Germany Begins Closing Down New Year’s Celebrations

This is the way the implementation of Shariah law begins.

Don’t expect a conquering Islamic army to sweep into town, stage mass executions in front of city hall, and then post a proclamation declaring that Islamic Law will henceforward be the law of the land. That’s not how it works.

Shariah is instituted as a gradual, piecemeal process. First there is a hijra — a migration of Muslims into non-Muslim lands. Then, when Muslims are present in large enough numbers, they begin assaulting, raping, terrorizing, and killing anyone in their environs who does not follow the tenets of Shariah law — that is, all the kuffar. By these means the infidels are terrorized and “feel themselves subdued”. In order to be safe, they give up their blasphemous kafir celebrations of their own initiative, thereby bringing their behavior into line with Islamic Law. Eventually they conclude a dhimma or “pact” with Islam, and pay the jizya poll tax in order to be allowed to continue living. This makes them dhimmi, people who are inferior and subordinate to Muslims. If they want to live normally, they may decide to say the shahada (La illaha ila Allah, wa Muhammadun rasul Allah) and become Muslims themselves.

On New Year’s Eve last year in Cologne and other German cities, gangs of feral young immigrant men — mostly Muslims — went wild on the streets, groping, molesting, and raping native German women. In recent weeks authorities have been watching with apprehension the approach of December 31, especially since the truck jihad in Berlin on December 19.

And now some of the New Year’s Eve events are being cancelled. What you’ll notice about the following two reports is that the police would prefer that localities and organizations not give reasons for cancelling any events. They feel it’s better for “security” if traditions that go back decades, or even centuries, just disappear without any public explanation.

In the first report, Nash Montana summarizes an article from Der Bürgerblick Passau about the cancellation of the annual New Year’s Eve party on the bridge in Passau:

The city of Passau has cancelled its traditional Silvester (New Year’s Eve) “bridge party”. Up to 1,000 people annually celebrate on the bridge, which was named after King Ludwig I, then was renamed to “Marienbrücke” in WW2, and now is known as the Innbrücke.

A reporter accidentally overheard the mayor talking about the Silvester cancellation, and immediately published it on the Internet, prompting the mayor to make an official statement in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. The mayor cited a “broad public discussion about the security of large events” as the reason, a so-called abstract terror threat.

For his presser the Mayor Jürgen Dupper included this: “The cancellation of the Silvester celebration for 2016 is an uncomfortable but responsible decision. Of course nobody made the decision lightly — we all know how popular this party is, and how especially many citizens of Passau, especially young people, have waited all year for it. But circumstances being what they are, we see it as our duty not to provoke situations in which control could be lost. I appeal to all who are out on Silvester night to not make it harder for security personnel to do their job.”

Look back one week before the attack in Berlin:

“The concept has generally done well in past years, and therefore we don’t expect any changes for this year,” said the town council spokesperson Herbert Zillinger concerning the Silvester celebration on the bridge. The spokesperson for the police, Alexandra Lachhammer, added that “Passau is safe,” and explained that in any case, the number of security personnel could be increased.

Therefore it is clear that if Berlin hadn’t happened, the Passau Silvester party would not have been cancelled.

It’s also interesting to note that thousands of refugees who today live in Germany or in neighboring European countries passed over this bridge after Passau became “Germany’s Lampedusa” in the fall of 2015.

The second report is a direct translation by Nash Montana of an article in the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung about the cancellation of a Silvester event in Walsum:

For Security Reasons — Walsum Silvester Ball cancelled

Duisburg-Walsum. The Aldenrade-Fahrn 1837 Gun Club has cancelled this year’s Silvester Ball on Saturday, December 31st in the city hall in Walsum. Reason: It’s “impossible to provide security”. The traditional party has always been seen as a social highlight of the year in the city; it was sold out (550 seats).

North Africans asked for exits and security personnel

The Gun Club learned last Friday that two days before, during the sale of the tickets, “seven unknowns” had appeared who were interested in the Ball event. The nationality of the men is not known, but an informant from the police confirmed to the newspaper that the unknowns were North Africans.

