Woman Kicked Down the Stairs; Police Hunt the Leaker of the CCTV Video

A few days ago we posted a subtitled video and a translated article about the deliberate and brutal attack on a woman in the Berlin subway by a culture-enricher who kicked her down the stairs. Although the vile deed was done back in October, the story did not become public until this month.

The CCTV footage used in the video had been illegally leaked. Now that the information is out there in the public domain, the Berlin police have decided to… yep, you guessed it: launch an investigation into who leaked the video.

The following clip revisits the incident and very gingerly touches on the issue of whether the police should have acted sooner, and even more gingerly on the possibility that the effort to find the leaker is in fact a waste of scarce police resources.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. WARNING: Once again, this video contains images of a violent, brutal attack, and may be disturbing for sensitive viewers:

Below is an article from the Berliner Morgenpost (also translated by Nash Montana) with more details on the police investigation into the leaking of the video. Readers can decide for themselves whether the video was really going to be officially released the day after it was illegally leaked, and that the timing was just a coincidence:

Police investigation of unknown person who published internal video

Someone passed this video to the media, which shows the offender that kicked a woman down the stairs in the subway station. He [the passer of the video] will face consequences.

One day before the Berlin Police published the video for the purpose of searching for the offender, the recording appeared in the media. Someone apparently had passed the recording to BILD and BZ (Berliner Zeitung). Who it is that did that is not clear. But what’s certain is: The video at the point of publication had not yet been officially released, and whoever passed it on was doing so illegally.

Why the police only now show the video of the subway kicker

The Berlin police have now picked up the investigation. Criminal charges against unknown persons have been filed. It cannot be excluded that the video was passed on from someone from the police, a spokeswoman says. The State Office of Criminal Investigations (LKA) is investigating unknown persons for violation of the Data Privacy Act. There are no specific suspects. After the publication of the video, the police immediately received six tips.

The video was going to be published anyway, according to the Berlin Police

The Berlin Police contradict the general opinion that the official publication of the 20-second video was merely a reaction to its having been passed on to the media prematurely. Accusations to that effect were made on the Facebook site of the Berlin Police. A formal request for the publication of the video for the purpose of a public search for the offenders had “long since been requested by a judge,” the police said. That the video was officially published on that day was because the judge’s decision was handed down at that time.

Video transcript:

0:08   Dear viewers, it is a truly vile act.
0:11   What happened is shocking and brutal.
0:14   A man kicks a woman in the back as she walks down
0:17   the stairs to the subway station at Hermannstrasse.
0:20   The woman falls down the stairs,
0:23   all the way to the bottom, and lies there injured.
0:26   This happened at the end of October, and only now
0:29   are the police looking for witnesses
0:32   with the help of the CCTV recording.
0:37   Hermannstrasse subway station.
0:40   The man with beard and beer bottle in hand places a powerful kick.
0:43   The victim, a 26-year-old young woman,
0:46   falls 13 steps deep down.
0:49   The Berlin woman didn’t stand a chance of defending herself.
0:53   [Martin Steltner, Prosecutorial Office Berlin] We are assuming that this act happened
0:56   without any previous interaction,
0:59   and we hope that with these pictures
1:02   we can identify the offenders and then eventually catch them.
1:06   It is a brutal crime.
1:09   It happened on October 27th about 12:20am,
1:12   but the public only learned last week about it
1:15   when someone illegally put the video on the internet.
1:19   [Winfried Wenzel, Police, Berlin] “We are investigating because of the violation
1:22   of the data privacy act, because of course it is assumed
1:25   that either someone from the BVG [Berlin Public Transportation] or from the police
1:28   published this video with non-existent legal justification.”
1:31   Actually the brutal subway kicker
1:34   should be the focus of the investigation,
1:37   but a another full week passes before the police react.
1:40   Only since yesterday (Dec 9th) has a public search for the offender
1:43   and his companions been initiated. It is incomprehensible.
1:46   “This video should have been immediately made public,
1:49   even just to warn other people, (…)”
1:52   “Well maybe one could have found these offenders sooner.”
1:56   “One really should know about this right away.”
1:59   “Yes, faster.”
2:02   But the police say “sooner” wasn’t possible, because there are
2:05   regulations that have to be adhered to.
2:08   “The police basically have to — in severe crimes like this one —
2:11   first finish all the other investigable steps,
2:15   such as examination of the crime scene, interrogations,
2:18   until one is then in the position to — via the prosecution office —
2:21   plead with the judge and obtain permission
2:24   for this search (the video) to be made visible and accessible for everybody.”
2:27   Because the CCTV video had been already seen illegally
2:30   on the internet, didn’t the police and the prosecutorial office
2:33   feel the pressure to finally search
2:36   for the offenders in public?
2:39   “You need a real decree (decision) and the decree
2:42   had been previously requested, and therefore it isn’t like
2:45   just because of the video
2:48   the public search was initiated, it started before…”
2:51   In the meantime, tips have been coming in
2:54   and are being investigated. The young woman was able to support herself with her arm
2:57   which prevented her from sustaining a head injury.
3:00   Even so she broke her arm and had facial injuries,
3:03   but she is recovering and feels better.

21 thoughts on “Woman Kicked Down the Stairs; Police Hunt the Leaker of the CCTV Video

  1. Police says about kick: “inshallah”. Case closed!
    About the release of the video: Police continues the hunt down the terrorists.

