A Third of a Millennium, a Decade and a Half

Fifteen years ago today…

Well, you all know what happened fifteen years ago today, so I can omit a lot of superfluous description. Most of it has been repeated so often that it sounds hackneyed now — the crisp, flawless early-fall Tuesday morning, the crystalline blue sky, people going about their workaday business… and then the horror overhead in Manhattan, the horror on the ground in Arlington, the smoke plume and the crater in Pennsylvania.

Virtually every American over the age of twenty-five remembers exactly what he was doing on that bright, bright morning when he heard the news from New York. He can give an account of his next few hours of rapt incomprehension, glued to the TV as the Twin Towers came down. The early return home from work or school. Strangers gathered in knots in the TV sections of stores, talking to each other while they stared up at the screens. Watching endless loops of the final collapse as the dust cloud swallowed Lower Manhattan.

They’ve got their stories, and I’ve got mine. But we’ve all told them so many times, working them over and over with our minds and lips, that the words are worn down to little nubs and have lost the hard edges of immediacy.

So we’ll leave that story for the moment and slide away to another anniversary, this one from a third of a millennium ago. I refer, of course, to the breaking of the Second Siege of Vienna on September 11-12, 1683. The city was on the verge of falling to the invading hordes of Muslim Ottomans when, at the last possible moment, a Christian army led by Polish King Jan III Sobieski descended from the Wienerwald and routed the army led by Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha. The Turks fled ignominiously back into Hungary, and the Islamic tide began to ebb from Europe.

For a full account of the Battle of Vienna, see “The Other September 11th”.

The pamphlet shown at the top of this post was printed in England to celebrate that victory over the Turks. Notice the pamphlet’s statement that the Turks were defeated “Without the Help of the Most Christian MONARCH” — a snide reference to King Louis XIV of France, who declined to join the coalition against the Turks, hoping for his Austrian rival to be overthrown so that France might gobble up the leftover pieces.

Now, more than three hundred years later, the Islamic tide has returned. This time the “grandchildren of the Ottomans” have entered the European heartland unopposed, invited and welcomed by European leaders eager to submit to them.

Times have changed. Plans announced by the FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) for a commemoration of the 333rd anniversary of the breaking of the Siege caused controversy in Vienna. The FPÖ was strongly criticized for proposing an activity that would be provocative to their Turkish guests. Celebrating the victory of 1683 would be insensitive, and maybe even Islamophobic.

The Turks hold massive celebrations every year for the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Is that provocative and insensitive? Or even Christianophobic?

It took three centuries for the Austrians to lose the plot, but we Americans do everything so much faster — we lost the plot after only a decade and a half.

Actually, it took much less time than that. A window of opportunity opened for a few weeks in the fall of 2001, making it possible for government officials and political leaders to say the words “Islamic terrorism”. For a little while we were actually able to name the enemy. But all too soon the iron grip of the House of Saud tightened around the nether parts of President George W. Bush, and we were reduced to a war against “terror” and “extremism”. We were fighting a “tiny minority of extremists” who had “hijacked a peaceful religion” — a religion that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in a fit of saccharine hyperbole, described as the “religion of peace and love”. The lexicon used to describe Islam, thin to begin with, was thinned even further until there was nothing left that could be said about Islam except how wonderful it was.

So we went haring off after the “extremists” in Afghanistan and Iraq. We spent thousands of lives and trillions of dollars on nation-building to remove the “root causes” of radicalism, so that the great nation of Islam could no longer be hijacked by evil people.

And in order to further mutual understanding between ourselves and the Muslim world, we allowed agents of the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate us at every possible level. They instructed us about the true nature of Islam. They explained what Islam really meant. They taught us what we were allowed to say — and even think — about it.

Never has a great nation been suborned so quickly and so thoroughly by its sworn enemies. In the blink of an eye the mujahideen marched out of the dust of Ground Zero, donned suits and ties, and put the nation under their thrall. In our new-found enthusiasm for the wonderful religion of Islam, we anointed a man who could yodel the azaan with the best of them. God help us, we elected him president — twice.

