Geert Wilders: Muslims, Free Yourselves and Leave Islam!

The following article by Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, has been translated from the Dutch. It was originally published in the Algemeen Dagblad, one of the largest dailies in The Netherlands:

Muslims, Free Yourselves and Leave Islam!

by Geert Wilders

Many people have been shocked by a recent undercover documentary on Danish television. It revealed how imams, speaking a moderate language when talking to Westerners, have a quite different message for Muslims in the mosque. There, Islam shows its true face: Cruel, barbaric, inhumane.

Just imagine you’re a woman. Danish television showed how a woman, who was complaining to the imam that she was being abused by her husband, was told not go to the police. According to Islam, women are not to complain when they’re beaten up by their husbands, unfaithful wives should be stoned, homosexuals should be thrown from buildings, apostates and infidels deserve death, and democracy must be subordinate to Islamic Sharia law. That’s all being proclaimed. Not just in Denmark. But also here, in our own country, in the Netherlands, in the year 2016, as will soon be confirmed, according to a newspaper, by a study conducted by Tilburg University.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology. Muslims are its victims. Just imagine you’re a gay person in a Muslim family. Just imagine you’re a Muslim girl wanting to marry a non-Muslim. Just imagine being a Muslim wanting to convert to Christianity or any other religion or become an atheist.

I traveled the Islamic world extensively when it was still possible for me to do so. I have met many friendly, hospitable and helpful Muslims there. But I also vividly remember the oppressive Islamic culture of fear, oppression and apathy. I’m still reminded of this whenever I receive emails from Muslims, from the Netherlands, but also from Islamic countries, who want to escape the lack of freedom. Or who write to me saying they don’t understand why we are importing the Islamic culture to our own country and allowing it to thrive here.

It is in the interest of our own Western civilization, but also in the interest of the Muslims themselves, that we encourage as many Muslims as possible to turn their backs on Islam and become Christians or atheists or whatever. The more Muslims freeing themselves from Islam and the yoke of Muhammad, the better.

“Apostates” are, in fact, people who choose freedom; they deserve encouragement. Because the more Islamic apostates there are, the less misogyny, the less hatred of gays, the less anti-Semitism, the less oppression, the less terror and violence, and the more freedom there will be. Everyone will benefit from this. Ex-Muslims as well as ourselves.

Hence, our message should be very clear: Muslims, leave Islam, opt for freedom, turn your backs on the imams. Free yourself.

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  1. This is exactly correct.

    As the legal literature states very clearly, human beings are protected under the law but religious beliefs are not.

    They are two entirely different things.

    In philosophical terms, religious beliefs have ‘intentionality’ – that is to say they are ‘about’ other things which are believed to have happened, whereas bones and blood are not ‘about’ anything else. Religious beliefs are ‘thoughtstuff’ – software. And human beings are hardware.

    When someone criticises Islam, they are talking about software.

    Not hardware (race).

    This legal, philosophical and practical point needs to be made over and over again, until this charge of ‘racism’ which is levelled at anyone who is discussing 7th century Arabian religious software is seen for the absurdity which it is.

    All that Wilders is saying here is that this particular software – Islam – is a reliigous application that was developed in 7th Century Arabia.

    There is no way it is going to run on a 21st Century European operation system. There are bound to be compatibility issues!

    • what a beautifully succinct explanation! why did i not come up with that? now im jealous

    • It’s a nice clear metaphor. It does open a bit of a hole, though. The easiest place to poke that hole is in France, which considers all of its people to be French first. Whereas we may understand “a French person” to be someone of French heritage, that is not how it is spoken in common usage in France. Is being French a matter of hardware, software, or both?
      The trouble is that if it’s just software, you might demand that they stop being French. But in many cases they can’t stop being French because they’re literally French hardware as well. If that makes sense.
      Same applies to Jews, maybe more so.

      • That is quite interesting. However, if I am reading what you are saying correctly, then your argument relies on the premise that being ‘French’ (whatever that means) is a matter of ‘just software’ – but that is not necessarily the case at all.

