Pimping Out the Rhinemaidens to the Culture-Enrichers

The following article makes my blood boil to an extent that I find hard to describe. If I were a German man — and I mean a real German man, not one of the swarthy-faced bucks that Angela Merkel keeps trying to pass off as “German” — I’d be dusting off my pitchfork and putting a match to my torch in preparation for a public accounting with the political elite of the Bundesrepublik.

The German government has a serious political and demographic problem. Thanks to its open-borders policy — which it seems to consider mandatory, and permanent — it has enriched itself with more than a million young men of foreign extraction, mostly from the Middle East and Africa. These hot-blooded youths have the same urges as any other males in their age group, but to their misfortune, most were unaccompanied by any young females of their ethnic group.

So the government decided to solve the problem by arranging “get-togethers” between the “New Germans” and girls “who have lived here in Germany for a long time” — that is, young ladies with fair skin and blue eyes who speak German as their native language.

To put it bluntly, the state has decided to pimp out its nubile young women to the migrant men it brought into the country through its collective madness.

Where does this leave young native German men? Are they all gay? Are they expected to find Russian brides on the internet? Or are they considered useless, worthy only of being discarded?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from “killerbee”:

The State as Pimp?

(Caption under the picture in the article [not shown]: The mother of all pimping shows was “Herzblatt”, the Dating Game show.)

The capitalist-fascist BRD [German Federal Republic] regime is at the moment conducting a settlement policy with the goal of reducing the number of Germans within the total population.

There are multiple ways in which they do this:

1.   Germans of prime fertile age are being prevented from creating families through two-year contracts, permanent internships, job center shenanigans, etc.
2.   Immigrants are encouraged and supported financially to settle in Germany.
3.   Family reunion of immigrant/refugee families.

And now it appears a new variant has been added.

The deciding factor for the multiplication of a population is its women.

If the CDU/CSU fascists therefore succeed in “hooking up” as many German women as possible with refugees and immigrants, they have taken an important step further.

Because a German woman who is with an immigrant and is bearing his children logistically can’t have children with a German man at the same time.

Here’s a quote by ‘Frundsberg’, who has taken a closer look at this phenomenon and provides photos and links:

“Today out of pure coincidence I came upon a news article in my city where the school leadership arranged a “come together to get to know each other” with refugees. As I looked at the picture in the article, I noticed something: In the picture there was not one male German student, but only females. The refugees shown were also not of school age anymore. I then started researching on the internet and behold, other schools in Germany had organized similar events as well. Let those pictures really sink in.”

[article then shows the three pictures]

What does any of this have to do with school and teaching? These refugees, all of them, are way past the age for going to school and, oddly, male German students are conspicuously absent.

Is what we see here a sign that minor female German students are being consciously pimped out to refugees?

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208 thoughts on “Pimping Out the Rhinemaidens to the Culture-Enrichers

    • The muslim troubles would have to occur in a locality where the inhabitants possess a spine and a pair of gonads. Little chance of that coincidence across most of Western Europe…

      It will fall upon the East to save them from themselves and evict the invaders.

      • Mistress: gonads were removed decades ago.I am just giving an anecdote from my own experience:
        I joined civil service after serving in the airforce, discharged hon. as second lieutenant. In the meanwhile, draft dodgers had finished university and worked on theirs careers,which is alright, but they had a head start when it came to promotions,due to longer time on the job, which I could not show due to ….see.above.

      • Save for the Slavic countries, of course, whom still are very cognizant of the eventualities when a golden horde of dislocated Muslims team along untoward their borders…!

    • The news is being controlled, thus making it easier for the indigenous population to simply ignore what is happening.

      • Australia expects to receive large numbers of ethnic European refugees in the near future…

        • Only if the immigration rules are changed. If you are white and european or anglo it is very difficult to get residency in Australia. The costs are enormous. Very discriminatory.

    • Vlad Tepes web site has a you tube posted entitled “The Death of Maria L and the Multicultural Moloch”. The tube is narrated by a young German man, speaking English, who brings the term “ethno-masochism” into the equation. Have not heard that term before but I think it descriptive and pertinent.

      Worth the time of everyone who is tuning into this horrid elitist attempt at at ruination of its very own.

    • The same thing is going on in FUSA. Just take a look at all of the ads showing the black man/white woman meme. The newest one flips it – little white kid holding hands with a little black girl, showing them “growing together” through all stages of their lives until they get married as adults.

      Bravo. Sierra.

      • Usually, when the Germans need to shoot somebody, they go after the Jews. Whether the Jews have anything to do with the conflict or not. They did it in the first Crusade and in WWII. The only difference now is that the Israelis brought evacuation operations to the level of art. As soon as the Germans would begin to shoot, the Israelis would arrange a non-stop caravan of jumbo jets and take their people back home, leaving the Germans to look the real enemy, their own leaders in the face.

        • Oh, and BTW, the real ememy were their own leaders in both aforementioned cases, exactly as is the case todyay.

    • A couple of things………..

      1 – I asked this about 6 months ago so I repeat because the answer I got last time from another reader/commentator I felt was unsatisfactory, so I ask Matt Bracken who seems to be a knowledgeable guy……where are these
      weapons that are talked about? I’m not talking skinhead gangs who have whatever they have, they are hardly the majority of the population. The reply I got back 6 months ago was was basically that all the German farmers had blunderblusses which they will use. BE REAL.

      2 – No offense to anyone angry about this, but to me all but one guy who does look about 40 to me look only about 3 (one guy) or 4 yrs. older than the high school girls.

      3 – I support this site. In fact it is terrific. But I think we should all avoid sounding (I will try to avoid the ist part of the argument used against people with a legitimate gripe) racially unkind (there that’s it). I hardly blame these 4 guys. I will if they do anything they shouldn’t, and I agree with the text of the argument and the anger at the Merkel gov’t and all the sheep that are leading Germany, and all the others in Western Europe to a cultural future that will turn this world upside down. So I say f.u. to allah achbar, however you spell it, and that entire culture coming Western Europe’s way it’s just that I am trying to keep the argument straight and on point. Basically so that people from outside the orbit of Gates that we try to bring in won’t find an easy out to the great arguments that are presented here every day.

      4 – MOST IMPORTANT……. please Matt Bracken answer my question. I thought Europe was mostly disarmed. This issue here I am happy to say was obviated by the election of The Donald (I like that reference), but would have been a huge issue if Hillary had won. So where (and I am not asking for particulars here, it is a general question obviously) the hell will the weapons to fight, if it comes to that, come from? Cheer me up and tell me not to worry. I just note, not knowing much about German politics but if Merkel wins election again, what makes anyone think the cops and the army won’t follow her orders?


      Mike from Brooklyn

      • Somewhere on the web someone wrote (SOTWSW) that Europe was awash in weapons and that they were secreted by people with foresight. That might be the source of

      • Hi Mike from Brooklyn,

        There are a lot of legal-registered guns in Germany, as well as plenty of “lost/stolen/smuggled” firearms. The most interesting data set is the PEOPLE who own the legal weapons are essentially the registered item, while hardware moves freely (if not openly).

        I wonder where the GLADIO hardware or salvaged WWII items are (great grandchildren of salvagers?). Rural caches under farm buildings? These won’t hardly matter in the cities which are pwn’d by “anti-fascists” & “anti-racists” and their collaborators in University/Media/Government. What will matter is when cities don’t have reliable power/water/food.

        • Europe is not “disarmed”, in fact anything but.
          There are millions, if not tens of millions legally owned firearms in the hands of the citizens. Not in every country, but in most of them.
          I hail from Finland, and I own ten legal firearms, most of them of the black, evil kind. All of Scandinavia is well armed. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, all well armed. Czech Republic, Slovekia, Baltic states, very liberal gun laws. France, millions of shotguns not even registered, as they are considered farm implements, same in Italy.
          So there are plenty of guns. It’s just that the state makes using them as defensive weapons almost an impossibility. Use them to defend yourself, and the holy wrath of the state will fall on you. Draconian punishments.
          None of that will matter, soon enough, as the shooting phase WILL start soon. Then all those guns will come out, and be put to good use…

          • Western Euroland has a soul sickness. It is rotting from the insides out. What kind of creature would surrender its land and virgins to truly inferior Mohammedans? There will be no “rational” Nazis hesitating to destroy Paris when the blood letting begins.

  1. This pimping of German women angers me, but it must be tempered with knowledge that it takes two to tango. These invaders would copulate with any orifice provided; there is little aversion to goats, donkeys, and sheep in the countries they originate from. I don’t fault them for wanting to hook-up with German girls. I believe the lions share of the blame and scorn should go upon the German girls who put themselves out to be receptacles for invader trash. And their parents for not raising them better. In the end they will get what they deserve; various incurable std’s from the invader johns, and beatings from their muslim “friends” when they decide to let their women know that free love only works one way. Maybe Merkel can have integration classes for the abusees on how to skillfully apply makeup to disguise the bruises from the “new germans”.

