Fiat Mammon

The discussion about the source of the European Union’s power (or lack of it) is continuing in the comments section of yesterday’s post “Political Power Grows Out of the Central Bank”.

The commenter copywriter responded to disagree with me about the power of the central banks. His full comment is here. However, I still maintain that the source of power for Western Civilization Inc. remains the fiscal system that has been so painstakingly constructed for the last 103 years.

My response to him is below.

OK, you tell me where the power comes from in the European Union, then. If it doesn’t grow from the barrel of a gun, and it doesn’t grow from the Central Bank, where, then, does it come from?

It doesn’t come from the voters, that’s for certain. Because no matter who they vote for, they get more immigrants, which they most emphatically don’t want.

As for dissidents — yes, there is plenty of ferment. People are angry. But anyone — and I mean ANYONE — who becomes a prominent voice of dissent, who sticks his head up above the common ruck, who gets noticed, is squashed like a bug. People are being arrested, tried, convicted, and fined for expressing anti-immigrant sentiments. Geert Wilders is about to go on trial in the Netherlands.

And even without being arrested, people are being squashed. People lose their jobs for having “racist” political opinions. In the UK, Sweden, and Germany, their children can be taken away from them. The Powers That Be can ruin your life. I know quite a few people personally who have experienced this fate.

At bottom, the process of ruining people’s lives is mainly a financial one. You lose your career, you can’t afford your digs anymore, you can’t have a car. The life you have known is taken away from you.

It’s not the Central Bank that does all this, obviously. But the fiscal policies that allow all this to go on are set at the top, and trickle down to the peons. Control via money begins at the level of the Central Banks, which are the primary engine of the New World Order.

The fiscal managers at that level are the power behind the politicians. The policies they demand must be implemented by those politicians, or they will be removed and replaced by others.

One of those policies is that there must be no impeding mass Third World immigration into the West. Politicians are obliged to implement that policy at all costs, no matter what the people who vote for them want. If they don’t, they are removed and replaced with someone compliant.

Donald Trump is the little dog who pulled back the curtain to reveal a man standing there pulling all the levers. Now we’re at the stage where the booming voice is frantically shouting “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

As for what comes next, I can’t say. All I know is that Donald Trump is opposed by the entire political establishment, both domestic and international. They’ve told Americans they’re not allowed to vote for him, but Americans — ornery, as always — appear to be planning to do so anyway.

The Bush family — the most recent scion of which was Satan Himself in the eyes of the Democrat Party — is out there stumping for Hillary now. Doesn’t that tell you something?

When the Bushes and the Clintons coalesce into a single oligarchic entity, you know we’re living in apocalyptic times.

No, I can’t agree with you. The things you describe are all theater, and do not affect the substance of power in the West, which is fiscal. Real power grows from the fiat money system. That’s the means by which control is exerted.

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  1. “OK, you tell me where the power comes from in the European Union, then”

    Power comes from stupid voters: They go and vote for zombies and Traitors. But Traitors are treacherous, godless, insincere, greedy, vile, venal, unscrupulous, unconscionable, . . . and use that mandate as approval of what they will / would do in the future policies mainly supporting Caliphate in every way they can.

    And also watch the following : Are there no decent men and women around her to [obscene references redacted].

    • Power has to come from your dependency, your weakness or your support. I will throw in ignorance. Sometimes the source of power may be an illusion. In the case you mention that is support because of ignorance.

      • You are spot on: dependency! That is why the elite loves poor masses crowded into huge cities relies on welfare. Of course Islam also play a crucial role to keep population in line, keep them dumb and fanatical.

  2. Baron,
    I have figured this out years ago and was waiting for you to get here. As I have said previously, Islam is an authoritarian system that can readily adapt to the whims and necessities of the highest bidder. The imam tells them where to go and how to get there and they follow the imam’s orders to the letter. But Islam is only one facet of the ‘power’ plays that are being engineered to bring us all to heel and poverty. The other here in America is ‘reconquista’ which is simply taking back what they gave up 200 years ago when they couldn’t figure out how to manage the water here in the southwest. I cannot tell you haw many skilled labor jobs have been lost and how we are all the poorer and the elite are all the richer. We have done the numbers though, and the present system is unsustainable. The systemic collapse that can be the only result of what was put in place by Mr. Wilson himself who was a useful liberal idiot is on the hear horizon. My, don’t we live in some ‘interesting’ times. Personally, I am holding my ground while waiting for the last trump, and no, not the one running for President. He is only one bullet away from the NWO.

  3. Dear Baron, copywriter’s suggestion concerning the Rothschild Empire would be a good starting point for those interested in researching what has befallen this world and with which to familiarize themselves how the old Biblical adage, that the love of money is the root of all evil, truly becomes a self-evident axiom.

    But our woes are not just centered on money or wealth.

    For what lies at the heart of political and religious power will be found those who will never be satiated, even if possessing all the money, wealth and power in the world.

    And, there is one very old religious institution that has had and still has much influence via religious and political power and no matter where the investigator looks, will always lead him back along the same worn out path – The Vatican.

    The old adage that all roads lead to Rome is very apt in any individuals pursuit of what really ails the world today and what really drives fascist organizations such as the EU.

    • Nemisis I agree with you on the Vatican. This institution has tremendous political and diplomatic power. Hard to believe for a walled garden somewhere in Rome but it’s true.
      But that’s not the issue here.

      The Baron and I disagree on a single point.
      He (Baron) believes the central banks are in control of this world.
      While I believe they are not. There is another layer on top of the central banks where true power resides.
      Central banks are just minions, agents of influence like so many other names passing by in this discussion.
      Names like Bush, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers and so many others around the world.
      They are all agents of influence under the time honored tradition
      “we made you rich, now we own you”

      What group of people has such great wealth it can control events in the world?
      Follow the money.
      The only name I can think of is Rothschild. They are in control not the central banks.

