Dissolving the People

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When Brecht penned his well-known lines in 1953* they were bitter irony, but today they are becoming a bitter reality: the German authorities are in the process of dissolving the people and electing another.

Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for translating and annotating this two-part piece from Politically Incorrect. Both parts are included here.

“By now even the most reluctant are beginning to open their eyes. An organized plan exists to destabilize Europe through migratory invasion.”

          Roberto de Mattei.
From a migratory invasion to civil war”,
Corrispondenza Romana: October 5, 2016


by Rembrandt Clancy

C. Jahn of Politically Incorrect has made the state-sponsored extirpation of German ethnic and cultural identity in favour of imported ethnicities the subject of his two-part essay, “‘Umvolkung’: Exactly the Right Expression”. The occasion was a tweet by Christian Democratic (CDU) Member of Parliament, Bettina Kudla, in which she reproached her own party leader, Angela Merkel, and the party’s General Secretary, Peter Tauber, for deliberately covering up their policy of Umvolkung, a term which carries the echo, in reverse, of the National Socialist plans for absorption of certain population groups in Eastern Europe. The tweet puts her leaders on notice that she will not support this policy:

BK #Merkel denies it, #Tauber dreams. The #trans-ethnicisation [Umvolkung] of #Germany has long since begun. There is a need for action! [Politically Incorrect. 24 September, 2016]

In the days that followed the tweet, and subsequent to the publication of this essay, the windows of Bettina Kudla’s constituency office were broken and the building façade was smeared with a tar-like substance. Politically Incorrect (4 October 2016) reports that a well known “leftist terror-platform, ‘linksunten.indymeidia’” (indymedia), published a claim of responsibility for the incident:

Yesterday evening [Monday, 3 October 2016] we attacked the office of Bettina Kudla with dye and stones.

With her statements about the alleged “Umvolkung” of Germany Bettina Kudla has placed herself rhetorically alongside her comrades who encourage the racist bands of thugs and arsonists in their crimes and support them with arguments. With her reference to the myth of a population exchange in Germany, she provides legitimation to the murderous thirst for action of the fascists on the street. As a consequence she has become a target for us. Kudla wanted to get involved with the desk criminal Beatrix von Storch, who offered her a switch to the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland]. Meanwhile we have already bid her welcome.

Central to C. Jahn’s essay is the concept of “Umvolkung“. The term refers to the policy of complete structural transformation of an historically and organically matured ‘ethnic people’, a Volk, into another Volk who are the carriers of incompatible values. For the purposes of this essay, a Volk is not a population, a nation, an underclass or a mass; it is ‘a people’ in the sense of “a large community of individuals bound together through a common culture and history (and language)” (Duden). Also, especially given its place in German ethnicity and history, the word “Volk” and its compounds have a much different semantic weighting than its English cognate “folk”.

The prefix “um” (around) is what gives “Umvolkung“ its radical inversion in semantic polarity, the inversion of one Volk into another Volk, therefore also an inversion of values. A Volk is first and foremost the carrier of values and not blood. Now Friedrich Nietzsche’s expression, Umwertung aller Werte, the “transvaluation of all values”, represents his intuition that Western values were about to change into their opposites; for example, sanctity of life transforms into the ‘right’ to die and ‘freedom of choice’ into a euphemism for the right to kill; or in more general terms, the Graeco-Christian Logos of the West changes around (um), or more precisely, returns back to collectivism (Islam and neo-Bolshevism) — a revolutionary, albeit regressive anti-Logos. By virtue of the intimate connection between Volk and Werte, the transvaluation (Umwertung) of all values leads ultimately to a trans-ethnicisation (Umvolkung) of the people themselves.

We follow the established practice of rendering Nietzsche’s “Umwertung“ as “transvaluation” and translate ‘Umvolkung” as ‘trans-ethnicisation’.

Umvolkung” — Exactly the Right Expression!

Part I

The political establishment is giving the CDU parliamentary representative Bettina Kudla a grilling: Kudla used the word “Umvolkung“ [trans-ethnicisation] to describe the Merkel settlement policy. This word is said to have already been used in the Third Reich. Even if this claim should be true (the proof is still pending),[1] the regime has always stated quite openly that the settlement policy is a politically desired erection of new ethnic structures in Germany (“enrichment”, “as opposed to inbreeding”). How is one to describe this policy of a deliberate ethnic reconstruction [ethnischen Umbau]? A series for Politically Incorrect in two parts.

by C. Jahn

Original German Source: Politically Incorrect
Translated by: Rembrandt Clancy

29 September, 2016

In these times of our Multicoloured Republic [Bunten Republik], the regime has always justified its ethnic settlement policy with the advice that more Turks, more Arabs and more Nigerians constitute more “enrichment” for Germany (“these people with their joy of life…”) [Maria Böhmer, CDU, Minister of State in the Foreign Office]. The regime has always communicated very clearly in word and deed that the policy of a total ethnic restructuring (Umstrukturierung) is intended; Germany is going to be ethnically and culturally transformed. While it is true that this process of total ethnic restructuring has attained a new, much more radical dimension under Merkel, it is, nevertheless, on the whole part of a longstanding political continuity.

What term, therefore, lends itself most suitably to this deliberately precipitated, total ethnic restructuring?

First and foremost, this is clearly a classical settlement policy. New ethnic groups are settled in the traditional settlement area of another ethnic group in order to accomplish specific political objectives. These objectives could be anything, depending on the political leaning. The settlement policy of Stalinism aimed at the destruction of established, organised ethnic structures within the framework of the fight against all forms of opposition. The planned (but never implemented) settlement policy of the Third Reich aimed at a gradual — at first almost unnoticed — but steadily increasing dissolution of East European ethnic groups [Völker] into the Germanic stock. Even outside of Western Europe today, the implementation of policy objectives drives ethnic settlement policies in many other parts of the world — any search engine is suited to offer additional assistance. Also the policy of our Multicoloured Republicans in Berlin aims to achieve its political objectives through the settlement of new ethnic groups. Assuming they have good intentions, Germany is to be “enriched” through “joy of life”, and Germans are to “learn” to understand other cultures and thereby “break down prejudices”, hence a kind of educational programme. Assuming they have bad intentions, they first wish to marginalise Germans to the status of an ethnic minority, then deprive them of all special protections which they enjoy in their own country and ultimately exterminate them through pogroms, civil war or other orgies of the violent type. Since one cannot read the minds of the Multicoloured Republicans, let us not speculate further here about their ultimate political objectives. But this changes nothing about the fact that the means of implementing these objectives — whatever that might be — is very much a classical settlement policy which is carried out pro forma through deliberate abuse of asylum law.

What distinguishes this settlement policy of the Multicoloured Republicans of today from the settlement policy of the Third Reich?

The main criticism the regime has against Representative Kudla follows a twofold thrust. On the one hand, they fault Kudla for using a term which they claim had been standard in the propaganda language of the Third Reich. But even if this word had already been in use in some of the addresses or speeches of the Third Reich, in comparison with several other terms out of the same period, the word “Umvolkung” certainly falls within the realm of general knowledge. Even if some National Socialist ideologues are supposed to have used this word, it fell completely into oblivion after 1945. It has surfaced since then for the first time in several PI articles starting in 2015, subsequent to Merkel’s refugee putsch; and Akif Pirinçci took it up in 2016 as the title of a book.[2] One requires little imagination to come up with an expression like “Umvolkung” [trans-ethnicisation] when faced with the Merkel-madness. It is therefore quite accurate from the standpoint of language history to distinguish between the mostly forgotten National Socialist ideological language describing the settlement policy for Eastern Europe (insofar as the claim is true and few historians trust it)[1] and its recreation in 2015. There is no historical-linguistic continuity between the two concepts.

