A Bomb at the Door of a Church in Toulouse

Earlier this month an incendiary device of unknown provenance was found at the door of a church in Toulouse. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from 20 Minutes:

Toulouse: an incendiary bomb was placed in front of a church

An investigation has been opened after the discovery of an incendiary device in the forecourt of a church in Toulouse, in the Roseraie district

December 15, 2016

Police officers of the SRPJ [Regional Service of Judicial Police] in Toulouse are investigating the discovery of a homemade bomb in the forecourt of the church Saint-André, in the Roseraie district. The find dates back to the morning of Thursday December 8, but it was revealed only on Thursday.

The incendiary device was spotted by a parishioner against the door of the building. Hidden in a box the size of a wine carton, it consisted of two bottles of barbecue lighter fluid connected by electric wires. Small cubes of lighter stitched with magic birthday candles were stuck to the bottles.

The candles burned out without their sparks triggering the device. “The rudimentary device was well-designed to start a fire,” said a police source.

Vigilance in places of worship

The incendiary device was, strangely, brought back to the courtyard of the central police station of Toulouse whose evacuation was ordered for 45 minutes before the arrival of the firemen and bomb defusers. It was a real act of malice or provocation; the investigation must determine the origin of this incendiary device.

Wednesday, without referring to the case, Prefect Pascal Mailhos said that he had asked all religious authorities to be vigilant at the approach of the holidays, including by not hesitating to search the bags of the faithful at the entrances to places of worship.

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  1. Surely there is no surprise here? After 9/11, immature Obama and open the borders wide to Muslim and illegal migrants in general, it is amazing that anywhere is still standing. Imagine this. We apparently believe that we are smarter than God. Ride ’em cowboy. Really though I don’t think our Creator intended for us to act like this in the face of diabolical Islamic invasion and occupation. It’s ok to counter attack.

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