Ten Million Muslims in Germany?

How many Muslims now live in Germany?

The official figures provided by the government are suspect. To anyone familiar with the state propaganda of the Bundesrepublik, they are obviously fraudulent. So what are the real numbers?

The following article attempts an educated guess at the Muslim population by extrapolating from other data points. K. from Germany, who translated the piece, includes this introductory note:

M. Sattler is probably known from previous appearances. His essay resonates with Paul Weston’s latest about the British government’s mendacity.

This piece is somewhat repetitive and rough overall, plain radical, at times edgy. But what it presents is as brutally true as arithmetic. Some commenters on PI relate their experience as being even worse, asserting thank up to half of all people seen in the downtowns having a Muslim appearance. Even with probable bias deducted, this spells trouble.

The translated article from Politically Incorrect:

Ten Million Muslims in the Country?

by M. Sattler

The regime, as is known, conceals all relevant facts about the ‘Umvolkung’ [‘people replacement’]. Statistics are withheld from publication or doctored in such a way that they no longer contain any utilizable facts. The Germans must not know exactly what is happening, so that they keep their mouths shut. If one is to believe the state, then there are purportedly only 2.99 million Turks who have been living with us for a number of years now. But in actual reality, the regime has already settled about ten to twelve million Muslims in Germany — every single one of them a walking symbol of government lies and broken promises towards the Germans.

The number of Muslims being settled in Germany is so far a secret. The really relevant facts about the Umvolkung always have been kept secret by the regime. The Germans are not supposed to know exactly what happens; the elites are trying to keep them stupid. Sarrazin’s Germany Abolishes Itself was a bestseller also because of the fact that for the first time at all an evaluation of statistical material about the Umvolkung was presented — an absolute first in the Multicoloured Republic.

So the number of Muslims who live in Germany at this time — they all will stay, one just knows it — can only be roughly estimated. However, such an estimate rather quickly arrives at a two-digit number. Between 2014 and 2016 alone, Merkel with her “welcome culture” for vagabonds and soldiers of fortune from all over the world has probably drawn about two million Muslims into the country: One million in the legendary year 2015, just under half a million this year, a quarter million 2014, each time plus generously handled family reunions.

To be added to these two million Muslims of the past three years are the roughly five to six million Muslims who we already had at the turn of the millennium. Considering natural population growth of the past 15 years, one arrives at a current number of altogether six to seven million people. Further increased by the also predominantly Mohammedan net settlement in the years between the millennium and 2014 — at around 200,000 people per year another two to three million — one arrives at altogether ten to twelve million Muslim in the country by the end of 2016.

Of these ten to twelve million Muslims, five million — almost half — were settled during Angela Merkel’s years in office alone. Should the trend continue like that for the next ten years — of which there is no doubt, since there is no serious opposition — then we have to reckon with about 15-20 million Muslims in Germany by the year 2025. In the medium term, in light of the government’s radicality and cunning propaganda pushing the state concept of the “Multicoloured Republic”, the Germans haven’t the slightest chance of even beginning to thwart this pressure for colonization. Nor do they have any likely chance to survive the political power-grab of a hostile culture, which is accompanying this colonization.

But one thing we must never forget: All of these people settled here are symbols of government lies. The regime has never ever played with an open deck. The Germans were never told the plain truth, but always subjected to tokenistic trickery. This was no different under Brandt, Schmidt, Kohl, and Schröder than it is under Merkel. In the end, they were all equally bad. With the help of tactical lies and misleading propaganda terms, the Turks would be “guest workers” and the Kurds were “asylum seekers”; the Germans have always been purposely duped to believe these people would be in the country only temporarily; none of this would be permanent. Naive as the Germans are, they swallowed these lies. There was always a silent pact between state and people, that the state would fetch these people into the country only temporarily, and the people would in return put a good face on the matter. This pact was broken unilaterally by the state in 1998, when it declared millions of guest workers to be German citizens overnight and thereby created facts. This double-cross is being continued by the state with the so-called “refugees”. These so-called “refugees” are no refugees — who are granted temporary protection — but in reality settlers, who are meant to stay in Germany forever. The so-called “refugees” are an inherent part of the “Multicoloured Republic” project.

