all the crazy Shiites in Dearborn.

    5. Since I have lived there 10 years ago most downtown bars and restaurants have gone out of business. Anything that couldn’t survive on the lunch crowd alone is gone. Likely due to the locals not being fans of alcohol.

    6. They have some truly grand mosques courtesy of the Saudis

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