        Consider this: As I indicated earlier, religious beliefs have what is known in the literature as ‘intentionality’, in that they are ‘about’ something that is out there in the world. This is a property of human thought, and one’s beliefs about the truth claims made by Islam, or any other religion, are just one aspect of that.

        I can look out my window, for example, and my thoughts are ‘about’ a tree, grass, flowers, a fence, etc.

        But the tree or the grass aren’t ‘about’ anything else. A tree simply doesn’t have that property.

        The two things are essentially different from one another. In fact, they are two different kinds of thing altogether.

        They are as different as a plate of custard and a lathe. In fact, more so.

        So let us grant that being ‘French’ is not merely a matter of ‘software’. Let us grant, for the sake of argument, that being ‘French’ is a matter of hardware and software.

        It does not follow that there is not an essential difference between hardware (blood and bones) and software (thought-stuff).

        And one’s beliefs about things such as Mohammed fllying about the sky on the back of a winged horse, for example, are definitely ‘software’. Religious software, in this instance. Specifically, Islamic software.

        And if one attempts to run Arabian religious software which was developed in the 7th century, and which was intended to run in a barren desert environment, on a 21st Century Western European operating system, then there will obviously be compatibility issues.

      • Its a matter of software. Alexander Dumas is the ultimate frenchman. He was Black. many of France’s modern philosophers and writers are Jewish. they are more french than the French. Fabius, the French foreign minister is Jewish. He puts France First. Its a matter of programming, that is early education. If you are raised in a family of four women with an abusive patriarch who spewes out hatred AM to PM to all humans not of the same program, you become Muslim, with very few exceptions.

    • Your comment need posting on Facebook, twitter and any other social media site you are a member of.
      You really have hit the nail on the head with this comment and many youngsters will understand what you are saying as you are speaking their language.
      If you don’t want to post it may I have your permission copy it and post to Facebook and twitter?

    • People are listening to him, they should. He doesn’t have much to lose that he hasn’t already risked.

      • I agree. Freedom’s just another word, etc.

        The only thing they haven’t done is kill him and you know they’re trying all the time…

        • Poor Kris can barely remember the words to his own songs any more. I’ve seen him live, been a fan for years. Watched a programme about the Highwaymen on BBC4 the other night, as it happens. The ultimate ‘supergroup’.

      • I’m a huge Geert fan. I just don’t think this fig leaf is worth the effort of typing the words.

        • It separates human beings who have been told that they are ‘Muslims’ from the teachings of the Islamic religion.

          This is an important distinction to make, both legally and philosophically – and by continually drawing attention to it, the absurd assertion that anyone who discusses the teachings of Islam is in some unfathomable way ‘racist’ is de-fanged.

          If one is talking about Islamic doctrines then one is not talking about ‘race’ (hardware) – one is talking about software.

          And legally speaking, human beings are protected under human rights legislation, but religious beliefs are not!

          That can’t be said often enough.

        • On the contrary, this is the obvious next step to just standing against Islam. To push Islam back is to invite the next fight but to dismantle the LIE would be victory for the whole earth.

  2. Dear Geert — I agree with your message to Muslims. I’ve been thinking that myself recently. However, I also think that we must encourage these poor benighted people to consider becoming Christian. There should be a special outreach to Muslim women who suffer the most, as you point out in your article. Christianity would be a balm to them in their torture, and the women could reach the men and children in their families, helping overcome the evil-doing of the Muslim way of life/death. Churches in the West should be brave in seeking out and converting Muslims, even becoming martyrs in a non-violent crusade. Did not Christ himself say, “The truth shall set you free”?

    • Those moslem women are well known to be horrible bullies as well and one of the worst perpetrators of using their cruel, backward Islamic beliefs to bully us and they are expert in being pretentious and horrible whenever it suits them. It is best to avoid them.

    • If they have no self-awareness that their Islamic community is totally evil and has not changed for the better for so many centuries, and they(together with various Islamic evil mischief/greed/intolerance) constantly preyed on and alienated us and discriminated against us disadvantaged nonbelievers.
      We, the disadvantanged nonbelievers need help to take steps and prevent further bullying and oppression from those Moslems who are expert in their tagiyya. or exploitation of us nonbelievers.