On the other hand, the regime reproaches Kudla for wrongly applying the word “Umvolkung” specifically to the Merkel settlement policy. The criticism runs as follows:

‘In contrast to Merkel, the settlement policy of the Third Reich entailed a “Germanisation of pro-German population groups in the conquered territories of Eastern Europe”. According to this definition of the term, there is no justification for applying the word “Umvolkung” in the same way to the settlement policy of the Multicoloured Republicans: the Merkel policy does not entail Germanisation, for Germany is not a conquered country.’

Insofar as one is willing to deal with this putative prior use of the term in the National Socialist period, the comparison is indeed, as noted above, absurd from the standpoint of linguistic history, but is, as regards content, thoroughly legitimate. For the Multicoloured Republic of the present, even by its own self-understanding, would like above all to be an anti-Hitler state. It is therefore only consistent that the state direct its aggression in these times of the Multicoloured Republic not against foreign ethnic peoples [Völker] as in the Third Reich, but in precisely the opposite direction, against its own ethnicity [Volk] — the key word here is “anti-Hitler”. To understand the Multicoloured Republicans’ policy of trans-ethnicisation [Umvolkungspolitik], the above definition from the National Socialist period must therefore be translated, considering only its content, into its opposite: ethnically, the policy has nothing to do with Germanisation, but is a matter of an ethnic “Levantinisation” [Orientalisierung] of the Germans. Conversely, the policy has nothing to do with “pro-German population groups”, but consistent with the logic of the anti-Hitler state, it centres on the Germans themselves.

The regime has often enough made it abundantly clear that their political intention is the Levantinisation of the Germans; that is, the gradual cultural and ethnic integration of the native population into the newly settled population: the slogan “Integration is not a one-way street!” requires quite directly the assimilation of the Germans to the habits and customs of the settlers. Also, Multicoloured Republicans welcome, in the tradition of the National Socialist state, biological elimination through selective breeding. One is reminded of [Finance Minister Wolfgang] Schäuble’s infamous inbreeding quotation![3] An immediate comparison between the practised Umvolkung of the Multicoloured Republicans and the envisioned “Umvolkung” in the Third Reich is also thoroughly justified on the grounds of content. And it goes without saying — to take up the third point of the definition — Germany (like all of Western Europe) is a conquered territory from the standpoint of the settlers from the Middle East — this has even been communicated in a completely explicit way by the relevant persons (“that is now our street/ our part of the city/ our city/ our country”).

To summarise, the settlement policy of the Multicoloured Republicans forms part of a politically desired, state-sponsored process of total ethnic restructuring [Umbauprocess]. Quite clearly it shows parallels to the planned, but no longer implemented settlement policy of the National Socialist period, except that it is guided in accordance with the Multicoloured Republic’s self-conception as an “anti-Hitler state”. The policy is not directed against foreign peoples, but against the Germans. Even in the absence of an historical-linguistic continuity between the term as it was understood in the National Socialist period and its re-creation in 2015, it is justified to apply the term “Umvolkung” to the politically motivated ethnic policy which is driven with the help of a systematic settlement policy. It is exactly the right word!

Next: “Umvolkung” — How otherwise?

Translator’s Endnotes

1. There is evidence for the use of Umvolkung among National Socialist academics of the period. Of course the circulation of academic neologisms among university professors does not prove widespread usage for propaganda purposes, much less general knowledge of the concept behind the term. Alexander Pinwinkler is an Austrian Historian who identifies a certain SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Joachim Beyer as a key figure in the propagation of the term the Umvolkung, and its meaning, as early as 1937 (cf. reference below). Pinwinkler identifies Beyer as an historian and professor in Danzig, Berlin and Prague in the 1930s, who headed an association called the Arbeitsstelle für auslandsdeutsche Volksforschung (Department for Ethnic Research into Germans Living Abroad). The first conference of this organisation, which was held in 1937, had as its theme “the “Extent and Nature of the Processes of Umvolkung in the German Sphere of Influence”. Pinwinkler further suggests the term Umvolkung and its usage may even date back to the late 19th century as can be seen in the following quotation from one of his works, which also provides a definition of Umvolkung as a “transition” or a “crossing over” (Übergang) — the emphasis has been added:

In the interdisciplinary studies on “Umvolkung”, Beyer, in spite of his prominent role, was nevertheless only one of several voices, and also he was not the first historian to investigate this theme. The historiographical preoccupation with the process of “transition” [Übergang] from one “ethnicity” [Volkstum] to another dates back somewhat further as I already mentioned [Schulze 1896]. Whether it is described generally as “Umvolkung” or in reference to such “concrete” social, political or cultural processes as “Germanisation”, “de-Germanisation” or even “Polonisation”, what these terms held in common was that they were nationalistically charged and were usable against socio-ethnic groups who were declared to be hostile. [Pinwinkler, Alexander. “Assimilation” und “Dissimilation” in der Bevölkerungsgeschichte, circa 1918-1960” in Rainer Mackensen (ed.), Bevölkerungsforschung und Politik in Deutschland im 20. Jahrhundert. Wiesbaden: Springer Verlag. 2006, p. 35]

The reference in square brackets to “Schulze 1896” represents Pinwinkler’s bibliographical reference to a work of that date by Eduard Otto Schulze, Die Kolonisierung und Germanisierung der Gebiete zwischen Saale und Elbe (The Colonisation and Germanisation of the regions between the Saale and the Elbe).

Another (English-language) historian, Winson Chu, writes that Hans Joachim Beyer, as editor of a journal on Eastern research [Zeitschrift Volksdeutsche Volksforschung Wiki ], also oversaw two essays on Umvolkung, which incidentally he translates as “re-volking”. These essays dealt with the ethnic dynamics of Poland: One paper was “On the question of the Umvolkung of Protestant Germans in Congress Poland” (1937) by Hans Koch; and the other was “On the Question of the Assimilation of the German Central Poles (in Consideration of their Social Structure” (1938) by Hans Hopf. (Winson Chu, “Volksgemeinschaften unter sich“: German Minorities and Regionalism in Poland, 1918-1939,” in German History from the Margins, eds. Neil Gregor, Nils Roemer, and Mark Roseman, p. 125, note 62)

2.It has surfaced since then for the first time in several PI articles starting in 2015, subsequent to Merkel’s refugee putsch; and Akif Pirinçci took it up in 2016 as the title of a book.

Akif Pirinçci is a Turkish-born German writer who essays have been translated at least twice for Gates of Vienna. His most recent book is called Umvolkung. Wie Deutschen still und leise ausgetauscht werden (Umvolkung: How the Germans are Secretly being Replaced). The 160-page book is already in its second edition, published in 2016 by Antaios Verlag in Schnellroda.

