Eric Zemmour: The French Have Become Foreigners in Their Own Country

Eric Zemmour is a prominent French commentator whose outspoken opinions have been featured here a number of times in the past.

In the following interview Mr. Zemmour discusses the Islamization of France, the expansion of the no-go zones, and the inevitability of a French military response to Muslim colonization. One of the most intriguing revelations in this interview is his assertion that the French military has consulted with its Israeli counterparts for advice on how to re-conquer the “sensitive urban zones” that have been lost to French control.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   It’s an author and a polemicist that I am receiving today.
00:04   ‘Un Quinquennat Pour Rien’, your latest book that is being released today;
00:08   it’s in fact a collection of your chronicles made here at this microphone on RTL,
00:12   and you pen a text preamble of 50 pages that runs as usual
00:16   bringing passions, debates, discussions. Before anything else a question out of curiosity:
00:20   have you gotten together with your publishers? Because there are at least two of your texts missing
00:24   in this collection. And you found out about it last night on France 5. —Exactly, and I’m going
00:28   to tell you honestly it’s a mystery, because the publisher has no idea what happened, I don’t know
00:32   what happened; we cannot find it any longer in the editor’s records.
00:36   So obviously last night we found those chronicles through RTL,
00:40   copied them, printed and they’ll by printed right away.
00:44   On top of everything I was disappointed, because, as you know,
00:48   I know, yes! — It’s one of the two chronicles I’m most proud of, so really…
00:52   it was terrible. — So you re-read your texts, but not your book.
00:56   Well, I re-read the texts and the book, but you know when you re-read
01:00   a text of 50 pages, we’ll be talking about, and then 400 chronicles, because it’s been four years
01:04   and it’s a lot, and you’re sure you’ve seen them, you know? It’s very strange,
01:08   but whatever, there are mysteries like that. —I’m going to the heart of the debate right away,
01:12   Eric, because that’s why we’re here, I’m sorry. From the first lines
01:16   of your introduction, you’re telling us that Islam, I repeat, Islam, is incompatible
01:20   with France. Islam or Islamism? — All right.
01:24   And even with the Republic —Absolutely, but first of all with the Republic and then with France.
01:28   I am going to explain it to you very simply:
01:32   Islam and Islamism are exactly the same thing. —You don’t acknowledge a difference anymore?
01:36   I’ve never seen a difference; everybody else does, I know, but I don’t. I am going to explain why.
01:40   First of all semantically, simply because, the word, I’ll keep it pithy,
01:44   the word ‘Islamism’ was invented in 19th century, in France,
01:48   to make it just like other religions, you know, we have Christianism — ism, Judaism —ism
01:52   Protestantism —ism, and then there was Islam. So for the sake of balance,
01:57   the word ‘Islamism’ was made up. But it’s the same word,
02:01   in the 19th century everyone uses ‘Islamism for ‘Islam’. It’s the same word.
02:05   So we explained the semantics. — But beyond the lessons of history,
02:09   you know very well that if you use one rather than the other
02:13   you are going in the direction of all the extremes. —Not at all. On the contrary.
02:17   Why am I going beyond our discussion, why don’t I make a difference?
02:21   Firstly, because there isn’t any. Because the ‘Islamists’
02:25   those whom we call ‘the Islamists’ call themselves ‘Moslems’
02:29   and by the way, when you’re saying ISIS, you’re saying Islamic State.
02:33   Why? Because they are applying Islam. All they are doing
02:37   is supported by suras of Islam. When they behead their enemies, It’s written in the Quran,
02:42   that you have to behead Jews and Christians. Muhammad himself beheaded many of them,
02:46   and you know that for Islam and for all Moslems Muhammad is the “perfect man.”
02:50   I put it in quote marks because that’s what they call him. Whom they have to imitate.
02:54   You just provided a perfect definition
02:57   of an extremist who in Islam becomes an Islamist and sometimes. —No, no.
03:01   …a terrorist… —No! —and this amalgam will fuel the discussion… —No! — I want to tell you,
03:05   who is going to hurt us, who is going to hurt French society —No, no, on the contrary!
03:09   Because your logic, it’s that of all our elites, it’s the logic of the government
03:13   that push today, to try to show a difference between ‘Islam’ and ‘Islamism’,
03:18   and what is the logic of this thinking? They say: to avoid Islamism,
03:21   well, we need more Islam! So they organize more mosques, they organise ‘French Islam’
03:29   and so on. I think that it’s a wrong diagnosis,
03:33   that will lead to a wrong solution and a wrong treatment. On the contrary,
03:37   Islamism, if you say that Islamism is Islam, we need to de-Islamize
03:41   entire French neighborhoods, which have become Islamized.
03:45   We are not in France any longer in countless neighborhoods, it was the subject of my paper on…
03:49   French became foreigners in their own country, you wrote. —Yes, and I stand by it.
