A Slick Media Shill for Cultural Annihilation

The video below will serve as an appropriate follow-up to recent posts about Modern Multicultural Germany, such as the discussion of the likely number of Muslims in Germany, the subway kicker, and especially the pimping-out of German girls to migrant men.

The young woman addressing the camera in this video is named Anja Wilner, and her little talk — apparently recorded for FOCUS Online — was posted on Facebook. Her calm, reasonable words are designed to reassure young German women that “refugee” men really aren’t that bad — they just want to practice their German skills, and maybe get your phone number while they’re at it.

But you’ll notice that Ms. Wilner is forced to acknowledge three recent incidents in which women were raped and murdered by culture-enrichers. The government did its best to suppress general awareness of these and other instances of sexual violence by immigrant men. The media made sure that the stories were kept out of the national news, and the ethnicity of the perps was played down or obfuscated as much as possible. But the news got out anyway, and the media have set themselves the task of calming public apprehensions about the “New Germans” now distributed among the populace. That’s Anja Wilner’s job: “Don’t be alarmed, girls; these refugee men aren’t dangerous. They’re just exotic and look different, but you’re not racists, are you? They may follow you around late at night and scare the bejeezus out of you, but, hey, all they really want is to integrate with us. Nothing to worry about…”

As she delivers her soothing words, Ms. Wilner is standing in what appears to be a hallway of a major public institution, perhaps a college. The message seems to be: “Look, this is a public place where one might expect to encounter migrant men, but I’m not at all afraid, and you shouldn’t be, either.”


Watch the guy down the hall in the distant background. He’s carrying a backpack and appears to be looking at a bulletin board. Yet throughout the entire video he doesn’t move even slightly. There is no movement whatsoever in the background.

In other words, this entire video is a green-screen operation. Anja Wilner stood in front of a uniformly-colored backdrop and gave her apparently impromptu talk by reading it from a teleprompter. The bogus background was added digitally during post-production. And it’s a high-quality job; there are no haloes or flickers around the edge of the speaker as she moves her head and arms. It’s definitely a pro job.

This is the propaganda with which German citizens are being bombarded every day by the state-owned and state-co-opted media. Slick messages such as this one administer general anesthesia even as the great big needle of genocidal annihilation is being jabbed deep into the bloodstream of German culture.

Watch the video and see for yourselves.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   In Freiburg the student Maria L. became
0:03   the victim of a sexual homicide.
0:06   The suspect is a 17-year-old who came
0:09   to Germany from Afghanistan in 2015.
0:12   At roughly the same time, two sex crimes
0:15   took place in Bochum where the suspect
0:18   is a 31-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq.
0:21   Of course, these are totally single incidents.
0:24   Especially when one looks at the current crime statistics,
0:27   then one can see that, basically,
0:30   the refugee crisis did not cause a peak in criminality,
0:33   especially cases of severe criminality,
0:36   like murder, sexual homicide, rape etc.,
0:39   which in recent years have receded continuously.
0:42   At the same time it is incredibly difficult for women to speak about
0:45   their fear of sexual violence without immediately being generalized.
0:48   Because an absolute minor proportion of refugees commit such crimes,
0:51   or could commit such acts; it doesn’t mean
0:54   that all refugees are rapists or that
0:57   every woman in Germany suddenly has to be afraid
1:00   when a refugee comes around the corner.
1:03   Due to my work, I know a lot of refugees personally,
1:06   I’ve talked to them,
1:09   and the men among them are partially
1:12   very shy towards me because I’m a woman,
1:15   but all of them were very polite. And of course I know that
1:18   with such individual positive experiences I cannot just,
1:21   for example, wave away the murder in Freiburg,
1:24   and we also can’t just try to wave away
1:27   the fears of many women of such attacks.
1:30   To a lesser extent — in a lesser way — I know this fear
1:33   from experience, when one time it was late at night,
1:36   I came home from work late,
1:39   and suddenly I heard steps behind me.
1:42   I walked faster, the person behind me walked faster too.
1:45   I walked slower, he too slowed down, and at some point
1:48   I thought, this is really like in a bad movie,
1:51   and in my head I was already thinking about
1:54   what will happen now and who that might be,
1:57   and yeah, whether I will end up as a headline the morning after,
2:00   in the crime category.
2:03   In the end everything turned out fine,
2:06   the man turned out to be a refugee from the
2:09   nearby refugee home, and he…
2:12   basically only wanted to try out his German language skills with me,
2:15   but he did also want my phone number.
2:18   And I then had a relatively long, very exhausting discussion
2:21   with him on the train and I had to explain to him
2:24   that I wasn’t going to give him my number,
2:27   and that basically most women in Germany
2:30   who are in relationships wouldn’t do that either.
2:33   And such a conversation — I for example never had one
2:36   like that before in my life, and I also was never
2:39   in a situation like this before and I was really thinking about
2:42   whether I should go public with this,
2:45   simply because it seemed to me that this exactly
2:48   was confirming the cliché, he comes to Germany,
2:51   and the first thing he does is he asks a woman for her phone number.
2:54   Later I almost felt a little embarrassed
2:57   that I even was so afraid for a few seconds,
3:00   but at the same time I tell myself that for sure
3:03   a lot of women have had these same experiences,
3:06   these few long seconds where one actually has this uneasy
3:09   feeling and just doesn’t know how to assess the situation.
3:12   And I think that is why it is extremely important that we
3:15   can speak about such fears, and that we
3:18   increasingly get to the point
3:21   where we can openly talk about taboos that we
3:24   otherwise might have avoided in a way,
3:27   for instance also when it concerns men who come here
3:30   to Germany and who possibly have a very archaic idea
3:33   of women and who — once here — just have to learn
3:36   that here everything works a little different.
3:39   And I find it extremely important
3:42   that everybody clearly states what the rules are
3:45   that we have here in Germany,
3:48   and how we want to live here, together, not only
3:51   concerning contact with women, but as well, and only then
3:54   can living together work out with all the different groups of people.