Akif Pirinçci himself understands “Umvolkung” to have originated in the National Socialist period. For him, the term is not to be confused with immigration or emigration per se. He says that Umvolkung is a replacement of masses of people in a given territory with the purpose of eliminating its native population. And, according to Pirinçci, this is what is happening in Germany, without the people’s having been consulted. As one expression of the policy, new arrivals are given special favours while native Germans who object to the policy are invited to leave Germany. (Source: Akif Pirinçci in conversation with Michael Friedrich Vogt in a video entitled “Akif Pirinçci: Die Umvolkung — von dem Austausch der Deutschen & den Invasionsgewinnlern”: 19:43 min. ff)

Pirinçci may well have been the one who reactivated the term Umvolkung and gave it its new emphasis after 1945, specifically on 2 October 2015 (cf. “Akif Pirinçci: ‘Umvolkung’”). The other PI articles which C. Jahn identifies as containing the word Umvolkung refer, for the most part specifically, to Akif Pirinçci’s book “Umvolkung…”, including the one article in 2015 which is by Pirinçci himself anticipating the publication of his new book (cf. Akif Pirinçci: UMVOLKUNG). The exceptions are three PI articles in October of 2016 which, although these refer specifically to Umvolkung in the German context used by Pirinçci, they do not define the term and use it without reference to Pirinçci himself.

3. In June 2016 Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble argued in favour of in-migration as reported in Handelsblatt (08 June 2016):

Isolation is exactly what would destroy us, what would cause us to degenerate into inbreeding”, he told the weekly magazine Die Zeit (Thursday). In Germany, Muslims contribute to openness and diversity: “Take a look at the third generation of Turks, particularly the women. That is an enormous innovative potential.” [Emphasis added.]

Akif Pirinçci wrote a response to Schäuble’s remarks on his blog in June of this year and it was translated under the title of Crossbreeding With Morons for Gates of Vienna.

Umvolkung“ — How otherwise?

Part II

[cf. Part 1 above, “Umvolkung”: Exactly the Right Expression!]

Note: For background to the term Umvolkung, consult the Introduction to Part I of this essay.

The reason the word Umvolkung [trans-ethnicisation] has been able to spread so rapidly since last Fall is that it very aptly characterises today’s Umvolkung policy. For it is clear in this case that that the term is warranted, given that the policy aims ultimately at total ethnic restructuring [Umstrukturierung]: the regime has always stated this openly and has never disputed it. How otherwise than with the word “Umvolkung” is one to name the thing according to its conception? Would the term “re-populating the population” [Umbevölkerungung] be more politically correct?

by C. Jahn

Original German Source: Politically Incorrect
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

30 September, 2016

Presently several German language terms compete with each other to characterise with a single encapsulating word the policy of total ethnic restructuring.

The regime itself readily uses the expression “demographic change” or “demographic shift” (“our country is undergoing change”).[1] This idea is misleading — not by accident of course — for two reasons. On the one hand, the ‘total ethnic restructuring (Umstrukturierung) of Germany is not a “demographic” process, which is to say it is not a question of exchanging age for youth, or men for women; it is a matter of making other ethnicities indigenous: it is a question, therefore, of total “ethnic” reconstruction (Umbau). On the other hand, the word “change” [Wandel] suggests an automatic transformation without political assistance, as if the weather is changing or the fashion or lifestyle of man over the course of time. This too is not the case: state measures alone are enabling the settlement of Africans, beginning with the ferry service on the Mediterranean through to the quasi-legal smuggling via misused “asylum law” and ending with the provision of health insurance, full rations, money and free accommodation. That is not a “change” [Wandel], but a state driven process of transformation [Veränderungsprocess] from beginning to end.

The somewhat risky word “ethnic” is readily replaced in state-speak — as part of the usual obfuscation — with the word “social”. The preferred expression is “social change”, as if the settlement of Arabs is a purely “social” and “societal” process, and as if the encounter between the two ethnicities, the Germans and the Arabs, were distinguishable only by their different levels of prosperity, but not through different languages, religion, traditions, norms and values. Also the word “culture” supports the camouflage: in fact, it is not just “cultures” that are being “settled”, but other nations which are quite confidently parading the fact with Turkish flags, thousands of times over, in Cologne. The Turkish flag does not represent a “culture”, but the Turkish nation.

But let us not to waste too much time reflecting on the language of state propaganda, which in any case is nothing but a bizarre accumulation of lies and a deliberate manipulation of language designed to lead the stupid German Fritz further into the delusion that Germany will remain Germany. So long as he believes that, peace will remain to the huts, the settlement policy can calmly continue and war will not come to the palaces.[2]

The “Great Replacement” is one of the best known concepts currently common among the opposition, the Identitarian movement above all being among its users. While this expression describes events the way they actually unfold, it falls somewhat short of the ideal; there is really no replacement taking place in the strict sense of the term. Although Africans and Arabs are being settled, Germans are not being resettled. What we are experiencing is a displacement: Arabs settle and Germans move away. We first observed this process on a small scale in individual houses and streets, then in entire urban districts. Today this two-way settlement movement is affecting entire cities and broad regions, above all in North Rhine-Westphalia [NRW]. Although the word “replacement” describes this process quite well for the affected areas — in NRW we are experiencing a “replacement” of the population — the word does not apply to all of Germany, for Germans leaving NRW move to Saxony or Bavaria and the aggregate number of Germans in Germany remains unchanged by the settlement of Arabs.

The word “colonisation” is perfectly applicable, for this term gives expression not only to the ethnic events, but also to the power-political background and repercussions. It has been known for a long time that not only is the German government deliberately pressing forward with the policy of settling Central Europe with Turks, but also the Turkish government has at least as strong an interest in the expansion of their own geographical sphere of influence. But several Arab states, especially Morocco, are also increasingly pursuing such a policy. Pakistan too has recognised the political power opportunities which are opening up by the relocation of as many of their own citizens as possible to Western Europe. Likewise the colonists themselves do not see themselves only as cohabitants in another country, who by more or less crossing the border set aside all loyalty to their homeland in exchange for a new loyalty to different country. Quite the contrary, they often see themselves as an extended spearhead, as carriers of the interests of their homeland, whereas the German native population are perceived as a necessary evil which is still to be tolerated over a period of transition (“we will dominate you”, “we will gas you”).

No word in the German language, however, describes the process of ethnic transformation more suitably on the whole than “Umvolkung”, which is formed from a conflation of the two terms “Um(bau)” [total re-construction] and “Volk“ [an ethnic people]. For that is precisely what is happening in Germany even today; in fact, it is happening precisely according to the same timetable which the Third Reich had in store for several peoples of Eastern Europe: instead of enslavement and physical extermination, the Reich envisioned a gradual assimilation and ultimately an absorption of the native population into the mass of German settlers. The National Socialists could have achieved this objective peacefully in a number of ways: propagandistic valorisation of the settlers and devalorisation of the local culture would have automatically awakened the wish of the indigenous population to assimilate — everyone naturally wants to belong to the victors. They would only have had to strengthen this wish slightly through soft political pressure, in order to hasten the integration and assimilation process; for example, by granting the local inhabitants fewer rights than the German settlers when it came to applications for official posts or before the courts. This is approximately what one might picture regarding the planned policy of Umvolkung in the Third Reich had it ever been implemented after the war.

