Are Ethics a Luxury We Can No Longer Afford?

The latest essay by our Israeli correspondent MC concerns the perversion of Judaic and Christian ethics into Multiculturalism, the ideological plague of the 21st century.

Are ethics a luxury we can no longer afford?
by MC

We are being crucified by our own bent ethics, the corrupted, mostly Christian ethic that says we must let our neighbor trample all over us. We not only have to love our neighbor as ourselves but we now have to let him have our family, our money and our land. This really is not what the author intended.

First, who is my neighbour? As asked the Pharisees, and in the parable that followed it was the despised Samaritan who paid the price of redemption.

Would I treat myself as the Muslims treat me? Would I fire missiles filled with nails and rat poison back at them? — Don’t answer that!

There is a deep, deep folly in one-sided ethics. To be of any use, ethics must be shared. in asymmetric warfare, by definition, they are not.

Malformed or distorted ethics render us all open to ethical blackmail by those with an agenda of envy or conquest. Our greatest vulnerability has become our obsession with virtue signaling our righteousness in the areas of ‘racism’ and ‘equality’. we must surrender our ‘white’ western values in order to tell the rest world that we too are brown, cuddly and accepting of their love.

And the rest of the world spits in our faces and holds out their hands for our hard-earned handouts.

Our society built its ethics around a Judaeo-Christian tradition, but what happens when we come in close contact with peoples whose ethical values are totally at odds with our own? Multiculturalism says that we must value those perverted ethics over and above those of our own, so when Palestinian terrorist stabs an IDF soldier with the intent of murdering him, has he, or has he not rendered himself expired? At what point does he cease to be a terrorist (an animal with no morality) and revert to being ‘human’?

The foreign terrorist yells out that his god is greater because his god has ordained this execution of an infidel by the terrorist’s hand. His ethics, but when he is in my country, whose ethical values apply? His law says that he is allowed to stab the soldier, not only allowed, but commanded so, it is an act to be rewarded in jannah with passels of delicious sex slaves both male and female.

Islam, in its house of peace, pretends to have a miasma of ethics, just a whiff, just enough to convince our leaders of their best intentions, but they lie, and there are no ethics at all in the house of war, just delusion and deceit.

The West supposedly gave up on group punishment decades ago — well, except for non-victim groups, that is. Each individual in a victim group is cushioned from reality, swaddled in cotton wool, innocent until proven guilty. In this state the law cannot protect us from Islam. There is no justice where there is no code of ethics upon which judgement can be based, and when the terrorist is protected by law both before and after the act of terrorism, then the terrorist will always get through.

But wait — Where is ethical value, when the ends justify the means? And we are losing the battles, too, because of secularism. The secularist code of conduct is ill-defined to the extent that each individual constructs (and occasionally deconstructs) her own ethical code, and then expects others to conform. The problems come when this personal ethical code conflicts with the law of the land. When the President signs an executive order into place which is correct according to his ethical values (if any), but conflicts with the established laws of the land, what happens? Theoretically, he should called to account by Congress, according to congressional ethics, etc. But what if the congressional code of ethics is similarly compromised? Nothing?

These ethical battles are out in the open as never before, but the failure of the mainstream media to hold any ethical stance makes the issues obscure.

So we continue the march towards socialism/communism and yet another failed civilization.

It becomes a race: Will the Internet bring back the code of ethics before the ethic-less thugs manage to close it down? The Internet is the lifeline of truth (and lies), and there is a battle raging to intimidate and close down free speech, and thus truth.

Trying to fight an ethical war against those with no ethics is a futile exercise. The enemy can pound the civilian population unfettered by any human concern, but constantly point the finger at any retaliation by the victim and describe any and all defensive actions as ‘disproportionate’. Or they can hide behind children, the sick and the elderly and then cry crocodile tears when their actions cause injuries.