There may be any number of nice people among these millions of Muslims settling in Germany in the meantime, but one can’t blame anyone for not wanting to have anything to do with these people. All of these people will eternally bear the ugly stigma of being in Germany only because of the state’s trickery, deception, and broken promises. Every single Muslim in Germany, no matter how friendly he appears personally, is a walking symbol of the state’s lies.

27 thoughts on “Ten Million Muslims in Germany?

  1. I understand the dynamics of American Muslimization because Obamais one of them, but what in the world is Merkel thinking? Is she demented? She’s at the age when her brain could begin to crash, I suppose, but are there no balanced people in her adminsistration to help her help her nation?

    I pity the German citizens. They will continue to support and lose jobs to these intruders until the Muslims get Sharia law in major cities, and then the bloodshed will become a flood.

    • The islamization is not a muslim goal in the western world: it is a NWO one. Replace the smart “K” selective population with an “r” selective, indoctrinated masses. (after all islam is the longest standing religious control system still spreading and undefeated – not reformed).
      Of course islam still want to conquer the world but cultural marxists let it do it.
      Germans will have 2 choices:
      1. rise up, revolt and take steps against their own leaders
      2. slowly give up their positions and some will melt into the islamic pot the rest will flee to Christian countries (Visegrad Four or USA)

      • Still curious as to why we only seem to see Germany. I travel a fair bit and it seems to me that it is just as bad in France, UK / Ireland and Sweden? Am I missing something?

        • There are articles here about France and Sweden also. Both of these countries already much further down the line of islamization. I guess more news coming out of Germany as they had a sudden increase of invaders.

      • There will be no revolt in Germany, for most Germans are servile sheep who would fear to walk and chew their cud simultaneously if they believed that their shepherds did not approve. Their servility has been demonstrated dramatically several times during the past few centuries, and on a daily basis their sheepishness is expressed and reinforced in a low grade way with acts of conformity such as obedience to pedestrian crossing signals.

        On the other hand, the Muslims may tire of being ruled by filthy kuffar and so organize a revolt of their own. Then the Germans will have the options of standing their ground (which is unlikely for most of them), rolling over in submission, fleeing, or dying.

      • There will be no significant revolt in Germany, for most Germans are sheep who would fear to walk and chew their cud simultaneously if they believed that their shepherds did not approve. Their servility has been demonstrated dramatically several times during the past few centuries, and on a daily basis their sheepishness is expressed and reinforced in a low grade way with acts of conformity such as obedience to pedestrian crossing signals. It’s also relevant that a high proportion of Germans are shallow secular trash addled with the usual vices. They are too busy with important tasks like purchasing their next beer and watching the big game to stand up (without permission!) like adults to the Islamobullies and to the Germans’ own bullying leaders.

        On the other hand, the Muslims may tire of being ruled by filthy kuffar and so organize revolts of their own. Then the Germans will have the options of standing their ground (which most of them refuse to do already), rolling over in submission, fleeing, or dying. So, they have four choices. Heh.

        • Could anyone honestly say that the Muslims anywhere in Western Europe are being ruled by infidels? Western Europe is getting the look and feel of something being decomposed. One city at a time. Deadly mosques, korans and merchants of death to the infidel costumes worn with gusto – everywhere.

    • The Russians fought and defeated the Germans once; I would not be surprised to see another Russian occupation of Germany in order to put an end to the invasion and colonization of Europe by the third world. It is like rats; when you find them in your apartment complex you deal with them. You don’t wait until they are in your apartment before you call the exterminator, because in the meantime they are causing damage to the building and spreading disease.

      Expect Putin along with the Visegrad countries to act preemptively before the problem becomes unmanageable and a threat to their own countries.

      • You will need a long succession of Putins before this mess can be put to rest. This one alone, is outnumbered by the evil trolls running the Western oligarchic demoslaveries.

  2. What is remarkable is how this German government is forcing the Germans to tolerate the intolerable; to conform to mandates that are counter to their survival as a tribe. The war in the Mideast will become unwinnable because the military moves necessary for victory will translate into anti- German hostility at the home front. The police will not back up nativist German protests. They would sooner arrest a submissive German for hate speech than risk a fight with a muslim.
    On a positive note I saw a YouTube on the removal by force of migrants seeking sanctuary in a Christian church in Iceland. The hypocrisy of the migrants pretending to be good little victims was in clear display; a few burly Icelandic policemen had to land a few jawbreakers to subdue the victims who became enraged pythons once it became clear the police meant business.