Once again all these central elements of a successful policy of Umvolkung are facing us again: the exaggerated propagation of the alleged cultural achievements of the settlers (‘Day of the Open Mosque’, glorification of veiling, how beautifully the muezzin sounds!) alongside simultaneous propagation of the shadow side of one’s own nation and culture (the evil Catholic Church, Auschwitz, witch burning, the West was never anything more than horrific). The state systematically favours settlers (migrant quotas, migrant-bonus before the courts), tolerates settlers’ violence against the native population and thereby implicitly approves it — so goes everyday life in the Multicoloured Republic.

And these measures are in fact beginning to take effect: one must concur with Bettina Kudla’s statement that “Umvolkung has long since begun”. The interplay of all these measures to date — colonisation and the state sponsored initiation of a process of ethnic dissolution of the native population — has triggered, even today, a wish in many Germans which lies very close to biological evolution: people no longer shape their own future, and above all the future of their children, to their own ethnic group; instead they conform it to becoming part of that ethnic group which they perceive to be more successful and more promising; German men are converting to Islam, German women are specifically seeking Turks and Arabs as spouses in order to bear Turkish and Arab children whom the state presumably favours. All this is part of Umvolkung in the strict sense. Not only does this trend entail the state-implemented settlement of a new nation in a country, but in fact it is an integrated, stealthy, superficially peaceful inter-ethnic process, but one deliberately forced through state pressure. This process will end only when the settled ethnic group has established itself as a determining political power, ideally also forming the majority. And the Volk who originally lived in this country, except for the withdrawn social remnants, will be neither culturally nor physiologically discernible.

It will still take a while before this trans-ethnicisation process [Umvolkungsprozess] of the approximately 60 million Germans still living in Germany is completed. But this alters nothing of the fact that this process is already underway — on this point Bettina Kudla is right in any case. And it alters nothing of the fact that Umvolkung will end with the complete assimilation of the Germans into the settled ethnic groups if the current radicality of the settler policy is not finally stopped.

We have already seen in the first part of this series that the word “Umvolkung” is a re-creation from 2015 and that there exists no historical-linguistic continuity whatsoever with the way the word was applied during the National Socialist period. However, for those who wish to be more politically correct, instead of saying “Umvolkung”, they can of course also say “re-populating the population” [Umbevölkerungung] at any time. And for those to whom “Umvolkung” sounds too German, fortunately one can harken back to a long-established foreign word that describes precisely the same process: “ethnocide”.

Translator’s Endnotes

1. “Our country is changing rapidly [Unser Land verändert sich]”: Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble made this statement in the immediate context of globalism as reported in the Hamburger Abendblatt (7 September 2016):

Berlin. In the Bundestag, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) called for quickly finding an answer to the growing anxiety of the citizens. “We have to prove now, that the integration of many refugees can succeed”. We are living through a “time for demagogues”. The task now, he said, is to bring the security risks under control. That will continue. Also globalisation makes many people insecure, said Schäuble, but added: “There is no help for it: Our country is undergoing change.” He said Germany must be prepared to also understand the changes as opportunities. [Emphasis added.]

2. “Peace to the huts and war to the palaces” [Friede den Hütten! Krieg den Palästen!]: This is the title of a controversial pamphlet by the politically radical or revolutionary Hessian writer, Georg Büchner (1813-1837). Many English speakers are familiar with Büchner’s play Woyzeck which has been made into film several times and also into an opera (Alban Berg). His first play, Danton’s Death (Dantons Tod), set during the French Revolution, is also well known.

*   “Die Lösung” (The Solution) is a famous German poem by Bertolt Brecht about the uprising of 1953 in East Germany. Written in mid-1953, it is critical of the government and was not published at the time. It was first published in 1959 in the West German newspaper Die Welt.

Nach dem Aufstand des 17. Juni
Ließ der Sekretär des Schriftstellerverbands
In der Stalinallee Flugblätter verteilen
Auf denen zu lesen war, daß das Volk
Das Vertrauen der Regierung verscherzt habe
Und es nur durch verdoppelte Arbeit
zurückerobern könne. Wäre es da
Nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung
Löste das Volk auf und
Wählte ein anderes?

After the uprising of the 17th of June
The Secretary of the Writers’ Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?


77 thoughts on “Dissolving the People

    • I agree that these are truly important articles because they are now beginning to diagnose precisely what Merkel and the elites are doing. Admittedly, it is only an excellent conjecture at this time.

      I think we shall be able to further verify this theory by looking at the elite response to it.

      If true, this has got to be by definition a form of genocide: cultural transcription.

      • This is like what must have happened when the French Capetian king Philip II Augustus finally was able to deprive England of its continental possessions on the west coast of France in 1204.

      • Baron: could it be made ‘sticky’ for a few days? Over the past year we’ve all been speculating about Merkel et al’s intentions. As William says, this is an in depth diagnosis.

  1. The process of umvolking that the author describes in Part 2 can be inferred from ancient British history. It’s now believed that the Celts in what is now England weren’t wiped out by the Anglo-Saxons but were Anglicised – they adopted the language and customs of the victors. And the ‘Celts’ themselves were largely a pre-Celtic population which had done exactly the same when the British Isles were settled by Celts from the continent. The indigenous assimilate into the new culture because it is perceived as successful and they want to identify with the victors, not the defeated. So the process described above is totally credible.

    • But this has happened throughout all of our history, one people conquering another one’s territory and then assimilating/merging. I am struggling to find examples where the leadership has done that to its own people by deliberately flooding it with strangers.

      • K. from Germany: I agree – that the leadership has done it to its own people is without precedent I suspect. My point was that the process, as you say, has occurred throughout history and that the articles’ scenario is therefore totally plausible.

      • Well, maybe the Ethiopian emperor Iyasu V (also known as Lij Iyasu) is one example of a traitor leader who was suspected of being a “secret Muslim”. Yet when his people suspected his treachery, they deposed him… other traitor leaders also undoubtedly exist – after all, money talks, and money corrupts…

        However I’m not sure there is any precedent for a traitor leadership to still enjoy the support of the majority of the population they’ve betrayed, after the betrayal has occurred. If the Merkel-SPD-Greens cabal manage to achieve this at the next federal elections, it will probably indeed be an unprecedented feat in world history…

      • ‘struggling to find examples’
        It is entirely unprecedented-
        Paul Weston asks of the actions of Blair’s government- “why is this not treason?”

        Daniel Pipes;

        “The greatest question facing Europe is who, Establishment or populace, will steer the continent’s future.?”
        “Why have mostly Christian countries decided to take in mostly Muslim immigrants? Why do so many Establishment politicians, most notably Germany’s Angela Merkel, ignore and revile those who increasingly worry that this immigration is permanently changing the face of Europe?”
        “The Establishment, or what I call the 6 P’s (politicians, police, prosecutors, the press, professors, and priests), generally insists that everything will turn out fine: Kurds will become productive workers, Somalis fine citizens, and Islamist problems will melt away.”

        As Yves Mamou says the “the fight against Islamism might first consist of a fight against the caste that governs us.”
        Daniel Pipes

        • Thank you for collecting these links. I have read Daniel Pipes for many years, but not come across the “6 P’s” expression/distillation before.

