Cultural Enrichment Boils Over in Bautzen

For the past week or two there have been demonstrations and unrest in the German city of Bautzen concerning the presence of migrants in the corn market, the central gathering place in the town. The trouble was started by the “refugees”, but this time the native Germans fought back, and mounted demonstrations against all the cultural enrichment. This, needless to say, caused them to be branded as “neo-Nazis” by the media.

Below is a video report on Bautzen from Spiegel, a progressive German media outlet. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following news report about the ringleader of the asylum seekers, also translated by Nash Montana, is from the German tabloid Bild, which is somewhat less progressive than Spiegel:

This is the leader of the young refugees

The photo of the armed young man was cause enough for the police in Saxony to pay attention. It shows Mohamed Youssef T. (20). BILD has learned that he was the ringleader during the riots in Bautzen in the past few weeks.

T. calls himself “King Abode”, and he sees himself as the leader of the young unaccompanied minor refugees (UMA’s) in this Saxon city. Now he speaks with BILD.

“I fled Libya when I was 17 years old”, he says. His father and his brother died, they were rebels in the fight against Muammar al-Gaddafi. He barely escaped: “I was shot at when I was 15.” In the boat, with 180 other refugees, he crossed the Mediterranean, according to his own account, and that is how he came to Bautzen as a refugee.

Did the asylum seeker and refugee incite violence? The Libyan plays down the issue: “I see myself as a protector of my friends. We call them the mafia, because all they do is get in trouble. They drink and steal, a lot of stress. I don’t want to have anything to do with that. I just want my peace.”

T. likes to pose with cool clothes. He receives 320 Euros per month here.

And the picture with the weapon?

Multiple Bautzen people reported it to the police because they saw a picture of the refugee on the internet. That’s why his room was searched on September 7. But nothing was found. Mohamed Youssef T. says that the picture is from back in Libya. “That was just normal there, everybody had a weapon. But for me this is the past, I don’t want to touch another weapon.”

He says he would love to go back to his home country. “There I had my family, my motorcycle, and my own room. That was a lot nicer.” But the political situation seems way too dangerous to him still. But in Germany he has too much “trouble with the Nazis because of the color of my skin.”

Who is “King Abode”? Perpetrator or victim?

He has been deemed aggressive. A video shows him wildly beating on a metal door; a photo shows how he was arrested after he attacked counter-demonstrators at a leftist demonstration he participated in.

One asylum home employee said to BILD: “We have asked the police to have a closer look at Abode. We are afraid that he is a bad influence on the other refugees.”

Video transcript:

0:03   On the streets of Bautzen Thursday night, xenophobes dominated.
0:08   Two hundred demonstrators were blatantly displaying what they were thinking,
0:11   or not. In front of the police they even gave the Hitler greeting,
0:16   one of the high points of a week that was rich in low points.
0:21   “Shut the damn camera off, you f****** wanker!”
0:25   A small group of vocal counter-protestors even showed up, arguing.
0:31   “This is just pitiful! You want to defend Germany, you’re s**t, you are not Germany!”
0:40   “You have inferiority complexes!” —“What do I have?” —“Inferiority complexes!”
0:45   “You just wait until it happens to you!”
0:48   “You need treatment, boy!” —“You need treatment, yeah!”
0:51   “Do you know what my lineage is, you c***,
0:55   [unintelligible]
1:00   “Why don’t you learn to talk normal and try not to insult people!”
1:03   “Why are you hiding behind the cops, come on out, you coward!”
1:06   “All you do is insult me!” —“You filthy animal!”
1:11   The performance of these concerned citizens
1:14   is due to an escalation that occurred in the few days previous.
1:18   On Wednesday evening about twenty underage refugees were brawling
1:21   with about eighty right-wingers.
1:24   In the end the asylum seekers were chased through the city.
1:27   All of it, allegedly, in the name of the people.
1:30   (Chants: We are the people, we are the people”)
1:33   For months the mood in the city has become increasingly aggravated.
1:36   Local politicians have noticed, too, but even so, nothing was done.
1:43   (Alexander Ahrens, Bautzen Mayor) “There’s a certain kind of frustration that has piled up,
1:46   I’ve noticed information about the corn market a few weeks ago,
1:50   and from the initial talks in my administration
1:53   we’ve realized that this is something that’s been boiling since last April,
1:58   and that is of course something that we have to talk about,
2:02   how we will handle such information in the future.
2:05   Basically the Bautzen citizens have it good.
2:08   The city is rebuilt, unemployment has been cut in half in the past ten years.
2:13   The corn market is focus of the conflict.
2:16   Here, young refugees, right-wing radicals, and the local alcohol scene
2:19   all come together on one place.
2:22   Mohammed, too, was on the plaza on said Wednesday,
2:25   filming with his cellphone. Though the escalation was started by the refugees,
2:29   but only because they were supposedly provoked by a German woman.
2:34   Group yelling at woman: “Look here, come, come already.”
2:37   One guy saying repeatedly: “Are you a dog or what?”
2:44   Woman yelling back: “(…) You a*****e!”
2:47   Woman yelling: “Who are you? You are a zero!”
3:00   “The people were just sitting on the benches, OK,
3:03   she came here past us, she said: ‘Black people out,
3:08   black people are not good, foreigners are not good,
3:13   foreigners out, foreigners don’t stay here,
3:16   just go back to your own country,’ for instance, OK?
3:19   And that is horrible, that’s not good, these people come from the war.”
3:24   That kind of understanding is lacking in many people here.
3:27   Last February a future asylum home was burning to the applause of citizens.
3:30   When the president visited the city, he too experienced
3:33   what kind of welcoming culture reigned here.
3:36   (Heckling and booing and people yelling ‘Traitor to the people!’)
3:52   In order to now preserve the peace in the city,
3:55   minor refugees are under a curfew after 7PM and alcohol is prohibited.
4:00   Furthermore the police have established a control area (checkpoint),
4:05   measures that one would wish they would pass for the Bautzen mob as well.
4:10   (Thomas Knaup, Görlitz Police) “We found a group here of youths, of minor refugees,
4:16   and we have determined that two of the men were wanted by the police.
4:19   One was a 15-year-old who is actually registered in Bavaria,
4:22   and has been registered under the status of ‘missing’.”
4:26   He will now be deported to Bavaria,
4:29   if nothing else, it’s a safe country of origin.
4:32   The other refugees will have to remain in Bautzen,
4:35   whether they like it or not.
4:39   Reporter: “Hang on, what did the police want from you?” —“F*** the police!”
4:42   Reporter: “Why? What happened?”
4:45   The number of refugees isn’t even more than 1% of the entire county.
4:48   Even so, in the last election every fourth person voted AfD or NPD [neo-Nazis].

10 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment Boils Over in Bautzen

  1. At around the one minute mark, I think I recognized a German.
    Yup, just like we remember them.

    • Clearly a Hooligan and/or Neonazi-Skinhead.
      It comes as no surprise that these are the elements of society who will be the first who re-act violent.
      But he could`ve equaly been a part of the lefts so called “Schwarzer Block”.

      • In Austria we also had recently two outbreaks of violence between young “refugees” and soccer-fans (and/or Hooligans).

  2. Things will only start to change when the politicians themselves beginn to feel the heat and anger.
    Let them have not a single moment of peace!
    The left is using this kind of tactics allready against critical politicians and citizens.

    While attacking so called refugees gives them only an opportunity to display their hypocrisy.

  3. May or may not be relevant, but Bautzen was one of the principal detention centres for crims and dissidents in the GDR, and its name was used by mothers to cow naughty children. Prison town of the prison state.

  4. Appears to be a fine upstanding young man. Perhaps one of the Progressive feminists can give him a spot in her bed.

  5. I hope the Germans will wake up one of these days — after all, scratch the skin, it is still the same German blood running through their veins. They have been cowed into “political correctness” but sooner or later they will escape from that trap.

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