What Kind of Europe do we Want Our Children to Inherit?

The following summary of a talk given by the journalist Zsolt Bayer was published by the Hungarian news portal PestiSrácok.hu. CrossWare, who translated the article for Gates of Vienna, includes this brief note:

The daredevil of Hungarian journalism gave an absolutely PC-free speech in a political forum in the city of Veszprém about migration and the migrant quota referendum.

The translated article:

Zsolt Bayer: “Our duty is to defend Europe”

“We Hungarians are the real Europeans, and the goal of the near future is to stay that way. For us, the looked-down-upon and despised Eastern Europeans, our duty is to defend Europe. Because as life would have it, communism gave us a protective vaccination against lunacy, and because it is in our guts to defend our own, and we know how it is when somebody is lying in our face,” said Zsolt Bayer in a Veszprém a Fidesz (majority ruling party led by Viktor Orbán) political forum.

The publicist for Magyar Hírlap (Hungarian News), referred back to the demographical situation of the migration crisis, more correctly the migration. As he said, we must follow the problem back to its roots to see logically what will happen if we do not change our path. In thirty to forty years, the world’s population will double, and the planet will not be able to sustain 15 billion people, if the wasteful use of resources continues in the same pace. According to the UN’s forecast, the population of Africa will quadruple, Asia’s will double and the South American population will be 1.5 times larger, while the population of Europe can’t even reproduce to maintain its own numbers. While in Africa, the world’s poorest continent, an average women gives life to around six children, in Europe this number is just above 1. In the continent’s richest area, the province of Saxony, this number is 0.3, which means there are almost no child born there.

If everything stays this way, the culture and civilization of the white man will disappear from the Earth, as Zsolt Bayer put it.

About 1.5 million migrants have already set foot on continental territory, and another fifteen to twenty million are getting ready to cross the sea, heading to Europe. If the predicted population explosion comes true, what happens in places where nothing to eat and no clear drinking water? Mad Max’s world become a reality? — the journalist referred to the dystopian movie. Only people who do not have children and do not care about the future say this is just fiction. In the last sixty years the European people lost their two basic instincts: race preservation and self-preservation. In the meantime in the Muslim world the population increased nine times over!

The Migration is Artificially Directed and Someone is Financing It

So far 107 countries have been identified by the authorities as sending citizens. The five most significant countries from which the most people originate: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Of those five countries, three of them have been at war for a while now; the other two have no war at all, but they are the most horrible places on Earth.

“This is done on purpose, and of course all of this is for our betterment!”

What happened since the spring of last year is that everyone seems to have become fed up at the same time, and came to the same conclusion and decided: Let’s go to Europe! Why are these people going to Germany or Norway and just passing by the richest countries in the world? Those countries are the oil powers of the world, and their own kind (Muslims) live there. Why aren’t they going to Dubai, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia? asked the journalist.

He highlighted: this is anything but normal or realistic. There is a strong suspicion, as he sarcastically phrased it, that “This is done on purpose, and of course all of this is for our betterment!”

Referring to the United States, Zsolt Bayer reminded the audience that there has been a civil war in Syria for the past six years, and it was created mostly by the USA. Iraq has been a war zone for the past 26 years, also thanks to the USA. In Afghanistan there is not a single person whose ancestors lived in peace for more than 25 minutes, but the present situation there also shows the contribution of the United States. That is the same United States that is outraged, and untiringly lectures Hungary about democracy. But never complains or raises a finger against Saudi Arabia, where public executions and stoning of women happen daily. The American ambassador to the UN — while Europe is collapsing on us — speaks only once, and of his fifty-minute speech, thirty minutes are about Viktor Orbán and the knight’s cross awarded to me. “The knight’s cross of ‘Zsoca’ [his nickname] and Viktor Orbán are the greatest dangers to the world. These are the two things that need to be corrected, and then everything is OK, right?” as Bayer phrased it.