Even more stupid, of course, are those who fail to hear through the curtain of ethical dissonance and see past the smoke of taqiyya. Then there are also those for whom that smoke is just a projection screen for their own malevolent and vitriolic hatreds and associated vile bigotries. Or maybe just their plain greed.

The enemy can claim to be a religion of ‘peace’ and shout ‘Islamophobia’ when anybody contradicts them, but it is always valid to ask them to explain to us poor confused conservatives why the vast proportion of terrorists proclaim their god as the greater? Or is it that we are neither poor, confused or phobic, maybe we are quite rationally horrified and revolted?

Personally, I think that we need to rethink the outcomes of WW2, we need to look at the Nazi that pretended to lie down and die, only to crawl away from the killing field and change his spots for stripes. The leopard evolves into a snake.

We thought we had killed the Nazi animal, when all we did was to absorb it into our midst, we fed it and nurtured it as a ‘refugee’, not recognizing it in its new skin. As we cared for it, it constantly reminded us of that ‘racist’ Holocaust and our failure to prevent it; all the time grinning at our stupid gullibility. Then when we had fully bared our breast, it struck.

My code of ethics says “thou shalt not murder”, but this does not mean that I am not allowed to defend myself against one who believes that I am already condemned. Except, that is, when the ethic is mistranslated into “thou shalt not kill”. I am then a victim of a rotten and fatal ethic. Am I allowed to temporarily suspend that corrupt ethical code and pre-emptively shoot my attacker before he stabs me? I may be a pig or an ape, but that being so, it is no good waiting for the snake to bite me first. But which snake, the one with no ethic at all, or the one that is out to corrupt the ethic that made me what I am?

Where have you been all day Henry My son
Where have you been all day my pretty one
In the woods, in the woods
Oh mother do be quick, ’cos I’m feeling very sick and I want to lay down and die

What did you in those woods Henry my son
What did you in those woods my pretty one
Played dear mother, played dear mother
Oh mother do be quick, ’cos I’m feeling very sick and I want to lay down and die

With what did you play all day Henry my son
With what did you play all day my pretty one
Worms dear mother, worms dear mother
Oh mother do be quick, ’cos I’m feeling very sick and I want to lay down and die

What colour were those worms Henry my son
What colour were those worms my pretty one
Green and yellow, green and yellow
Oh mother do be quick, ’cos I’m feeling very sick and I want to lay down and die

What colour flowers d’you want Henry my son
What colour flowers d’you want my pretty one
Green and yellow, green and yellow.

(English folk song, sung as a dirge)

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

49 thoughts on “Are Ethics a Luxury We Can No Longer Afford?

  1. In the time of Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and James ‘the Black’ Douglas fighting for Scotland’s independence they tried fighting the English under the rules of chivalry. The English did not respect these rules and engaged in wholesale gratuitous slaughter of the Scottish people. The Scots learned the hard way that once your enemy acts without ethics, all bets are off. You return blow for blow.

    The west has lost its wits that we can’t see that the rules of chivalry do not apply with the Islamists who openly avow they will turn the west into a caliphate and we will either be jizaya paying dhimmi, convert to Islam or die.

    The medieval Scots only needed one lesson to abandon the etiquette of civilized warfare. We are getting slapped in the face again and again and again yet still somehow think we will placate and defang an enemy who sees turning the other cheek as weakness and an invitation to slap you again.

    • This next war with Islam will not be for gentleman soldiers. The prize for second is relegation to history. Either the Judaean/Christian world mans up, a.k.a. Israel we will be slaughtered.

    • I didn’t know that we English had been that bad, but if we look at the recent Northern Ireland troubles the PIRA used the most dirty tactics. They didn’t wear uniforms, they didn’t take prisoners, they didn’t abide by any Geneva Convention or proper rules. They murdered civilians and then blamed the security forces for negligence. The PIRA killed their own cause stone dead because of their own despicable strategies. The unintended consequences for them was that the loyalist paramilitaries then employed the same dirty tactics on the Republican community which angered the Irish Americans.

