Strong Native Resistance to the Islamization of Romania

Below are two videos from Freedom Alternative about the resistance to Islamization in Romania. The first shows protesters who are straightforward in stating their intention to use violence to prevent an asylum center from being built.

From the notes accompanying the video:

A small community in the Northwestern county of Satu Mare in Romania threatened to unleash violence if the Government proceeds with its partnership with an NGO to build a “refugees” centre in their hometown.

It’s a surprising change to hear about Europeans who are willing to vigorously resist the mass importation of Muslim immigrants. Only in the former East Bloc, of course:

The second video describes the political context of the upcoming mayoral election in Bucharest, in which none of the candidates, not even the lefties, are willing to come out in favor of building a proposed mega-mosque:

Hat tip: Stefan cel Mare.

14 thoughts on “Strong Native Resistance to the Islamization of Romania

  1. At least many of our E European brothers and sisters can see through the lies,deception and BS, stand up and reject Islamization.

  2. Yay for Bucharest!

    One small step in slowing down the muslimization of Europe. Maybe the rest of Europe will wake up soon.

    • I would love to be a friend on FB of that guy!!

      The long draws on the cigs.. the coffee cup… well I guess it is COFFEE but no matter. He is KOOL!

      Hope all goes well for my Romanian pals.

  3. Those in the East fought hard for their freedom.Good that they’re not going to let it be taken away from them by Muslime hordes

  4. This is reminder that we need private, voluntary, INDEPENDENT militias to deal with organzied crime. The great, glorious second amendment, however, has NOTHING whatever to say about such militias. Instead, it promises only a centralized “well regulated Militia”, i.e. what is prescribed in Article I. So the 2nd am. is an empty promise. Of course, the gun nuts and Constitution nuts will resist this obvious truth for at least another decade.

    • The mafia and Blackstone Rangers are examples of an independent, well-armed militia without government regulation.

      I hope you have fun in your fantasy world.

    • “Of course, the gun nuts and Constitution nuts will resist this obvious truth for at least another decade.” ????

      Even the rotten Supreme Court disagrees with your take on the Second Amendment.

  5. The freedom alternative video is extremely intelligent and informative. The narrator makes it difficult, probably unwittingly, to find out his name, which I assume is some variant of Valsan Lucian.

    It’s refreshing to view the connection between the people and the government in Rumania. The candidates and the bureaucrats actually follow public opinion, regardless of how corrupt, inept,or inert the individual politician or bureaucrat is. The primary lesson I take from that is that the ideal unit of government is smaller rather than bigger.

    I have a minor quibble with Valsan, who describes himself as Libertarian on social issues. It’s interesting to point out that his exhilaration at the prospect of preventing the mega-mosque is directly contradictory to libertarian principles. Libertarian theory dictates that if you have the money and own the land, you can do what you wish with it. Libertarians, of course, completely ignore the phenomenon of identity politics or racial identification. Anything even close to a Libertarian philosophy will be completely helpless against the onslaught of Muslim invaders, or South American and Mexican foreign invaders in the US.

  6. I found the videos extremely interesting. The US used to be a place where the mass was sometimes feared. In a way, Romania is closer to the Jeffersonian ideal than the US is by now.

  7. In this fascist totalitarian GB you would immediately be arrested for threatening to incite violence and racial hatred for the things the Romanian said in this video.I myself have been jailed once even for asking the headteacher how my child was performing at school, as i am separated from their mother.This country is finished.
    Romania,Poland,and the eastern bloc may still have time to revolt,if they move quickly and decisively.

  8. Eastern Europeans are doing the heavy lifting for the whole continent. Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia… a few decades ago the idea of these relatively poor, former communist countries being the bulwark against any invading force would be laughable.

    Nobody’s laughing now. Western Europeans are going to be begging for their Eastern counterparts to come to their rescue very soon, I’d imagine.

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