03:53   French became foreigners in their own country, for example in Seine-Saint-Denis,
03:58   for example in other neighborhoods in all the large French towns.
04:02   yes, today people don’t live in a French way in those neighborhoods anymore,
04:06   people live there in a Moslem way. It means that women are mostly veiled,
04:10   that men wear attire like the prophet in the 7th century,
04:14   that young women are being monitored, and told they cannot date this or that young man,
04:18   that they are whores if they wear miniskirts; young men are monitored to see if they are drinking.
04:22   This isn’t France anymore. In the coffee shops there are no women;
04:26   excuse me, it’s not France any more! —The pretended de-radicalization of jihadists
04:30   is therefore a grotesque attempt, because you would need to de-Islamize, you wrote, it was exactly
04:34   the subject of one of my reports this morning: de-Islamize? —Yes, de-Islamize!
04:38   Yes! —How do you proceed with the de-Islamization? How do you do it? —I’m going to tell you!
04:42   If you want, you’re making a classical mistake
04:46   In France it’s totally normal that Remy Brad, you know that great specialist
04:50   of Islam, diagnoses very well. He says: In France the Catholics
04:54   have the priests. When you say ‘religion’ people think Catholicism.
04:58   Which means that you identify it with the Catholicism, and you see
05:02   the practices of Catholicism, meaning fasting, prayer, you see, and so on.
05:06   Except that Islam isn’t it at all! Islam isn’t a religion!
05:10   It’s a law, a right, and a nation. It’s not a religion!
05:14   You want to scare us and I think that… —I don’t want to scare you at all!
05:18   I’m going to give some examples: totally agree when you say it is vital
05:22   to answer the war of civilizations happening on our soil, so you say “through Islam”,
05:26   I would like to say by the Islamists or the extremists or even the terrorists —No, not at all.
05:30   You just answered my question, I’m not going back, — Sure. —If tomorrow there are… I’m still
05:34   citing you… 20-30 million French Moslems determined to veil their women and apply Sharia law;
05:38   we couldn’t have a minimal number of rules of the secular state, except with a dictatorship.
05:42   For me it’s an image of the future, that is inconsequent, it doesn’t exist…
05:46   I’m going to answer you: it’s already the case. —No, there isn’t…
05:50   There are now 20-30 millions of Moslems in our country! —No, but the law. Wait,
05:54   let me answer. —And Sharia Law isn’t legal in France, it isn’t being applied! —Let me answer!
05:59   The law forbidding the burka, the complete covering isn’t applied.
06:03   Voilà! You can ask all the cops, and they’ll tell you. Whey isn’t it applied?
06:07   Because since the Trappes riots, you remember, that followed the ID verification
06:11   of that completely veiled woman, there were riots;
06:15   and so now the police officers have orders not to verify ID.
06:19   Why are you saying that? — But… — At some point you need to show the proof!
06:23   Well the proof is that I was told that by police officers.
06:27   I’m citing another passage: there are in France hundreds of Seine-Saint-Denises and Molenbeeks,
06:31   that is referring to the chronicle —To the famous… —at the beginning of our conversation
06:35   For now the army is limited to a scandalous function of guarding religious buildings
06:39   and so on. But the command of the army knows that one day
06:43   they’ll have to re-conquer those regions that have become foreign on our own soil.
06:47   The plan is already written. It is called “Operation Ronce”.
06:51   It was designed with the help of the specialists for the Israeli army.
06:55   What are your sources? —Someone very close to the command.
06:59   You are telling us that French army is ready to…
07:03   Yes, the cleaning up! — The cleaning up? — Yes! It’s the battle of Algiers once again.
07:07   It’s exactly the same thing! We are… —You are prophesying a civil war —Yes, it will start again!
07:11   Exactly! We are in a civil war! —Without giving me your sources, you realize… — Wait, wait…
07:15   It’s not you, a journalist, that is going to ask me, a journalist, about my sources?
07:19   I’m telling you I have it. — I’m just making a remark, it’s my job. That’s all. — I have it from.
07:22   a trusted source, from people very close to the command; I didn’t say the name ‘Ronce’ for nothing.
07:27   They went to see the specialists from the Israeli army
07:31   and, the French that explained this to me, told me that,
07:35   like they did a Gaza, they would advise them to do the same;
07:40   they explained to them how to proceed, because Israelis are the specialists, of course,
07:44   and so the French plan is ready. Because we are in a post-colonial logic.
07:48   When you have immigrants that won’t adapt any more
07:52   to the French way of life, but who force on us their way of life, it’s called ‘colonisation’.
07:56   So when you have colonised regions,
08:00   either you submit — Islam means submission — or you revolt
08:04   against the colonization. —The discussion just started,
08:08   it was obvious we talked about it today, when your book was released. ‘Un Quinquennat Pour Rien’,
08:12   that was released by Alba Michel. Thank you, Eric Zemmour. —Thank you!
08:16   Thank you for your book and your job at RTL.