    • But this is even worse — it’s being arranged and pushed by the STATE via the schools.

      The whole thing is so vile and despicable that words fail me.

        • They will soon be joined by millions of Turkeys escaping the war in ex Christian land now Christianophobialand. Better hurry up.

      • Baron, I share your disgust in spades, but think maybe you found a great solution for the German males. If I, here in Canada get Emails from some very good looking young Russian women, surely they would rather hook up with Germans their own age than this 82 year old!

        Impossible though it seems, every week or so Germany sinks ever lower, vying with Sweden for the all time low.

        • Sweden, you will not be surprised to know, has got there first. An official teenage sex education video called Sex on the map encourages Swedish girls to mate with African and Asians, not Swedish males. It does this implicitly, by not including Swedish males in the ‘sex scenes’. It’s brown on white action only. A truly stomach-turning piece of procreation propaganda reminiscent of Nazism (Swedish language):
          https://urskola.se/Produkter/161302- Sex – pa – kartan
          Meanwhile, young Swedes are being PAID to hang out with immigrants (in Swedish)

          • Sweden always gets there first.

            It is a light onto the nations.

            We look at the light, to see what NOT to do.

          • Oh man, Anon, I just lost ten minutes of my life going over both links you just posted, ten minutes I will never ever get back, ten minutes that just made my blood pressure boil.

            Thanks anyway for posting…

    • There is nothing like a beating 5 times a day to cure stupidity. They might even like it too!

    • The girls are brainwashed and clueless. They are told its the right, charitable thing to do. “To help”, to be “compassionate” instead of being called “racist” or “Islamophobic” puts these hapless girls above the ‘xenophobic’ rest.

      Little do they know that they are mere fodder for savages. Little we can do without a reliable organization to back us, without weapons or freedom of speech.

  2. What is up with the Germans? In two world wars they almost took over Europe and almost the world. Now they are letting the politicians convinced them suicide is the way to go. What is it about them that they are so easily led down any primrose path that the politicians can think of ? This is worse than Hitler. He turned Germany into a heap of rubble. This is destruction aimed at the German people as a race.

    • That’s precisely because that guilt from the past has been used against Germans for years. They’ve been told they were so bad during WWII that they now tolerate anything for fear of being perceived as Nazis again.
      What they’re not being told is that the world has changed, and so has the enemy.

      • I think it’s not just a disembodied fear of being perceived as a Nazi. Now, if you’re perceived as a patriot/nationalist you risk prosecution, loss of career, and loss of children. Not for nothing have the Treason Class criminalized free speech.

        • And they’ll almost always use the “Nazi” term to build up their accusations. No wonder people are afraid to talk.
          Germany needs a public figure to tell them that they don’t have to pay for the sins of the older generations, and remind them that there’s more to Germany than that era. Not all Germans were Nazis. They need to get back a certain sense of pride, which is precisely what is being stolen from them right now.

    • The German people are quite simply brainwashed to hate and despise their own country. The organs of state-sponsored cultural Marxism work relentlessly in Germany from kindergarten onwards. Reality however can rouse even the most brainwashed from their stupor. With the coming economic collapse, combined with the ongoing rape and slaughter of their people by ‘refugees’, the German people will in all likelihood begin to take their country back.

    • The Indentitaire video identifying EU elites as a “cult” explains why Germans and Swedes are passively letting it happen. It is a bit like the Jim Jones cult in Guyana in the 1970’s. That ended very badly with them all drinking cyanide and this will end very badly too with a war.

  3. Democrat leaders had the same plan for AMERICA. God intervened and railroaded Hilkary and Obama’s plans by guiding voters to elect Trump.

    • No offence but Trump will face huge opposition from “Democrats”. They will do anything to stop him. They will even carry on if he manages to actually become President. The same here in UK-Brexit will not happen and if it does by some miracle we will face a divided UK. The Emir of London, Khan is already making deals to separate the Capital from the rest of the Kingdom. Expect big trouble.

    • @Ilia Toli

      From Albanian translator for GOV to childish commentator. Where did the break with GOV occur and why? Missed the whole thing. And why do you link your comments here with a video on interstellar space travel? Your proposal there makes no sense. Centripetal acceleration a = v^2/r. Moving at light speed around Jupiter in an orbit with a 90000 km radius, corresponds to a centripetal acceleration of 10^8 g. Impossible.

      • At some point since his translating days, Dr. Toli took against the Jews. Despite his high intelligence (he has two PhDs), he found it hard to grasp the fact that we don’t allow Jew-fights here anymore. We had enough of all that nastiness years ago, and just won’t permit it anymore. So when he comes on here with one of those Jew-Jew-Jew-Jew comments, I delete it. That makes him angry, and he departs, vowing never to return. But so far he keeps coming back.

        There are plenty of places on the web where people can rant about the Jews, but this isn’t one of them. The Aryan forums, for example. Or the comments sections at YouTube, or better yet, LiveLeak — the unpleasantness there is such that I quit looking at the comments. Nasty stuff!

        • That you keep the anti-semites under control is appreciated by many, including me, I assure you.

          It really detracts from the main issue.

          Indeed, I suspect that if many people weren’t busy worrying about the “Joos”, they’d be much more aware of what the problems in their society *really* are.

        • 2 PhD’s and yet such a … lowly vocabulary? Color me surprised. I thought I was the potty mouth!

          • One PhD in mathematics from University of Pisa, Italy, the other in chemistry from UCF, Florida. This one I should finish in 2018, if everything goes right. You just try to claim yours. Hope it is not in SJW.

          • You have PhDs up to here. When do you get a real job and apply that knowledge to improving others’ lives? Your ivory tower is rank with fungal growths. Use your Chem degree to devise a safe clean out so you can come down and live among the people. Or is that too scary to contemplate?

            Regular folks who get PhDs in order to further their career, I understand those folks – they don’t need to talk about their academic accomplishments as though it makes them superior beings. It doesn’t.

            You might try one in engineering: the whole world needs more good engineers. If you can pass P-Chem you can probably manage engineering — maybe even engineer an escape from the sterile prison of academia.

          • Ilia Toli, I have no clue how or why you came up with the SJW quip, but I suspect that snowflakes and butt hurt are on your mind 24-7. I’m just sayin’…

            You’re so smart yet you troll around on a blog site? Did student housing throw you out for being a [female health and beauty item], and now you’re sitting at the local Starbucks playing keyboard warrior boasting with your accomplishments? Congratulations! While you’re at it, fetch me a Latte.

          • @Baron. Everybody is a story, mine didn’t go by script. That’s why I am notoriously pro-Albanian. Thank you for your advice though. It’s easy to dispense advices. Here I go myself:

            On my way out (also because you are a waste of time), with my chemistry I can dispense around free health advices. I myself have my health checked periodically and seem to be in perfect health, although obese. This would keep me talking forever, but here is the jewel of them all.

            Heart attack, atherosclerosis and many associated diseases can be reversed 100%, back to safety and health, while keeping your kidney and liver safe. Vitamin K2 comes in two versions, MK-4 and MK-7. MK-4 has short biological half-life and is very maligned for this reason. It is the best of the two. MK-4 goes in your bloodstream faster, grabs calcium from the wrong places and deposits it in the right places. The wrongest place are your arteries. Once the calcium is gone from arteries, “bad” cholesterol can no longer attach to the walls of the arteries. It also reverses the sins of a lifetime. Arteries keep cleaning up shiny. Especially in the beginning (few months) better be coupled with aspirin as K2 is a blood thicker. The problem with MK-7 is that it goes to the gut, becomes MK-4 through the action of bacteria, then goes out.

            After a few months you can discontinue aspirin, if not needed for other purposes. You can then start calcium supplements. If you start this immediately, it increases the risk of heart attacks. Should continue MK-4 for life. I take 63 times the needed daily dose, 5 mg. Calcium supplements, once you are safe of heart, are very good for another reason. The more calcium supplements, the less effective is mercury poisoning.

            Fish oil, the more the better, purified of mercury or of seaweed origin. Does many other good things like increases IQ in children.

            It is notorious that sterols, stanols and the like only mask the cholesterol concentration, no other benefit. Besides, they are a ticket to a disastrous death, as they mess your kidney very badly.

      • That you wouldn’t understand. I have a BSc in aerospace engineering, so chances are I know what I am talking about. This is a first concept design. The revolutionary idea here is that you don’t have to carry the mass to eject with you. There are many other new concepts about stability at that much Mach. I and the organizer of the conference happened to have a common friend. They talked about me, and he called me a genius. But then again, to whom should I explain myself? And then again, he came to know my other revolutionary ideas about Jews, and he too has blocked me. Now that (together with your upcoming [redacted]) makes me feel like a misunderstood genius.