200K per Head from a Bank Card — So the Migrants Have Bank Accounts

Zsolt Bayer provided a personal story for an important and open question: where do these people get money, when they are “starving” and running away from a war, where they “lost everything” they had? The publicist recalled an event from a year ago, when he wanted to buy a couple of strudels in a confectionery in Szeged. As the store was cash-only, he walked over to the bank on the corner to pick up some cash from the ATM. In front of the machine he found three migrants busily milking the ATM. They picked up 200,000 forints [roughly 730 USD, which is about the monthly income of an average Hungarian worker] per person with bank cards.

“This when our moist-eyed liberal friends and activists say that they sold everything they had… Where, in Aleppo?”

I ask the three Alis where they come from. Of course they are from Syria, Aleppo. This was at the time when German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the media they would accept everybody from Syria, and magically everyone morphed into a Syrian. Where did they open a bank account in a city that was bombed to bits in the past six years, and not even a miserable outdoor toilet remained intact? Are we so stupid that we believe these guys made it to Lesbos in Greece and they walked into the first bank without any papers and said: “Hi, I am Ali the migrant and I came to open an account”? If we really are such idiots and believe that, there is another question: what they put into the account? This is when our moist-eyed liberal friends and activists say they sold everything they had. Where? In Aleppo? What, like two buckets of bricks? And who bought it? I’m sure that Aleppo’s newspapers are full of ads like: “Cheap villa for sale in Aleppo!” ranted Bayer.

There is Hope, But Europe is Changing Slowly

The publicist emphasized that the leaders of the EU, “Mama Merkel” as he called it, tell us daily how good it will be if the migrants come because in twenty to thirty years they will produce our retirement funds. The reality in the meantime, says Zsolt Bayer, is that these people are not even going to produce the amount Europe spending on them in welfare. According to the latest statistics, of 1.5 million migrants only 52 have begun work.

The statement that these people will save the labor market is the darkest and most insidious lie, as Zsolt Bayer put it.

The president of Daimler-Benz gave an interview about six months ago stating that for years now they have been waiting for such young and motivated potential workers. Bayer reminded everyone that in Europe many small emigrations are happening at the same time. Thousands of young people from Spain are migrating to South-America, Brits are migrating to Australia because they can’t find work here. From Hungary about 250,000 (by the leftists’ estimate, about half a million) left the country to work somewhere else in the EU, but the President of Daimler-Benz does not want these young European workers; he needs the Bedouin goat-herders and poppy-seed producers for a “motivated” workforce, the journalist commented cynically.

“Europe is slowly but surely changing. We have only one hope”

Not all is lost; there is still hope, but Europe is slowly but surely changing. In Austria they afraid of the results of the presidential election, so they cheat, then absurdly refer to trumped-up reasons, as they say the envelops are not sticking shut, or most recently, they say they must have an open procurement process for envelopes first.

There is not one lousy banana republic on Earth where one could speak such nonsense, but in Austria all this works smoothly. What would happen in Hungary if Minister of Internal Affairs Sándor Pintér were to say that there will be no election, because the envelopes are not sticky enough? The US ambassador to the UN would speak for two hours, and of that, one hour just about me!? But Austria is changing. The previous chancellor, the most cretinous they have ever had, compared us (Hungarians) to 1930s Nazi Germany because we built a fence, but twenty-five minutes before he left he still said it to the camera — in his country, where, you know, the envelopes are not sticking — “We are not building a fence, just a gate with long side wings.” Well, from me they could call it a flapping butterfly if they want, but at least they are finally building it, said Bayer.

He then talked about France and Germany. In Paris one can walk around for a day before coming across a white person. Even though this is called a “culture of many colors,” the French looks seem “bored” with it. The Germans have had enough, that Munich looks like Ózd in 1974 [Hungarian industrial town in the communist period, known for its forced industrialization and bad social situations such as places to live]: “s***, p***, dirt and people sitting in their own droppings everywhere.” More and more people there think: “This was nice up until now; we were moved and cried from overwhelming emotions, but there is no such thing as a guest who could not wear out his welcome. Now just all of them should go back to their ‘good’ (‘f***ing’) motherland!”.