However, the discussion only concerns four men. Apparently only one of the men spoke German, according to Gudrun Henne, the chief executive of the BSV Aldenrade-Fahrn [the Gun Club]. The one who spoke German tried to find out information about exits, and he asked if there would be security personnel on location. This, says Gudrun Henne, set off the alarm in her head, especially after the Berlin Christmas market attack. She has traditionally sold the tickets herself for decades.

Henne immediately reported it to the police, and they gave her a chart with “350 pictures of suspects” to look through. One man she could identify clearly. He lives in Düsseldorf and is a known criminal. The police did not make any statements, but have confirmed that State Security has been activated. Conclusive results are not available, however. [I guess by “conclusive results” they mean raped women and massacred people everywhere? — translator] The police spokesman Ramon von der Maat said: “From our point of view there is no reason to cancel this event.”

Gun Club didn’t want to take the chance, and cancelled the Ball

By Friday the members of the Gun Club “unanimously decided” to cancel the festivities, says And Heddenhausen, the depute chairman of the BSV. Even though it would have been an anniversary ball — forty years ago the first Ball took place. “We just couldn’t take the risk,” said Gudrun Henne on Tuesday, looking visibly concerned and distraught.

“We discussed this for a long time, and have given a lot of thought to security provisions,” she explains. But in the end the conclusion was reached: “We would have lost control.” The beginning of the festivities might have gone fine, but after the fireworks when hundreds of people would be coming back into the hall, things might have happened. The caterer and the artists reacted with great understanding. Rumors were spread, and that’s why the Gun Club decided to publish the reasoning for the cancellation, against the advice of the police, says Henne.

37 thoughts on “Germany Begins Closing Down New Year’s Celebrations

  1. “But circumstances being what they are, we see it as our duty not to provoke situations . . .”

    That’s a nice touch.

    Translation, “There are Muslims among us, and, you know, Muslims often act, well, like Muslims.”

  2. The “implementation of Shariah law” came before the events of the recent decades. The foundations were laid in a delusion of sophistication . . . as a reaction against the imagined hazards of masculinity and vitality that caused wars; whereas it was really the abandonment of a belief and understanding of freedom that caused the wars. It could be that there is an inevitability in all of this, and we may know it by concurrent symptoms.

    “Historically, the movement towards androgyny occurs in late phases of culture, as a civilization is starting to unravel. You’ll find it again and again in history… People who live in such times feel that they’re sophisticated and cosmopolitan. But from the perspective of historical distance, you can see that it’s a culture that no longer believes in itself.” – Camille Paglia

    The deluded masses refuse to see the masculine barbarians circling around the edges of their safe spaces. Instead, they turn on anyone who even dares to point out the coming calamity. They silence any discordant utterances as “hate speech”. There is no more room for free speech.

    If we are going to reclaim our freedoms and fend off the barbarians, we will have to reassert our right to hate . . . that is what it will take; and if it makes us look unsophisticated, well grow a thicker hide.

    Too bad about the party on the bridge.

    • Thank you for the link to Camille Paglia’s “transgender mania is a sign of cultural collapse”. Every word she spoke resonates with profound insight, the video is well worth watching.

      Paglia came across my radar in the late 80’s and she struck me as an exceptionally intelligent, deeply learned and, above all, brutally honest observer of human affairs. Her recognition that masculinity is under sustained assault in the West and her trenchant criticism of that phenomenon is even more remarkable for the fact she is a lesbian. She even acknowledges that there is something masculine about her own brain and thought process. Why Paglia isn’t listened to more is beyond me. She has a great deal to offer.

      • I agree 100%! Paglia is a must read,especially “Stiffed- the betrayal of american men”, very interesting to me the episode about Sly Stallone.
        It changed my view of the Rambo image he has,by own choice of course.

      • Paglia is invisible to the mainstream because they can’t comprehend the truths she utters. The fact that she still defends European Christendom is intolerable to LGBTQIA+ Simpson and their decadent thralls in academe and media.
        Despite her notoriety in decades past with her works on culture and the body the gist of her thought is offensive to liberals and her person to conservatives. But history will vindicate her, of there’s anyone left to write it after this present decline Prof. Paglia so eloquently decries.