The headline today in Business Insider says “The terrorist threat is worse now than it was before 9/11”. This tells us all we need to know: after all those years, and all that expenditure of blood and treasure, the only thing we can identify as an enemy is “terror”.

Fifteen years didn’t just roll back events to where they started: they pushed them back even further, putting the United States and the whole of the West that much closer to the full rule of Islamic Law. Try proclaiming your true feelings about Islam loudly from a street corner in any major Western city today, and see where it gets you.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The important thing about 9-11 wasn’t the “tiny minority of extremists” who hijacked those planes and flew them into buildings.

The important thing was the huge majority of mainstream Muslims who danced in the streets when it happened. Those wonderful adherents of the religion of peace ’n’ love who still celebrate in public whenever their co-religionists succeed in a mass-slaughter of infidels. They cheer and fire their guns into the air and hand out candy to kids in honor of the victorious shahids.

In the months after September 11, 2001, I was preoccupied with matters such as these. Like so many other people at that time, I felt driven to understand the nature of what had happened to us, and how the enemy might be defeated. That’s how I began the long and crooked path to the work I do now.

In truth, as I assess how far we’ve backslid in the last fifteen years, I don’t have much optimism about the final outcome. Unfolding events in Germany over the past two years have demonstrated the tenacity of delusion and self-deception in the minds of ordinary Westerners. The illusory “narrative” is preferable to the bitter reality of what is happening. So many people will hang on to it at all costs, even when it means their doom.

So I contemplate all this for a while. Then I shake my head vigorously, rub my eyes, and return to the task at hand. What else can I do?

The current situation reminds me of the words of the Antarctic explorer Sir Raymond Priestly concerning the astonishing feats of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who brought his crew to safety after being stranded for two winters (1914-16) without a ship in the Antarctic:

For scientific discovery give me Scott; for speed and efficiency of travel give me Amundsen; but when disaster strikes and all hope is gone, get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton.

That’s what I’m doing right now, on this the fifteenth anniversary of 9-11: I’m down on my knees, praying for Shackleton.

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  1. I’ll never forget the sinking feeling when, several weeks later (even before the airlines were back up to full running), George Bush told his fellow Americans the best thing we could do in the aftermath was to “go shopping”. On the other hand, I try to imagine what a President Kerry might have advised us to do and my spirit settles down again…

    Some of us continue to find 9/11 a difficult day to process. Obviously, Mrs. Clinton was so moved by the ceremonies in NYC that she was overcome:


    Either she was overcome or the Karma Dude bopped her a good one. You choose.

    • God forbid she gets elected from some kind of sympathy vote if she comes out and announces something.

    • At Belmont,

      “road tested” said:

      Her campaign has now released the news that she has pneumonia, so sure, she was “feeling great.”
      Caught in another lie.

      I replied:

      Her brain condition, or Parkinsons, interferes with proper swallowing, resulting in stuff going down the wrong tube, often leading to pneumonia.


      “Aspiration pneumonia is a lung infection that develops after you aspirate (inhale) food, liquid, or vomit into your lungs. You can also aspirate food or liquid from your stomach that backs up into your esophagus.”

      Pneumonia in the elderly often leads to death.

      (Esp. if repeated, as in her REPEATED Coughing (CHOKING) Spells.)


    • Think what it was really like in 2001 – I think this is a lucky country in so many ways. If Al Gore had won the election we would still be “negotiating” with the Taliban!

  2. Well, as long as I can order a cappuccino and a ham and cheese croissant on September 11th in remembrance of the first 9/11 things will be fine. Once that becomes islamophobic I am out of here.
    Written while sitting at a Starbucks sipping my cappuccino.

    • What […] are you doing at Starbucks on this day? Nobody talks to any other patron there unless you bring your own gang and even then it’s like a live Facebook event – nothing ever said before, or, again of any relevance or consequence.