      • There are many interesting parallels between the terror campaign waged by the republicans during the Troubles and the current threat from Islamists.

        The political wing of the republicans waged a propaganda war while being apologists for terrorism. Most Muslim Councils appear to have adopted a similar position.

        The terror campaign perpetrated by the armed cohort used the same tactics to destabilize the incumbent government as the Taliban, IS and Al Qaeda now use.

        Finally, the whole system was funded by an external source comprising: US sympathizers, the US Government to a certain extent, Libya, racketeering and drugs. In a similar vein the Islamists have Saudi Arabia, Iran, Zakat and racketeering to name but a few.

        What was the final outcome of the republican terror campaign? A power-sharing executive where a new police force now take their orders from former terrorists who have committed murder, and the threat of a ‘real, real IRA’ looming in the wings.

        If those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it; it does not bode well for the future.

        • I learned as an Urban Planner to never allow a villager to plan a city.

          I learned as a journalist to never let the village idiot write the village newspaper.

      • You may have been even worse, if you have the intellect to consider greater blocks of history.

    • As I’ve said several times before – the West is so addled that it cannot even recognize it is in the midst of a holy war for its continued existence.

  2. Christ did not teach his followers to love their neighbours MORE than they loved themselves. But that is the twist the Left is applying to Christ’s instruction.

    • Very true. Similarly, I have never understood why the golden rule “Do as you would be done by” should apply beyond first contact. If the other does not reciprocate then the golden rule becomes suicidal folly.

      • I think most rational Christians Westerners, until recent generation(s), with the modicum, apply that. You will find most readers and commenters here, exceed that minimum standard; perhaps spare us the obvious (same applies to your above).

        • Sorry, can’t comply as my comment appears no more or less obvious than the majority here, including yours, or even this one which is exactly the same thought in slightly different words:

          “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” until you see they are consistently NOT acting in parallel with that foundational requirement for trust. Don’t keep going back for more or it becomes *your* problem…”

          No doubt you will be tracking down the author in order to chastise them too.

      • Do unto others as you expect them to do unto you . . . but do it first. (The ethics of Hagar the Horrible.) 😉

        • Funny, but oh so true!

          “Do unto others before they do unto you!”

          Most blogs have hordes of naïve/decent people, always religious, who keep harping on that we “must not descend to their level”, but as long as our side keeps obeying Geneva Conv. rules, while the Islamic trash is bound by no rules, we will lose….

    • My understanding is love they neighbour and turn the other cheek applies only in peacetime. We are at war and those don’t apply.

      There are 7 books in the Bible both Protestant and Catholic versions that both sects ignore. I believe they relate to nationalism and warfare.

    • Exactly so, Deirdre. Remember John 2 “In the temple he (NB Jesus the Christ) found those who were selling oxen and sheep and pigeons, and the money-changers at their business. And making a whip of cords, he drove them all, with the sheep and oxen, out of the temple; and he poured out the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables. And he told those who sold the pigeons, “Take these things away; you shall not make my Father’s house a house of trade.” His disciples remembered that it was written, “Zeal for thy house will consume me.”

      My thought: “selling” now = consumerism, “money changers” now = global finance, “zeal for thy house” now = protection for TRUE Christian ethics. Cultural Marxism has infiltrated the Catholic world and perverted the meaning of Sacred Scripture and the 2000 year Magisterium. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us !

  3. The thugs and thieves of this world are not your neighbours.

    The Good Samaritan helped a man who had been beaten up and left in a ditch by thugs / thieves.

    Jesus at no time said to love, hug, help or house the thugs / thieves who left the man in the ditch.

    Jesus’s teaching about loving your neighbour has been badly misunderstood.

    • And the Samaritan who found the fellow on the road patched him up and then left him with an inn-keeper whom he paid to take care of the wounded fellow. He went on his way. End of story. The Good Samaritan was NOT the crazy Samaritan, i.e., he didn’t take the victim home to live with him.