        There was this Tesla tube from San Fran to LA. They called for contributions from young people, basically hunting for smart ideas. I joined a team. I had some cool ideas how to use Kantorowitz effect to advantage. There was [an epithet] programmer like you who said no to all my ideas. I left the group, they lost. In the group that I alone set up for the Mars Initiative, we got a honorable mention. Was busy graduating to get more than that.


        • Man, and I thought obama was the narcissist supreme………!

          Needs to go back and get a degree in English, though.

        • omg. You’re so brilliant the shine hurts my eyes. Reminder to self: find sunglasses before reading Dr. Dr. Toli again.

          Since the mind is an erogenous zone, the wimmen must fall all over you. The jolly fat man, right?

  4. This is beyond my comprehension. Adolph Hitler made more sense than this! Can anyone explain this to me? It’s obvious by now that Merkel hates Germany. Can’t anybody in that sick country stop this? Don’t these women have fathers and brothers? If these barbarians need female companionship let them have sheep! I know that would be cruelty to animals, but it would make their hands really soft.
    I know none of this makes much sense, but it drives me so far over the edge of reason that I’m to the point of foaming at the mouth.

        • No one of significance is caring because they are still way too comfortable. Wait until the real problems begin, maybe then that will cause some to stir and actually take in what is really going on around them.

          The media is playing down the discontent while the police are told to look elsewhere whenever problems arise with the invaders but to go in hard when problems involve Germans.

          The pot is boiling and the lid is slowly slipping off it!

    • I keep on saying it too: Hitler was a homicidal maniac.
      Merkel is a suicidal maniac.

      That makes Hitler more logical than Merkel, at least from an evolutionary point of view.

      This is the second time in less than 100 years that Germans follow a crazy leader.


      • Hitler, to his credit, at least believed in the superiority of the Aryan race, and desired to elevate it above all others. Frau Merkel despises her own race and wants it to be exterminated by the vilest and basest of the dregs of humanity.

      • Hitler was more a political opportunist than maniac. After the Great War and being unemployed (he was a lousy artist) he became a police informant against the Communists.

        It was from there that he fell in with the National Socialists Union and became a rabid anti-Communist. He was also influenced in his thinking by individuals associated with the Theophysical Society and other fanatical anti-Jewish interests.

        What turned Hitler’s mind was his dependence on ‘speed’ which debilitates the thought processes of the brain.

        Germany is the powerhouse of Europe. That is why it has been targeted by the Globalists.

        • He was actually an army informant, tasked by the army with monitoring various “extremist” parties. One of them was the NSDAP. After attending meetings a few times he liked what he heard, and eventually quit his day job to become a member and, after a lot of effort, its leader. The rest you all know.

          • Thank you Baron. I forgot that one. You have probably guessed this already but much of what I put up here is based from memory, unless of course I provide direct quotes.

            Always happy to be corrected.

          • in those days, it was still the DAP, without the national socialist …
            The army had been sent home, but thousands joined the so called Freikorps, homeless desillusioned mavericks who served to fight the communist uproars and even joined a march from Munich to enter Berlin for throwover of the legal government.They were stopped by Munich police.Hitler was in the first line, but not killed, unfortunatly.

        • “Germany is the powerhouse of Europe. That is why it has been targeted by the Globalists.”

          an interesting point that I had never pondered on before, actually.

    • The next phase of implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan perhaps? Merkel is one of the recipients of the Coudenhove prize.

    • It seems like social engineering and brainwashing works! Of course I am sure there is a large portion of the population getting on the edge, but human nature that until you still have to lose a lot (job, mortgage etc) then you just shut up and quietly hate the system.

      • The Soviet Union set a precedent for how mass brainwashing does not work. Russian jokes about the Soviet System, while whispered in trusted company, kept individual thinking alive regardless of how the ‘thinker’ had to behave publicly.

  5. When one sets out to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture(s) and family this is the result. This is about breeding a new post-Christian ‘man’ with no morality and no loyalty or identity; essentially human breeding stock – cattle; animals, beasts of burden, modern day slaves.

    These same people hate Israel for the same reasons, we have not given up on these things and we still care somewhat about who sticks what into whom……

  6. A german Rhinemaiden from Potsdam here, I want to tell all the readers who fortunately don’t live in Germany that ALL this entry says is true yet does not suffice to describe how horrible the situations is. I’m 18 years old and my boyfriend is not german, he is from Iceland but I know MANY girls who date turks, somalis,moroccans and senegalese men because they think it is “trendy”, “rebellious”, “politically correct”, shows “purity of heart” of course this untill they begin to get beaten up or forced to have sex I know a girl whose iranian ex bf had forbidden her to take showers or baths and beat her whenever he found soap or perfume smell on her. I also know another girl who underwent 2 abortions in the last 3 years and got pregnant again this year but she won’t abort this one because the father of the baby is a syrian man and according to her that makes this baby is especial (100% german babies can be butchered and trashed). As for german men the entry wonders ¿all they all gay? well maybe not all but a HUGE share of them are or seemingly have been brainwashed to embrace same sex relationships since in Germany there are a constant promotion of male homosexuality from kindergaten.. you could not believe things little boys are told and showed in schools here! Germany is a giant insane assylum I´ll leave Germany and move to Iceland as soon as I can.

    • HOLYMOSES I just had chills running down my spine, Elisabeth. Das tut mir so leid. Es ist einfach nur noch traurig dass Deine Mitschülerinnen sich auf diese Weise rebellisch verhalten…

      I am sad for you that you as a young woman have to go through this even. No one should have to go through this.

      I have friends from Switzerland that emigrated to Iceland last year. They love it! I wish you well and I hope that you can check in with us every once in a while and keep us posted!

      I also think it would be greatly appreciated if you could at some point even write a so-called ‘eye witness’ testimony/report, once you have a little distance from all of this.

      All the best to you!

    • Wow. Insane asylum sounds like the right words to describe it… someone should tell the girl with 2 abortions that she’s being a bit racist, if she thinks German babies are less worthy?!

      Ps – nobody in Europe wants Germans to die out, or anything of the sort. I say that as the grandson of a prisoner of the Gestapo, in a formerly Nazi-occupied Slavic country. Only some Germans seem to have this crazy idea that they should die out.
      Pps – has it occurred to many Germans, that by promoting the Islamic “refugees” to such an extent, they are promoting a culture far more sexist, homophobic, bigoted and – yes – racist than anything else in Europe today? (and that includes neo-nazis, most of whom have joined the scene out of ignorance, and will eventually grow out of that phase and join the real world)

    • I read a lot of web comments how cowardly german men are.
      I’m a german man. I’m not cowardly. Believe me.
      But I’m unwilling to help deranged, disordered women.
      That’s for sure.
      Why? Because it makes at this point absolute no sense to fight for people who don’t want that you fight for them.
      I did a little research on last election results here in Germany and now after the Austria election.
      Always same results: Most Women vote for the green party.
      (Männer = men; Frauen = women)
      Completely insane. Van der Bellen is from the green party which is absolutely pro open border without any control: And most women vote for him.

      And for all of you who blame german men:
      Think about this:

      “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      At the moment patriotic german men obviously have to stand against:
      1. most Women
      2. “New Germans”
      3. >= 40% not patriotic german men (decreasing…)
      3. and by far the most dangerous: establishment

      So all you brave internet warriors out there: If you calm down and analyze logically the situation at this point, you might come to the conclusion that now is not the point to help someone who doesn’t want your help. Not yet.

      • Well, in that case the situation is well and truly lost… Or is it? Are German women that much brainwashed, that they won’t want anyone to stand up for them, when they’re being beaten, attacked and raped? Not even a white knight in shining armour?

        Perhaps most are shy and don’t want to say their opinion, especially in a climate like in Germany. But if Germans gather together and show real rage and determination against the government, and those who treat women like objects to be used and abused, would such a movement not stand to gain support? (even if it’s softly-spoken).

        In Britain, the EDL grew out of nothing, to a movement having the support of many soldiers, and the silent support of many more. And following on from it comes Britain First, potentially a far bigger movement, while a massive anti-immigration sentiment has grown in parallel, resulting in Brexit. If it’s possible in an ultra-politically correct country like Britain, surely it’s possible elsewhere? And trust me that in Britain, plenty of young women broadly support the EDL’s objectives. I know some myself.

      • ragnar. Is that is a good Viking name? I don’t believe that many think that all German men are cowards or homosexual. A stand out problem for any country is when the male is made to take a subservient role while the female is promoted – that is the problem throughout the West that all our young men now have to deal with.

        You need to be who you are and not what some idiot in an office somewhere that you pay good tax money to keep employed tells you how to behave.

        You also need to seek out others who think like you do and stick together.