      Where is the Paul Revere in you? Where is the George Washington, the Robert Lee, and the Stonewall Jackson?

      Get thyself to a Irish Pub. Liberate a few Guinness and in process liberate yourself for a while. Create an ascending crescendo and cacophony of debate and begin a movement.

      Scream NO to islam. Scream NO to barry soetoro (aka bh obama), the Clinton crew, Jeh Johson, Paul Ryan and the entire, despicable, coterie of Washington corruption.

      Raise a Guinness to the victims and heroes of 9/11. I still seethe at this appalling attack on my values and my favourite other country.

      Don’t let the crooks off the hook and that includes Dubya – the clown that announced islam was a religion of peace in the face of thousands of tons of rubble and bodies in New York.

      I saw the beginning of the Cowboys-Giants game a bit back today and Dubya and Mrs. trotted out on a surface which on TV gave the impression of a 7000 sq. foot Stars and Stripes (the dimensions of a NFL playing field). My stomach churned.

      I’m Irish and I worked in Texas when Dubya was Governor and I remember his failing oil drilling company being bailed out by the Saudis and when I worked in Florida shortly thereafter, I remember 9/11 and the despicable cowardliness he displayed in the soon, near and longer aftermath of the greatest attack on America; the America if which I was President of the time, I would have taken out the Kaaba, after only as long as it took to assemble the flight crews.

      While I disparage Dubya he is a lightweight in comparison to the monstrousness of Barry Soetoro and the burgeoning Clinton dynasty.

      On this day my American friends, remember 9/11 with claws of vengeance. The enemy is any assembly of people under sharia (countries, nations, groups, organizations, etc., hamas, hezbollah for example) that lays claim to allegiance to mad m0 hamhead and/or anything to do with the most evil belief system humanity has ever experienced – islam.

      Never forget 9/11 America.

      I feel a little better. My Packers (it’s a Green thing) won.

      The Irishman.

      • Cappuccino is the coffee and milk beverage the Capuchin monk in Vienna devised that made the expresso that the moslem turks were drinking palatable. The CEO of Starbucks has shamefully come down on the side of Madame Hillaryous and her muslim brotherhood ilk. What I was doing was toasting the first 9/11 to their face. Had they a ham and cheese croissant that would have been raised in defiance as well.
        As for the Guinness, I will join you in spirit and share a chilled bottle of Cinq Cents Belgian White Ale with you as Guiness is a bit too stout for my stomach.
        Not that Gore would have been any better, even though the Clintonistas set us up for 9/11, but the sad fact is that we have all been sold out to the corporations that are the new overlords. Governments are bankrupt and quickly becoming obsolete. I shudder at the day when we, the people, lose our voice and become so much expendable corporate chattel, and from what I have seen of the economic and financial tea leaves, that day is looming on the horizon.
        BTW, I am Welsh and I know what it is like to be discarded when the job is completed and then told to accept half wages if I want to work on the next project.

        • I really like this idea of cappuccino & croissants becoming symbolic gastro-enticements celebrating/memorializing historic 9/11’s. Perhaps churches/synagogues/youth groups could host these events on the eve &/or day of the upcoming 9/11 memorial and arrange to feature a guest lecturer discussing these historic moments – as a counter-effort against the amnesiac & media narratives

      • Your sentiment concurs with mine. I was home in Miami, back from three weeks in Europe, drinking a cup of coffee, and watching the news when the first plane hit the first tower. I knew it was the Muslims. During my trip, I saw Muslims in every European City I visited and I felt it revolting. History taught me the aggressiveness of the Totalitarian cult and I didn’t understand why most people were unaware of this. Are we afraid of the truth? They way things are now, we are in it until the end. We can’t be just a “little bit”

  3. The immigration weapon is fiendishly clever and is not found in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. It is a strategy where you don’t fight your enemy head on, you convert him to someone else. We have to convince ourselves that this is happening. Read James Simpson in The Red-Green Axis and read about Soros.