    • Yes. Just do what we gotta do. A simple numbers game with mass expulsion of those who are too dung founded to shift. Get rid of stuff. Restore competitiveness. The saying, ‘Inch by inch life’s a cinch’, has more than a grain if truth. One mosque closure at a time. That the Koran is a slaughterhouse manual is a non question. Start there. Mass protests.

    • Paglia is spot on about alternative lifestyles.

      At one point Rome had an emporer that was a trans. Things did not go well during or after its reign.

    • A compliant people, overly respectful of authority figures, been their downfall more than once.

    • I’m not sure about this. Many thousands will have been affected by these cancelled events. In the interior spaces of their minds I’d guess they’re fuming. What needs to happen is a transition from thought to a demand for change.

  3. “especially young people” “have waited all year” for the Silvesternacht party in Passau. Let’s hope the Identitaere Bewegung can use their disappointment to recruit new adherents, new activists.

  4. A Gun Club’s 40th Anniversary function being cancelled because of security fears…
    Is it just me?

    • You’re thinking like an American. In Germany, members of gun clubs don’t actually carry guns — but they may be allowed to shoot them from time to time in well-regulated competitions, etc.

      • It’s all about the hunting. Deer, ducks, wild boar.

        The actual translation of their club would be “Shooter’s Association”=Schützenverein.

        They are super traditional associations and some of them, one in particular that I know in Switzerland, have existed for over 150 years. It’s all about getting together for the hunt, drinking beer, organizing local family events, kid events, fundraising etc. has very little to do with actual guns and ammo like in the US.

  5. In Switzerland it is mandatory to be a member of the local shooters association if you own a gun, and it is mandatory to go to their shooting range once or twice a year for practice. There are a lot of outdoor ranges in Switzerland. Where I grew up, the range was open every Saturday for about three hours, and all you heard was shooting, lol. My favorite trail to ride my horse went right through the range, but of course once you heard the shooting you stayed away, there never even was a barricade or police, it wasn’t necessary and still isn’t. People just know. Sounds absurd, as I k ow if that were the case here in the US, there would be people shot accidentally all the time.

  6. If you believe in nothing then ‘nothing’ is just not worth defending, If you believe only in having a good time, then why hold an event which you know will be spoiled.

    Most Europeans believe in nothing, they are not atheists, or secularists as such, their lives are a muddle, they eat, drink, copulate and watch television. Life has quiesed into stagnation; nothing really matters in this world at all, nothing really matters, to me…..

    Life is now a Bohemian rhapsody – Bismallah (with smartphones).

    And when the siren goes they will follow each other blindly into the caves.

    • I agree with the majority of what you say, apart from the ‘believe’ bit. Are you suggesting that you have to believe in a supernatural deity in order to have anything worthy of defending? If you are then this is where we’ll agree to disagree, as I really don’t subscribe to any form of religion. As for the ‘no atheists in a fox hole’ drivel I’ve been there and done it. My family, culture and heritage would be my motivating factors for confrontation, I can’t speak for others.

      The Germans are done for, their willingness to blindly follow authority will be their ultimate undoing. I can’t even say that I empathise with them, as they’ll undoubtedly vote that vile treacherous woman into power for a 4th term.

      • Well and good for your little secular family but it depends on a larger social culture to exist. When the preponderance of families have no religion, the culture is well nigh dead. The people have no deep bonds. Fascism, etc. breeds virulently in such a spiritual vacuum.
        The meaning of culture is rooted in common worship. The etymology of the word shows this fact that has been systematically obscured in our dying, dispirited society.
        Now Moslems suffer no such crisis of meaning because their primitive, masculinist culture defines who they are, how they worship and how they dominate their women to ensure the welfare of their own progeny. Islamic obsession with sexuality gross and dehumanizing as it is, effectively preserves the boundaries of this community against our kuffar culture. This is why the Moslem who wishes a blessed Pascha or Nativity to a Christian neighbor is a man marked for death.
        So you like most people, insist that your lack of belief has set you free but you have no community that will support you when the Moslems come. Because so few churches are full outside the Bible Belt, most Americans, like yourself, have no experience of spiritual community and can only form a negative reaction against Moslem jihad – with no possible POSITIVE statement of belief that bind you together into a cohesive community.
        Your lack of religion spells the death of your culture cut off from its natural roots. Too bad for you.