      • Well, I see the banks as the agents of control. Obviously, there is an oligarchy that is directing the actions of the central banks. I think power is diffused within this group, but it’s relatively small. The Rothschilds are certainly part of it, but there are others, such as Soros.

        [Whoops — this is the Baron using Dymphna’s computer.]

          • No, I guess I’m stupid. Why don’t you explain it to me?

            So if the number of oligarchs is NOT relatively small, what is it? In the thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

            Or are you saying that one person controls it all?

            Please enlighten me.

      • Copywriter, I’ve simply gone to another level in what and who really controls this world – Central Banks are just one controlling mechanism in this most sordid labyrinth that is so compartmentalized that even those at the top of the heap have no real idea as to who runs it.

        There are many clues in trying to unravel what has been put in place for possibly thousands of years, but there is also many false leads and lots of red herrings to throw off the most determined investigator who seeks the truth and is a system that has been so successful in maintaining its secrecy that I fear the truth will never be uncovered.

  4. [I copied and pasted this comment into last night’s news feed.

    DFD: In future, please leave long off-topic comments at the most recent news feed. — BB]

  5. “The Bush family — the most recent scion of which was Satan Himself in the eyes of the Democrat Party — is out there stumping for Hillary now.”

    This is news to me. Got a link to an article about this, with names, dates, and quotes from Bushes?

  6. Soros is literally a James Bond villain come to life.

    As I’ve said repeatedly, the elites coddle Islam because they see it as a more reliable, cheaper control mechanism than paying mercs and police to keep the masses inline.

    What could be more effective than an ideology that creates a class of maniacs who are empowered to murder anyone that steps out of line because they believe they can murder their way to paradise? No need to worry about intelligent, heavily-armed, highly-trained killers that will see they can simply turn their guns on their employers.

    And all the elite have to do to convince the masses they are good followers of that ideology are some public proclamations of faith and charitable donations to the nearest mosque. Utterly cost-effective compared to mercs and police that want healthcare, 401ks, vacation time, etc.

    Of course, even after the global caliphate is realized the elites will hide behind their villa walls gorge themselves during Ramadan and cruise from harem to harem of white sex slaves on their megayachts. All hush-hush and on the QT!

    Sounds like a pretty good deal…for the 0.01%!

    • Your scenario of the elite knowingly using Islam as a means of controlling the masses doesn’t ring true to me.

      The reason is that under Islam, even the rulers are severely constrained. I don’t mean that they have a limitation on their power over their masses, but just being in Islam is an extreme anal-retentive situation. Even the Saudi princes, with their solid gold Cadillacs, have to go to Bahrain to drink, or to London for prostitutes.

      The elites, with their billions of dollars, have infinitely more discretion in their lifestyles under the present system, than they would under Islam. Just about the only vice they can’t indulge locally is pedophilia. That will definitely trip them up.

      My reasoning is, wealth, position, and social standing are far more inherited now than in the past. With foreign H-1B visa holders systematically replacing white collar American workers in US companies, and illegal and semi-legal migrants pushing out skilled and unskilled American labor, there are many fewer merit paths to comfortable prosperity.

      The elites experience the normal degeneration of an inherited aristocracy. The Bush clan is a perfect representation. The granddaddy, Preston Bush, may have been evil, but definitely canny, intelligent, and effective. George HW Bush was competent, but nothing to write home about, and definitely inferior to Reagan intellectually. George W Bush and Jeb Bush are intellectual lightweights. George W Bush was unable to hold any job for very long. He went from business failure to business failure before he became first governor and then President.

      My point is, the elite have inordinate power in our present system of government, but they do not have the commensurate intelligence. They are too lazy to delve into the philosophy of Islam or the science of behavior genetics. Thus, they really believe the leftist slogans on the equality of all peoples and the interchangeability of people given the right training. They really think that the Somali immigrants who defecate in parks and pools today will be assembly workers at Daimler Motors in 2 or 3 years.

      What seems to motivate the elites and power brokers, as much as anything, is to amass even more huge stocks of money. The fastest road to even more riches, to them, is to arrange for massive government transfers of money. For every transfer, they take a cut.

      This is hugely wasteful and destructive to the average citizen, but exceedingly profitable for the elite bankers and political leaders arranging the transaction.

      • RonaldB-

        Thank you for the points. I disagree with your disagreement versus my main hypothesis, but I do agree with several of your lesser points.

        I disagree Saudi princes cannot drink in Saudi. If American ex-pats working for Raytheon can get loaded on bathtub gin and garage beer I am confident the elites have no problem importing and consuming alcohol.

        The Western elites can, and have indulged in ritual child abuse. Just look at the Jimmy Saville case in the UK as well as all the scandals around nobles and Parliamentarians. Child abuse is also widespread in the Muslim world.

        I agree with you that we are regressing from a meritocratic system to something more aristocratic as time passes. Again, this plays into the elites’ hands.

        Disagree about GHWB, but this is a mere detail in today’s world. Agree about GWB and Jeb.

        Disagree that all elites are incapable of understanding Islam, some seem to understand it very well. I agree that there is a large number of useful idiots who think that they can convert the Ummah into docile, dark-skinned pets that will happily work 40 hours a week and contribute a third of their pay into Ponzi scheme social welfare programs.

        Agree that the financial sector is out of control, and that the infinite money printing and fee-collecting needs to stop at a point.

        Personally, I believe that point is going to be extremely ugly and painful for the majority of us.

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