A Collage of European Cultural Enrichment

The following video is a medley of clips (many of which you will have seen here in the past) of migrants in various European countries engaging in their customary high-spirited youthful shenanigans.

Many thanks to Ava Lon (German and French), Egri Nök (German), and CrossWare (Hungarian) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Criminality statistics from Berlin: of exactly 3,500 young suspects,
00:06   last year exactly 2,000 were NOT of German origin.
00:12   Concerning “intense” perpetrators, meaning with a criminal records of
00:15   at least ten serious offenses, the percentage of Turks and Arabs
00:18   with or without German passports, in some city districts, is up to 80%. Stop!
00:21   [unintelligible] if the police are making the barricade [unintelligible]
00:24   Put the flag down, please, we don’t want a provocation here now! —We aren’t provoking!
00:27   What is…? —What ARE we provoking, when we carry the German flag?
00:30   What kind of country is it, where German flag is considered
00:33   a provocation? —One has to stand up for values.
00:36   Whoever doesn’t want to stand up for those values can leave this country anytime,
00:39   and whoever disagrees with freedom like we have in Germany.
00:48   I can’t believe it! Get lost!
00:54   Syrian Christians suspect that in the shelter here
00:57   there are members of the Islamic State; they were yelling certain
01:00   Quran verses that bring up terrible memories for him, every single night. Those are words
01:06   that IS yells in Syria before they cut people’s throats.
01:12   A friend of mine was killed by ISIS. They slit his throat. For Heaven’s sake,
01:18   I can’t stay here with IS around me. I am a Christian and I am scared here.
01:21   There are so many problems here.
02:12   You treat the foreigners in whatever way you want. Don’t get involved here!
02:18   Or I’ll come and punch your gob! Shut up, I’m telling you! Keep out of it! —You attacked us.
02:25   You were the ones! —How were you attacked? —You threatened us.
02:31   Have we threatened you? —Yes, you have threatened me. S**t!
02:34   I simply f*** the Germans. —What follows is not PG.
02:37   I really f*** the Germans! [all the above in German]
02:49   They are throwing at us too! F*** your mother, you stupid kid!
02:55   Hey, close the window!
02:58   We don’t need this, go to my d***[Hungarian]
03:19   That was really heavy-duty! [French]
03:25   The beginning of a wild brawl. Only one of 25,000 cases per year
03:28   of resistance against state power.
03:31   The trend is rising; police officers especially are more and more exposed to daily attacks.
03:34   The perpetrators are in this case members of a family originally from Turkey.[German]
06:02   Millions of asylum seekers arrive in Germany.
06:08   But why are they partially crossing five safe countries to come in Germany?
06:20   When someone is fleeing war, he should go to the closest safe environment,
06:23   instead of traveling for weeks through safe countries to reach Germany.
06:26   When a German citizen says something, he is a Nazi. You would think sometimes
06:29   that the refugees are worth more than German citizens.
06:38   It’s important not to lump them all together. Not every refugee is a rioting, aggressive young man.
06:41   But it’s remarkable how much aggressiveness is shown by such people.
06:50   Their culture, their customs, and their lifestyle don’t fit into Germany.
06:53   Either they all adapt, or there will be conflicts. [German]

2 thoughts on “A Collage of European Cultural Enrichment

  1. They aren’t fleeing war. They are there to start one. And even if they are not all bad, how do you plan on separating out the bad ones?

  2. Such a powerful encapsulation. Who did the music?

    To answer one question: The migrants strived for Germany because the ill chancellor sent out a siren call. The dilemma is: Make her step down and get her help, or sit back and pretend everything is okay. It is up to them.

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