63 thoughts on “A Slick Media Shill for Cultural Annihilation

    • It’s so close to being a satire though – maybe that’s what she wanted? I suspect that because she begins with the attacks by ‘refugees’ and continues with the horrible story about being followed by one.

  1. “Of course, these are totally single incidents.
    0:24 Especially when one looks at the current crime statistics,
    0:27 then one can see that, basically,
    0:30 the refugee crisis did not cause a peak in criminality”

    So why are there so many police scheduled to patrol the German streets on Hogmanay?

    “Because an absolute minor proportion of refugees commit such crimes,
    0:51 or could commit such acts; it doesn’t mean
    0:54 that all refugees are rapists”

    It makes no sense to refer to an “absolute” minor proportion of anything. What the young lady is saying, in logical terms, is that some ‘refugees’ are rapists. A ‘minor proportion’ could be as many as 49%.

    At least we now have an admission that SOME Muslim immigrants are rapists. That is what is known in the trade as a particular affirmative proposition (Some S are P). And if that proposition is true (and according to this young lady, it is) then –

    that refutes the the universal negative proposition: No Muslim immigrants are rapists. (No S are P.)

    That is the important logical point here!

    • Like Christopher Hitchens said, paraphrasing, the non-raping/murdering moslems are irrelevant (because there are so many that are).

  2. Ministry of Truth gives this it’s ‘squeal’ of Approval.

    They are all in since much like here in the States had Hillary been elected it would have been lights out for the US.

    If they can baffle the German sheep for another 5 years it’s beyond the point of no return.

  3. the colonization of your country by your leftist politicians is a lot more important that the safety of any of your current citizens. after the conquest merkel will be able to live in east Germany again, only this time there won’t be any stinking west Germany, all will be a workers paradise.

  4. I really liked one of the comment under the video: (I am paraphrasing)
    “Yeah she will be ok, but what about girls who actually attractive?”

  5. This woman is just so confused.
    Some creepy guy is following me late at night, oh my mistake, turns out he just wanted to borrow some Grey Poupon.

    • Don’t worry, he only wants to ‘integrate’ with you …

      this really is vile, sinister, ultra-creepy stuff.

    • I think this vid is a monumental fail. It’s on the defensive & in doing so has to further publicise migrant crime & fear amongst German women (including her own!), so that she can make her point. First rule of publicity & propaganda is – never re-state the problem you wish to draw a discreet curtain over.

  6. This woman sounds brain damaged.
    It was a dark and stormy night, and some creepy dude is following me home, oh my mistake, turns out he’s just looking for some Grey Poupon.
    Germany you’re doomed, Doooooomed!

  7. I watched without audio and began to become concerned about the welfare of the man in the background: “I’m standing and I can’t fall down!”

  8. I can assure you that this harpy hasn’t even seen a muslim up close, most women who support immigration on the media do it from a safe distance.

  9. The simple fact that they have to make such a video indicates that there’s a huge problem out there.

    • Absolutely. They must keep the spew going to give their lives meaning in the desperate hope that we believe them.

      • The good thing is that the more they keep the spew going, the more it shows and the less people are inclined to believe that crap. Especially when every day brings more terrible enrichment news.

  10. She blinks incessantly throughout the video — evidence that on some level she knows she’s spouting lies. My favorite is “the refugee crisis did not cause a peak in criminality.”