        When the time comes those whom you now see cuddling up to your enemy will change when they see that they were wrong and many will join you – leaders lead by example and those who agree will follow a good leader – remember that.

        • Yes it is a good viking name (and the german version is my forename…).
          You are absolutely right: This is warfare tactic: Push men in a situation where they play a subservient role especially in family/children concerns. They do it via massive jurisdiction and education. At the end you have a society where men didn’t stand up because they have nothing to fight for. And let men little money . Not much. But sufficient to live. They’ve done it now for decades. But now they have overdrawn it massively.
          It needs time to wipe out this complete brainwashing thing from the young men (and women). And thats why time is a crucial factor.
          And thanks for your wise advices: sticking together, networking..Thats exactly the things we have to do.
          Many east germans (not all) are better in this because of their history. They’ve learned their lessons. Tthe west germans have to learn it the hard way. It will be be a rough ride but belief me: They will learn it. You can’t fool nature…

          • Thank you very much Nemesis!
            I will follow your advice and will remember the good and the bad times. Germany has a history which spans over 1000 years, not just the bad 12 years…
            And dito: I think we all in the western world need luck.
            Hubris is coming down…

      • I don’t understand the thinking of these women.
        In less polite company, I’d say that they must have a rape fantasy. That’s fairly common. But to vote to make it reality???

        • I’d hazard a guess here Mike and say that there are some women who are attracted to what they perceive as a more masculine outline of the male human species, and in a way, very similar to why some females are attracted to hardened criminals.

          Believe it or not, it has been my experience that some females even come to expect a few knocks as part of the relationship.

      • >> Always same results: Most Women vote for the green party.

        The majority of Egg-sellers (women) will ALWAYS vote for the “free stuff” promised by Big-daddy Welfare State. This is the inevitable result when biology meets democracy; and when you can convince enough of these voters that all men of their own kind are evil racists, and that the family is an oppressive institution, and that free abortions are a sacrament . . . well, then you have a lock on that vote and power.

        Of course, when the delivery of “free stuff” starts falling short of politicians’ promises, you need a fallback plan: Another culture where uppity women who complain and question are gagged and bagged. What better culture than the one they are importing now. These new men in charge will then tell THEIR women how to vote . . . or not.

        The first enemy that Europeans will have to destroy, is the welfare state: Its ability extract real payments from the tax slaves . . . with which to buy votes and import hostile cultures.

        Alas, it may already be too late for Germany. Perhaps, Ragnar, it will be better to cast your pearls before an appreciative Russian or Asian princess, instead of the silly sows that surround you. (Just do not bring her into your welfarist jurisdiction.)

        • I absolute agree: Main reason is this spawn of welfare state.

          To “bring her not into welfarist jurisdiction” means: to leave the country (continent). No. Not yet. There are people here who are worth to stay and fight for.
          Key momentum is the election next year (if there is election…)

      • One thing is for sure, German man. Those invaders will put the German woman in her place soon enough and she won’t be voting for no Green party. In fact she won’t be voting at all when they are done. Or driving. She’ll have a bag over her head too. So German man. either put the women in their place now or disappear. I don’t care. My grandfather and father fought there. My sons and grandsons will never defend Europe or you again. Go to h*ll. You can’t manage your affairs.

        • “So German man. either put the women in their place now or disappear.”

          Nope. This massive whole thing could not be managed with women who forced into their places. It only can be managed with women and men who are free and exactly know on which side they stand. And why. And for what .

          I personally know what you and your families have done and paid to free Europe and I’m deeply grateful for that.
          But believe me: Germans (and other nations) also has paid their prices…

    • I’ll bet that you pretty much never see German men with any of “their” women. Violence (towards the men) would ensure, *surely*.

      This is de facto seen as an acceptable state of affairs.

      And therein lies the problem.

      • For sure. It’s a well known fact that muslim girls who want to date non-muslims are very baly viewed in their families.

    • They are now doing the same sex education to young kids in Canada.
      Little boys and little girls are being intentionally confused as to their gender by the government, most particularly in Ontario.
      Worse, the words and symbols used are outright filthy and borderline porno. The sexual act is no longer an act of love but one of copulation and release or grinding and release.

  7. I feel literally ill. I had accepted that Mother Terrorista Merkel, when playing footsies with Adolf Erdogan had turned Whore, however, I did not expect that she would be promoted so fast to Pimp.

    Well, one only has to look at how she came to power………ask Helmut Kohl !

    Urgently needing a vomit bucket.

  8. If they had a population problem, you would think the Germans would
    be breeding with Germans ..

  9. Good grief, are we about to see some sick re-introduction of the “Lebensborn program” with state sponsored love hotels where young muslim men hand hook up with Aryan looking girls? Is this the German Left’s last act of penance for the sins of Nazism?

    • Is this the German Left’s last act of penance for the sins of Nazism?

      If it isn’t, it ought to be. It’s difficult to think of anything that could enrage ordinary German parents more than this. Sadly, eberything will have to a whole lot worse before it gets worse … er, I mean better.

  10. And so it goes again, and even further down the drain.
    Didn’t the Nazis use to have “breeding” places where they tried to mate Aryan-looking German girls with Aryan-looking German boys, trying to “produce” the absolute Aryan-looking babies?
    Anyway, the message to today’s German men is very clear : you’re not at home anymore, there’s a new boss there.

    • Could it be that at some deep primal level, many of the women that willingly participate in this are doing so because they have come to the conclusion that there’s a new boss in town, and that it’s better to get on well with him?

      • That’s an interesting theory. It’s hard to say because there’s been so much brainwashing for decades that those girls might simply do what they’ve been told is the right thing to do : immigrants first. Just think of those girls welcoming the “refugees” in train stations with Rainbow messages and lots of smiles. All they got as a reward was the Cologne New Year’s Eve events a few months later. Did it even make most of them think twice though? I’m not sure.

  11. I can only conclude that there is not a single German testicle left in Germany.

    If this isn’t enough to set then to rioting and besieging their local officials I can’t imagine what would be.

    Can you even imagine what one of those laughingly designated “new Germans” would do to you if you so much as looked at a girl from his neighborhood? Not a pretty picture.

    And just BTW, the allegedly German “government” (the EUSSR occupation gov’t) is now openly conducting a genocide against the German people. And before anybody reading here gets frisky, I am a Jew that says this. And those old Nazis got some of mine.

    But my view is that two genocides don’t make a justice. So no Schadenfreude.

    Really though, do none of them have a pair?

    • At least Hitler – according to rumour – had one testicle. Today, Germany imports testicles, because German males are born without any.

    • This Jew here agrees.
      Frankly, if I’m to be totally honest, some (a lot?) of my support for keeping Germany German is that if it becomes an Islamic Republic instead, it will increase danger for Jews/Israel.

      Which doesn’t mean that my support isn’t real – I’d say that I have a common cause with the Germans on this one!

      Germans: what you did in the past was truly horrible. But don’t “fix” it by doing it again… to yourselves! Please. You’re more useful alive than dead, at this point, if you can’t view it any other way!

    • I agree namonai. I’m Jewish by birth and the situation in Germany makes me weep. It gives me no schadenfreude whatsoever.

  12. Well, it would appear by recent events that German men have no [manly generative equipment]. Maybe if they reached between their legs and drew a pair down, this wouldn’t happen. German men obviously have no regard for their women.
    Racial suicide, like the mythical lemmings going over the cliff.
    Auf Wiedersehen, meine Deutchen Freunde.

  13. The same thing is not unusual in Sweden and in some cases it is the local church that arranges the whole thing.

    • That was my guess, that these girls are either part of a church youth-organization or organized in a political party.

  14. This latest move by the German Government has reached the zenith of inhumane cynicism. These perpetrators of the scheme are demons masquerading as people.
    They will meet their doom – mark my words.

  15. QUOTE :: One of the basic implicit questions, among people looking back at the Nazi nightmare, is “How could the world’s most educated people have been reduced to that?”

    The correct question, I believe, would be “How could the world’s ‘most educated people’ *not* be reduced to that, or to something like it?” :: END QUOTE

    Fast track forward, to one post-apocalypse day in the near future, and pretty much the same question applies:

    One of the basic implicit questions, among people looking back at the alien invasion nightmare, is “How could the world’s most educated people have been reduced to that? (to pimping their young women to hostile predatory misogynistic alien invaders)”.

    And again, the correct question would be “How could the world’s ‘most educated people’ *not* be reduced to that, or to something like it?”

    The above QUOTE is taken from the book THE CASE AGAINST PUBLIC EDUCATION, How Government Schooling has Dismantled Modernity and Prepared Us for Tyranny, by Daren Jonescu, 2016 (available from his web site for free).

    IMHO, for all practical purposes, as with the Nazi nightmare, the modern day Merkel et al alien invasion nightmare can be traced back to 1808, when Johann Gottlieb Fichte published his infamous “Addresses to the German Nation”, and the compulsory government/public schooling system was born.

