Muslims Celebrate the Christmas Jihad in Berlin

We’ve seen this sort of thing before in Europe: immediately after some Islamic atrocity, Muslims take to the streets in celebration, honking and shouting, ostensibly because of a wedding.

The following video shows events in Berlin on Christmas Eve. According to the notes accompanying the video:

The point is: They s*** on our customs and traditions, on us Germans! They don’t really give a damn about the attacks either! Sure, the Islamic associations and unions distance themselves officially, but they would never entertain the idea of demonstrating for the victims with candlelight vigils or anything! And dozens of radical Islamists live undisturbed in their ghettos without anyone doing a damn thing about it.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   On Christmas Eve, a mob of Muslims drove through Berlin,
0:04   continuously honking their horns, even right past Breitscheidplatz
0:10   where the twelve people died in the terrorist attack.
0:14   Hello! Not even on Christmas do we get any peace and quiet.
0:17   In the middle of the city we get this Muslim mob permanently honking
0:20   their horns for a wedding or something; the following video
0:23   is from the Brandenburg Tor, I don’t have that exactly on video, but they
0:26   drive right past the Breitscheidplatz
0:29   where the twelve people were killed by a Mohammedan.
0:32   That is why I put this video online on YouTube,
0:35   but just watch for yourselves.
0:53   Over there a bunch of Turks are once again hollering on Christmas.
0:57   Muslims, of course, without honor, without respect
1:00   for our Christian Christmas celebration.
1:06   Jerks.
1:31   Look at the large concrete pillars that they put up
1:34   for the Christmas celebration and the Silvester celebration…
1:42   And here, in front of the Brandenburg Tor, on Christmas Eve,
1:45   a mob of Moslems party, they dance, and… yeah…
2:30   Christmas in the city, huh?
3:54   Stupid-a** plebs.

42 thoughts on “Muslims Celebrate the Christmas Jihad in Berlin

  1. OK the video seems to show a rowdy wedding party. Not sure what the cultural significance of the honking horns is, but it may be part of the wedding celebrations. I didn’t notice anything overtly religious in the video, but agree the honking would get on my nerves.

    • First of all – when you are dealing with Muslims – culture and religion are VERY closely intertwined, thus cultural significance is almost always connected to islam, one way or the other.

      In this particular case, I recognize the pattern – it is plain and simple provocation – playing loud music near symbols of the infidel faith.

      Take for example the muezzin – call for prayer from a mosque loudspeaker on top of a minaret.
      Muslims make the volume very high on purpose so it can be heard from a distance, as a symbolic gesture of “this area belongs to islam”

    • Yes, it’s probably a wedding party but all that wild celebration right next to the place where so many people died shows lack of respect, both for the victims and for the German people as a whole.

    • At 50 meters people bring flowers to those killed by a brother in Islam, a truck. I think they are part in killing by doing this. After killing. It is like killing the souls one more time. But, maybe you are right. It is just a wedding. Nothing special.

    • Noise in general, screeching and honking is their way of drawing attention to themselves and their commitment to Jihad. It could be considered another audio form of Allahu Akhbar. Some of you may have noticed it is particularly prevalent when Palestinians are dragging people to a horrible death behind motorcycles, and throughout Islam at stoning parties, beheadings and all the other forms of atrocity in which they revel.

      It’s what they are and what they do. Nothing has changed in 1400 years.

    • Even if it was a marriage celebration, the Muslims knew and planned the route they took. This was an intentional insult to Germans.

  2. This is a wedding, not a celebration of the attacks. Please don’t make a fool out of yourselves! Obviously there is a problem with muslims not respecting our culture or values, but this clip has nothing to do with it.

    • That, I must add, Ayla, is a very Snowflakey comment – or perhaps it came from the Umma itself?

      • I think it is important to know what is correct and not. Obviously we should criticize it when muslims do something wrong, but we must also be careful to not exagerate and misinterpret behaviour.

        Ps. I used to be part of the ummah, but thank God no longer!