  2. The leadership of the Berlin Police are following in the footsteps of their predecessors who did the bidding of the Nazi Party in the 1930s and 1940s. Police departments in free society’s exist to protect the lives and property of citizens. The Berlin police and other police departments in Germany and other Western nations are leaving their citizens to be kicked down staircases by Europe’s new Nazis, the invited Isamic invaders of Europe.

  3. I believe we can assume that a police statement would have been taken from the victim on the day or soon after that felonious incident. In my experience such an incident, even this one involving possible cultural enrichers, would have been preceded by an exchange of some kind between the POI (person of interest) who did the kicking and the victim.

    Maybe that will come out later.

    What beggars belief about this incident though is the foot dragging of authorities charged with pursuing this kind of vicious and unforseen by the victim, attack. The POI displays an obvious disregard for his victim, which only enforces in my mind, a complete lack of empathy by the POI or even some remorse for his actions as he briefly looks at his victim, who in the video stops moving, before moving away that suggests he was satisfied with his action.

    I hope this ‘exposure’ of such neglect of duty by German authorities spurs those caught out by such exposure on to catching the POI.

  4. The Police are not stupid so they must be crooked in this instance. Or so terrified of angering Frau Reichsfuhrer Merkel. It is bad to be Fascist, it is worse go be spineless weakings.

  5. ‘They’ preserve the “Powers that BE” in their positions of power.
    That’s THEIR job.
    The health/welfare/safety of the “common people” is simply no longer their concern–those people are just too “common” after all–and no longer a protected class worthy of protection by the State.

    ‘They’ are just the secondary (uniformed) enemy: but also the one to be defeated first.
    Welcome to 4th generation warfare.
    Po-lice first.

  6. Germans rise up and kick out the professional politicians. We did in the USA. Of course, they aren’t through with us yet. They are still trying to destroy the people’s choice Donald J. Trump. So show some guts and dump Merkel and the others who think nothing of destroying your country. GERMANY FOR GERMANS.. Tell me what is wrong with this statement. The immigrants are not your race, intellect, ambition, or
    work ethic

    • Nothing is wrong with that statement. Germans have to vote Merkel out if they want to stand a chance.

  7. I have to admit, I’ve by far found this the. most. difficult. video & article ever to translate. Not because it was difficult in a technical sense. No, but because of the convoluted police speak garbage that came out of their mouths like diarrhea. Nonsensical babble all meant to ‘say something meaningful’ whilst we all realize that they’re just following orders from above to with as many words as possible say nothing at all. And the excuses… oh wow all the excuses… they needed 6 weeks to get a judge sign off on the publication of the video to ask the citizenry for eyewitness tips or tips in general, but imagine how quick this video would be officially available in five thousand languages if the perpetrator was blonde and the victim was a burka clad woman? Oy vey!

    • And think how quickly the video would have been aired repeatedly on local TV stations if this had happened in, say, Sioux Falls. As soon as the police could download and process the footage, it would have been out there with a big “ALERT” headline.

  8. The one encouraging note was the news that a number of people have called the Police as to the identity of “the kicker.” And the video is of surprising good quality and there are four individuals clearly identifiable if you knew them. For PC Plod, a few visits to nearby migrant hostels could probably see this case wound up in an afternoon, assuming they don’t drag the chain.

  9. Achtung! A perfect example of a police state. There solely to manipulate the people for the government. Not to protect and serve the public. Sigh, we have been here before, and it looks like we are here again. Its not much better in the UK. The police and judiciary have a directive to be biased towards any Muslim. The officers have mortgages and families so need their jobs.
    The only way is to vote for an alternative… but in order to do that we must have an alternative to vote for and a system of electoral integrity. Even then, just look at the UK and the endless whinging and foot dragging we are experiencing from the Remoaners because of Brexit. I believe in civilisation and vigilantism has many negative effects, but, it is looking like the only way to get justice as the justice system is corrupt and a tool of the state.

  10. Now that the police has discredited itself, one would expect that some locals could gather to try and find these ‘people’, if not already. As a guest visitor, this is what has brought me to my first ever comment here. Even if I understand German, I don’t live in Germany, so it is easy for me to say, though.

  11. Different in scope but not in kind from Rotterdam police covering up the rape of 1400 girls in formerly merry ole England.

    Because of that I feel we need a new word surpassing “astounded” because astounded just doesn’t do it anymore.

    Obviously the guy or gal or persons who “leaked” the video should get a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Mike from Brooklyn

  12. I note most of the above comments concerning the behaviour of the ‘police’ is not too complimentary on police readiness to investigate this most vicious incident.

    What we all need to take on board is that all police depts., forces, services, however they are termed, are now heavily politicized and controlled from the very top by the police hierarchy who are promoted into place and are only too willing to act out the wishes of those who control the narrative.

    Individual police officers are subject to what comes down from above regardless of how ‘independent’ in thinking or knowledgeable they may be when it comes to what they should be doing as compared to what they are told to do.

    Police officers are subject to some very draconian and punitive ‘remedial’ measures to keep them in line and it is only those who value their principles above that of what they know to be wrong and who have the courage will tend to ‘buck’ the system by exposing publicly what truly needs to be exposed throughout the West and not just in Germany.

  13. Someone should kick the police down the stairs twice as far. Why do the police think it is a good idea to protect and give privacy to these 4 thugs?

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