Mohamed Al-Ghiety on the Louvre Mujahid: “Be Careful. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The following clip is from a program on Egyptian television hosted by Mohamed Al-Ghiety, who is obviously not a pious or doctrinaire Muslim (it’s not clear to me whether he is considered an apostate). He discusses the recent incident involving Abdallah al-Hamamy, the Egyptian mujahid who allegedly attacked soldiers with a machete a few days ago near the Louvre. Mr. al-Hamamy’s father has been in the news in the past two days after talking to media reporters.

In this segment Mr. Al-Ghiety explains why the elder al-Hamamy can say with absolute honesty that his son could not possibly be guilty of such an attack, that he is in fact a good boy.

Many thanks to Sandra Solomon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Today, one of the (French) MPs
00:04   His name is François Mollaz, he wrote…
00:07   from reports from previous attacks,
00:12   based on his word, on the previous attacks
00:16   he is a suspect in four previous attacks. Now I need to know how he was a suspect. He was staying…
00:20   In the UAE (Emirates), working. They condemned …
00:24   Reports
00:28   say he was a conscript from Al Mansura, with the Islamic State (ISIS).
00:32   I did another episode last week, and I had
00:36   the lawyer Khalid Al Bri and a guy who came back from the Islamic State…
00:40   in Libya. And they said “in the Dakahlia
00:44   Delta (area of Egypt) ISIS is trying to conscript the attacker, by amazing temptations…
00:48   Some of them travel and some of them are sleeper cells who have been arrested…
00:52   and are still under investigation. So, the Dakahlia and the Western area (of Egypt)
00:56   is an area where they recruit people for the Islamic State…
01:00   The question is, was Abdullah al-Hamamy, who committed the Louvre attack, a soldier for ISIS?
01:04   They sent him to
01:08   the Emirates, to Paris to commit a terror attack for the Islamic State.
01:12   Some say yes.
01:16   We have information that this guy, he visited Turkey many times for
01:20   As a tourist, and he stayed there
01:24   a week and he received orders from leaders…
01:28   from a Muslim Brotherhood member (Ikhwan), an Egyptian doctor who lives in Turkey.
01:32   Information (on Abdullah el-H.): worked with terrorist cell, including Egyptians, Tunisians, Syrians…
01:36   As a cover story, he worked for a company in Dubai.
01:40   And the one who helped him get the cover story job is a Muslim Brotherhood member.
01:45   I’m telling the Emirates… Be careful. Be careful. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood,
01:48   and you are the first people who discovered a huge infiltration in education from the Muslim Brotherhood.
01:52   And many people have been charged and convicted and sentenced to many years in jail.
01:56   The businesses in the Emirates have a lot of Muslim Brotherhood control, and they hire people…
02:00   from the Islamic State.
02:04   It’s strange that Abdullah al-Hamamy’s father, a retired police lieutenant…
02:08   and his brother…
02:13   who is still a police officer,
02:17   and they told me that his brother is in important secret intelligence…
02:21   Allah! The father, the retired police Lieutenant,
02:25   we recorded with his father. (is the video ready Mr. Fikri?)
02:33   I need the video…
02:37   The father, I felt he had been hit on the head.
02:41   And you will see the video right now.
02:45   And he cannot believe it and is in denial.
02:49   And this denial
02:53   when a crisis happens to anyone…
02:57   the first reaction is to deny to deny. “I cannot believe it.”
03:01   I feel the father is reacting like this. Because when his son,
03:05   who is still living with him and got married a year ago,
03:09   and he had kids. —And then all of a sudden my son is a terrorist!?
03:14   All of a sudden he commits a terror attack, and then all of a sudden the whole world…
03:17   media, the national security and the global intelligence apparatus
03:21   …and they are investigating me and the family.
03:25   This is the situation with the father right now.
03:29   But I want to tell (the father): when you study any guy
03:36   who is a member of any terrorist group, you will find…
03:40   you will find everything is very tidy.
03:44   He (the father) said his son wore jeans, had a modern look of facial hair,
03:48   …and our house is modern. And his room doesn’t have…
03:52   Allah! (expression of surprise) You have your son, he is eating and drinking with you, and
03:55   you don’t know anything about him? —And that’s what happened.
04:00   What happened with many people. They were surprised that their kids have been recruited
04:04   to be a member of a terrorist group.
04:08   A part of the Muslim Brotherhood code is that you’re not supposed to tell your family you’re a member.
04:12   Unless your family is a Brotherhood family.
04:16   This is a part of the Charter of ten or twenty rules that Hassan al-Banna, (founder) made for the Ikhwan.
04:20   So how about if he was in an even more secret terrorist group like the Islamic State?
04:29   I am talking to the father now, didn’t you read his tweets? Didn’t you see his page?
04:33   He is calling everyone a Kafir! (infidel) and this is in his private social media accounts!
04:41   Give me his picture?
04:45   Where is the video?

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  1. Like father like son. Islam is a mental disorder. If it infects whole nations and cultures what’s the stretch that it infects the family top to bottom.
    Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Its a huge part of the culture. Even today, Mohammid Atta’s father thinks his son didn’t do 9/11.

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