Foxes Guarding the Henhouse in Cologne

All the previous reports on last New Year’s Eve in Cologne were bad enough. But now comes word that recently arrived culture-enrichers were employed as security guards during the 2015 Silvester Night festivities — and they were paid below the legal minimum wage.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Merkur:

For Five Euros per Hour

New Year’s Eve in Cologne: Refugees deployed for security

Cologne (dpa) – In Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015, according to a media report, dozens of refugees were allegedly deployed for the security services without appropriate training. According to investigations by the Bild newspaper, a security contractor recruited 59 men in reception camps as security personnel.

The refugees, mainly from North Africa, Syria, and Afghanistan, had allegedly only been in Germany for a short time. The only criteria in the job offer by the site security firm were “an at least mediocre command of the German language,” and “bring warm clothes”. The company could not be reached for an initial comment.

The workers were allegedly deployed, among other places, on the Rhine bridges. As the Bild newspaper further reports, the sub-contractor paid the men €5 per hour — not much more than half of the legal minimum wage. Later, he allegedly billed the city of Cologne €15.40 per man-hour.

On the night of last New Year’s Eve conditions were chaotic around the main train station. There were massive numbers of criminal offenses. In particular, the high number of sexual assaults on women prompted horror. Most of the identified accused come from Algeria and Morocco.

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  1. This is not new but it is certainly got worse, infinitely worse, the problem is WW2 guilt, we germans can’t do anything without someone (usually dark and/or poor) telling us that we are NAZI evil genocides blah blah blah whenever there is a muslim attack the so called “moderate” muslims wash their hands of the matter “those are not real muslims” “I am a good muslim” “I never killed anyone” but for mysterious reasons I can’t say ” I am not nazi” ” I never killed anyone” “I wasn’t ever born yet”.. no I am a german and I can’t say I have nothing to do with what some germans did 80 years ago… I am so tired so incredibly tired of this disgusting situation. I love my country, I love my people, I love my culture, I love its castles, its museums, its gardens and parks, its monuments, its lush green countryside (that the desert MONKEYS envy so much): I LOVE GERMANY, a Nation that for all its flaws is apparently good enough to attract people from all over the world.

    • It is a great tragedy, of playing onto the guilt of Germans for WW2, now they will destroy Europe again!

    • I can tell you Hungarians does not look at you as the Liberals would like you too. I was home for Christmas and when the truck jihad happened, the Hungarians were very angry for you guys! Also for the heroic Polish truck driver, but Polish people have a special place in our hearts!

    • It is certainly time for people to stop referring to Germans as Nazis. The people in Germany who are under 70 years old were not participants in the horrors and are not responsible for them. It is certainly time for Germans to stop worrying over what people say about them.

      Nonetheless, German Lady, I object to referring to other humans as monkeys. Their culture is brutal and antithetical to ours, but they are still humans. “Barbarian” is a better term.

      • As I remember it, your ‘barbarians’ delight in referring to Israelis as “monkeys and apes”, and while there is some sense in the old adage two wrongs don’t make a right, there’s another one– ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’.

        And BTW, with the insane level of atrocities carried out by moslems, I think they are better referred to as sub-humans.

      • they kills us, rape our daughters, steal from us , wanted us all dead and we should not call them monkeys? no wonder why we are losing this war! bienpensants like you is what muslims need to take over

    • Learn to ignore. And you must learn to call in front off justice those who insult you. They must prove you are a nazi, or pay for insulting you. If you have no reaction, they will take your blood. I was in Tyrol, the German Tyrol, t his summer. The administrator of the place was from time to time around, to check how the guest are feeling. At a moment we start talking about many things. When I asked about all the chaos generated by refugees, his first reaction was : I am not racist. I told him, that in my opinion, he should consider to change his mind. After I told him where I am from, he asked me about gypsies, if I am racist. I told him that trying to protect yourself, your family, your country, has nothing to do with racism. After that, we start the real communication. So, learn to ignore things that have no connection with reality.

    • And BTW, I don’t think half of Europe got crazy at the same time, without reason. Also Hungary, Romania, Italy, we’re aly of Germany. Just as Germany, our countries payed a lot for that. If somebody tells me I am a nazi, I will ask his name and address so I can sue him.

    • I’ve long been bothered at the way Germans will contort themselves to prove that they’re not the kind of people the Nazi’s were. It shows in almost every facet of modern German culture, and I think it’s been very destructive. It happens here in the states to a lesser degree. I wasn’t involved with slavery, and frankly I’ve been treated far worse by blacks than I’ve ever treated them. The word “racist” has been overused to the point that it’s lost it’s meaning. One could easily define the word as “One who disagrees with any leftist about anything at any time.” I know what’s in my heart, people who don’t know me can think what they will. I think German leftists use “Nazi” the same way American leftists use “Racist.” When we fail to tell them to pound sand, we give them power over us, and that’s heroin to the Left. At some point we’re going to have to put our ears back and stand up to those bastards. I’ll end by thanking the Germans for their gifts to humanity in every art and science one knows.

  2. The time for talking has long been over. Yet we go on and on down the road to a ww1 of sorts. Multiple civil wars and new energing multi cultivated little minorities demanding freedom for their own tiny wanna be nation and caliphate enclaves and God knows what else from the massed brute force swarms of Middle East and all African Muslim and Christian invaders. So many westerners will meet their demise not fighting or resisting but clinging onto their stuff. Unless.

    • This is “in search for those one can trust”… I think this is the main reason for germans talking. They need to hear from others that they are not the worst people on earth. Without all this talking, they will continue to think they are all genetically NAZI. So, in order to release their thinking from this mental prison, we need to talk, we must repeat to them they are the normal ones. It is a treatment that takes more than 3 words.

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