    • I don’t see the point of churches or Christians for the matter aiding them(or their evil cause) in any way as that would only perpetuate more problems for us nonbelievers or cause disadvantaged nonbelievers to suffer more.

    • It is worth taking the time to read through the Special Rapporteur’s reports on the right to change religion.

      Here’s the interesting point: If one has the right to change religion, then how does that happen? That is to say, what are the necessary conditions for one to change religion – if one chooses?

      John Stuart Mill argued in On Liberty that facts and arguments need to be brought before one’s mind, and that they need to be presented by people who believe those facts to be true, so that the relevant arguments are presented in the most convincing fashion.

      So let us say that hearing why Islam is wrong (it’s truth claims do not correspond to reality) and why Christianity is correct (its truth claims do correspond to reality) are both necessary conditions of someone choosing to change their religion.

      It follows that if someone such as yourself is prevented from trying to convince another party, who happens to have been brought up to see themselves as a Muslim, that Islam is wrong or that Christianity is correct, then not only is the speaker being denied their human rights, the listener is being denied their human right to change their religion.

      As Wilders said, and as you yourself have said, it’s time we reminded all the poor people who have been brainwashed by Islamic ‘teachers’ when they were little that when they come to the West, they have the right to change religion!

      • If they really want change, start changing their Islamic countries to be more tolerable for us minority nonbelievers.
        Those oppressive and greedy Islamic people have to stop imposing and contaminating their Islam on every bank, every food or everything they touch or control in their predominantly Islamic countries. Those Islamics so called moderates and extremist have been damaging so many countries in the world. They have to be told firmly that their criminal and oppressive tactics are unacceptable and keep their infighting to themselves and stop expecting aids for their Islamic problems that are perpetuated by their Islamic greed.
        Those Islamic people have to stop damaging Western countries with their Islamic evil, oppressive ideals.

      • Those Islamics devils don’t need to come to the West to change religion. They can change into whatever they like in their Islamic countries that they obsessed about so much, but anyone who knows what they really are like would never trust them again. Those Islamic devils need to change their Islamic filthy, corrupt, insane culture and their totalitarian ideology which they used it in a devious way to enrich themselves. Furthermore, many Christians are as bad as them and are indirectly furthering their Islamic agenda even though knowingly they and their Islamic faith are evil.

        • Please explain: “Furthermore, many Christians are as bad as them and are indirectly furthering their Islamic agenda even though knowingly they and their Islamic faith are evil.”

          • Those Christians who tried to pressure us nonbelievers to help those Islamic cunning bullies are really horrible. Those Islamic bullies would try to bully and oppress us nonbelievers who are disadvantaged or not as rich as them. It is us poor nonbelievers who suffer the most, not those rich Christians who enabled them to have more opportunity to advance their backward evil Islamic agenda/businesses. Those evil Islamic bullies are definitely not our allies in any way or form. They would pressure us poor nonbelievers to be their slaves whenever they have the opportunity. Those rich Christians(e.g in Western countries and Asian countries) have to make a stand and stop supporting their Islamic evil causes/community in any way or form.
            Many Moslems own businesses that are mainly aim to “enrich” their Islamic evil agenda and those Christians(e.g in Asia) should not pressure us nonbelievers to work for those horrible Islamic manipulative bullies and should not aid or support their evil Islamic agenda.

    • Also, you may wish to do a little research on Pastor Umar Mulinde. A remarkable human being who deserves our support.

      • I checked out the Pastor, Quo Fan; how many of us would show such fortitude? If Heaven exists, St Peter should welcome him with open arms.

        I’m not convinced that trying to free Muslims by preaching Christianity is the answer, much kinder as the latter is (in theory). I’m not the only person (by many millions) brought up Christian, who cannot accept the pernicious doctrine of “original sin”. We are as “God” made us.

        • Your point is well taken; however the point is that anyone who is of a non-Islamic religion has a certain amount of legal protection should they wish to ‘try to convert’ someone who has been brought up to see themselves as a Muslim.

          And anyone, be they Christian or atheist or whatever, can see that it would be preferable for anyone who comes to live in our countries if they were to abandon the Islamic belief system.