    • Lots of countries have public education – including in France, Eastern Europe and Russia where the native population are mostly against the Islamic invasion…

      Home-schooling is great – if one can afford it. For the majority of people who have little money and 2 working parents, what other option is there apart from public education?

      And, for most places and for most of history, it has worked…so is there a need to destroy the system – or simply depose its quisling leaders?

      • QUOTE :: Imagine trying to fight a war against a tyrannical enemy while granting that enemy authority to train your own soldiers. After all, you reason, sending your men to the enemy’s training centers frees up your time and resources for other priorities. Moreover, the tyrant has graciously promised to train your men in good faith, so denying him this privilege might seem ungrateful or provocative.

        What are your chances of winning that war? You might win a skirmish here and there, if a few of your men somehow retain enough independence to question the lessons in surrender they were taught by the enemy. But your long term prospects are, of course, dismal, since even after their rare provisional successes, your soldiers will only use their newly gained territory to set up a tent for conciliatory peace talks with the other side, in accordance with the rules of engagement they have learned in training. :: END QUOTE

        • Thanks for that. Still, you are trying to reach a reactionary who is so thoroughly confused that it named itself in terms of something it rejects. Shock therapy is required to correct the “Green Infidel”.

        • 1) – There is no Western government at present which is “tyrannical”. Even if some are corrupted…

          2) – Even in oppressive regimes such as were in power in Eastern Europe, adults who spent their childhood being brainwashed by the state education system were able to rebel. To the point where they launched revolutions which eventually toppled their governments. In the modern day, figures such as Tommy Robinson have also come through the state education system, as have countless others who did not end up “indoctrinated”, the way that leftists would have liked. Myself included…

          3) – I repeat my earlier point… down here in the real world, what other realistic options are there for the majority of people, apart from being indoctrinated by the state education system?! Skipping school lessons and ending up with no qualifications, and no job?

  16. I checked out the 4 photos on ‘killerbee’. The 2 ‘GIRLS’ look as if they were coerced into being there. Just unbelievable, what are they thinking over there????

  17. Germany is now undeniably in retro mode with a second attempt at the old Lebensborn program. Some might call it a “been there – done that” moment. I see the good socialist tradition of “we’ll get it right this time” in play.
    One must encourage German men to become assertive if not “grow a pair”. Defense is not a sin but a necessary act when one is actively threatened. In some front-to-back logic, it’s the Old Days all over again.

  18. I wonder what the reactions of the political class would be if relations were reversed, i.e. shipload after shipload of young women and nothing else arrived. The mind boggles.

  19. The last hope for Christian Europe is the Resurgent Christian Russia. Cut away the complete [odious material] being fed to the public about how nasty Mr. Putin is ; and take a clear headed look at what is going on in Putin’s country. Your only hope is assistance from Russia….and a return to Christianity. No…I don’t mean following the utter nonsense coming from the mouth of the “Fake Pope” Mr. Bergoglio…or his stoogesin the Vatican. The Orthodox Churches are still preaching the Gospel. Germany would be well advised to start following a ” Moral Compass ” if she expects to survive. Islam was recently called out by Slovakia as a NON RELIGION. Progress is being made.

  20. I agree with most of your comments, but cool down a bit and don’ t judge a book by it ‘ s cover. Having lived and loved in this country for 70 years today, take my word that none of those girls will be taking home one of those losers and havenots.Ok, maybe one girl will due to lack of appeal,but who of the men here on this blog did not take home a ” pulchritude” now and then?

  21. Remember the Rhinemaiden grows up in a culture in which prostitution is normal & legal, and much human mischief sliding further down the slipper slope of moral turpitude is tolerated with a wink & nudge.

    The Non-Churched Ethnic German is a pig who allows child prostitution (unofficial though many towns have known streets where it happens in the open), and other moral abominations.

    No problem in Germany finding live sex on stage shows, or “entertainment” where a professional “services” your wife/girlfriend while you (and an audience) watch.

    For a German to also share fetishes of bestiality and worse is no unusual. They sex-vacation in Thailand, take vacations from “relationships/marriages” in their corrupt version of what once was a religious festival or on “holi-doc’s (Holiday-Doctor’s)” prescribed health spa trips.

    So it is no surprise that the [prostitutes] eagerly offer themselves, and that their State pimps the transaction.

    [Larger insults directed at Germans redacted]

    • I understand what you mean.
      But you should be more carefull with your verdicts.

      There is plenty of homegrown and imported sexual abuse and problematic promiscuity fe. in Great Britain.
      And the same goes for other countries.
      And from a European viewpoint the US suffers from her own double moral when it comes to sexuality.

      • The blight is not unique to any one country, but the German’s have ingrained it into the fabric of their society.

        The European viewpoint of the USA is usually a confusion caused by approaching the USA as a cultural monolith, which obviously it is not.

        Not so many places are like Germany in having a “Red Mile” in most major towns, much less promote them as normal parts of their community. Don’t think there is an open sex-market in Atlanta, Dallas, St Louis, Cleveland, Kansas City … with a tourism board supporting them?

        GB and the USA have plenty of the same imported trouble, but in general have been less willing to have the state pimp their daughters to the immigrants, and those daughters have had less an interest to have sex with an exotic as some sort of rite of passage.

        BTW I have no verdicts, just observations.

  22. Samantha Power–our UN representative–advises powerful states that when they see genocide, they have the responsibility to “protect”. We are seeing German genocide. Where is Ms. Power?

  23. If a young woman wants to be a [foolish person], then she will be one.
    Regardless of what her fellow countrymen will do or not do.

    Plus there is something working elementary in the psyche of woman that makes them favor dominant men, or what they belive to be dominant (which is in general not bad, but leads sometimes to self-defeating).
    Of course this is a general phenomen, not an individual one.
    Just like not all woman are physical weaker of smaller built then all men.
    But generally speaking it`s true never the less.

    Thats why murders and pschopaths in jail get female love letter.
    While hardly a man will write a love letter to a female serial killer.
    Same goes for: “My man abuses me, but he will change he promised!”

    There is also no real male version of the “50 Shades of Grey” media hype.
    And with Islam and Muslims nowadays there is something I call the “50 Shades of Islam”.
    Food for thought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOMkl3ApTK0

    • I think that there’s some female desire to be the one that is able to “control” the “monster”, or something like that. Or maybe there’s something exciting about the (contained) danger while the psychopath is in jail.

      I don’t really know. For a man, I have very female-type thinking, so I try to put myself in a female mood and understand.

    • While there is no excuse for a sane decent german woman to date/marry/have intercourse with these men I’d wish someone said something about the countless german men who date/marry/have intercourse with non white women, there are even many cases of german men who convert to islam to marry some indonesian or philipine muslim woman they can boss around, this is real and happens before our very eyes but it is always more appalling when a woman does it! I think men are prome to justify interracial relationships between white men and non white women because men in general tend to find females of any race attractive in one way or another and that makes it seem a minor flaw. I am not feminist but the destruction of Germany is being fueled by women AND men. in Dresden (my bornplace) there are many czech immigrants and when they celebrate traditional czech festivities many german girls go just to meet czech guys, I’ve done it myself! They are very handsome and culturally alike.I’m now living in Arendal, Norway, I’m married to a 100% norwegian man and we have 2 daughters, not all german women are mad cows.

      • Hello Sonja I’, glad you have mentioned a phenomenom that is happening but practically everyone is ignoring: the convertion of ethnic european men to islam, I unfortunately live in Malmö the biggest islamic enclave in Sweden and I’ve seen first-hand how young swedish men convert to islam, Young white swedish boys with arabs idling around and insulting women in the streets is no longer an unsual sight in Malmö. I think these young men embrace Islam as a way to fight back against the demonizing feminist narrative these men seem to feel that Islam allow them to regain their masculinity and tame the feminist monster because in modern Sweden Muslims rights rank above women rights, I hope Gates of Vienna investigate further into this worrying phenomenom, one must not forget that Islam originated in middle east and metastasized to west Africa and Far East by converting the local populations.

      • Understand me right, Sonja.
        I don`t want to make a judgement in this matter.
        I also dont have anything against mixed couples in general.
        What I said (if I didnt make my point clear) is true for some types of white European males as for foreigners.

        Women often will go for a partner that they believe subconsciously to be dominant and sort of aggressive (“He is strong, he is powerfull, he will protect me and our children”).
        From a biological or evolutionary point of view this makes sense.

        But like I said, sometimes this leads to self-defeating.
        And your are right to some degree concerning males.
        But in contrast to woman, men tend to look for more submissive partners, in behavior as in looks.
        Also for youth and health (“She can get healthy babys and many of them”).
        Also sometimes a miscalculation of course.
        As we know Asian woman fe. have usually their own ideas.

