Eric Zemmour: “For the Last Forty Years We Have Been Colonisable”

A few days ago we featured an interview with the French writer and commentator Eric Zemmour, who discussed the disastrous results of cultural enrichment in France. Here he is again, this time talking about the colonization of his country by Africa and the Middle East.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   You are often accused of treating Moslems like enemies, and
00:04   while reading your preface I realised that you agreed to recognise
00:08   the fight they were fighting, and the people whom you were reproaching about most things,
00:12   They weren’t Moslems, but the French, your people, who refused to defend themselves.
00:16   Have I understood you correctly? —In any case you understood two things
00:20   first, that I have absolutely nothing against Moslems, obviously,
00:24   in fact, I am trying
00:28   to understand what’s going on. So I do understand the
00:32   civilisational combat that Islam is fighting. Islam was born with war;
00:36   it is part of a war and the prophet Muhammad was a warrior.
00:40   There’s no shame in imitating a great warrior. I myself admire Napoleon…
00:44   I admire a great warrior, a great conqueror, and Muhammad was a great warrior and a great conqueror.
00:48   Effectively, where you’re right
00:52   it’s that the problem is double: first about Moslems who
00:56   don’t want to assume it and don’t admit it, right,
01:00   and secondly, there’s above all the circles of French elites,
01:04   who refuse to see the reality of Islam, who paint it
01:08   in a way rather [unintelligible] without really knowing it,
01:13   while thinking that Islam is a vague
01:17   copy of Christianity, which Islam absolutely isn’t.
01:21   Islam isn’t a religion;
01:25   It’s a law, it’s a nation, but it isn’t a religion.
01:29   It has elements of a religion in the sense in which Christianity uses them,
01:33   meaning pilgrimage, prayer, and so on; but it’s much more global.
01:37   And our elites don’t understand anything about it, and they
01:41   don’t want to understand anything; and on the one hand they favored
01:45   a completely insane immigration, that became completely non-assimilable.
01:49   You know, I cite often that sentence of Engels that says:
01:53   “starting with a certain number, quantity is quality”; and we’re there.
01:57   You could make this sentence longer with the famous De Gaulle saying:
02:01   “You assimilate individuals and not people”. Today we have a people:
02:06   in the people. So obviously we cannot assimilate anything anymore. And additionally,
02:09   since historically Islam was never assimilable,
02:14   from the beginning, because it imposes its own vision,
02:18   you know, we have here a perfect impasse.
02:22   You say, “They are building mosques, thinking they are building
02:26   the same thing as churches.” Is the relativism of faith, or even cultural relativism
02:30   that killed us? — Obviously, what is killing us
02:34   is not only the relativism, it’s the “human-rightism”.
02:38   It’s the self-loathing, it’s all that. It’s the fact that we forget
02:42   that it’s the Declaration of Human and CITIZENS’ Rights, so we have the human rights
02:46   if we are citizens. We aren’t with an Anglo-Saxon logic
02:50   of the rights of an individual, but our elites don’t want to hear about that,
02:54   our judges don’t want to hear about it; our judges are now explaining
02:58   that the rule of law, what they’re pompously calling “the rule of law”,
03:02   it’s that Anglo-Saxon concept of the individual rights, and it’s false!
03:06   Now they explain to us that the constitution of the 5th Republic has to be respected,
03:10   and that it forbids all laws against
03:15   any religious attire in the public space.
03:19   It’s false! The 5th Republic doesn’t foresee the power of the judges!
03:23   On the contrary! It doesn’t even talk about judicial power;
03:27   it talks about the judicial authority. They are saying everything and anything!
03:31   The Constitutional Council grabbed the power.
03:35   It’s been a judiciary coup for the last forty years! And it’s absolutely unforgivable!
03:39   And what I am reproaching the people about is that they allow that.
03:43   Chesterton could be saying that those are Christian ideas gone mad. —Exactly!
03:47   And is there, when reading your preface, we are under the impression
03:51   at the end, that finally we kept something from our culture: the only thing
03:55   that is preventing us from defending ourselves. That we in fact “de-virilised” the values
03:59   and are keeping them [unintelligible]. —I wrote, it’s an old story for me,
04:03   I wrote a book ten years ago titled ‘The First Sex’, about the feminisation
04:07   of French society, about the de-virilisation, de-masculinisation, so it’s an old story;
04:11   I obviously agree with that. I think that we kept, it’s exactly the expression from Chesterton
04:16   that you just cited, that I’ve been citing for a long time: “Christian values gone crazy”,
04:20   meaning that we kept from Christianity only vague values,
04:28   without dogma, without anything, without the backbone, without anything that would come with it,
04:32   without Christian eschatology. For my part I’m not Christian,
04:36   so I can talk about it easily; but we as the French
04:40   are of Christian culture, even if we are not of the Christian faith.
04:44   Even of Catholic faith to be exact.
04:48   So this is very impressive, and by the way, we could discuss, I discuss
04:52   often with my Catholic friends; they themselves make the mistake, meaning
04:56   they themselves see Islam as another Christianity, it’s very impressive:
05:00   their filthy ignorance and their will to be blind. Everybody is being put in the same bag,
05:05   if I can express it this way. —You also cited Auguste Comte, who said, “The dead rule the living.”
05:09   The longer I live, the more I see that. Those words are absolutely legitimate.
05:13   When I say that I mean that we live under a counter-colonisation
05:20   Which means, you know the immigrants or the foreigners
05:24   or people who don’t come from the fundamental culture
05:28   of the majority; I know I am, my ancestors were,
05:33   either they assimilate and so they adopt
05:37   the culture of the dominant people in the culture they want to,
05:41   which they want to join, or they are colonists. You know,
05:45   I found a sentence from Franz Fanon, you know the great theorist of the colonisation,
05:49   of the de-colonisation; who had the precognition of exactly that, which is paradoxical,
05:53   and who said that the “tragedy of the of the colonised is
05:57   that they unconsciously want a revenge for colonisation.”
06:01   And there we are. We are there and I’ll finish
06:05   in the sense of your previous question:
06:09   President Senghor, you know from Senegal, was telling his African friends
06:13   who had this luxury of being able to blame the coloniser France for everything,
06:17   so he used to say: “In order to be colonised, one has to be colonisable.”
06:21   Well, I think that for the last forty years we have been colonisable.