          In addition, should prominent Christians begin to discuss openly the actual teachings of Islam, that would bring those teachings into the public domain, and bring an end to the pathetic, cowardly, covering up of what Islam actually is.

          So if Christians realised that they would have legal protection if they were to act in accordance with the great commission, and speak out about why the truth claims of Islam are false, then there would be significant benefits to all.

          If you see what I’m driving at …

        • I actually heard someone talking about this the other day, and they said something that I found quite interesting. Their argument was that when Adam & Eve allowed themselves to be tempted by the serpent, they were in breach of contract, so to speak.

          That is to say, an arrangement had already been made between themselves and their Creator, and they had subsequently taken it upon themselves to unilaterally alter the terms of that already-existing contract, something which, strictly as a matter of legality, is not on!

          Consequently, the serpent was handed the reins of power in this world – temporarily! And it was all downhill for the world we all live in from that moment on. However, the day will come when that temporary contract with the adversary, aka the god of this world, will have run its course …

          An interesting way to look at it, no?

          • Very good.
            Unfortunately a lot of Christianity is missing Christ, His purpose and understanding of His Gospel and have instead created empty meaningless institutions of ritual. There is no Christianity without Christ in the individuals heart.

        • The argument I have been trying to make on this thread is that we need to find a way to start having Islamic doctrines, and the history of Islam, discussed openly and fearlessly in our societies.

          If non-Islamic religious people within our societies are legally protected when they do so, then this is a significant fact.

          If that group of people brought the teachings and history of Islam into the public domain and laid them bare for all to see, then that would benefit everyone.

          So …

          One has the right to change one’s religion. That is settled law. (See the statements of the Special Rapporteur on this matter,)

          As John Stuart Mill said, ‘Why is it, then, that there is on the whole a preponderance among mankind of rational opinions and rational conduct? If there really is this preponderance—which there must be unless human affairs are, and have always been, in an almost desperate state—it is owing to a quality of the human mind, the source of everything respectable in man either as an intellectual or as a moral being, namely, that his errors are corrigible. He is capable of rectifying his mistakes, by discussion and experience. Not by experience alone. There must be discussion, to show how experience is to be interpreted. Wrong opinions and practices gradually yield to fact and argument: but facts and arguments, to produce any effect on the mind, must be brought before it.’

          That is to say: Hearing that the truth claims made by Islam are false (i.e. they do not correspond to reality) is a necessary condition of someone brought up to see themselves as a Muslim being able to change their religion, should they choose to do so.

          It follows that if the state prevents someone from demonstrating that Islamic teachings are false, then the state is denying those poor ‘refugees’ from Islamic countries their human rights!

          They can of course, decide for themselves whether to leave the Islamic religion, but they have a right to hear that it is wrong, harmful, etc. And non-Islamic religious people have the right to tell them, thereby getting the truth about what Islam is out into the public domain for all to see.

    • The truth set me from Christianity, which is a Jewish cult of personality and close relative of Islam.

      It’s by the way that Jesus’ alleged ascension, the concluding work of redemption in papist Christianity, is impossible. The story assumes that the cosmos has a spheroidal boundary, like the outermost sphere of Ptolemaic cosmology, beyond which the Jewish superman’s body could travel. A little bit of physics, however, should be sufficient to convince you that even travelling at the speed of light, the superman’s body could be no farther than 2,000 light years from Earth. That’s about 2% of the diameter of our galaxy, which is just one of many, many galaxies. Oh, and then there’s the rather interesting complication of the galaxy CLUSTERS receeding from each other, as Edwin Hubble showed.

      I think that Islam, too, has a doctrine of ascension, and if so, the fatal flaw that should be exploited without pity to undermine Islamic piety and to dissolve Islamic faith.

      • That is the ‘physicalist’ religious view, there are other views as well, physicalism ignores all sorts of non physical manifestations such as consciousness, try working out a convincing physicalist definition of the colour red as we ‘see’ it in our mind.

      • “….It’s by the way that Jesus’ alleged ascension, the concluding work of redemption in papist Christianity, is impossible….”