        Both, men and women can fall victim to their evolutionary settings (we dont live in the wild , we live in complex societies nowadays). But in the case of the men, it wont lead to destruction of society.

  24. The one thing I have to say is this:

    There is the old adage, “once you go black you can’t go back”. I think the same is true for any interracial coupling. It seems to me that any “bio” German man would not want to be involved with a German woman, as beautiful as she may be, that has a bunch of kids from a bunch of ethnically different guys.

    I am not saying they’re racist. I think it’s an instinctual behavior. I am treading on thin ice here, but I am pretty sure that whenever I see interracial couples in the USA it’s a woman with a black guy and a couple or more kids. Not many white guys with black women, and if I do see that it always seems “so much more serious and adult and stuff”, LOL I guess it may be subjective…?

    But I imagine that in Germany, Switzerland, if you’re a white, “bio” woman, and you have a bunch of kids from a muslim or an African, “bio” men will not really be interested in you. I can’t say that I have in all my time in Europe ever seen a “bio” German or Swiss man raising a “bio” woman’s kids from a different ethnicity, only if she was a different ethnicity herself.

    • In that sense, these women will not be able to “go back” to their “roots” because they won’t be wanted anymore. So they’ll be forever stuck in this vicious cycle of dating one ethnically different man after another simply because she won’t be able to find a man of her own race anymore. But there is always the exception to the rule of course.

      • I think you’re right; it’s at an instinctive level. It may not be PC, and it may be “racist”, but it’s real. I felt it myself when I first read your translation and saw the photos of those lovely young girls with their “Other” dates. I’m certain this reaction is the norm — genetically derived and deeply instinctive. It caused a deep upwelling of atavistic rage, and any man of European extraction who doesn’t feel it is either out of touch with his inner Viking, or is a sport (in the genetic sense).

        • For me it’s about the right of a distinct ethnic group to be preserved – just as it’s taken for granted that animal & plant species shouldn’t be allowed to die out. It’s also taken for granted that tribal groups in S America & E Asia should be protected. The only species it doesn’t apply to is the wonderful diversity of European ethnicities. This is where the ‘diversity’ cult is shown up for the sham that it is.

          • Where the conversation is going at this point surely brings us to the undeniable fact that we have so many different species, and why we have them .
            In the animal world, if a male lion, tiger or other big cat takes a shine to a lady of his species, he will kill any offspring by another male, and as we all know that behaviour is not confined to cats.

            It’s the reason we have so many species, it’s nature; and the perverse, misguided efforts of the the world’s know all ‘elites’ to mould the planet’s people into a single brown race is simply against nature.

            Years ago while driving in the Peak District in England my wife had me stop the car and pointed at a paddock which contained three different breeds of sheep. They were not mingling, each breed kept to themselves, which prompted the comment:
            “Don’t they know they’re being racist?”

            Nor is it any different with people.

          • “For me it’s about the right of a distinct ethnic group to be preserved”

            For me it’s about the right of anyone to find a mate they like, whatever colour.

            Being pushed into socialising/mating with people from a misogynist religion, however, is an outrage. German women should feel free to be with people whose values they agree with, and I suspect the average ‘refugee’ won’t fit that bill.

      • Yes german men are too busy [being intimate with] each other or buying paraguayans or peruvian women who never heard of feminism. Fortunately for us sane german ladies there are always russian men.

        • Alexandra, those are not German “men”, those are metrosexual male humanoids who have been feminized and whipped by their feminazi overlordesses.

    • When you mix excrement into the ice cream, no sane person will want to eat it. German women, on the other hand, are no longer in the realm of sanity. They were taught to like the taste. State education saw to that.

      While the state is solvent, it will buy the votes of unmarried (single?) mothers by acting the role of the father-support. This is why the institution of the family has largely been destroyed. When the state goes bankrupt (it already is, but it is held aloft by monetary illusions), unmarried motherhood will no longer look so attractive. The offspring will be left in dire need . . . destitute and resentful. Woe be to the society that inherits such a fire storm.

    • I think that this racemixing is a passing phase. Soon enough, most likely after the upcoming wars, all these women, who now are at the top of the social status with their mixed-race relationships and their mixed-race children, will be spat upon, seen as collaborators or traitors, and treated the same kind of way that, for example, in ww2 after the liberation of France, women who had sexual relations or children with the Germans, were treated.
      I hope they enjoy their up-scale social status now. In the future, they will be at the bottom. Tough for them, tougher for their children.

    • My observation is, that such children, even if they are raised completely western, tend to idealize their nonwestern heritage.
      And over-identifiy themselves with it.
      Even if their biological father was a criminal bum who went back to his place of origin after impregnating their mother.

      And of course they usualy propagate multiculturalism and welcome any so called refugee or migrant (the more, the better).
      No matter how much they damage their own society by doing so.

      • And I belive thats even more true in Europe with its diverse cultures then fe. when you talk about mixed black and white couples in the US.
        They at least have some common cultural ground.

  25. At least in Britain, when this sort of behaviour took hold, in the form of “grooming, it was clandestine – the authorities pretended it never happened… until its scale was revealed to such an extent, that they could no longer deny it was happening in places like Rotherham, and now they are “dealing with” it. (or at least pretending to).

    In Germany though, it seems they don’t have to be clandestine – they can even discuss it in local papers, and nobody sees a problem… or at least they’re too afraid to be seen to think that there is a problem. And could this also be why the Greens wanted to legalise paedophilia?

    I used to think that Britain was the most insane country in Europe – but now I see that Germany and Sweden have leaped ahead, in this giant rat race of absurdity to demoralisation, and eventual extinction – while the rest of Western Europe is not too far behind.. what on earth is going on?!

  26. We have these sick “matching” programs here in Erlangen south Germany and most of them are sponsored by the left controlled universities, it is sick beyond belief but I’ve noticed that only female white students were invited to these meetings, it must he said that girls who attend are given extra credits, i know girls who think these muslims are less than monkeys but just want the credits

    • Credits for mating rather than courses & essays? That’s perverse. Good lord, Germany is really insane.

    • I used to live in Erlangen. I think about taking a trip there to see how things are now. I hope your point about these meetings doesn’t mean that the whole city has been turned on its head.

  27. There’s a guy at the top who asks (?) GOV not to sound racist in this case?

    First of all, how dare they do this ! If the thought of being called a waaacist crosses you mind, examine it closely. You are being manipulated and it is sick. And there are good reasons not to do this to children that are not waaccist.

    In fact, Islam, IQ and the like aside, mixed race children are at a disadvantage spiritually because their identity is weakened. This in turn leads to weakness in society. It’s why Latin American slums are gang ridden and African slums are not.

    It is irresponsible to encourage races to mix for this reason.

    In South Africa, the only gangerism comes from coloured communities. Die skaam, die skaam. The shame, the shame.

    This can all be argued out psychologically not racially. I have a friend who is half Turkish and half German and she suffers. I have a friend who is half coloured and half Indian and she suffers. This can be studied.

    I knew an anthropologist who studied Brazil and she identified seven classes of people in the slums in Rio, all different shades of brown. Who knew ? The most violent places on earth, domestically.

    The USA is unique in how the American identity supercedes mixing. I put that out as a comment that requires a lot more thinking which I haven’t done because I’m not qualified because I don’t know enough about the different communities. I do know “hapa haole”, half Japanese/half European, is prized in Hawaii because, all the hoopla aside, white males are a catch because they look so good in their Aloha shirts. But everyone knows the Japanese-Japanese scorn these people.

    The gansterism doesn’t come inherently, but because of what’s VALUED within cultures because culture is humanity and humanity is culture. All value starts with self-value. Here in South Africa I know a woman pastor who gives talks in crime and drug ridden coloured communities and the gist of it is teaching people to value all the parts of themselves and believe they are actually at an advantage. The deep resilience of Africa, the academic prowess of Germany, etc. She’s a powerful speaker.

    It is true that if an individual can transcend their added mixed-race difficulty, they can be amazing people and become “enlightened” and be of real service to people spiritually. But it’s the rare case in reality. In reality, people don’t escape the slums, the groupthink.

    Otherwise …

    Blonde hair and blue eyes are prized for their beauty, which is undeniable the world over for all time. Shades of brown are lovely, too, but gold and silver and blue dazzle.

    THEORY: My family is mostly mousy brown-eyed garden-variety Brits with little green and brown eyes, and it’s no coincidence my brothers and cousins ALL married blondes and all have their recessive blues out in the open now. I, too, am partial to blondes because I have brown eyes.

    If that’s waaacict then you’ve never tried to paint. Or looked squarely into the sun in a cold blue sky.

    • I hate to disapoint you, but African slums are as gang ridden as any.
      One can find them in the Townships of South Africa as well as in Nigeria (Lagos) and everywhere else.

