3 thoughts on “Things You’ll Never See on TV #1

  1. Add to the list the belly buttons of Annette Funicello and Barbra Eden. Not sure if they snuck Dawn Wells’ belly button in but I kind of remember the waist on her shorts went almost up to her neck. Hey man, when I was growing up, a woman’s belly button was soft core porn to the network censors. Remember when they didn’t allow a woman in a bra on TV and Jane Russell had to point to one a mannequin?

    OK, the topic was things you’ll never see, I think Annette and Barbra are a bit past their prime, but thanks to Victoria’s Secret you will see the latter.

    • Russell’s bra was allegedly designed by Howard Hughes (so was the “Spruce Goose”- Google it, it barely flew- but at least his intentions were good!)

      Terrble joke warning!!!- A dyslexic man walked into a bra…

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