    We also continue to be Bernard Lewis’s fools, hence we try to get rid of Assad’s and Saddams and Gaddafis. .

    And we need intense intellectual studies on how to fight a multi-opponent diffuse hybrid guerilla-type world war. I wish everyone would read a little from Hugh Fitzgerald at New English Review on this.

    • I wish there were intellectual studies – horrifying what is being taught, even in the elite colleges today. The students come out stupider than before. Yet I have a Ph.D. and cannot find a job anywhere (despite actually having an education, a real one. I never took a remedial course either). These degrees are rubbish, but then so are most of the institutes of “higher education.”

  4. 1. I noticed the odd reference in the 1683 proclamation to “Without the help of the Most Christian } Monarch” and thought: is that a jab at Louis 14th? You have confirmed that it was. The relevance today is that there is an analogy to be drawn with the short-sighted selfishness of the King of France: he thought the defeat of the Habsburgs by the Turks would give him the opportunity to, by conquest, add Bavaria, Tyrol, Habsburg possessions in NE Italy such as Trieste to his Empire and maybe gain some ascendancy over the Venetian Republic. What Louis 14th failed to appreciate was that with the Ottomans in control of Vienna and Austria, Bohemia too would have fallen and France would be confronted with a more powerful better resourced hostile neighbour to its east controlling all of central and south-eastern Europe that would sooner or later present a lethal threat to France itself. Today we see the same short-sightedness. In 1995 US-led NATO forces bombed Serbian forces to protect Bosnian Muslims in Operation Deliberate Force: why did Christian NATO countries team up to help Muslims? There were brutal atrocities being committed by both sides, but only Muslim victims in, eg, Srebrenica seemed to garner Western sympathy and attention. Then in 1999 NATO (with UNSC approval) bombed Belgrade and other Serbian cities in Operation Noble Anvil, killing hundreds of Serbian civilians and causing billions of dollars of economic damage, in order to dissuade Milosevic from assisting beleaguered Serbs in Kosovo against Albanian Muslim invaders. What was the result of these interventions: a weakened Serbia, emboldened Albanians conquering Kosovo (and now threatening the stability and demographic balance in Christian Macedonia) and a confident and secure Muslim Bosnia that contributes the highest number, per capita, of ISIS volunteers from any European country. A fabulous outcome for Christian Europe and the West. Not.

    2. “The important thing was the huge majority of mainstream Muslims who danced in the streets when it happened. Those wonderful adherents of the religion of peace ’n’ love who still celebrate in public whenever their co-religionists succeed in a mass-slaughter of infidels. They cheer and fire their guns into the air and hand out candy to kids in honor of the victorious shahids.”

    On the morning of September 11th I got into work at 5am to be told by my coffee shop proprietor that the World Trade Center was “gone”. I went home at 4pm and watched the news of it on all 5 TV channels – surfing from one to the other and back – and on one commerical channel, and one channel only, footage was shown of raucous celebrations in the West Bank, candy being handed out to children, women ululating with joy, etc, the works. When my wife got home I returned to channel surfing to show her the West Bank footage and it was never repeated on that channel. Not on the 6pm news, the 7pm, the 9pm, etc. I was gobsmacked. The clear inference was that one TV news editor had deemed it appropriate to broadcast that footage at 4pm, but by 6pm his superiors had deemed it inappropriate, presumably to prevent Australians from getting the “wrong” idea about the lovely Palestinians – it upset the long-cultivated media narrative that they are civilized victims of Israel. I have never seen that West Bank footage on Australian TV since. It has been put down the memory hole. Deeply disturbing.

    • Hurrah, hurrah. Send the name of the station, etc. to the Trump Campaign. Ditto to anyone who knows of anything like this. Trump may be able to get hold of the original tape. I would never, ever trusts the government to do anything but cover this up.

    • Then the ululating muslims went on to assign the blame for the 9/11 slaughter on… the Mossad!!!