Our Peacetime Europe is No More

Zsolt Bayer talked for a long time about how Europe lives in our memories: Vienna, the Schönbrunn castle or Paris the city of love, where even despite spending all our money, we drank a Calvados on the terrace one of the cafés on the Champs-Élysées. We can become nostalgic, remembering the beautiful peacetime Europe, but this no longer exists. At least it does not exist in Austria, Germany or France. If someone wants to see the real face of Europe now, they must travel to Prague, Krakow, Bratislava or Budapest.

“We feel it in our guts, how to defend our own”

Of the Visegrad Four, the publicist said that for 500 years we were unable to join forces because the West always blocked it, but now we have consensus among ourselves, thanks to the Hungarian Prime Minister. He stated: We, the looked-down-upon and despised Eastern European countries, are the ones still defending Europe. Because as life would have it, the communism gave us a protective vaccination against lunacy, because it is in our guts to defend our own, and we know how it is when somebody is lying in our face. The European Union is doing that! As Zsolt Bayer phrased it: “the lies are piled up to the top of the sky.” The agreement prepared by the European Commission and signed by the Hungarian Prime Minister clearly stated that accepting migrants is fully voluntary; if someone wants them, if someone does not, it not required to accept a single one. Then the European Commission, in which no one elected the bureaucrats who are sitting there, adopted a decision that they will distribute all the migrants between all member states without limit, and all who are not willing to accept this it will be punished. [The financial punishment proposed by the EC is 25€0,000 euros PER MIGRANT, which is the LIFETIME earnings of an average teacher in Hungary — and teachers earn above average!]

They Denied Their Own Flesh and Blood But Now They Would Let Anybody In

Concerning the October 2 Hungarian referendum, he explained: if this does not succeed, it will have unpredictable consequences. Those [post-communist leftist, socialists, SJW — on the payroll of George Soros] who now agitate to vote “YES” [let in flood of migrants], the same scum who in 2004 [referring an earlier referendum where the Orbán government wanted to offer citizenship to Hungarians living outside the country’s borders — as a result of the Treaty of Trianon 1920] said “do not give citizenship outside the borders” and tried to scare people with the prospect of 23 million Romanians flooding into Hungary. “They denied their own flesh and blood, but now they would let anybody in.”

The question is what kind of Europe do we want our children to inherit?

The meaning of the referendum is: What kind of Europe do want our children to inherit? The one which lives in our nostalgic memories, or the one that is filled with Muslim ghettos, where no white man can go and police are afraid to step in? Places where women are beaten according to Shariah? The question is: Do you want this in your own city, in Veszprém, or do we authorize our Prime Minister to stand up on October 3 in Brussels and tell them: “I was the only one in Europe who had the courage to ask my people, and they said NO!”

Photos: Péter Mészáros

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  1. AMEN, The good Samaritan helped the injured man….he did not take him home. Military and Police in all European countries need to round up ALL INTERLOPERS and take them back to Turkey or drop them off in Saudi arabia. The brain dead or paid off European politicians and the idiots in the US Government should be ignored or removed by the handful of principled leaders left, such as Hungary’s leadership. Mr. Putin should have a ” Come To Jesus ” meeting with the head of Turkey and offer him the choice between absorbing his primitive exports { called Muslims } or have his country turned into glass by advanced Russian devices. The Next Crusade must take place very soon…..or darkness and misery will engulf the world. This is what happens when people forget God…and the Roman Catholic Church becomes infested with Satanists.

    • All this makes sense to me. Viktor Orban is a patriot protecting his country and his countrymen. I like the statement that ” communism
      provided a vaccination against insanity”.