    • Love The Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbour as your self. This is the commandment that is given.
      Turn the other cheek seventy times seven, is the way to do it
      How can you advocate violence in retaliation for any wrong ,and obey both of the above?

      • nope. Read the passage. It’s not “turn the other cheek”…the ‘seventy times seven’ applies to forgiveness.

        The hardest part of that is loving oneself.

        Theologians have written endlessly about the need to protect oneself. Only Quakers don’t agree.

  4. Until we rid our selves of the indigenous traitors in our midst, Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, Sutherland, Timmermans, Cameron and many others of their ilk we have no hope. They act with total impunity, confident that there will be no consequences for their treacherous actions and this HAS to change before the final tipping point is reached.
    Why is Merkel still a free woman? Who agreed to her high handed actions in throwing open the borders of not only Germany but the rest of the EU too? Having impoverished Greece with almost malicious glee she has then lumbered them with an invading horde of third world dross to boot.
    WW11 collaborators were shamed for their behaviour not rewarded so how about applying the same principle to those mentioned above?

  5. MC,

    Thank you for your focus on ethics. In my opinion, ethics are always important…but, as you pointed out, ethics do not equate to allowing yourself to be killed. A big problem is that ethics are presented as absolutes: do not kill, do not murder, do not harm civilians, do not fight in certain ways, etc.

    Relativistic ethics or situation ethics try to take the context into account. But, if the context always determines ethics, where are ethics a guide to behavior? More important is the question of whether national leaders can ever take ethics into account, if ethics appear to equate to the deaths of their subjects.

    My own view is that ethics ought always to be kept in mind, but not absolutely. For example, it is supremely unethical for a national leader to allow his country to be beaten in war and occupied, if he has any means whatsoever to prevent that. Generally, the occupation of Germany being an exception, occupied countries have had their populations killed, abused, oppressed, and their cultures obliterated. So, it is supremely ethical, if your country is going to be overrun, to use nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, whatever.

    Again, it is unethical to allow your armed forces to be killed or your people to be killed. That means, the prospect of civilian deaths, say in Afghanistan, ought not to deter the actions of the military in carrying out its duties. The question of whether our military ought to be in Afghanistan at all is another ethical question of the first degree. Perhaps we would conclude it is not ethical to be in Afghanistan at all, since it does not serve a national interest, and will require the killing of Afghan civilians to protect our military forces there.

    Ethics ought to play a heavy role on judging actions which do not directly protect a country or its military or civilians. For instance, if Israel were to send rockets against civilian in Gaza when there was no military requirement to do so. To my knowledge, this has never happened: Israel has been responding to rocket attacks against its own territory, which in my mind ethically require Israel to respond directly, even if the response involves the death of young civilians.

    There are many areas where the consideration of ethics is actually beneficial. It either dictates actions different than those planned, or else solidifies those actions. For example, was the atomic bombing of Japan ethical in 1945? My take on that is that Japan had not responded to requests for surrender negotiations, and unless Japan were conquered, would still technically be in a state of war with the Allies and free to carry out offensive actions as soon as it was able. A conventional invasion would likely have been extremely costly in allied lives. It would also have been costly in terms of Japanese lives, but in my opinion, the value of enemy lives should not be counted when opposed to the lives of your own forces.

    I think the use of ethics such as you describe, to disarm your own defenses, is a gross misuse of ethics, and furthermore, is profoundly dishonest. I think with a bit of analysis and good sense, the accusation that Israel has acted unethically can be easily refuted.

    • That’s why Ethics needs to be taught in high school. Critical thinking is undervalued…For example the stupid use of ‘turn the other cheek’. Consider that a form of ‘trust but verify’. If you get hit on the OTHER cheek, you’ve learned all you need to know about your interlocutor.

      “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” until you see they are consistently NOT acting in parallel with that foundational requirement for trust. Don’t keep going back for more or it becomes *your* problem…

      • Then how are they to be persuaded to be ethical unless shown how it is done?
        monkey see monkey do.