14 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour: The French Have Become Foreigners in Their Own Country

  1. It’s really does beggar belief that after all the issues France has had with its North African culture enrichers, Germany goes on to import over a million people cut from the same cloth. It really is frustrating to watch this all unfold.

    I’ve put a link to a video which discusses whether or not Enoch Powel was right. That though is not the telling part, if you don’t have time to watch the entire thing, forward it to 5.30 and listen to Roy Hattersley (Labour MP). It’s such a shame these people cannot be brought back from the grave and held to account for their treachery. I’m sure the girls in countless towns who have been sexually abused by the enrichers might have a word or two to say to old Roy.

    • Blair and his gang are is still hanging around. Like the Frenchmsn said, “We just got ourselves colonised.” Luckily we have good solid no bs strategies from the Israeli experience that will now assist greatly in reclaiming the national territory from the good-for-nothing Muslims.

    • Roy Hattersley is indeed a traitor. This is what he wrote in articles for the Guardian. He has utter contempt for his constituents and for democracy.

      “For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy – otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union.”

      “Should I, in 1964, have called for what a clear majority of my constituents, and most of the country, undoubtedly wanted – the repatriation of all Commonwealth immigrants?”

      The slobbering quisling is actually still alive and deserves to be brought to account.

      • Isn’t that truly appalling: an elected parliamentarian boasting that his grand achievement over 33 years was to thwart the wishes of the majority of his electorate.
        In a democracy? The one that is the ‘mother of all parliaments’?

        “Should I, in 1964, have called for what a clear majority of my constituents, and most of the country, undoubtedly wanted – the repatriation of all Commonwealth immigrants?”

        Umm, ‘Woy’*, yes, you should have. Because if you believed in the integrity and legitimacy of the governmental apparatus that provided you with a very comfortable income for 33 years (and afterwards a very generous pension) to be the elected representative of the people that voted for you, that was your job.

        *His nickname ‘Woy’ was partly bestowed because of his speech impediment and partly because he was often justifiably referred to as “claret-soaked”.

  2. “Telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. The interviewer was spitting blood. Yet the author did not let him win. What is it with Lefties? Total and utter denila even in the face of? Madness!

    • I appreciated his response of “You – a journalist – asking me to reveal my sources!”

      Incidentally, a search on ‘Operation Ronces’ is interesting.

      • Cannot wait to see the day when the French summon up the courage and implement operation Ronce.

        The journalist drew a perfect parallel on colonisation.

        The African continent expelled British, French, Belgium, German and Dutch ( to a lesser extent as a few
        Die-hards remain in South Africa as Afrikaners) for being WHITE and bringing European values with them.

        Looking at the state of Africa today you could argue that they actually brought long overdue civilisation with them too but that is another matter.

        Therefore if you have Arab and North African enclaves in your town and cities grimly determined not to assimilate, are you not being similarly colonised?

        KICK THEM OUT!

  3. Yes this is all very frustrating but no mystery at all — according to Bat Ye’or’s book, ‘Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis’ a lot of it can be attributed to de Gaulle’s strategic alliance with the Arab and Muslim world in the 1960s. What happened then is ingrained in the psyche that narrates current attitudes and official policies toward Islam in France at the upper echelons. Basically the citizen is being told everything is going big, global and corporate and multiculturalism Islam is the future, and to get over it. The System will not, I believe, give up without a fight and lots of blood.

    The denial by most Europeans I think comes because of the disinformation – ten years ago I lived in total ignorance of this since the histories were re-written by the victors and so-called liberators of WWI and WWII. If you want to find out what really happened after the Soviets liberated parts of Berlin and reconstructed German history, it is almost impossible get the facts since the trail has mostly gone cold and most witnesses are dead. Even some of the few Jewish witnesses who have come forward on certain issues concerning what the Germans actually did are deemed to be senile or gone off the deep end. Denying certain parts of German history can put you behind bars for as long as six years.

    • I’m curious what you mean by what the Germans actually did…it seems you are alluding that the canon of atrocities (i.e. genocide, etc.) weren’t as terrible after all. Can you clarify?

  4. Not very likely, if the army and police forces are infiltrated by or sold out to the moslems. There are roumors that the german army has a very high percentage of personel of moslem background. This possibly is the case, or rather will be, in most of the western armies as well. In Canada the national police force is considering hiring people without citizenship. Guess who is going to apply and be hired? This might even explain why the riot police all over europe stands idle when moslems riot but violently attack so called “right wing” protesters and harass people with anti moslem opinions. This is not an unplanned invasion, the politicians are not “stupid” or naive and they know exactly well what they are doing. We, the general public, are being deliberately betrayed and sold out, the goal likely to be the elimination of western societies with judeo christian based moral and value systems, emphasis being on “christian”, I would guess.

  5. The discussion about “Operation Ronce” in France gives me hope, at least for France, to push Islam out of their country. When France decides to flex its muscles, perhaps this will give courage to other EU countries to do the same.

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