De Maizière Shuts the Barn Door

The German interior minister is making a belated effort to crack down on criminal and/or undesirable elements among the “refugees” who have arrived in Germany in the last few years. Common sense, rationality, and sanity would have indicated that the best way to keep Germany free of such people would have been to not invite them in in the first place. But common sense, rationality and sanity seem to be an impediment to one’s political career in Modern Multicultural Germany.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for this translation from Der Nordkurier:

De Maizière plans deportations without warning

14 October 2016

With a clear tightening of the residence law, the Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to increase the pressure on all foreigners who thwart their deportation.

A spokeswoman confirmed that the draft of a “law for the better enforcement of the departure obligation” had gone to the ministries a week ago for a vote.

Among other things, the draft directive foresees that in the future the persons concerned should no longer be informed of planned deportations. The so-called departure custody is to be extended from up to four days to a maximum of fourteen days.

In addition, the Ministry intends to extend the list of grounds for deportation. In the future, those detained will be not only aliens who are liable to leave the country, but who are at risk of “escape”, but also those who have been convicted of a criminal offense, and people “who constitute a considerable danger to public safety”.

The proposal also introduces a kind of second-class tolerance. The “certificate of enforceable departure obligation” will apply to all those who do not participate in the clarification of their nationality or in obtaining of a passport, and also to foreigners whose country of origin deliberately delays the issuing of the necessary documents. Those who are classified as such, should not be given access to integration classes or institutions of further education. Possibilities that existed until now for those who are being tolerated until they get a legal residence permit would no longer be considered for this group.

The proposals are part of a comprehensive security package announced by the Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU) in August. According to the Federal Government, at the end of August 210,296 foreigners who were obliged to leave Germany were staying in Germany. About three quarters of them had a toleration, for instance because of illness or because they had no passport.

Pro asylum appealed to the SPD to stop the law draft. It was “inhuman” and disproportionate. The German Attorneys-at-Law spoke of a “quick legislative shot, which may have fatal consequences”. The chairman of the DAV Asylum Committee, Gisela Seidler, said: “The idea of denying toleration when the person concerned no longer has a passport and the state of origin refuses a passport is completely absurd.” The idea that the behavior of the home country is attributable to the person concerned is legally incomprehensible.

Ulla Jelpke, the spokesman for the left-wing Bundestag, spoke of a “humanitarian declaration of bankruptcy.” She said that the proposed measures “constitute a form of psychological terror aimed at demoralizing the fugitives” after which they are to be deported as quickly as possible. Volker Beck (Greens) warned: “Whoever limits work opportunities, educational opportunities, and long-term prospects will not curb crime, but rather promote it.”

3 thoughts on “De Maizière Shuts the Barn Door

  1. Sounds like the CDU is trying to undercut the AfD by preempting their issues… Regardless, if the measure goes through, it is a step in the right direction.

  2. It has been documented that many invaders claiming refugee status destroyed their identity papers and claimed to be Syrians. Or, the invaders simply destroyed their identity papers because they knew European countries felt obligated to keep them and support them if no country of origin would accept them.

    These people could be interned in an out-of-country camp, but it kicks the problem down the road. Once they set up a stable situation of being supported, and begin to organize and radicalize, no country in the world would want them. Think of the people in Gaza or the “Palestinians” who disrupted and tried to destroy every country that accepted them.

    European countries should not accept responsibility for the safety of uninvited, illegal immigrants. This includes declining to rescue boatloads of refugees in inflatable rafts that scuttle their boats when a patrol is near.

    In truth, I think the Ministry of the Interior is trying to relieve some of the pressure created by the very obvious deterioration of the security situation of the German population. Once the most flagrant criminality is stopped, at least for the time being, they can continue to replace the volk through business-as-usual.

  3. An intellectually retarded individual, supports the invitation made by the equally deluded, failed communist, left wing, traitor in chief mutti Merkel
    In her ” Europe is open to all” to the middle East and North Africa and belatedly decides it’s a bit of a mistake!

    These people should be in chains!

    If you rob a Bank you can get twenty years or life in prison, these morons are destroying a continent without seemingly any retributions or consequences.

    Revolutions have been started over less, for example Marie Antoinette
    Wrongly quoted as saying “let them eat cake!”

    What is the German word for guillotine?


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