Keep Your Distance From the Hyenas!

Since 1989 the polarity of the old Iron Curtain has been reversed. If one wants to hear simple political common sense about Multiculturalism or mass immigration, one listens to what the political leaders of the Visegrad Four (Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland) have to say. Or one watches “East Bloc” political commentators on TV, or reads their newspapers. West of the curtain there is nothing on the same topics but lies, obfuscation, and sonorous high-minded gibberish.

The Hungarian people can see what is happening in Western Europe. They can watch Germany and France destroying themselves with mass immigration and Islamization. They want none of those evils in Hungary. And, under the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, they are adamantly refusing the immigration quotas mandated by Brussels.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this op-ed by Zsolt Bayer from the Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap:

Zsolt Bayer: Arm’s length

Original article published July 1, 2016

Point of view: Imagine an average German woman; let’s call her “Frau Angela”.

Frau Angela has an unexplained and unquenchable love for hyenas. One day she brings a dozen of these wild animals into her house. She takes care of them, feeding them and petting them. Some gripping and lovely selfies are taken. Then one day when Frau Angela leaves home, the hyenas feed upon her family members. Her kids, husband and of course dear Granny. Upon returning home and seeing the horror, Frau Angela grieves over them, but when the neighbors trying to make a point by asking her why she brought hyenas into the house, she heatedly responds. She is outraged that anybody should suggest any correlation between the tragic demise of her loved ones and the presence of the hyenas. Anybody who makes such connections is an inept and short-sighted a*****e. Therefore she seizes the opportunity to ask her neighbors: instead of engaging in useless and unnecessary niggling, they should also accept hyenas into their homes. From the terrible demise of her family only one conclusion can be drawn: they had not cared and loved the hyenas enough, so in this area more efforts are required.

This is the reality today in Europe.

In Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart, all in all only a couple of dozen animals insulted some German women and girls. We should make a stand at the beginning: they were migrants. They were North African and Arab animals. So many hyenas! In addition to the perfectly obvious facts, we should know this with full certainty because the politicians in charge, the German media and also the German police are lying through their teeth, and keep lying about the whole thing. “No proof that the perps were migrants,” say the Germans and Madame Mayor of Cologne to the face of the world,, while they all know that yes they were, and they know that everybody else also knows. The police try to suppress everything, the media shuts up for as long as they can, then they apologize and talks about some “bad decisions”… This is the same way they have tried to suppress information in Sweden for years about all the sex crimes committed by migrants, and similarly in Finland where these animals just arrived and then immediately started to rape Finnish girls. Everywhere it is always the same reeking rotten crap: “We do not want to increase the level of stress”; “There is no correlation between the crime rate and the presence of the migrants”.

In the West there is no more freedom of speech, but there is no freedom of facts, either. The German media were more free and decent under dictatorships. There is no more destructive and suicidal dictatorship than the dictatorship of political correctness. No one is more cursed and destructive in heaven and earth than these migration-supporting swinish liberal gravediggers of Europe.

The European left and liberals, the miserable Shultz-, Juncker- and Verhofstadt-type villains, religiously believe that all of Europe’s problem can be solved with the creation of the United States of Europe. For this they have to eliminate the nation-states. The best method of liquidating the countries is to import 500 million migrants into Europe and then use a quota system spread them all around. That will solve the problem for them, as we can see right now. Also Frau Angela, who is either being blackmailed or is maybe just a coward, or perhaps she has fully lost her mind, is assisting in this.

The European natives of course do not want this. That is why they have to be kept in fear. The recipe is very simple, and is the same as it was in the Red Army: The goal is to keep the solders more afraid of their own officers than the enemy. Because this will be the only way to force them into a minefield. Yes, this is the goal: to make the European citizen more afraid to tell the truth than of the fact his daughter, mother, wife, sister will be raped, than the fact that his world, his culture will disappear, than the fact that he will be robbed and shot or his favorite café will be blown up beneath him.

So how can one achieve this?

This is what our life all about today.

This is the terror of opinion, the lunacy of political correctness and covering everything in a shroud of lies, and the real target of the idiotism. That is why the mayor of Cologne has the nerve to tell German women if they want to avoid further attacks by strangers, “they should keep an arm’s length” and “stay in groups on the street”.

Keep your distance from the hyenas that we will bring in ever growing numbers into your homes — this is the advice from mainstream politicians in Europe.

This is the surface of the internal and external terror we face.

26 thoughts on “Keep Your Distance From the Hyenas!

  1. I can only conclude the leaders of western Europe have formed a pact and have vile and malicious intentions toward their citizens. One incompetent idiotic leader I can understand, but a full consortium of them? No, something horrible has been birthed and the frilly bonnet of political correctness is a crude attempt to cover its ugliness.

    • That is the bizarre aspect of this. Individuals can embrace error from time to time but this is intentional and coordinated. The Treason Class speak with one voice. There are no exceptions, with the exceptions of the eastern Europeans.