      Keep in mind that Africa itself and most Afrcian countries are ethnicly very diverse.
      Many of them with their own tradition and sometimes religious cults.
      It gets even dramatized on TV there.

      Or go for youtube: gang crime in lagos

      • Yes, I know it’s got bad, but it took a long time to catch up relatively speaking.

        The gangs on the Cape Flats, the Americans, the 27s, 28s, are all coloured, and it comes from their hatred of their Africanness put together with the fact that they always “sided” with whites, even as the Afrikaners kept their cultural boundaries in place. They control the prisons. It’s the same scenario as south and central america. And in black America, of course. In Cape Town the army isn’t called into the Khayalitsha (which is uniformly Xhosa) slums. There are no gang bosses there. There are no drive-by shootings. People look at their newborns and they love them. There is no inner conflict. It’s just drudge violence.

        Let’s say Germany kicks out Islam in 50 years. The mixed race people leftover will become a problematic underclass.

        African violence is inherent, because they exist in tribal consciousness, but it’s not the same as gang violence. Lagos may be off the scale, but Luanda isn’t. YET. Traditionally, the conflicts are “honorable”. In the same way, Scottish tribal conflict was “honorable”. But Africans are more violent than any of their predecessors in that evolutionary context.

        • Sorry I noticed to late that you live in Africa. 😉

          As for mixing with muslims.
          Keep in mind that Islam is not a race!
          Once this people give up Islam they are usually no more of a problem then other migrants (ok, some are also hardboiled nationalists, like the Turcs fe.).
          Actually often less so (there are many decent Ex-Muslims living in Europe).
          The real problem is the great number of Muslims (still getting more) and that the majority of them will never leave Islam.

    • I agree with you totally, I am german and travelled a lot across South America with my parents when i was a child and I noticed that in places like Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay the most coveted top models were invariably of german or east european descent, also people of german ancestry was highly regarded in those vastly brown societies.

  28. No disrespect to Matt Bracken’s view but I strongly disagree. We live in Stuttgart, and have many American and German friends. Interestingly, we also have Bosnian, Russian, and other Eastern associates. most of them understand the current influx and the long term consequences.

    What troubles them is that the rest of Germany does not see it. Sure a few “toughs” talk about it, but no one is getting involved with AFD, Pegida, etc.

    We have a friend who is Bosnian Christian, mid 30’s. She immigrated with her mother (father died, later located in a mass grave) during Balkans conflicts. She has dual citizenship, has served in German army, and has recently graduated from Med school as an orthopedic surgeon. No snowflake, this one. She discussed how her fellow female Drs. And nirses from her hospital like to date migrants, because they are “real men”. Meaning they are not like the skinny jean hipster German men these girls know from school/work.

    The destruction of the West is fully upon us.

  29. No disrespect to Matt Bracken’s view but I strongly disagree. We live in Stuttgart, and have many American and German friends. Interestingly, we also have Bosnian, Russian, and other Eastern associates. most of them understand the current influx and the long term consequences.

    What troubles them is that the rest of Germany does not see it. Sure a few “toughs” talk about it, but no one is getting involved with AFD, Pegida, etc.

    We have a friend who is Bosnian Christian, mid 30’s. She immigrated with her mother (father died, later located in a mass grave) during Balkans conflicts. She has dual citizenship, has served in German army, and has recently graduated from Med school as an orthopedic surgeon. No snowflake, this one. She discussed how her fellow female Drs. And nirses from her hospital like to date migrants, because they are “real men”. Meaning they are not like the skinny jean hipster German men these girls know from school/work.

    The destruction of the West is fully upon us.

    • I get the impression immigrants from Eastern Europe in Germany mostly see the problem. Not sure why – perhaps as a “minority” themselves, they’re more free to speak about it, and they can also speak in their own language, with no PC Germans listening in?

      Meanwhile the middle-class Germans are desperate to be seen as cool, terrified of being branded racist and hence are eager broadcast their PC credentials?

      • I hear Arabs complaining about refugees, in terms that “white people” would never dare utter. Actual personal experience, here. Mostly Christian Arabs, but some Muslim ones, too (!).

        • 12 years ago I worked with a Muslim Arab in London who was very vocal in complaining about “refugees”, so I can believe what you say.

          The experience working in that job opened my eyes, as to the amount of opposition there was to mass immigration, from people whose job it was to serve largely-immigrant customers every day.

  30. The Germans are supposedly admitting massive numbers of young male “refugees” because they have a labor shortage and Germans are having too few children. It may be that the government thinks if young German women have children with the “refugees” they will raise their children to be culturally and linguistically Germans and will become the workers Germany needs. I think it is more likely that the women will be abused and confined to the home and the children will be raised Muslim with a feeling that they are a persecuted minority that must demand their “rights” from German society.

  31. On a positive note, on my last few trips to Poland I hear far more German being spoken by young ladies in cafes, etc. Perhaps they’re just taking advantage of the cheap costs, but maybe some also prefer the climate of Poland to that of their homeland, where the refugee is king? I can vouch that most Poles would not stand for one second the type of behaviour shown by many “refugees” in Germany, and are also far more cultured and well-mannered than the stereotype of Poles in Germany would suggest. If Germany is becoming too much of a lunatic asylum for its women, why not look East?

    • It happens not all german women who are tired of seeing “Manfred” and “Gunther” dating pigmy women from Congo become muslimphiliacs, here in Baden-Baden there is a big Russian community and russian men are very popular with german women: russian men do not hesitate to smash ali and abdhul in the face if they cat all their girlfriends, we normal women love that! I want to point that not only german women are being mentally manipulated by the media and education system, men are constantly bombarded with negative propaganda about german women depicting us as overweight unattractive, bossy, drunk creatures but at the same time they keep showing latin women as sex bombshells and asian women as docile perfect wives, i dare anyone to stroll around a busy street in Munich or Hamburg to see how common is to see german men with non white women, Men have been brainwashed too it’s not all our fault. I just like many german women feel uneasy when I see a german man with say a pigmey woman

      • Excuse me, but as an Italian (and therefore “Latin”) woman (married to a German man, go figure!) I do rather take umbrage with the “pygmy woman” thing.
        Latins are just as much “white” as you blondies are, by the way — it’s a culture, not a race. Latin– coming from a Latin culture that is European, ergo “white”. Since this seems to be such a very big issue concerning this article…

        My husband loves me because we compliment each other, and he likes the fact that my family, who wasn’t thrilled with him at first because not Catholic, has a strong sense of tradition; they know who they are and respect themselves. He liked the fact that my family demanded he meet them first and didn’t just toss me off to him without some sort of testing period by them first.

        And my Mediterranean looks did attract him quite a bit — not everybody is enamored of blondchens. Admittedly, I loved his reddish hair (not every German is blonde!). Love, true love, is an individual thing and not controlled by men but by God — and this article is about the opposite of that, and nobody is talking about the degradation of forcing people to choose not for love, but something else (in fact, some on here are pushing “matings” as much as these miserable German politicians).

        So, I am loyally married to him and having a bunch of his kids…because that’s what you do if you truly love someone, you become open to life with them (at least my faith says this is so, and the traditions of my family). And if you let them, men have a tendency to grow to desire that sort of stuff, and desire the people who desire them back. Mine did.

        Maybe stop berating your men and kvetching about us “pygmies” “stealing” them…and start being open to life and love with them…might work wonders for their morale…and your lives.

        • Well Jenny I’m sorry if I offended your brunette dignity but your tirade about how opposites attract could be easily used by the girls in the picture

        • It’s true not all men like blonde women but most men like blonde women, get over it.

        • Well, since you put it that way, no. There are Italian blondes, too. But the swarthiness of southern europe came from across the sea, despite best attempts by students of Latin to prevent it. My beautiful Portuguese friend Isabella has the crucifix first owned by an ancestor who converted to Christianity about 350 years ago. No coincidence the Sicilians invented gangsterism either. Your insecurity is all we really would hope to prevent through further mixing of the races.

        • Jenny, I don’t think Lene was refeering to italian women when she said “latin”, the left in its corrupt narrative has emptied the word Latin of its original meaning which defined the group of European cultures whose languages derived from the latin language, but today the word “Latin” immediatly brings to mind the image of the people from central and south american countries, the word latin according to the left defines a race or rather the mix of races which occurs in said places and since I am german and live in Germany I know that what Lene meant when she mentioned the constant pandering of “latin” women as sex machines who can’t even spell the word feminism or submisive asian wives who are the perfect antidote to cold, frigid, ugly german women.. this happens in a broader context within the manipulation and engineering of german minds (male and female). Men can’t be tricked using the same antics that corrupt women minds, we ladies are more emotional whereas men are more earthly, so the elite and its minions use sex as bait to goad german men away from german women: the aggresive promotion of male homosexuality from schools, universities and surprisingly even some churches is blatant in Germany, I remember a mom who told me that his 13 years old son was advised to watch gay porn during a sex class at school, according to the teacher watching such material would help boys to know more about their male bodies and its functions… there is also the above mentioned aggresive advertising of women from distant places (more distant than Italy, don’t get mad Jenny!) as the bearers of sexual gratifications that cold blooded german women can’t give them.. both strategies rule out german women from german men lives and reduce them (the men) to sex driven animals. It’s time we both german men and women stop playing this perverse game, we must stop being over-emotional or over-sexual they are abusing some weak spots of our human nature to destroy us.

