Diana West Talks to Lou Dobbs About Trump’s Weak Polling With Women

Last Friday Diana West appeared on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business show to talk about what Donald Trump might be able to do to raise his low polling numbers with women. Her suggestion is that Mr. Trump should discuss the vile behavior of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. More than forty years ago, when she was a young lawyer, Mrs. Clinton (then Miss Rodham) used sleazy, unethical, dishonest tactics to keep the rapist of a 12-year-old girl out of jail.

Maybe this explains why Hillary Clinton has no problem doing business with Saudi sheikhs who marry little girls — the ground had already been prepped:

Here’s a link to the video mentioned by Ms. West in the above clip.

All of these arguments may have been rendered moot by today’s events in New York. It’s too early to say for certain, but Mrs. Clinton’s star seems to be rapidly descending.

4 thoughts on “Diana West Talks to Lou Dobbs About Trump’s Weak Polling With Women

  1. With all due respect, I don’t think raising Hillary’s unethical behavior from 40 years ago will make a difference to her supporters. After all, her unethical behavior one year ago, or one month ago, on television with documentation of her lies, deceits, and corrupt profiteering didn’t make a dent. Why would unethical behavior from 40 years ago?

    There’s also plenty on the public record, including videos, of Hillary’s shabby treatment of the rape victims of Bill’s rapes, when they went public.

    My impression is that a very substantial portion of the electorate vote from impressions and images, rather from facts.

    • I even have fear the her health issues may solidify her vote among some of her supporters. Eg. Do it for Hillary because she has tried for so long.

  2. Really? Hillary is the pro-Rapefugee candidate who advocates the immigration of hundreds of thousands of unvettable Syrians who — even if they aren’t active jihadists — will certainly bring their Muslim piggyman values.

    Hillary’s granddaughter won’t be attending school with Muslim boys, but she wants other Americans’ girls to experience maximum Islamic diversity.

    Remember her “basket of deplorables” includes citizens who regard “Islamophobia” as sanity.

  3. People have forgotten what holds civilisation together, that’s why they vote for so called inclusive candidates like Hillary.
    They’ll lock their doors to keep their houses and cars safe, but have forgotten that the same concept applies to their country at large.

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