        • Are you by any chance German-Turkish? Just asking because your reasoning seemed quite German to me. No offense! I think everyone here has become quite de-sensitized to things offending German culture, while most of us would not, say, throw a party in the streets of Bangkok when the king of Thailand has just died.

          • I’m a Turkish girl born in the Netherlands. The situation here is not as bad as in Germany… yet. Very soon will be i guess. I am not desensitized, i just think that when you actually want to make a point, it should be correct what you are proclaiming. I totally understand there are sick muslims that celebrate attacks, and they must be called out, but this really seems like a simple wedding to me. Obviously it is quite dumb to do it at this location at that time, but it doesn’t make it a celebration of the attacks, just a very dumb action on their behalf.

          • For an ‘ex’ moslem (?) you seem remarkably civilized, but why can I not shake the word taqiyya from my head?
            However, by insisting we should ‘get it right’ before saying anything, I have to observe that moslems are certainly not bound by any such pedantry.

            Your comment screams: “be nice to moslems!” But then if you really are an apostate….

        • I agree Ayla, but don’t you think it was disrespectful and insensitive to celebrate so close to the scene of the attack?

    • Even if it was “only” a wedding, that doesn`t rule out, that they drive exactly to this place for their sick pleasure and to have fun.

      Disgusting, thougthless and a sign of lack of respect for the dead and wounded it was in any case.

    • Spoken like a true, cowed dhimmi, Ayla. No wonder we are getting nowhere.
      moslems must be laughing; “Look, it’s not only their leaders, now we’re getting the people themselves!”

        • And you do have a point, Ayla.
          It`s always wise to question things.
          Especially on the web.

          But I watched the video again, and sadly all seems to be true.

  3. But, naturally:

    a) this must have been a wedding party, or something

    b) there’s no proof the video was after the truck attack

    c) one must be an “Islamophobe” for even suggesting that this may have had something to do with the Truck attack

    Even though:

    One very rarely (or never) sees these types of scenes on normal days, not following a terrorist attack

    Plenty of other “Pallywood”-style videos, which are not what they seem, get aired on prime-time TV

    The slightest, most miniscule “protest” against terrorism by handful of Muslims would have had the media crowing about the “Muslim community” denouncing terror…

    So move on, nothing to see here 😉

  4. Triumphalism places mosques on former churches and celebrates Death where Muslims murdered innocents this Christmastide. No mistaking it as the Karl Marx U. graduate, Angela Merkel, spins more webs to destroy Western civilization. Marxism inspiring Islamic anarchy.

  5. Just imagine how hard the cops would come down on any native Germans had they done this were Muslims had been massacred. I swear, Europe is absolutely doomed as the natives are just too weak and compliant in their own demise.

  6. “… but they would never entertain the idea of demonstrating for the victims with candlelight vigils or anything!”

    Oh they would do so, they did this allready in the past.
    But it always turned out to be more a demonstration of either Turkish nationalism (a sea of red Turkish Flags).
    Or a presentation of Muslims as the real victims and as an act of protest against allegedly Islamophobia and Xenophobia.

    So actually they always abused the victims for their own cause.

    • Actually, I would prefer if they didn’t do the candlelight vigil thing either. Candlelight vigils are a particularly weak and impotent Western response to blatant provocations and demonstrations of muslim strength and intimidation of the nonbelievers. One can use their imagination to come up with a more appropriate response to such provocations; they would just be redacted were I to write what should be done.

  7. Unless the West, the US especially learns that Islamists are evil enemies and not just another ideology one can negotiate with, they will suffer the horrors of the EU, Germany, France and even Sweden. Enough with the TOLERANCE toward these people. They are from the Pit of Hell, not just another viewpoint. The only way Islam will be reformed is for the few mod Muslims left , to push it in their own communities and go back to the view of Ataturk in the post WWI Anatolia. Separate Islam from the state and ask for tolerance for Jews and Gentiles alike. If not, then there is no answer but a full on war against these jihadist-sharia types.