  2. I like Zsolt Bayer. He has a great style and a non-existent filter which is sometimes make what he says dirty but never less true. For his work he received the award of knight’s cross from the Orbán government and created with it a storm in a bidet, where many previous recipient returned their crosses. Let just note all of them received this award from the previous Leftist/Marxists post-communist Socialist government for their awesome work of selling their country to the globalists. So yeah whatever…
    I like Zsolt Bayer. He calls things as he sees them and many in Hungary agrees with him. (Hopefully here too). He calls the rent-a-Soros media buffoons “dirty rats” and while many agrees that rats are not deserving that comparison he is spot on.
    This site already published one of Zsolt’s previous article about “Mamma Merkel” where he simply called the migrant hordes: hyenas and now knowing what we know about all the sexual harassments, attacks, murders and terrorist acts, again we feel for the poor animals about the comparison.
    I like Zsolt Bayer…

  3. He is like a long cool glass of water, beaded with small droplets sparkling in the sun, to a man almost dying of thirst with a desert all around him, everywhere he looks.

    I use the word man in a non gender specific way, in the original sense i.e. Human kind. Just in case anyone thinks I am politically incorrect, anti-feminist, anti gender neutral and pro man. Perish the thought.

  4. I’m glad to be from a V4 nation. We have our share of idiots, but most people still have common sense. With our own regional elections comming up, I hope we show our spineless PM that we stay with the rest of V4, not the Brussel sojuz

    • Yes it is, specially the grammar. But despite having our own language I think what we speak is common sense and that should be understood by anyone with healthy sense of self preservation.

      • As far as the morphology is concerned, I beg to differ. It’s actually pretty stright-forward – no gender; just a few tenses [like in Slavic languages or German]; the ill-famed 18 cases are de facto suffixed prepositions; bi-personal conjugation is restricted to a merely one suffix [-lek = I (do something to) thee]. In short, nothing to be afraid of.

  5. Once more, many thanks to GoV and Crossware for this stuff, unobtainable elsewhere. In my country, much of the mainstream media yesterday led with the replacement of a presenter of a popular cooking program. That, for a while, was the lead story on Planet BBC and Planet tabloid press.

  6. it is in our guts to defend our own, and we know how it is when somebody is lying in our face

    How I wish our government could somehow understand the above statement.

  7. What kind of Europe do WE want our children to inherit?

    There is no WE anymore. It’s us and them and they are the forces of darkness, an unholy alliance of multi-culti PC Marxists, American neo-cons and ethnic invaders, aided and abetted by Soros, Sutherland, Merkel and the Pope.

    God help us.

    • And, in the US, by feminists, Baptists, Lutherans, Mormons, the ADL, B’nai B’rith, Adelson, Gelbaum, Silicon Valley, the Ford and Rockefeller Foundatios, the MSM, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Chamber of Commerce.

      You mentioned multi-culti PC Marxists so I don’t need to mention the Democrat Party.

  8. The ideology that wishes to let immigrants flood into Europe, is Globalism.

    George Soros is one of the main persons who works hard trying to mix all the people of the Earth into One Nation.

    When you have a big `One Nation-group` of people, it is much easier for a relatively small elite to control the rest of the people.

  9. Dear George is surely close to death, or so I hope. I have never seen a more evil Hungarian than he is. Even the communists were not as evil, since they believed in that.

    Since I know his history, I do know how evil is is and was. I also know what he did before he left Hungary. History is not as hard as people think, but you do have to dig for it and I did.

    Crossware, are you also Hungarian? Just wondering.

  10. Hungarians know what it is like for a bunch of Asian wanderers to come to Europe and radically change it, because that’s what they did 1100 years ago when not more than 15,000 of them came and conquered the close to 800,000 Slavonic and Romanised Illyrian-Celtic mix (forefathers of Serbs, Slovaks and Romanians) of small fiefdoms in the area, eventually having their Asian DNA dilluted in the European one.

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