        Not if you first believe that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, the designer and creator of the entire expanse of the cosmos, one who need not travel it’s length and breadth to get some where, one who is not limited to and transcends time and space.
        If you originally believed in a Redeemer who actually had to travel through space to get to the Father, then speak for yourself not the rest of us. You were right to abandon your belief in this ridiculous notion, that was NEVER Christianity to begin with.

      • @βιβλία

        Exactly what “truth” set you free from Christianity? I can see how you’ve come to your ideas, how you’ve set it up in your reality so you think it has to be the same for a Creator’s reality. In your reality, which you think is absolute; nothing else exists unless it has a relationship to something else. In your case it must have a relationship to “Science”, which by the way, allowed only one miracle, the big bang, so it could explain everything else.

      • Materialist reduction is not understanding. Keep your theory and comment on science only.

      • Saying the two religions are ‘close relatives’ is like saying a second hand 1.2 Corsa and a new BMW M3 are ‘close relatives’ because both cars have four wheels.

        Er … not really!

  3. Recently, I spent a few interesting minutes with a Muslim who was in a master’s degree program in industrial engineering at a local Catholic university I had attended many years ago. He was a polite and thoroughly well- mannered guy. He and all other Muslims of good will suffer from shame at the behavior of the extremists. However, I still share suspicions about Muslims; I am embarrassed to say I wonder a bit even about those guys and women I know personally.
    As an American and a citizen of a country which is deeply involved in warfare in Islamic lands, I have to wonder if Muslims in the USA can stuff all their feelings. Could – did – Americans stuff their feelings about German-Americans during the long years of world wars?
    People are not willing to discuss the pending future of an America with a significant minority of people who are seriously aggrieved about American foreign policy, but they should. The anti-social behavior of Muslims in Europe may happen here. Personally I think the fear of the severity of the American legal system as compared to Europe’s plays a role in Muslim timidity here, and consequently our apathy about the potential for home-grown terrorism.

    • You make some good points, this final one in particular:

      the fear of the severity of the American legal system as compared to Europe’s plays a role in Muslim timidity here, and consequently our apathy about the potential for home-grown terrorism.

      It’s not as if ISIS hasn’t warned us. It’s not as if we haven’t lived thru all the terrorism events since 9/11…Americans seem to find it impossible to get their minds around the fact that it could happen *here* – i.e., where they’re standing.

      I don’t plan to ever visit another shopping mall (or even to fly again until the gormless TSA is out of the picture. Of course it helps that I don’t have to fly for work, etc., as some must do) Amazon and ebay do so well because they’re safe. I suppose ISIS could get a multitude of ebay accounts and pretend to sell you a vacuum cleaner but send you a bomb instead. Somehow I don’t see that happening. They lack any real understanding or interest in such transactions. Beyond knowing how to blow stuff up, they’ve got no skills…or motivation.

      • Of course that Muslim student was “a polite and thoroughly well- mannered guy”. Your Muslim is well aware of his bullying cult’s PR problem, so he overcompensates in an ostentatious way, the better to manipulate the naive, the weak minded, and the gullible. Note also that he’s well aware of his cult’s weak position in a land where the overwhelming majority are not Muhammadist. He lacks the leverage and strength of numbers to do what he pleases with impunity, just as Muhammad in Mecca pretended to be nice. Hence his expedient acting.

        • I agree with your analysis. That is what I noticed personally too as a nonbeliever living uneasily in their horrible predominantly, oppressive Islamic country. Those Islamic people are extremely manipulative and extremely devious. The reality is they are brutal and cruel (and full of greed) if they think they have the upper hand. If they are weak, they would pretend to be ‘polite”. Since I am already fully aware of their typical foul Islamic tactics, I would never let them fool me in any way.

  4. Terrific good advice for considerate people especially Christians and Europeans in general. Wonder how supremacist Muslims would respond to that message if they could even comprehend it in the first place.