        • There are two replies to that question.

          1) Man is a cognitive being, and can take in information verbally as well as visually. So, ethics can be taught as a concept through discourse. To take an obvious example, you can learn the principles of aerodynamics without actually flying.

          2) True ethics do not and cannot result in the extinction of yourself, your family and your people. Any ethics which result in the extinction of your culture will die an unmourned, Darwinian death. Just because ethics involve complexity does not mean they have to be discarded or ignored.

          Stalin found modern genetics to be too complex to understand, so he gave power to the scientific quack Lysenko to censor and imprison real geneticists. As a result, Soviet agriculture was even more devastated than it would have been simply under the Communist system of production.

      • Dymphna-

        The problem is that most in the West have largely succumbed to the teachings of postmodernist philosophy.

        The postmodernists have successfully argued that man cannot know objective reality. Man can only know his feelings, and based on that the only moral standard is the one that makes man feel good.

  6. *** the Nazi that pretended to lie down and die, only to crawl away from the killing field and change his spots for stripes. The leopard evolves into a snake ***

    I think that is shining the light in the wrong corner. WWII involved the defeat of a far left National Socialist regime and an ultra left military dictatorship by a coalition of a socialist empire, a communist empire, and the world’s then greatest imperial power (soon to morph into a socialist nation without an empire). All the caffeine and twice the sugar as the ad for Jolt Cola used to go if memory serves me (IMSM). That is to say, the victors embodied a love of state power, a disdain for or abandonment of liberty, and a determination to expropriate the property and energy of productive people.

    The National Socialists were no different and their leftist pursuit of untrammeled power enabled them to pursue their own brand of lunacy. The victors pursued their own lunacy, and have until this day though Russia appears to have lucked out in the person of Vladimir Putin and his determination to free Russia of all Western influence.

    No doctrines have been discredited more than those of the National Socialists and manifestations of it in its most trivial forms are instantly pounced, on as witness the prosecution of the German fellow who taught his dog to render a Hitler salute. To say the National Socialism is somehow slithering back is to fail to see what the true locus of all pathology is in the world and always has been, viz., the love of power and the freedom to implement whatever lunatic fantasy floated to the surface of any particular “leader’s” cerebral context. In times past, such fantasies were (1) armed acquisition of lebensraum, (2) killing of inconvenient people (e.g., Jews, Ukrainians, Kulaks, capitalist roaders, wreckers, counterrevolutionaries, Slavs, and class enemies), (2) state ownership of the means of production, (4) juchi, (4) state ownership of owners of the means of production, (5) Five Year Plans, (6) backyard steel furnaces, (7) executing people who can read, (8) enforced return to agriculture and only agriculture, (9) open borders, (10) multiculturalism, (11) diversity, (12) state-approved speech, (13) sacralization of sodomy, (14) the worship of foreigners and minorities, (15) the subsidization of bastardy, (16) the attack on Christianity, (17) abandonment of constitutionalism, (18) anarcho-tyranny, (19) crony capitalism, (20) feminism, (21) worship of the ignorant, sybaritic young, (22) globalism, (23) export of vital manufacturing capability, (24) financialization, (25) global winter, (25) global warming, (26) climate change, (27) climate disruption, (28) demonization of fossil fuels, (29) unequal free trade, (30) embrace of Islam as a “religion,” (31) abandonment of the use of force in the protection of vital national interests, (32) unrestricted abortion, and (33) the denigration of masculinity, inter bleeping alia.

    There is nothing remotely National Socialist in this and none of this can be seen as something with roots in it. National Socialism was but a brief flare in the long-burning conflagration of human shortsightedness, stupidity and viciousness.

    How to conceive of this then? Think of a rushing stream representing the phenomenon of unchecked political power. Above the water is a hand holding one of the above malignancies but which have no force behind them. When dropped into the stream, however, each lunatic idea is given instant effect. This is not a recrudescence of National Socialism but a reiteration of the tragedy that has afflicted humans throughout the millennia — untrammeled political power in the hands of morons and zealots enamored of some new Utopian, dumb ___ idea.