    • They did this before. And we are again at war. Islam must be forbidden. Think at this like an amputation.

    • I agree. Listen, dividing the State and religion in their case will NOT work. Religion always comes in first when influencing a person.

      In case of Christianity it worked because the Bible specifically says to respect both your beliefs and those of the state you live in provided the state does not demand the impossible that you sacrifice what you believe in. But the beliefs still must come first. The Bible specifically speaks in endorsement of the devision of state and religion but devision only. Allegiance to God and His Word still trumps the rest.

      The division of state will never work in moslem’s case, because their allah (the devil) calls for the complete opposite of what Christian God calls for. The unholy book calls for opposition to state. I do not remember the verse about it, but it exists. You can google it.

      When you start researching their evil cult, there only rational way is too outlaw islam from Western states. It even fails Biblical interrogation and qualifies as a pagan religion or cult. Islam must be destroyed legally. Else there will be no piece till it is done.

  8. Some of the arguments flying back and forth in the comments up here seem a bit misleading.
    The video is filmed at Brandenburg Gate. Breitscheidplatz, the scene of the truck jihad, where 12 people died and 50 were badly injured, is not a mere 50m, but 4km further to the southwest, a 10 minute drive by car. I think maybe commentators mistakenly thought that the crime scene was just a few meters away because the video shows red candles and a black ribbon at the Christmas tree as a sign of mourning. But the narrator, subtitles, and the article above are clear that it is not filmed at Breitscheidplatz.
    The provocation shown here is, in my opinion, this noise and behaviour in public
    – on “Heiligabend”, holy evening, Dec. 24th, the highest holiday for Germans (Christians and agnostics alike), and
    – right in front of a Christmas tree and a Hanukkah candle
    so they must know it will bother and disturb both people who are there to admire the holiday symbols, or to pay respect to the dead; and
    – in front of an iconic symbol of German reunification (the Brandenburg Gate)
    – just a few days after the truck jihad, while Berlin is still in shock
    Yes it is “just a wedding”, and I do not know their intentions, but the behaviour shows their total lack of empathy for the Kuffar.

  9. That’s a typical Chechen wedding, the likes of which you can see everywhere in Moscow, for example. At least they are not shooting firearms in the air.

  10. Stop letting them in. Stop giving them free money. Force those who are already here to leave ASAP.

    • What a wicked web we have woven these past few decadent decades. The Muslims have already drawn first blood all over Western Europe. I hope we are not holding fire until we see the whites of their blood thirsty eyes so to speak. It’s not looking very good. The grand ‘we’ doesn’t seem to have even enough dolls to ban the burka or go to church on Sunday.

    • Here they are already worried about the Islamophobic backlash against next week’s bombings and attack. Precautions are being taken against such a backlash, and cops and judges are being coached to ensure a conviction.

  11. In the USA, moslems are always worried about a backlash, it seems, in Germany, moslems are well past that worry. To watch islam progress through western culture, one western nation at a time, we kufr, will know that moslems no longer consider themselves weak, when they act in the USA, as they are now acting in Berlin Germany.

    • Imagine that. And to make things worse they are losing their Kenyan Candidate and his bros. Obama still has a few weeks left to contribute to German style wavering and dithering.

  12. Any Westerner living in a Asian country could tell you how “Asian” people are incredibly insensitive to other people, neighbours, strangers, by at times making a whole lot of noise and nuisance and parking their cars in the wrong place. But the thing is it’s not intended to offend, culturally they are not brought up to considered the feelings of others. They are oblivious to the offense caused. That’s what I see in this wedding video, other may see darker motives, but learn the culture first before deciding. Anyone been to an Armenian wedding?

    • This is why they don’t fit in when they move to Western countries.

      But of course it is all our fault because we are not doing enough to help them fit in.

  13. Why is the bride dancing in public? This is haram (forbidden) per their prophet. When the caliphate comes to power in Germany they will put an end to such unacceptable behavior among womèn.

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