  2. in the mainstream media and nearly all of the political class, the equivocal term of Umvolkung is used like the Nazis used to, which is to illegally substitute the population of an occupied foreign country with Germans and to a maximal extent assimilate the original population.
    Now this shows, that the interpretation is devious and malevolent, because the critisized present Umvolkung is just the reverse: the german population is allegedly substituted by foreigners in its own country and by its own government.q.e.d.

  3. and a big compliment to Rembrandt Clancy for his( or her?) great translation and knowledgable research in this matter.

  4. If it look lika a duck…has a beak like a duck..sounds like a duck, and has feathers like a duck…IT IS A DUCK. Like the situation where a wife comes home to find her husband in bed with another woman ; and he tells : Nothing is going on honey; are you going to believe your eyes..or believe ME “. This is exactly what the ” One World ” proponents in leadership positions are telling the citizens of their countries. It is way past time for severe Pest control measures. The Demographic reality requires immediate and Severe action to trove these interlopers and the leadership of the unfortunate European nations. Same goes for the United Statres. Send them all back to Turkey.

    • It is obvious what the NWO has in mind for Europe, simply put white genocide!

      Yet, as in Germany, people STILL vote for mutti Merkel and her party, Sweden has in effect just legalised the display of the ISIS flag in Sweden too! These people, surely bear some responsibility for the plight they fund themselves, burying their heads in the sand, hoping it will be alright in the end.

      There cannot be a peaceful to this situation, the psychological castration of the western male must stop, western feminazis should be made to be aware of consequences as do left wing open border Quislings too.

      The silent majority have watched their nations capitulate to a third world invasion of diseased, degenerate third world chancers all in the name of not giving offence to the snow flake generation and discredited politicos leading them by their noses.

      Give me strength!!!

  5. I wonder what will happen when Germany becomes a muslim country? Will they have beheadings, honor killings, and the whole nine yards of muslim “culture” in what was once a civilized (at times) western country?

    • Well Sariah is one and the same everywhere…
      As the wahhabists are the one doing the invading so I guess that will be the version of Islam spread around.

    • We have had honor killings for quite some time now. The first attempt of stoning (a transsexual) happened last year in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, beheadings we’re still waiting for.

      I wish there was a silver lining, but talking to friends and family I’m quite sure there is no hope. They just don’t get it. They only have this one perspective fed to them by the media/politicians/unions/churches/peer groups and are too cowardly, lazy or stupid to form their own opinion.

      • They only have this one perspective fed to them by the media/politicians/unions/churches/peer groups and are too cowardly, lazy or stupid to form their own opinion.

        Or perhaps they are simply too afraid because the problems seem too much to cope with. They are not used to forming groups to face problems and resolve them – that’s the government’s job…

        So they hope if they ignore it, *they* won’t be affected. Again, I would recommend looking at Dr. Bill Warner’s videos on why we look away from such things. For example, we know we’re going to be old one day, and possibly ill, but until that time comes we do our best to ignore it because what can we do to prepare??

        Give your friends and family a break, but be sure to plan for your own welfare as well as you can. Getting angry won’t help – it will drive others away.

        As Shakespeare said (more or less), how do we arm ourselves against a sea of troubles?

        • After the war many Germans claimed that they hadn’t known that the jews had been “going through the chimneys”. I never believed the story that they hadn’t known until recently, when I realized how strong the power of denial is. For many, reality is simply too much to bear.

          My generation as well as my parent’s have never had to experience war. So they are under the illusion of living in eternal peace. Likewise, the (West)-Germans have never had to fight for their freedom, it was given to them on a silver platter. They don’t know the value of it, they don’t recognize when it is being taken away from them and hence they will not fight for it.

          However, the most important reason for why the Germans act so insane is, in my opinion, that they openly or secretly feel guilty about the atrocities committed more than 70 years ago. Now, finally, there is an opportunity for atonement. Daniel Goldhagen attributed “exterminatory zeal” to the Germans when trying to explain the Holocaust. Nicolaus Fest, a conservative publisher and politician, recently took up Goldhagen’s phrase, claiming that the German’s “exterminatory zeal” was now directed towards themselves.

          I believe he is spot on.

          • I don’t believe it for a second. The Swedes have no war guilt, they were saving Jews coming from Denmark, and yet they are even worse.

            This guilt theory is repeated over and over so that people don’t look elsewhere, IMO.

          • Greg, having lived in Germany and discussed this with many Germans over many years, I can only say this too is spot on. I am aghast at what the Germans are knowingly doing to themselves. Pretending to enjoy having their hometowns taken over, their bars by Slavs, their cafes by Turks, their trains by Africans and Arabs, their public spaces by every nationality under the sun except their own. All so that they can atone for what the Nazi cabal did behind their backs half a century ago. I very much liked Germany in the postwar decades when Germans were still sane. Now I do not care what happens to them because they have themselves destroyed their stable, sensible, affluent, attractive homeland. They are now a danger to all of what is left of Europe. The modern German elite comprises pitiable idiots who have no self-respect and are not fit to be heirs to their homeland. I only wish the proles had a bit more spine, but they do nothing. Most don’t even vote AfD, the only sane democratic option left. Why should anybody else care if they don’t?

            Vera, the Swedes DO have guilt problems–they are destroying their own society out of guilt at not fighting in WWII, not saving enough Jews, and also at being the lab for many Nazi ideas, notably eugenics. They are also victims of hubris. They think they have the world’s most advanced society and are building heaven on earth and we will all copy them one day, when these teething problems like Malmo are dealt with. For the truth, just ask the Danes and Finns what they think of the humanitarian superpower.

          • Anonymous, I still don’t believe it. Character-disordered people (aka dedicated bullies, and other less kind names, of whom the psychopaths form the outer fringe) are extremely good at pushing “nice” people’s buttons. They carefully test what works… what doesn’t is immediately abandoned as the testing keeps searching for weak spots. If someone is a bit uncertain about their parenting skills, they will hammer on that. If another person is prone to “overresponsibility” they will hammer them for being irresponsible. And that goes for cultures as well. I recently witnessed a Muslim try to apply the west-European template for inducing guilt in central European Slavs. He did not get far, trying to hammer on the colonialism meme (to a people who never had any, and were themselves colonized by neighboring powers). I am sure his template gets plenty of traction in countries that did have colonies.

            But it’s just a strategy. The person who is saying it may not even believe it, they are just trying to put you on the defensive, to intimidate you. They will use endless other things if what they first try will not get the desired response. The key is to learn to recognize what is going on, and not take the bait.

      • I’m Brazilian, portuguese descendant. I have been a few times to Germany and I’m an admirer of Germany’s culture and achievements. I was invited once to work in Munich about 10 years ago, but my wife didn’t allow me to take the job 🙁 Now, I have always thought that education was the most important factor determining the success of an individual, and ultimately of a country. Unless I’m extremely mistaken the education level in Germany is very high compared to Brazil for example.

        How come a well educated German man or woman is not able to see what is unfolding in front of their eyes? How come they can’t look at a map and see that every country Islam touches is destroyed? I understand poor uneducated people in a 3rd world country would have difficulty in perceiving the lies thrown at them and being able to react to such an invasion, but for rich and educated people to accept passively being transformed into 2nd class citizens in their own country while having to foot the bill for undeserving invaders, how is that possible?

        Wrong education?

    • We talk of , “…what happens if Germany…”, as if it were just the “crazy” Germans. The same insanity is going on all over the west. From England to the USA, Canada and everywhere in between. It’s a done deal unless some very radical changes occur.