        • Your comment made me laugh! thanks! I wish Germany were invaded by italian “husband stealers” instead of aggresive muslims, it would be easier to solve and even amusing!

        • Keep your hair on .She didn’t mention Italians .She was talking about Africans from the Congo ,Asian women and women from Latin America(in other words South America).

          Italians are Europeans .

          But many South Americans have a lot of Indian (that is South American Indian) blood.

          No-one would object to a marriage between a Northern European and an Italian or a Greek they are racially the same .Also the cultures are similar.

          • I think German ladies are starting to feel jealous of their men, that is a good very good sign… maybe the supreme and unbending feminine instinct of competition will save Europe!

        • Jenny, I’m sure you are beautiful. And the most beautiful woman I know is black. I know plenty of blonde and blue eyed people who are very average/plain looking. Beauty has far more to do with health, youth, bone structure and style than colour, though of course due to contrast people of a different colour may get more attention in each society.

          Agreed that basically forcing German women by using the ‘islamophobia’ meme into relationships with men who won’t respect them is bad.

          But I thought we were concerned about islam here, ie a theocratic, oppressive value system, not about how much melanin people have in their skin!

          I thought we kept telling the world that concern about islam is not racism, that islam is not a race. That is an important message, so why are people muddling concern about islam up with concern about people’s skin colour here?

          • PS, too right not all Germans are blonde! When I went to school in Germany only a very small number were blonde and blue eyed. And not the best looking ones, either!

          • so why are people muddling concern about islam up with concern about people’s skin colour here?

            Because Obama. Ever since he came into office in America, racial politics have dominated American culture. Therefore it’s a germane subject for discussion here. As is ethnicity.

            Islam remains our focus, but it’s not an exclusive one. To paraphrase an old book title, “All God’s Dangers Ain’t a Muslim”. There are many factors in Western culture that are open for discussion…this is one. Not everyone will be equally interested in all posts at GoV.

  32. Slowly but surely, we move more towards race realism, no?

    The Alt Right likes of Richard Spencer and his followers are growing in numbers and are making podcasts heard by tens of thousands a week, holding events, countering ANTIFA and blue-haired SJW’s, and finally emerging from the corners of the internet they’ve been subjugated to – now into real life, without the slightest care of being called, gasp, a racist.

    Identitaire Europa and many others have stoked the flames of ethnonationalism that a Trump victory assisted in pushing the Overton Window. They are our only hope, and their message cuts to the core of what many consider to be the elephant in the room: white countries are the only nations being subjected to ethnic cleansing based on a fake humanitarianism scheme. Time for it to end. Full stop.

  33. Lebensborn vice versa. Top social engineering. The parents of these girls don’t understand. This want a family? Bloodthirsty intolerant muslim?

  34. https://player.fm/series/the-sean-hannity-show/no-go-zones-1212

    NO GO ZONES in Sweden? yep this is
    Documentarian Ami Horowitz took his team to Sweden to film the impact of Islamic migrants on their civilization. The people of Sweden had a lot to say about the immigration imposed by their government, and Ami ventured into the ‘no-go’ zones. Do you remember those? Some said they didn’t exist… Ami knows better, as before he could even set up his crew to film and begin his report he was attacked by the muslim thugs. Mr. Horowitz was beaten within an inch of his life.

  35. Hi, I think there was a problem when I tried to post before my responde to the comment made by readed Sonja from Germany in which she mentioned the convetion of ethnic german men to Islam a worrying phenomenom that is rarely mentioned by the alternative press, so I will post again here: I live in Malmö the biggest islamic enclave in Sweden and I’ve seen first-hand how young white swedish men convert to islam. Young middle eastern looking men and swedish young men idling around and insulting women in the streets is not a rare sight in Malmö today, I’ve talked with some of these new muslims and I infer from what they told me that these nordic men find in Islam a way to fight back against the demonizing feminist narrative, they feel that Islam makes them regain their masculinity and they can tame the feminist monster since in Sweden muslim rights rank above women rights. I think this worrying phenomenom should not be understimated, we must remember that Islam originated in middle east and metastasized to west africa and far east by converting the locals. Please gates of Vienna investigate further into this.

    • Very interesting post Sandra.Thank-you for raising the topic.I agree with you -this is very disturbing .I join you in asking Baron and the Gates of Vienna to investigate this topic.

      • We’ve actually discussed this quite a bit over the years. I don’t know of any formal sociological investigation into the rate at which European men convert to Islam, or the reasons for it. My intuition tells me that men who have inclinations towards domination and brutality, even if their tendencies are subliminal, are drawn to Islam. They may sense that it gives them an end run around feminism, allowing them to dominate women, which is what they would prefer. Islam trumps feminism and all other cultural Marxist ideologies — race, “gender”, etc.

        When Islam clashes with any other postmodern protected group, it always wins. A man who prefers to be in charge of women may be drawn to it for that reason. And a man who likes to inflict brutal punishments on those who get in his way may also find Islam attractive. And those two tendencies may overlap in a lot of men.

        In other words, Islam rewards and encourages what is commonly thought of as gang behavior in the West. For that reason a criminal gang can merge seamlessly with the new Muslim underclass. Joining the Ummah requires only a few minor adjustments to their behavior — acknowledgement of the local emir as their new gang boss, a new dress code, a few proscriptions that can be ignored in private, etc. And the rewards are great — a young blade in an Islamogang can keep and beat multiple women, and have divine sanction for his actions. He can torture and kill those outside the gang who oppose him, once again with divine sanction.

        If you’re an unemployed underclass psychopath, how could you resist?

  36. Opposites may attract but how much oppositeness before it becomes unbearable?
    Most Europeans are truthful and are easily charmed by liars.
    When the lies are revealed and the oppositeness becomes uncomfortable, will there still be an escape route?
    Not in a sharia orientated culture.
    People are mesmerised by novelty and the exotic but not every pretty parcel contains a pretty present.
    People paid their own train fare to the gas chambers and children travelled free.
    After such a long journey they were glad of an opportunity to go for a shower.
    And their countrymen reassured them of normality on the way.
    In return for extra bread rations and their own bed.
    The nightmare slowly surrounds those still dreaming.
    Slowly the tide is turning.
    Will jihad work against democracy?
    We are finding this out.
    Good luck to Geert, AfD, Pegida and the others.
    Meanwhile avoid crowded places and those averse to Christmas trees.

  37. Those young men look fine, and I really don’t care about people’s melanin levels. All colours can be very beautiful.

    The one and only concern I have is values – losing our enlightened, egalitarian values to fundamentalist islam.

  38. Anybody here ever heard of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan? No? Look it up. That is EXACTLY what you are seeing here – foisted upon brainwashed, ignorant young women.

  39. Yeah, where are all the white German guys? This is disgusting. I pity the young girls who do not know better.

    Personally I want a husband who is white and Christian. I used to accept the liberal bs untill I realised it was nothing but an impossible bs fantasy.

    I am waiting for Election Day in Germany with bated breath. 🙂

    Wow, so many comments…Usually there are not as many.

  40. I used to live in Southern Europe in the Mediterranean area.

    I have two examples I know of from the same country. In the first, the father is in his 60s, he is a Catholic, his daughter presumably also, but it is his son which is worrying. He went to work to one Asian country. The result? The son is presumably a converted Muslim (his father despite being a Catholic, sees no danger neither with situation nor with what islam truly is – I asked and was horrified by the sheer level of ignorance). Now he is back in Europe raising the 4 kids, 1 even not being his from this woman.

    Another European from the same country used to have a German wife, but they divorced. His daughter of that marriage used to change boyfriends and everyone of them her father did not like. She lives in Germany but visits him sometimes. It all ended up with her hooking up with an Iranian doctor and having a baby by him outside of marriage. She is raising the child alone by last account. The father refused to marry her because of his “cult”.

    In my opinion, people need to go to the origin and become informed. Become Christian again and start asserting the beliefs again and uphold the rule of laws and not excuse all abominable actions done by refugees. Take a good, critical study of alien religions and cultures and assert the importance of your own. When State education forms your opinion for you and your children is dangerous. Alas, the modern education is compromised by liberal brainwashing. So shaking off this brainwashing is a must too.

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