  3. Great photograph. Who took it?

    Compare her visage of just a few years ago to this one. Her eyes used to dance, and now they are dead. We’ve tried telling you the chancellor is ill. We have sounded the alarm.

    The rest is up to you. Help her.

    • It makes one wonder if she’s somehow been FORCED into these kinds of actions. It’s too bizarre.

      But no, it’s not really. She grew up in a home of committed communists. That really explains it.

      • of course she was forced to do it. Her policy ties well with Obama’s Policy, and since Germany is – since the war – a US protectorate, it is clear who is pulling the strings.

        It is a common “truth” here in central european pubs, that it was the US who forced migrants to Europe in order to weaken Europe. It may or may not be true, but thats what the drunk pub people would say… And curiously enough, they have many valid points, all the way from destruction of Yugoslavia in order to make a new muslim criminal state in the Balkans, to all the political corectness protecting muslims, that swept through the media recently.

  4. Wasn’t it Karl Marx that said “Whoever controls the working force of Germany, controls Europe”… How true it is. Germany in all but name, controls Europe through the EU. For this reason alone, they must be stopped in their “multicoloured republic” as the whole of Europe will have their populations replaced..
    Coudenhove Kalergi was simply [chiropterous guano] crazy, and because he had a life of hell, being a mixed race aristocrat, he developed a plan that all white people should be bred out. It was his way of getting back at his peers who racially disrepected him..It’s no surprise that Merkel was a recipient of the Coudenhove Kalergi prize. So was Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

  5. If Merkel wanted cheap labor, why did not she try to call German immigrants from the south of Brazil, there are a lot of them unemployed.

  6. Ethnic Germans are very old. Muslims in Germany are much younger (and more male). Furthermore, a substantial number of young ethnic Germans have converted or will, in the future convert to Islam.

    • No, ethnic Germans are all ages. Muslims in Germany will never be German. Soon there will be a war in Germany where Germans will throw off the Globalist Collective which has betrayed them. Neither the military or police will stop it either. A confederation of Rome will arise to purge Europe, once again, of the Muslim invaders who want to destroy Roman Western Culture. Within this European Confederation will arise a strong, charismatic leader. All of this will happen very soon irregardless of the automatons regurgitating propaganda of some medieval death cult.

    • Indeed they are, and Josef Mengele died peacefully in England a while back, concealed by the Secret Service in return for access to Nazi bank accounts in Switzerland. I (sometimes) believe Dymphna has a point about our moral duplicity.

    • The one advantage our side has is that young muslim males are for the most part cowards. To me, they resemble hyenas in their actions; opportunists who can be pretty nasty against weak and defenseless prey, but easily scattered by a stronger or more determined opponent. Hyenas differ from wolves, in that wolves have a heirarchal order and fight in packs; that gives them the ability to take down prey much larger and more dangerous than themselves. Muslim males are in it for themselves, and can act in packs, but lack the organizational ability and ability to follow orders and defer gratification to the needs of the whole, to truly be dangerous against determined and resolute defenders.

      • Excellent. I’ve gotten that impression too. A visceral robust response to the Muslim swarm could easily have them fleeing en masse. 1. Withdraw all welfare support. 2. Arrest all Muslims involved in any protest & send them to administrative camps in regions far from cities. 3. Crime is punished with passive but very onerous sentences within 3 days of arrest by local semi-official panels. 4. Reinstate the death penalty for murder, rape, theft above E10,000, & any involvement in terror attacks or planning of attacks.

  7. The scary thing is that humans are so similar genetically–because of the “founder” effect ( we nearly became extinct when we left Africa @60,000 yrs ago)–that we could all easily switch roles. We could be the Germans, and they, us. etc.

    That Islam could have such a hold on any group of H. sapiens for so long is astonishing. It suggests to me that we have pretty vulnerable brains that want to follow too much, are not very courageous, and a bit violent and mean on the edges….although we are also wonderfully good here and there. We could see these traits in the Coliseum. .

  8. Germany and all of Europe are under same PLIGHT the USA has been since 1176 with CATHOLICISM(Vatican/Italy) to make USA a similarity of the “Whole of South America” for the sake of promoting open borders to promote Catholicism with IT’S already South America CULTURE..Hence, ISLAM learned IT’S lessons WELL. (Acumen & Counter) [laughter&euphoria]

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