      • I agree, and have been waiting for those ‘radical changes’ for the last 30 years–still waiting.

        Years ago I was asked by a friend which country I thought would wake up first, I said Germany. It could still happen, despite appearances…

  6. I imagine whatever is going on in Germany is also going on in the rest of the Islam enabling west. It’s what Muslims do.

    • its ” ethnische Säuberung” as performed by the Hutu majority in Ruanda, or by the Nazis when jews or gypsies were concerned.

  7. A Czech alt website published these horrifying links how “the refugees” are being drawn to Europe. I could not get into the first one, but the second and third one made me so nauseous I haven’t recovered all day. Sorry about this. Btw, tumbler is owned by yahoo. It’s time for me to leave it.




    • You should put a warning before those links – definitely not nice material…

      But some people just have a weird fetish – which will find its way to some dark corner of the internet… I’m not so sure though that this represents the thinking of most ethnics, or even Muslims.

      Personally, I’d be more concerned about the young girls being groomed, and the women who suffer in marriages to Muslims. They are many, and they suffer a lot…

      • It was actually not the “easy meat” porn that got me though that was very unpleasant. What I was reacting to is… they were openly saying that they are promoting the “subjugation of whites to their racial and religious superiors — Blacks and Muslims”. They stated, and why would I not believe them?– that they are waging a war against the white race, and that “whites must be eliminated.” “A complete downfall of whites.” And so on.

        I felt nauseous all day. I finally understood what the Jewish Germans must have experienced when after various thuggeries and humiliations, and discussions of forced resettlement, they finally heard in the open that they were to be eliminated.

        I am sorry about not posting a warning. You are right. I was in shock when I was posting it. Tumblr is owned by yahoo. Is incitement to genocide now just part of parcel of yahoo’s repertoire, as long as it’s the protected classes making it?

        • Vera – no worries, I don’t get offended too easily 🙂 although maybe some others might…

          Does Tumblr have a policy on removing grossly hateful/pornographic/rape material? If so, it may be worth reporting these pages. They may violate several categories…

          But as for that content – yes, it would be equivalent to the Nazis telling Jews of their fate, if those owning the tumblr pages were in any position of power, or representative of those in such positions… is that the case, or are these pages the work of some adolescent (possibly even white middle class) with too much time on his hands? With just these pages to go on, it’s too little to say, imo. But yes, if such attitudes permeated further into society, or government institutions, I agree it would be quite concerning.

          • Green Infidel, thank you for the conversation. The middle link, the people who run it said it was from Sweden. Hard to know for sure.

            Yeah. Well, I am having a discussion with a Brit over where do you tolerate this hateful crap, and where do you crack down? Such incitement is attempting to build a momentum, and now that we have police being killed for being white, and lefties reveling in insulting white men in particular, It makes me very very uneasy. Everybody seems to have some “protected status” except white men — demeaning whom is always in season.

          • Oh and one thing — about power. Even if it is a group of youthful trouble makers, in these days of guerrilla warfare, it makes a difference. And it all adds up, weakening those targeted, and bloating the egos of those of like mind, who may in time put it into action.

  8. I always read this interesting blog, but hesitate to post because my english is quite limp.. I apologize beforehand for any mistake! I’m german and what this entry says is absolutely true, the cultural and racial desconstruction of Germany is a ongoing reality and happens because German people allowed it, because we accepted that we are not worth existing unless we are “improved” by mixing with dark races or mantaining perpetual servile attitudes around them. This is something that only brainwashed, zombified germans seem to find reasonable because whenever I travel abroad (even in third world countries) people are shocked, puzzled or indignant at what we Germans are doing to ourselves.

    • Erika, it’s not much comfort but this is happening everywhere, not just Germany. For your country (and Sweden) it is the overwhelming influx of too many people. Human nature rebels at that, no matter what the color. They could all be the whitest of white billionaires, dropping money in the streets but the sheer numbers would be too much.

      Compare it to a workplace situation: you have a certain number of co-workers, a certain number of desks or cubicles and you arrive at work one morning to find 10 new people – with only four extra desks – and the new people don’t have your work habits or understand your office environment. It would be tense, angry, and unproductive. No company in its right mind would do such a thing.

      • Oh,and another thing: to add insult to injury, those strange new workers in your office have diseases you get to take home to your family:


        Many refugees now arriving in the United States are affected by potentially serious communicable ailments. Indeed, since at least 2001, health authorities in Minnesota have known that more than one-third of those in the state with active tuberculosis cases were Somali immigrants.

        This problem has existed among many other immigrant groups as well, according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, including patients from “Ethiopia, Laos, Mexico, Vietnam, Mexico, Liberia and India.” Thus, by 2014, 73 percent of tuberculosis cases in Minnesota affected the foreign-born, and approximately two-thirds of TB cases nationally are found among immigrants. Studies undertaken in the summer of 2014 showed rates of tuberculosis were three times as high among Syrians as Jordanians. While these levels have recently been declining, they are well above those found among native-born Americans. The infected may develop the disease later or act as carriers of the bacillus.

        Measles has become endemic in Syria, and Syrians show high rates of infection with highly communicable hepatitis A. Refugees wishing to come to the United States must demonstrate that they have been immunized for these diseases. Of greater concern is the incidence of parasitic infections among refugees. Large numbers of immigrants from Syria test positive for parasites such as leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis, and giardia. A study of Syrian refugees in Germany concluded that 22 percent of those examined had at least one parasitic infection, and this included 7 percent infected with giardia, which affects the bowels. In Syria alone there may be 100,000 people infected with leishmaniasis. Such parasites are quite rare in the United States. American doctors are unused to diagnosing and treating them.

        And this is at a time when our healthcare system is staggering under the weight of Obama’s stupendously wrong and chaotic healthcare “delivery”…many of these folks are being dumped in places that have few hospitals that are close enough to get to, or that can be accessed without private transportation.

        • Polio is another one that will come with Pakistani and Afghan migrants. I understand the WHO say only in those countries Polio has not been eliminated. But it has already spread to Turkey along the migrant trail. Europe will be next if their vaccination program isn’t robust.

      • Hello Dympha, I really understand what you say, I said “dark races” because it was the most immediate way to put a name to the subject, but it’s curious that color perception is something that really seem to blur german discernment since many tender-skinned people who support muslim or african inmigration have no problem with venting their hatred on polish, russian and czech inmigrants.

        • Of course not: for the marxists there is no virtue in proclaiming your solidarity with the fair-skinned. They’re looking for victims to love because doing so swells their own self-righteousness.

        • I can vouch for your comment, I am Polish and when I lived in Germany (Potsdam) had to endure hostility from many germans. While they considered that saying ” islam is a violent ideology” was a dumb, ignorant generalization they found nothing wrong in saying things like: polish can only be garbage men, all czech women are prostitutes, hungarians are superstitious ignorant peasants and american are vulgar rednecks.

          • This is like the mass media-generated concern at the number of European immigrants in Britain relative to its attitude to Third World immigrants – the former is made out to be a problem and the latter ignored.

          • I can confirm everything you said. I am Hungarian and had my personal share of Germans enjoying their “supremacy” a little too much. I know that many Germans are not like that and I feel for them but some people would say: “what goes around comes around”.