      The outrage over Enoch Powell’s speech now 48 years in the past was instantaneous even then. That may be a clue as to how long this has been in the works.

      • In 1969 there was the threat of Communism. As a private in the infantry most of our real world exercise scenarios were about fighting Russian Reds around London, swinging England. Here and there the dark side of multi cult. Traveling the London underground in the early 1970s sneering newly oiled Arabs would openly mock, “Pauvre Anglais”. Multi- cult has gone up a lot since then? The minds of a very effete shagged out increasingly Islamic un-Christian bent elete and their influenced are trying very hard to create fear of a non existent Russian infidel.

    • andersmo

      What European leaders have done is implement a policy without thinking through the consequences and then once confronted with the consequences are incapable of admitting it, eg “It was a terrible mistake for us Germans to admit ‘guest-workers’ from Turkey starting in the 1960’s. We should have stuck with Spaniards, Italians, Yugoslavs.”

      In the 70’s Lebanese-Christian Australians begged the Australian government to not admit, in any significant numbers, Lebanese-Muslims into this country. Our wise authorities ignored their pleadings and entreaties as the actions of mere sectarian scaremongers. The Christian Lebanese knew what they were talking about.(cf Brigitte Gabriel).

      And within 10 years Australia had a huge problem on its hands. Which has just grown and grown with each passing decade. It is very decent of the Lebanese Christians in Australia to not loudly remind the rest of Australia: “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

    • “No, something horrible has been birthed and the frilly bonnet of political correctness is a crude attempt to cover its ugliness.” Priceless!

  2. Europe and the West desperately need a large scale war to clear away all the decay and rot and mindless nihilism which seems to infect the West like a cancer. Almost like how forests are renewed by fire which clears away all the stifling undergrowth that chokes out light and new growth. Not that wars are nice or pretty or that human suffering and misery is something to aspire to.

    I have come to the realization that human societies also follow the same natural processes as forests, and can also become choked with stagnant thought and destructive ideas, and by leaders who have become too insular and remote from those they rule, and citizens too apathetic and distracted to even bother to raise the next generation, let alone defend the current one. Several generations without war or fundamental purpose has left the West sickly and weak and prey to the designs of evil men, and the maraudings of the Thirld World, whose cultures are far more virile and aggressive than the passive state the West has fallen into.

    One way or another, I suspect we don’t have much longer to wait to test this hypotheses.

    • Yes I concur. This quote from Cormac McCarthy sticks:

      “It makes no difference what men think of war, war endures. As well ask men what they think of stone. War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade waiting its ultimate practitioner. That was the way it was and will be. That way, and not some other way.”

  3. Here in the states it is no better. What I worry about is that the idiots who cannot even give a correct explanation of how to find their place of business are allowed to vote. The youth are taught nothing – it is all a farce which enables PC to take control more easily – they know nothing else.

  4. Multi Cult is an ediface of lies and denial. I fear that the longer it takes to crumble, as crumble it must, the more horrific will be the violence amid the rubble.

  5. When or how will this end? Viktor Orban, God bless him, is the only political leader I know of who has the um, masculine fortitude to stand up and keep saying NO. The Polish leader has also done so (I’m sorry but I can’t remember his name) and is similar. Will they win? CAN they win?

    I suppose when Europe turns into the same cesspit as the muslim lands, yes. And maybe that day is not far off. As far as I can see from the news it is very close now.

    The Easterm Europeans know what it’s like to be under Das Boot. They have not forgotten it, either. They may be saviors of Europe, assuming Europe deserves to be saved.

    Your site is so aptly named. The Gates of Vienna were defended in 1683 but what happens in 2015 when people have turned into squishes? Unable to get up and defend their land and their freedom? This is getting very worrisome and of course we have problems here, too.

    • The V4 (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia) are desperately need a better leader in the USA. (Starts with “T” ends with “rump”). Right now the EU traitors can put pressure on this countries because Obama’s government backing them up.

    • I must object to the term Das Boot. It is totally out of context here.
      Das Boot (the boat) is the title of a German novel from 1973 by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. Filmed in 1981. Depicting life aboard a German submarine during the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII.

      I suspect what you were meaning to say was “the boot” or in German “Der Stiefel”

      But I agree with you on Orban. He seems to be the only one left having common sense in this mealstrom of policor madness.

      Here the latest of his speeches, worth listning to;

    • Sorry to be pedantic, ‘Mariadee,’ but do please research terms or titles you are not entirely familiar with, before posting. ‘Das Boot’ is not what you think it is. Hint: try looking it up in a film guide. It is the title of an excellent German TV series, and you might enjoy watching it. But it has nothing whatever to do with the goosestepping Nazi jackboots you seem to want to suggest – nor the Stalinist jackboots of the Red Army, come to that.

      But you are quite right about those people of Europe who have painful recollections of their recent history, and consequently harbour a great and instinctive repugnance towards any foreigners who presume to meddle in their affairs.

  6. P.S. Mr. Bond (aka the moon is a harsh mistress) I totally agree with you. something will break out and it won’t be pretty but it might be cleansing. And painful.