    • Yes, her blink rate is through the roof. Here’s an interesting piece on Psychology Today about blinking and lying: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/let-their-words-do-the-talking/201405/just-the-bat-eye. It’s also observed elsewhere that increased blink rate may be elevated in patients with chronic schizophrenia. (PubMed.gov). A degree of self-induced schizophrenia is certainly needed to pretend to oneself everything is ok in the face of what happening to Germany. A further aside: ‘women using oral contraceptives blink 32% more often than other women on average for unknown reasons.’ (Wikipedia)

    • Bigby: As I said above, I think this video is a monumental own goal because she’s forced to further publicise migrant crime & German women’s fear, including her own.

      It’s obviously very much on the defensive. It doesn’t make a good impression & the blinking you’ve noticed (well spotted!) simply underscores that.

  11. Well one may wish that this ‘shill’ herself receives attention from some of those nice invaders – if she ever is game enough to venture into public places alone and in known hangouts of the male invaders.

    I wonder if anyone has taught her about the meaning of the word, irony?

    More Fake News from the treacherous Globalists and their just as desperate useful idiots.

  12. “Because an absolute minor proportion of refugees commit such crimes…”

    Even if this is true, a far larger proportion of migrants than native Germans do so. Were HG Wells’ eloi bred for stupidity?

  13. Liars blink less frequently than normal during the lie, and then speed up to around eight times faster than usual afterwards.

    You decide.

    • True, but lower blink rate when lying followed by increased rate is associated with lab tests (‘pretend’ lying with no consequences), not necessarily real world examples (‘real’ lying with the potential of being caught out).

  14. why does she keep smiling when she talks about such things as sexual harassment? She’s a useful fool filled with idiot compassion.

  15. Its like nazi propganda video, 1939, ala, leni reefenstahl,

    Who are the marxist leftists nazi creeps who made this lieing video?
    They should be hunted down!

    Who funded it? From where is the office of these propaganda d
    Films located???

    We need to find the perpetrators of these lieing videos!

    For gods sake, this is pure pure pure evil at work here.

    We need to find these traitor film makers. Asap!

  16. I tell people who watch this video to do a fun little experiment. Let it play, and repeatedly click pause/play button and watch her facial expressions. What you then see is complete insanity in her face, like 50 shades of derangement. She’s nuts.

    Her Facebook page is even worse. I asked her politely on her Facebook why she is posing in front of a green screen when she could put actual meaning to her words by putting her money where her mouth is and stand in a real subway tunnel with various culture enrichers. Of course, we know she would never do that because she, too, knows that they are loud and obnoxious and would jump in front of the camera like the monkeys they are, and basically counter every enlightened point she’s trying to make about the ‘refudschies’.

  17. Here Malmö it took less than 5 years for women to learn to fear muslims since the invasion got serious, my prediction is in some years women like this free range seaweed will no longer exist in Germany.

  18. Germany 2016 the only place where the teen dream of using a “panties inspector card” succesfully could become true.. as long as you come fron Turkey, Syria,Iraq…

    • haha! I think Anja forgot to mention the part when the “refugee” produced the panties inspector card and she dropped her trousers compliantly.

  19. I tried watching with no sound.
    The “actor” speaks in a fake,overblown fashion–and fake-smiles Waaaaay to much. It is as if she were speaking to dumb or ‘slow’ children whilst explaining the law of gravity. I think that is EXACTLY what is happening there, or rather what she THINKS is going on.
    She ‘knows’ that the stupid proles won’t catch on.

    It seems obvious to me that we have here a liar that KNOWS she is lying, has no respect for her audience and keeps on lying. Our liar also represents our ‘betters’ who simply MUST CONTINUE to rule over us.
    They must………………………otherwise………………………….. a TRUMP!.

    Then: a deluge.

  20. She is lying, her story is a lie she just want to be regarded as a good girl by enraging decent people

  21. Not only is the green-screen betrayed by the lack of movement by the man in the background, but also she is in a very brightly-lit studio (see backlighting on the top of her head. The intensity of these lights explains the blinking.

    That the short video jumps from long-shot to close-up (4 jumps) is also evidence that it’s been edited (it was shot at least twice, once in each set-up). The transition in focal distance could also be to disguise that the man in the background does not move (i.e. the screen components are re-arranged by the move to close-up & back again). The focal distance of the man in the background does not change (it would if he was really there – he’d be more blurred in the close-up).

    Also one can see the teleprompter (white square) reflected in her pupil.

  22. These self-loathing, leftist white women are clinically mentally ill. There is no other way to define it. Their attitudes, beliefs, whatever are ushering them directly to rape and death. THAT is mental illness.

  23. What do you feel when you see this? I feel disgust, outrage, dread, detachment from reality as if I woke up on some other planet, etc. Dread is the big one. Existential dread. Not just dread for my life or body, but for my mind, my soul. Leftism is soul murdering. Little has changed from the days when people were blood sacrificed at altars. This is the same thing, just more “sanitized”.