8 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour: “For the Last Forty Years We Have Been Colonisable”

  1. It is disgusting to behold European countries who claim to have been colonised and persecuted by neighbours and yet take on board far worse to come from Islam.
    It has to be some kind of mental illness on a national level to openly grovel and accommodate the Muslim invaders offering zero resistance to what amounts to savages with spears. My God, the Muslim tells you to your face he wants to wipe you off the face of the planet and his actions speak as loud as his words. It’s all there in the Koran. We are partying ourselves into oblivion. 9/11 worked for the Saudis. What next?

  2. The hatred of the EU towards Israel is that it refuses to be colonisable though in the most difficult geo-political position. Israel is based on Borders and the EU is based on the abdication of borders. Now comes the payback, in the form of the colonisation of Europe, which makes the EU hate us all the more being correct and keeping the Borders up.

  3. This guy is absolutely brilliant.He deserves much more exposure on t.v and radio and also you tube.

  4. Eric Zemmour is indeed brilliant and deserves much more exposure – to the English speaking public, too!

    His ouvres ought to be translated into English as soon as possible.

    Not only is he seeing clearly. He also has the capacity to elaborating into a clear language his points of view, as well as critical facts about the times we are living in.

  5. He’s not Christian. The country is not Christian. So, what do the French believe in? I don’t mean what do they like: 1) They like to have affairs 2) Eat cheese 3) Have 6 week holidays 4) Not work hard and 5) whine bitterly about America and Cowboy capitalism.

    When you are weak like that, you create a vacuum. Islam is happily filling that vacuum.

    I go on “Samizdata” – the Brit Libertarian blog and write about Rotherham and how pathetic the Brits are. They counter that Trump is unacceptable, call me stupid and claim London is the greatest city on earth. I tell them it is Bangladesh on the Thames and they don’t like that. They also won’t address what happened in Rotherham. I bring it up and I get dead silence. The Brits are almost as “Eloi” as the French.

    This is a disease of the entire Western World, not just France. We appear to be culturally worn out.

    • I do agree that generally our national responses to Islam have been pathetic, but in this “we” I would also include the USA. We are all truly in this together – as always.

      This spinelessness is not just symptomatic of our response to Islam. It reflects our civilizational malaise that goes from our personal deficits through to all of our organisations such as local government, Police, military, politics and civil service.

      The wrong people have been in charge for too long.

    • As a Brit with dual nationality and having lived in France for 15 years I would say that the British are actually more dhimmi than the French. There is far less political correctness here about Islam among ordinary people.

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