          • Seems like their historical hate of Poland – and love of Islam – continues… present since the days of Adolf, and maybe even WW1, at the very least…

        • Erika: I took your comment as a factual statement as the mass immigration is indeed from dark races, and that’s the attraction for the liberal elites. But the ‘umvolking’ of a people would also exist if the incomers were another group of Europeans. They might not be as culturally incompatible, but the result is still the dissolution of a people who exist as an established group with a common history and traditions.

          • It’s not mainly from the “dark races.” Most immigrants in Germany are Turkish, ex-Yugo, other Middle Eastern, other Balkan and other East European, including “Aussiedler” German-Russians, German-Hungarians etc. (old German minorities abroad). Blacks and East Asians are still relatively few–plenty of them, yes, but nothing like France or Britain–and Indians (whole region) rarer still. In fact, most immigrants in Germany are relatively fair-skinned and can be hard to distinguish visually from some southern Germans.

            In Germany it is not really a “colour” issue. It is a cultural/racial issue, and more importantly a displacement issue. Nor is Islam very upfront in Germany. Despite the incidents, Turks are not usually zealots, Bosnians hardly care and the Arabs until recently were not that common. There are not many visible mosques in Germany compared with Britain or France and you do not see as much Islamic streetwear as you do in those countries. It is generally quite harmonious overall as a result. The problem is numbers. German cities are drowning in immigrants. In urban parts of the country, you can sit in a Regionalbahn train and be the only native German speaker in the car. In the cities, Germany is literally abolishing itself, as Sarrazin said, and the pace of self-effacement is intensifying. The ex-GDR is the only real hope now, and it is not surprising that western Germans are now, at last, beginning to move there despite the employment and image problems. That trend will surely continue. Not all Germans want to kill their homeland and their ethnicity.

        • It’s true, some years I once watched a program aired by the BBC supposedly discussing the “inmigration problem” in the UK and I was naively expecting it to be focused on muslims, nigerians and somalis but it only showed polish, ukrainians,russians, hungarians as problematic people.

          PS:I’m from Poland

          • Don’t worry. Since Muslims are thought-of as non-white, it’s not possible to complain too loudly about them in Britain. But since Poles are white, and tend to be right-wing to boot, one can moan about them as much as they want. In this situation, it’s best to think of “Poles” as being a codeword – the Brits are probably really thinking “Muslims” 🙂

  9. I’m somewhat amused as I am reminded of the many concepts and terms Americans have borrowed from Germans and about which I learned in Allan Bloom’s “The Closing Of The American Mind”: “movement” was borrowed from the Nazi “youth movement.”

    • cheers! There are much more educated commenters here on GoV than on their equivalents in France or Germany!

  10. Thanks for posting this valuable piece. I hope that many people will discover it – particularly in mainland europe
    where huge numbers of people there seem to pathalogically predisposed to having their society destroyed.

    I live in the uk and we have ever increasing problems here – read todays breitbart here:


    girls in the uk STILL being targeted by muslim gangs for sex and police STILL failing to deal with it.

    If what is going on in Europe isn’t bad enough after two/three/four years of this invasion see what the UN has just done in its recent appointment to the post of UN General Secretary. It has gone to someone by the name of Antonio Guterres of Portugal. He is from the same school of imbecelic stupidity that has produced Soros & Sutherland Merkle & Junker etc. I know shouldn’ t spend so much time on the internet looking at this stuff – I came across this web site with a detailed description of this cretin. Have a look at this:


    I read this once yesterday evening and was so shocked – I stupidly went and read it again in case I was dreaming. As a result I had a completely sleepless night.

  11. Dariusz, come to America — you will like most of us “rednecks” because we mostly agree that islam is a violent ideology. Only the leftists can continue to prate of how peaceful islam is. Or the willfully blind, perhaps.

    P.S. I came here as a Hungarian kid but have been an American for 50 years.

    P.P.S. Dymphna, I enjoyed your comments on this entire (long but interesting) article. I am sorry for the ethnic Germans, even despite their 2 big wars of attempted conquest in the past century.

  12. It’s all interesting speculation at this time, but where are the documents with Merkel’s name on the memo? What do Wikileaks know and what might happen if a leak of any such plans got splashed over the web?

    I’m undecided as to whether Europe’s present problems are the result of meetings by elites in smoke filled back rooms, or a cosmic aligning of planets, naive and incompetent leaders and turmoil in muslim states. Maybe it’s all of the above.

    But, Erdogan must be roaring with laughter, he’s going to get his Ottoman empire back again without firing a shot.

    History tells us that waves of invaders do one of two things; impose their culture and identity on the subjugated people, or secondly adopt the culture and identity of the subjugated. The Germanic tribes conquered Rome to become Romans. The pagan Norsemen became Christian French speaking Normans. But muslims with their supremacist religion will settle for nothing less than complete Islamisation, that is clear from history. Which makes the muslim migration red carpet reaction the most baffling. These people have no intention of integrating with “Christian” cultures. The key question is why can’t the politicians see that?

    • Very good observation. We must remember that Islam is really Arab supremecism masked as a religion. Most indigenous Europeans are vehemently opposed to any form of Supremacist beliefs following two world wars and there is no way they will ever accept Supremacist Islam even if forced at gun point. Indigenous Europeans are mostly caring and will not submit. We prefer to be the underdog and now I more and more are seeing the threat. Islam and their followers days are numbered, Erdogen can dream all he likes but this time the fight back will be far greater than before probably ending Islam and the Arab world for good.

      Germany is now starting to re assert it’s identity following BREXIT.

      • Really, where, and how?
        I see no fightback anywhere in Europe! Pegida? Sweden Democrats? BNI? FrP? You name it, these are tiny, and why, if the people have had enough of the invading hordes, why are they not out in the streets in their furious millions?

        As for why the politicians ‘can’t see that’, maybe they just won’t see it!

  13. Contrary to their ceaseless propaganda, the multi-culti society so beloved of the PC Marxists is not their ultimate goal, it is but a transition state en route to a mono-cultural Islamic society. They haven’t told us yet which sub-sect of Islam is preferred, Sunni, Shia, Wahabbi or Salafist etc, but I am sure the above article is correct in saying that we will get the most rabid, violent, fundamentalist variety.

    Meanwhile too many of us are in denial about the threat.

    • I agree totally. The hard left want full blown Islam. They might not be muslims themselves but they certainly want us to be dominated and controlled by the most extreme form of Islam possible.

      They are fighting tooth and nail to conceal this from us. The democrats in the US are the same as are Labour, SNP, PC, Sinn Fein and SDLP in the UK.

      • I found this comment somewhere. For me this is the perfect summary of the connection of the Leftists elite and islam:

        “The globalists LOVE Islam. It’s everything they could possibly want in a false religion. They love its brutality, the way it viciously polices its own and crushes dissent from within. They love its dehumanization, how it turns its followers into little more than human ammunition, eager to be spent in the slaughter of infidels. They love its crushing of spirit, how it keeps entire populations ignorant of history and science while living in destitute poverty, convincing them that fighting the infidels is more important than civilian infrastructure. They love its real rape culture, the way it reduces women and girls to mere livestock, to be raped or beaten or killed or sold on a whim. But most of all, they love its system of unquestioning loyalty, how its followers wouldn’t dare think twice if their imams told them to butcher that person or blow up that kindergarten or beat their own daughter to death. This is why the demonic death cult of Islam has been chosen by the globalists as the official false religion of their new world order.” – cyberjacques

        • What a brilliant comment you found.