  24. This Anja Wilner is a junior reporter for Focus Online Magazine.
    Her comments on her timeline are cleary left wing.

    Another dead giveaway, she’s standing there in a cold and drafty tunnel dressed for late summer or indoors.
    Imagine, it’s winter in Germany, no jacket no scarf just a light sweater and no nipples showing. Yeah right.
    Of course that’s where the video was recorded, inside the Focus studio.

    The backdrop picture was likely taken in Munich that’s were she lives and works.
    It also must have been taken at a very quit period no trafic in sight exept the one guy (a lost tourist?) in the distance . Perhaps early on a Sunday morning when most Germans are sleeping off their beer and schnapps.

    Another piece of agitprop busted and debunked.

  25. I am sick and tired of feminine stupidity, times like this I wish I was a man! Send this human disgrace to a filthy gaol in a male prision in Iraq to make her learn arab skills the hard way, I no longer have noble emotions for these people: they hate me I hate them even more. I am german but I am NOT like this zombie.. I am so angry, I am seething with a rage I can’t express with words!

    • It’s really comforting to hear such words from a German woman. Not all hope is lot! Germany is such an interesting country, it’s so hard to see it go down the drain because of a handful of idiots.

  26. Grotesque and perverse beyond belief.. Honestly if she is kicked down the stairs or something worse I would not mind.

  27. So a male foreigner asks a total stranger for her phone number and the woman chalks this up to his being ignorant of local customs, rather than being indicative of arrogant sexual aggressiveness? Oh, please. Either this woman is stupid, thinks we’re stupud, or both.

  28. 0:24 Especially when one looks at the current crime statistics,
    0:27 then one can see that, basically,
    0:30 the refugee crisis did not cause a peak in criminality,

    Did not listen much further; can’t stand such nonsense in my native language. Let’s take a closer look.

    First of all: here are the official crime statistics for 2015 and preceding years


    but (of course) not for 2016. That there was no massive impact of massimmigration in 2015 is not amazing: those guys would need to first get some feeling how German society etc. works, which will take a few month’s at least. (Statistics from Scandinavia show that immigrants children have higher crime rate than their parents.)

    Now look at the PDF file “PKS 2015 – Jahrbuch” (6MB dowbload). On page 203, table/Tabelle 61 you find the line

    111000 Vergewaltigung und sexuelle Nötigung (§§ 177 Abs. 2, 3 und 4, 178 StGB)
    ;;; Here I inserted a line break; swaping comma and dot in the following numbers
    5,896 1,952 33.1

    I am no lawyer and don’t want to look up sections 177 and 178 criminal code, but it’s clear this includes all rapes; so there were 5,896 rapes and “related” sexual offences in Germany registered in 2015.

    The interesting number is the second one; there were 1,952 rapes etc. done by non-Germans which is 33.1% of the total number.

    Before I go more into this, I want to cite from the official statistics from 2014. Here the corresponding line is on page 162 and reads:

    111000 Vergewaltigung und sexuelle Nötigung (§§ 177 Abs. 2, 3 und 4, 178 StGB)
    ;; line break inserted; comma and dot swaped.
    6.162 1911 31.0

    So here is the first point where that lady gets a fact wrong: rapes etc. by non-Germans have increased in number by 40 cases and from 31% of total cases to 33.1%

    Now one third of rapes etc. done by non-Germans is a horrible over-representation of that group. As you can see from


    had Germany in 2014 about 81,198,000 inhabitants. As you can see from

    (Section “Personen ohne deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft” case the umlaut-URI gets messed.)

    there were the same year 8,152,968 non-Germans registered in Germany. So ONE TENTH of the population committed ONE THIRD of rapes etc.!!!

    The over-representation of MENA-immigrants becomes even more severe when you consider that — guessed from a short glance on the table — about one million of the foreigners come from countrys that are known to be underrepresented in criminal statistics. (I have studied statistical material from Danmark or Sweden; Germans, French, US-Americans, Chinese, and similar countries have a crime rate that is about half of the population average; same thimg with e.g. Swedes in Germany.)

    Whithout going into such details, you can figure out that foreigners are over-represented by more than a factor 3, when it comes to rape etc.

    German authorities don’t maintain statistics on nationality/ethnicity of offenders; so foreigners vs. those with German passport is all we can get in Germany. Not so in Scandinavia. When you look at those statistics, you see that MENA immigrants are over-represented by a factor of 5 or more in rapes, where offender and victim did not know each other (assault; sorry not so fluent in English).

    What shall we do with such fools/lunatics like that lady? The best solution I am aware of is this French suggestion:

    Les Brigandes – In Hell

    1:19 “Sur la lune” — shoot ’em on the moon!

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