    With the Islamic-agenda Nazis in full control at the legislative Eu Council in Brussels, how are you going to make enforceable laws specifically opposed to sharia laws to protect ALL citizens from sharia enforcement which even challenges the ECHR rulings on Islamic incompatibility with Human Rights ? The Eu members are allowed to customize the interpretations and apply them on a de facto basis which equates to no-holds-barred corruption of principles in allowing elements of sharia in parallel with the secular which it discriminates against ; all this using the deception and lies of Multiculturalism – promoted as a disguise to enforce Islamic MONO-culturalism .


  5. It must also be seriously considered what is the motive of the migrant to convert .
    a) Most are of no skill whatsoever since Turkey is preventing the skilled from leaving and thus can contribute nothing except social instability and delinquency.
    b)None can convert without being found out since they tend to bond with others like themselves fast , act as a group and feel safer in numbers . So they may ” convert” with permission so as to act as a mole .
    c) Use the “conversion” to up their chances of staying and getting residence in Europe.
    d) Act as a spy for Islam while disguised under the umbrella of the church.
    e) Have access to information and people which a Muslim would not normally have.
    f)Exploit every possibility to destabilise the host country , its social , political and its legal system.
    g)They will join the left wing politics so as to continue the national and cultural destabilisation practiced at present by the left and the churches .
    Who was the Greek or Roman philosopher who said that the enemy within is more lethal than the enemy on the battlefield . Well that is the consequence of conversions where it is not under duress but the outcome ( citzenship and social welfare for life) is too sweet to refuse even if the recipient has to deceive the host by falsely ” converting”.
    And what an economic and social liability they are with multiple wives and children outbreeding us .
    No , stabilise their countries and resettle them in their own communities as Christians so as to expand the Christian base back to what it once was before islam raped and murdered them into oblivion.

    • Michael, you made some very good points regarding the problems posed by Islamic migrants. Those Islamic people want to dominate with their inferiority and their so called ideals. They want to extort more wealth from rich nonbelievers or bully poor nonbelievers into submitting to their backward uncivilized Islamic communities. Those Islamic people frequently caused instability in their own countries and they also deviously bring their Islamic problems and Islamic rule to Western countries.
      All those Moslems would just have to go back and resettle in their various Islamic countries and sort out their Islamic problems within their countries.

  6. Wilders’s idea is fantastic because it has a proper ultimate goal: a world without Islam. This must be our objective.

    • “a world without Islam”? that would be marvelous, but I suspect that EU is determined to enforce Sharia Law even in that ideal world.

    • We’ve had her views on our posts several times. Perfect example of a person who has no clue about Unintended Consequences. But the comment section on that video is vile…and sophomoric.

      There are few Gates of Vienna readers who are not only too familiar with Ms. Lala Lerner Spectre.

      • Unintended consequences?
        Now, I don’t wanna sound too harsh, bur are You for real?

        Let us not b so naive. Aliya spectre can not hope to fight her neighbours alone, so it creates allies. How? By creating another fifth column into Europe and creating conflict with the vermin.

        [redacted.] Violated the commenting rules for this website.

        • bur? Yes, I am indeed real, tc. Not to worry: your query isn’t harsh – discourteous perhaps – but it does exhibit a lack of knowledge about me and about the rules for commenting here.

          My opinions about B. Spectre are not naive, though I do think *she* is helplessly so. Naive, I mean. Were she not so destructive I’d feel sorry for her.

          As to the rest of your comment: we don’t talk like that here and routinely redact the occasional forgetful phrase. Home-schooled children read our website so we agreed to keep it PG.

          Nor do we ever foment destruction or allow our commenters to engage in such fanciful ideas. You’ll have to find another forum to say things like that.

          You may want to look up our Comments guide. Go to the main page. See the upper left side? You’ll see a clickable link to our rules.

          Before you ask, yes, we do indeed practice censorship here. All the time. We censor ugly discourse, threats, and anyone fomenting violence as a solution to the world’s problems.

          Are we therefore in violation of the First Amendment? No. This is a private site and falls outside the purview of the Constitution’s rules regarding public speech. The latter document understood the dividing line between public and private discourse. Here, it’s all private, though no doubt NSA robo-records us along with the rest of the websites out there.

          So either keep a civil tongue in your head, me boy, or find a place more suitable to your incendiary proclivities. For sure they’ll not see the light of day here.