          So the elites have found a controlling fake religion to control us. No wonder why they fight to the death to conceal it’s evil deads, but it is too late for them now as we know what Islam and jihad is about.

          More and more muslims are realising that they are fodder in the NWO quest for power, and that is why islamist Turkey is courting Russia and dumping the USA. I’ve been told that Turkey is staunch allies with Iran, so no doubt Turkey will want to team up Iran. What a nightmare.

  14. The politicians do see. The so called masses see. However what’s a memorised zombie to do? Erredagain will be devoured by the counter-counter-counter revolutionaries – eventually – I imagine.

  15. Excellent article indeed.

    The question is will unvolkung work? Can we reverse it? Can we undo the damage caused by mass immigration?

    One thing BREXIT has done is start the process of re-volkung ie reforming our nations.

    The Germans I know have now started to consider themselves German and not European. This is an important step for them.

    BREXIT is a process not an event. It is the start of the rebirth of the indigenous English, Scots, Welsh, N Irish and Irish identies in the UK. The Referendum was the start of the break down of unwanted cultural marxism.

    We Britons now have a much greater chance of resisting the Arabisation of our countries, because that’s what migration jihad is – Arabisation.

    • I’ve just read the article and am feeling sickened.

      I don’t like the current Met Commissioner but an islamist is totally unacceptable.

      Just read the comments, some are saying they wish Hitler took over. Well done [epithets].

  16. I’ve heard reports that Turkey is rallying itself with Russia China and Iran, and this has annoyed the US and NATO.

    It just proves how two faced the Turks are. One minute they are your ally the next minute they stab you in the back.

    If they leave NATO we are going to see fireworks in the White House.

    Russia and Turkey have never been allies and I can’t see this alliance lasting long, but I have been advised that Turkey and Iran are strong allies yet follow competing Islamic doctrines.

    Middle Eastern politics has been turned on its head again. Where will ISIS go now? We know the answer to that don’t we. Yes Europe and the US.

  17. So much hand-wringing over whether or not a word was used by… (Gasp!)… Nazis!

    Germans are so paralyzed by WWII guilt I’m surprised they can even bear to have an oven in their kitchens.

    • When leftists and the Christian Democrats fire up the ovens at Dachau again, everyone knows that some Germans will be leaving Bavaria through the chimneys. (Granted, Dachau wasn’t a death camp, but it had plenty of furnace capacity for its guests anyway.)

      It’s by the way that I can still remember my first visit there in the early 1990’s. Reconstructed barracks were full of gullible school children and their touchy feely teachers providing them with thought provoking questions about how and why the Germans—I mean Nazis—behaved as they did.

  18. Obviously, Germany would have been far better off if it had never re-united.

    I still think there’s a genetic component to the way Western Europe is opening itself to the Muslim and African invaders. Any population without any selection pressures at all is going to drift out of its instincts for self-preservation. All genes have a spontaneous and constant mutation rate. Any trait not selected for will eventually disappear, like eyes in fish living in dark caves.

    We like to say that the Hungarians, Poles, etc saw the results of totalitarianism, and are thus more determined to resist Muslim immigration. I think it has more to do with the fact that life was harder under Communism, and if you weren’t smart and aggressive, you didn’t survive.

    I think countries or provinces that are too large are also a huge part of the problem. The larger the country, the more bloated, remote, unaccountable and powerful the bureaucracy is. The European Union in 20 or 30 years would be so powerful that all they needed to do was slip in a Muslim as the President, and it would be a Caliphate. As always, the main enemy of sharia takeover is the inability of some Muslims to simply wait and let the stealth jihadists complete their subversion.

    I would say NATO right now is the biggest danger Europeans (or Americans) face. NATO is useless for true defense, as Turkey is a NATO member. NATO presently serves as an umbrella organization for the European and American globalists to arrange the support of Islamists in Syria. NATO is also supporting the construction of missile defense systems and military installations in the states bordering Russia, which is an open threat to Russia’s most vital interests.

    If Russia and NATO became engaged in a nuclear conflict, the military power most poised to take advantage of the weakness in Europe would be…Turkey. Turkey has to 2nd largest army in Europe, and already has extensive 5th column infiltrators in place.

    The dissolution of the EU, and kicking NATO out, is a necessary but not sufficient condition for Europe to retain its character and its multiple native volks. The Brits (barely) voted to BREXIT, but are in the hands of venal politicians who strongly supported remaining inside the EU. England is also continuing to break its own laws in allowing in “minors”, who look like they’re around 30 to anyone who is not an immigration official.

    I would say the best hope for Europe would be splitting into smaller provinces of more homogeneous volk with a well-armed citizenry well organized into militia, and backed by professional military and intelligence. Actually, I think there is a pretty good argument for putting all intelligence under the authority of the military, and doing away with secret behemoths like the CIA and the NSA.

    • Have no doubt that there are many military officers who share your concerns. So they would not mind paying qualified people enormous sums of money to generate a torrent of studies and reports which claim that only the armed forces are qualified to operate spy rings and related infrastructure. To this end, you could offer your services indirectly through a “think” tank established by the right people.

      In fact, why settle for half measures? Insist that all practical power over diplomacy, justice, tax collection, treasury, banking regulation, and securities exchange regulation be transferred to SecDef in times of emergency?

      • I prefer getting logical arguments against my positions.

        Military intelligence involves physical threats, direct or indirect. CIA and NSA involve spying on governments and carrying out questionable “regime change” activities.

        Questions involving things like arms control directly involve the military.

        CIA activities include overthrowing a democratically-elected government in Iran, assassinating an African President who presented no actual threat whatsoever, deposing a democratically-elected Ukrainian president for economic reasons, assassinating a Libyan ruler who was fully cooperating with the US and preventing refugees from trying to enter Europe, giving arms, training and money to al-qaeda affiliated rebels to overthrow the Syrian government that protected Christians and Yazidis.

        Are we truly better off by having unaccountable, heavily-funded intelligence agencies pursue policy, rather than security, issues?

        • Why not start your own think tank? Funding could be arranged with a GoFundMe campaign, and you could excite academia with your ideas by sponsoring a young scholars contest among American undergraduates. You would offer cash prizes ($100, $50, $25) for the best white papers explaining “logical arguments” to a stubborn world which refuses to take seriously your [insulting description redacted].

          [Note from BB: The rest of this comment was too packed with ad-hominem insults to be easily redacted, so I deleted the last two or three paragraphs.


          Don’t post any more gratuitous insults of your fellow commenters, or all your comments will simply be deleted. That’s a lot easier for us moderators, anyway.]

    • I agree, only the military should manage intelligence.

      As far back as 1979 the late Tory MP Airey Neave was murdered by the PIRA via a mercury switch car bomb (only the CIA possessed such technology).

      Mr Neave was briefed by the government to clean up the intelligence services MI5 and MI6, no doubt they got concerned and wanted Neave out of the way.

      The UK saw off the IRA when the Army managed intelligence by a sectiin called the “Det” part of the British Army. All MI6 did was carry out atrocities in the name of the IRA.

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