      • And not just the Muslims. If you troll through the understory of Internet commentary, you’ll find that THE JOOOOS DONE IT is quite popular with a fair number of non-Muslims.

        • Oh Baron, stop being disingenuous. You and I both well know that the JOOOOS did it! It has been unequivocally proven (by HuffPo and whatever media mouthpiece Hamas uses) that all JOOOOS who worked in the WTC were given prior warning by … whatever Zionist agency, to not go to work that day.

  5. Excellent, as always, dear Baron. I wept this morning thinking about 9/11 and I am amazed there is not more out there.

    Have people become numb to this sort of thing?

    When 9/11 happened I was in tears, and wondering what our future could be. I still don’t know, but it doesn’t look good to me and I fear for my children and grandchildren.

    Our government is pusillanimous (sp) and do not use that word lightly. There is something wrong but I can’t put my finger on it. This also disturbs me.

    I come back to this. There is something evil comes. May God help us.

    • You don’t need to be an engineer to understand the Physics involved:

      Imagine the WEIGHT of the stories above the point of impact in each of the towers.
      Now imagine that weight shifting downward by the slightest amount due to weakened steel and structural damage.

      STOPPING that moving weight at once becomes impossible, far exceeding design parameters, and things accelerate from that point on.

      One of the reasons the tower that was struck lower
      (more weight above)
      collapsed first.

      • “A basic engineering assessment of the design of the World Trade Center dispels many of the myths about its collapse. First, the perimeter tube design of the towers protected them from failing upon impact. The outer columns were engineered to stiffen the towers in heavy wind, and they protected the inner core, which held the gravity load. Removal of some of the outer columns alone could not bring the building down. Furthermore, because of the stiffness of the perimeter design, it was impossible for the aircraft impact to topple the building.

        However, the building was not able to withstand the intense heat of the jet fuel fire. While it was impossible for the fuel-rich, diffuse-flame fire to burn at a temperature high enough to melt the steel, its quick ignition and intense heat caused the steel to lose at least half its strength and to deform, causing buckling or crippling. This weakening and deformation caused a few floors to fall, while the weight of the stories above them crushed the floors below, initiating a domino collapse. “

      • Thank you. I initially flunked high school chemistry and never got into the physics class (and graduated only through special consideration by the chemistry teacher). I do just fine with math.

          • I got A’s in High School Chemistry and Physics, and wormed my way through Math.

            Calculus for Engineers at Beserkley persuaded me to change my major and relocate to UCSB.
            (Made Pizza @ Shakey’s in Goleta)

    • I am holding 2 engineering degrees – however I can’t call myself expert as I am not an architect but yes there is a lot of strange thing happened with that fire (temperature too low) and the collapse of the buildings. It is no longer a conspiracy theory. More correctly it is no longer a theory!

      • So what exactly was the temperature? And how much heat had to be applied to the metal to weaken it sufficiently to allow it to deform or simply change its original crystalline state? And as Doug said above, once the initial deformation took place, gravity had its way…
        I’m also an Engineer and it seems that I have the ability to place such ill-defined “theories” where they belong, without giving house-room to opinions from those who haven’t a clue about technology: in the garbage can.

      • OK, at the risk of censure I will weigh in on this discussion. My construction background and interested spectator position that includes knowing a few people who demolish high-rises tells me that the two towers were ‘helped’ when they collapsed upon themselves. the iconic footage of the second tower that the airplane hit collapsing perfectly vertically within seconds of the airplane’s hit was way too perfect. The tower should have leaned slightly as in the case of the B-26 that hit the 25 Story Building in Manhattan (best memory, correct me if I am mistaken). there was also damage to the basement parking portion of the structure which would be impossible as I know how those parking basements are built, just look up the Korean Air building in DTLA.
        The whole incident appeared to be too well orchestrated at the time and I was left wondering what would be the other shoe to fall. 9/11 would have been the perfect Reichstag Fire except for the very brave and patriotic souls (God bless them) who gave their lives in exchange for the nation’s capital. Dubya could have been easily taken down in Air Force One and almost was. We know what Dubya said afterwards. I was left with the creepy feeling that deals had been made at 25,000 feet that spared his life in exchange for significant capitulations. Gore could have easily become president if everything had gone as planned. For these reasons I believe that the America that I was raised up with died that day. I hold to the Christian America that states, “In God we trust.” The rest of it, well… I don’t trust very much at all. I wish one and all an enjoyable 9/12.