  7. this is important article.
    but by itself, such changes won’t happen.

    pressure must be applied.

    West should dicourage and ban Islamic law, institutions and practices.
    West must break all trade, diplomatic etc. relations with Islamic states.

    then, very clear and non-violent route out of troubles with Islam is possible.
    namely –

    – mass apostasy
    – liberation of Muslim women
    – mass use of IVF by Muslim women, to dilute and undo damage brought by hundreds of years of negative genetic selection within barbaric tribal and Islamic cultures
    – Muslim males must admit failure, be peaceful, and never try to procreate

    ..yeah, I see good chances for all that.. 🙂

    • Why are Moslem women pushing their evil totalitarian Islamic ideology and promoting Sharia law?
      The problem never ends with those vermins regardless whether they are Moslem men or Moslem women.
      They just have to stop migrating to Western land.

  8. Another question here is why the millions of Islamic people that have migrated to Western countries are trying to dominate the Western countries with their ever oppressive Islam/mosques/Islamic criminal activities/Islamic communities/Islamic political madness?

    The answer is most probably due to their well known Islamic savages greed for power to control and ruin more and more free countries. They don’t understand the meaning freedom or even respect our nonbelievers freedom.
    They would pretend to be moderate when they are powerless but the minute their Islamic community gain an upper hand, they showed their true nasty Islamic colors.

  9. Islam promotes extremism and racism. How can they still allow men to have four wives and underaged wives? It must be stopped. Only when people are able to face the truth, they will be free.

  10. I believe that below about 5% population Muslims tend to be quiet and tolerable to live with; between about 5% and 10% they become increasingly aggressive and demanding; and above 10% you can kiss goodbye to your country, your civilisation, and probably your life.

  11. Islam’s prophet and his book is remarkably flawed in the education, promotion and spiritual upliftment of mortal human kind on planet earth, they have been preying on the other peoples of this planet for over 1500 years. It is long past the time for good peoples to expose the truth of this malignant fraud upon the planet.
    This brave man knows the fear and nevertheless has chosen to speak with No Fear, Ausgezeichnet!

    • We have to stop being afraid of them. They are just a group of inferior, divisive, greedy, selfish, cruel political mongrels that used their evil Islamic ideology to bully and mislead us poor nonbelievers. More good people will win against them when more and more good people are able to gain more resources and support to protect and defend our nonbelievers freedom.

  12. I think we should not let Islamic women and Islamic men manipulate or exploit us with their Islamic dysfunctional culture that they obsessed so much about. They constantly lie and deceive us with their evil Islamic way of life. They should sort out their Islamic community problems using their own Islamic resources in their own countries. Many of those Islamics are insanely wealthy and yet they pretend to be some poverty stricken community grasping greedily at what little we have or trying to prevent us nonbelievers to enjoy what little we have.

  13. I f you want to defeat Islam, the best approach is simply: TELL THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM. That means, no more political correctness, no more moral relativism, no more cherry-picking the “nice” verses from the Qur’an, no more lying about or whitewashing of the ugly doctrines of Islam, exposing Islam’s love affair with slavery, pedophilia, the oppression of women, etc. It also means stop allowing ourselves to be sidetracked by claims that other religions are “equally violent”, etc. Aside from the fact that no other religious creed comes close to the brutality and barbarism of Islam, the SUBJECT IS THE DANGER THAT ISLAM POSES TO HUMAN WELLBEING AND FREEDOM, nothing else.

    If you are honest and educated you realize that Islam is rotten and absurd to its very core. It cannot be reformed and it cannot be reconciled with the principles of human dignity, liberal democracy, or universal human rights. It is the pipe dream of a 7th century, narcissistic psychopath. Left to its own devices this “faith” would eventually collapse from its own internal corruption. The problem is that the rest of the world does not have time to wait for its natural demise. Let all persons of good conscience hasten Islam’s disappearance by forcing the world to see it for what it is: a totalitarian ideology slathered with a thin veneer of religion to fool the ignorant. Mr. Wilders provides us with a solid example of the method that will win the day for humanity.

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