    • Why “Mr Bond”, Mariadee? Do you know something about “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” we don’t?

      (His/her moniker is the title of a novel by Robert A Heinlein).

      • I believe his little avatar is a still of some actor in the role of James Bond.

        • I should have looked more closely, Baron; looks like Daniel Craig.

          The incredibly gorgeous actress, Rachel Weiss, married Mr Craig a couple of years ago; maybe she didn’t know I was then free!

  7. Instead of posting such a long story why didn’t you just post Trumps story about the Snake?

    • Dymphna did that, months and months ago. You must have missed it.

      She even embedded a video of the Motown song.

  8. We need more of that, common sense articles from free nation Hungary and it’s free minds!

  9. I don’t know why you think Merkel is being blackmailed. She was bribed by the moslem leaders throughout the ME and she is fulfilling her part of the bargain. So too with Obama, Hillary and the rest of the American congress. Oh, and one other thing. Nobody in government gives a damn about what you dirt people think. Stop posting. It’s a waste of time.

  10. One thing is obvious: democracy, as we practice it, doesn’t work for the benefit of the people. Shortcomings of a democratic society has been known since the time of Athenian democracy. Some of those shortcomings can be easily corrected, but the structure has become so much of a “sacred cow”, that no party in the world propose changes to that structure.
    We accept that in all and any categories people cannot be considered as a mass and not as individuals. Yet, when it comes to democracy that consideration evaporates. There is a discrepancy between economic individualism and political structure. That discrepancy is the main problem of all western societies and will lead those societies to destruction.
    During the early time of capitalism individualism was the strongest point both in economic development and the social and political life. Gradually those two went different ways and today we have capitalism in economy and socialism in politics. Those two are in severe contradiction to each other and in constant competition. As a result, we have societies, which are sick and confused with many problems coming out from that contradiction.
    My sons want to by a car, but they are not 25 years old yet and insurance companies, according to their statistics, know that young people are more likely to be the higher risk, therefore the insurance premiums are much higher.
    Isn’t it amazing that by the time those kids considered to be mature enough do not represent such high risk, have been entrusted already for 7 years to have a voice, concerning the important issues through the voting! Isn’t it amazing that a family man with children, job and paid taxes has the same voting power as one with no family, children, job and lives on welfare!
    Until the time we recognise that to have a right to vote, one has to be a responsible individual and deserves the privilege of voting, the discrepancy between our economic and political structures will lead us to destruction of our societies.

    • Pong, this is a wealth of material. Worthy material.

      Universal suffrage when it comes to “having” the vote is probably the worst idea foisted on us so far – but the “Progressives” haven’t finished their destruction yet so who knows if they’ll devise something even worse before the body politic excises them and their poisonous ideas.

      I’ve begun any number of essays on this subject but realized the issue is too volatile right now to be addressed without increasing the level of reactive anxiety in which we’re all immersed.

      “Democracy” is now a sham. Our leaders are expected to be – wait for it – shamans, magicians who are required to pull quick fixes out of their…ummm, hats…yeah, that’s it, their hats. A trick they all solemnly promise to perform but never do. The solutions that come out of those hats are usually much worse than the problems they were designed to correct.

      The culture in which we currently live is regressed, reactive, and shallow. The few voices of reason are drowned out by the demands of a polity which realizes at some basic level how thoroughly they’ve been scammed. That realization has not yet given way to the understanding that their tantrums solve nothing…though perhaps they’re beginning to grasp that the heavy price of chronic rage will be one stinkin’ hangover after another.

      The smart ones are quiet. Doesn’t mean they’re not busy, but they’ve learned to play their cards close to the vest. So we can only guess what they’re up to, but since they are both smart and quiet, whatever they plan is probably benign in the long run.

      We will ‘soon’ arrive at a tipping point. There’s no way to tell how long it will take to happen, or which awful problem will be the “tipper” or even whether this ‘point’ will be a flash point or an erosion.

      When I look for analogies in nature, sometimes what comes to mind is the unnatural calm following the strange, rapid disappearance of the shoreline along a sea coast…just before that ‘shore’ “returns” with a vengeance, bringing a tsunami with it and permanently altering the shore.

      Another one is the way a river inexorably takes the land on either shore during a flood:

      That Daily Mail report would have been more informative if they’d shown any extant drawings from 450 years ago, so present-day readers could locate the castle relative to the shoreline of the River Dee when the castle was built.

      The changing courses of rivers, subject to the pressures of weather events, are indeed analogous to the ways in which cultures are forced to change their course under pressure from human events…

      Regarding rivers, human engineers can postpone what a river course proposes (e.g., the levees holding the Mississippi back from inundating New Orleans. The latter is below sea level. What that problem really needs is some Dutch engineers, but I won’t hold my breath). Facing the fact that New Orleans needs to relocate itself to higher ground is a human problem, a politically unsolvable one so far.

      Maybe when I have more energy I’ll take your comment apart and address all the things you mention…

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