        • Excuse my being picky, acuara; it was a B-25 Mitchell.

          (Totally irrelevant; I have a photo taken by my Dad, of my six-year-old self sitting in the cockpit of a B-25 at Winnipeg Airport, c1954).

      • In 2007 a truck carrying gasoline crashed on Hwy 80 near Emeryville, CA. The hot fire caused the freeway to collapse, leaving a gaping hole that cars would have fallen through had it not been blocked off for the months that it took to repair it.

        The fire quickly buckled a 3-lane highway which collapsed onto the freeway underneath it.

        Freeways do not have nearly the flammability of a building with all its furnishings and interior structures.

        Nevertheless, the intense heat melted the steel embedded in the freeway.

        It appears that it can happen.

        • Exactly. In fact the steel does not have to melt; it only has to change it’s crystalline properties (similar to what the process of anealing does) for it to fail under load. And if that load is substantial – like several floors of a building, the failure will occur sooner than later.
          The sheer logistical problem of setting off explosive charges (as has been postulated by many; too many) at the right place and at the right time, boggles the mind. For a start an agreement would have had to be made with the terrorists as to exactly which part of the building to hit…

  6. David •

    7 years after the worst terrorist attack in history perpetrated by radical Muslims that were part of Al Qaeda, the United States of America elected Barack Hussein Obama, a man raised in Muslim Indonesia.

    A man who was an avowed member of the New Party (socialist) in Chicago. A man who was married in Rev. Wright’s church in Chicago (G*d D**n America!).

    • My feelings exactly; how in hades could Americans possibly elect a man who openly said he would ‘stand with the moslems’, (the avowed enemy!) and boy, has he done just that ever since!

      And STILL he’s the President!

      It’s as though Americans are remembering this terrible anniversary, but haven’t yet figured out who was (is) responsible!

  7. Some leaders are no good in a crisis or a war and the “August Emperor” Leopold in the first 9/11 attack, is remembered for fleeing his city of Vienna instead of remaining and leading the defence. It took a Polish King to save his bacon and his fine city.

    • That`s not true.
      He didn`t flee, he retreated as any leader would do.
      Would the US-president stay in Washington when there is immanent danger that it will come under siege, I doubt it.
      He had to organise his army, raise money and hold contact with allies (who all got payed for their military help, they didnt came just for free – with money or titles, as it was customary at that time).
      What good had it done if he had stayed in Vienna?
      He had an Empire to save, not just a single city (though an important one).
      And basically it was Charles Duke of Lothringen who was the commander of the Habsburg forces and who did most of the strategic planning and fighting.
      Sobiesky had just a titular-commando, because as a king he was the highest ranking noble man.
      That said of course every help at that time was important (and is well remembered in Vienna) and everyone had his part in fighting the Turcs off.
      May all these European heroes never be forgotten, and their bravery and commitement shall not have been futile.

      • Sobieski was more than just the titular commander. He was in the van, which was extremely important in a battle of such magnitude and moment. That’s why he got most of the acclamation for the victory.

        The leader who is in front with his soldiers, who will take the same risks and perhaps share their fate, has great meaning on a battlefield. We don’t have as many like that nowadays; times have changed.

        • Like I said, everyone who took part has its honourable share of victory.

          But Sobieski even left the fighting on different occasions to change his clothes (so that he would look all nice and shiny at the end of the battle – keep in mind, it`s the period of Baroque).
          And fe. in the days after the main battle (during the retreat of the Ottoman forces) his troops suffered from unnecessary loses because he didn`t stick to the strategy of the combined allied forces.