        • So, let’s see if I’ve got it correctly, North American society is doomed because many/most of us don’t believe in fairies?

          You know what Charlie Brown would say, don’t you?

          • Talking about fairies…
            The Singularity theory from Stephen Hawking does not resemble a fairy tale ? Scientifically speaking.
            The fact that ISS (a can of aluminium) is on a orbit in the thermosphere, does not resemble a fairy tail ?
            The fact that mathematically, assembling the most simple ribosome just by luck, is impossible, you don’t have enough milliseconds in universe’s age to do this , does not resemble a fairy tail ?
            I have few inventions in computer science and electro-magnetic physics, and only after a deep research I understood that in schools we are fed up with concepts many times based on fairy tails, not the scientific method.
            I do believe in god. Scientifically. Until the age of 24-25…I was an atheist. Scientific research opened my eyes.

        • Pere, I have no common worship (except the love of classical music with my lovely lady and other close friends).

          I believe Jesus said that if you wish to talk to God, you should go into a room alone, in private, and then he would hear you.

          Having said this, I love visiting churches and cathedrals, and not only for the architecture and art. Maybe this is inconsistent, but humans often are.

          • Mark, I have often quoted what you reference here. In some translations, one goes into one’s “prayer closet” to speak privately to “the Father”. The prayer he gave his friends to say was The Our Father.

            I don’t think he asked anyone to pray to him, exactly, but he had many examples of the ways in which the Father responds to being asked…his description of his father was the familiar “abba” or “daddy”.

            Anyway, as you know, those huge cathedrals had within them smaller chapels – which make me think of “prayer closets”.

    • If not a deity, then at least, believe in the principles of freedom: Individualism (as opposed to collectivism), Property and Non-aggression.

      • These principle have their roots entirely in a Christian anthropology. Paglia said it herself. You may not like the Catholic Church but without it there would be no European civilization. Get real.

        • >> These principle have their roots entirely in a Christian anthropology.

          These principles are also in Commandments Six (perhaps also Five) through Ten . . . you know, those Commandments that atheist want to see removed from public spaces, because they give offense. I believe in separation of church and state. Yet, as a non-religious (denominational?) deist, I’ll still prefer a church over a state. It seems that most atheists worship the state.

    • MC is saying that they have no passion for anything at all: For God; bird watching; saving the whales; stamp-collecting, or growing the most perfect tomato.

      He is saying that they are gripped with ennui, and that they had better snap out of it.

      They can start by making their voices heard in the upcoming election.

  7. Europe got tired of Christianity so they’re trying something new. Soon they’ll be dropping islam for Hinduism…oh, wait. I guess not, I forgot the islamic rules.

  8. And it’s not just in Deutschland! Here in Australia the Coptic Orthodox Church’s ruling clergy for NSW and Queensland has decreed that the Christmas Midnight Mass should be dumbed down to a “quickie” Mass ending at 10 p.m. with Church members scurrying off afterwards (there is usually a large feast in the Church Hall after the MM) – guarded by a police presence. There is some discussion as to whether the police asked the Church worthies to initiate this originally. The same thing happened in 2011 after the Church massacre in Egypt (which some may recall). So fear of the possibility of terror has triumphed after all! Shame. I’m not going to that Mass ! – won’t give them (we know who I mean!) the satisfaction!

    • So you are staying home altogether instead of celebrating the birth of the Savior of mankind? You have given the jihadis satisfaction. They have deterred YOUR participation in the only thing that will defeat them – Liturgy (“Mass” is a Roman term inappropriate to Coptic worship). You might want to rethink your protest.

  9. Yuri Bezmenov’s claim that we are stuck with the demoralized until we educate a new generation applies to more that those that got indoctrinated. I think it is very difficult to react in a way that recognizes your governments betrayed you. We see the writing on the wall but don’t read it.

    • If you believe in your government, you are GUARANTEED to be disappointed or – as in my case – severely disillusioned. The controllers of the state are not angels. They are people with self-interest, and as such, their temptations – power – should be limited.

  10. Too late for the education of the new generation bit. Maybe focus on organising and reeducating the men and women of the current generation before they are ‘miraculously’ changed through the best education of all. Experience that is.

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