          He has his merits, especially in his many wars against the Ottoman Empire in todays Poland and Ukraine.
          But when it comes to the siege of Vienna, Historians of the past have somewhat exaggerated his relevance (exaggerated – I don`t say, that he had none).
          Of course mainly because he was the only King there.
          And that`s always a beautiful story to tell.

          A fine book to the topic (maybe the best in german language): Wien Anno 1683, Sachslehner

  8. Rather over 15 years ago, a Colombian Evangelical couple wanted to become missionaries to the muslims. The husband submitted a project to his denomination at the continent wide level and it was approved. The denominational head in Colombia told them that he didn’t approve, that their mission should be to win their own people. However, since the project was already approved, they might as well go through the motions, so lets set a date for the husband to give a presentation at the denominational headquarters in Colombia. The date that they set back then in 2001, just happened to be September 11th, a day like any other day back then. Of course they showed up to give the presentation, but with the towers burning on all the TV screens, it was never given. The man who had just wanted to go through the motions ended up saying, “God forgive us! How can anyone be so deceived that they can do such a horrible thing and think that they are serving God? You have to go preach to these people!

  9. Is that badge available please ? Where from and how much ? If not available – why not ?

  10. I spelled out the nature of Islam in my novel Joe’s trial, published november 2000. after september 11 2001 the novel briefly surfaced as something to read that can make sense of the Islamic murderous nature. I had some inverviews, some sales, some radio discussions about the substance. Then, along with the shifting of the focus from Jihad to Extremism the interest dwindled. But the main massage was lost. That the Islamic Enemy is within the fabric of America, tightly woven, along with its Jihadi intentions. A golden opportunity to comprehend was lost, and the book remained forlorn. Still a good read, people tell me and still absolutely true.

    Y Brandstetter MD

  11. Let us not forget that it was in September 11, but of 1565, that the remnants of the Knights Hospitalier and the Habsburg reinforcments routed the Ottoman Army in Malta, putting a nail in Suleiman’s ambitions to take the island. It may not have truly stopped the Turkish Expansionism, but it did stop them from move into the Western Mediterranean

  12. I do remember quite well how I was driving with the tram through Viennas 15th district, while 911 was still developing.

    The first news I had followed at home, but had to leave for an appointement in the City later that day.
    Passing the station Johnstrasse of the 49 tram-line I saw an older man (obviously muslim – clothes, long beard and all) standing on the sidewalk, praying, with a big grin on his face.
    While the dirty Austrian Kufars passing by, hardly taking any notice and if they did had no clue what so ever.

    In hindsight 911 was an eyeopener for many.
    Also for myself, especially after some discussions I had afterwards with some muslims.
    Before 911 I was some what positive-indifferent about Islam.
    But that all changed.

  13. I am bitter about the current world situation. Growing up in an Islamic country as a non-Muslim I’ve always looked to the West as somewhere I could eventually move to in order to escape Islam and finally speak my mind without fear of violence from the Muslims.

    I remember when I saw 9/11 on the evening news (time zone difference). I was angry and incredibly insulted, and I was only 6 at the time. I have always felt that military action in Iraq and Afghanistan was justified, given the 9/11 attacks. But slowly as I grew up I started to see more and more westerners being against it. I could not figure out why. All while the Muslims around me hate the West because they are taught to do so, ‘intervention’ be damned.

    Now I know, and now Europe along with much of the West are inviting the enemy into their homes and defending the Muslims because it makes them look good. For me, it just means that my options of escaping Islam is very limited now.

    Here’s a bit of a fun fact that even some Muslims aren’t taught. The world is split into Dar al-Islam, which means the house of Islam and Dar al-Harb, which means the house of War. Countries and leaders who have accepted Islam will be considered Dar al-Islam, while the unconquered lands are called Dar al-Harb. This alone should tell us why it is a dangerous religion to begin with.

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