    The current top idiotic ideas are multiculturalism, globalism, open borders, and Coudenhove-Kalergiism that collectively require Westerners (i.e., white people) to jump off the nearest cliff a la Japanese civilians in the American invasion of Saipan and Okinawa.

    The problem that will kill us is the lingering effects of Enlightenment, progressivist, and Darwinian hubris. I might be a little sketchy on the exact intellectual roots of our suicide, our turning away from centuries if not eons of human experience and efforts to tame total power. But it’s clear that Western man has no grasp at all of the doctrine of unintended consequences, of the dangers of state power, and of the fatal inability of mankind to think itself out of the quandaries forever thrust into its face. The unbelievable productivity of capitalism has, unfortunately, enabled human madness on an industrial scale.

    • I don’t disagree, but I was thinking much more parochially in the sense of Haj Amin ‘escaping’ to set up the PLO/Fatah and its PA offspring. The PLO started the grief, and every time I stand in the queue to be searched before flying, I remember those times long ago when I just showed my ticket and walked onto the plane.

      The crying shame is that it is not Israel which exploits the Palestinians, it is the leadership of that same PLO, the inheritors of Haj Amin’s cruel dictatorship. Arafat died with hundreds of millions in the bank, money skimmed off the top of ‘aid’ to the people he was supposed to serve but whom he manipulated and abused.

  7. Christianity did NOT teach suicide. In fact, a proper reading of the Bible (to paraphrase the bishop of Rome) shows that we must have WISDOM as well as COMPASSION:

    “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore WISE AS SERPENTS, and harmless as doves.”

    Matthew 10:16

    We must repeat that message and that verse ad nauseum for the naive among us who think that supine acceptance of those who wish us harm is Christian. It is not. It is stupidity.

  8. Here is my take on the matter, Dymphna, and Col. Bunny (well said piece, you covered):
    “We may be in the Universe as dogs and cats are in our libraries, seeing the books and hearing the conversation, but having no inkling of the meaning of it all.” ― William James

    It seems these days this explains much, in the West and in America, in so many ways, through sloth. We see the destruction and unimaginable vile viciousness of today’s version of the 1400 year evil gang, having plundered and raped so many through history, including India, Arabia, the Continent, and then America at its Founding, and most do not have a clue! We see it today in our own government, and elsewhere, but as a deer in the headlight of the approaching train of the gang, cannot comprehend the peril we find ourselves in!

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. – Matthew 7:15

    “The trust of the innocent, is the liar’s most useful tool.” – Stephen King


    ‘Ethics, what ethics, we don’t need no stinkin’ ethics’, say the Democrats, typified by such as Clintons, hussein, and their many toadies, et al!

    ‘God? Who is that? We don’t need no stinkin’ God in our Democrat platform! Say the Democrats, at the last DNC platform convention.

    The Leftist Democrats are already the enemy of America! They support crimes, murder, rape, illegality en masse, already, actually. For them, there is no Constitution either. That is an ‘old outdated script’, in need of total revision, say the Democrats.

    I say that rightness, righteousness, and national wellness begins and ends here, in this quote with which I wholly agree, “THIS IS MY GOD, AND I WILL GLORIFY HIM.” — Exodus 14:2

    History is no captive of some inevitable force. HISTORY IS MADE BY MEN AND WOMEN OF VISION AND COURAGE. -Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) U.S. President

    I say a good reading of the Bible makes it plain that neither God nor Christ, believed in turning the other cheek to evil. There is an angered God and also Jesus, when appropriate. AND WE ARE REPEATEDLY ADMONISHED TO HATE EVIL AS HERE: “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; PRIDE AND ARROGANCE AND THE EVIL WAY, AND THE PERVERTED MOUTH, I HATE. – Proverbs 8:13
    Love must be sincere. Detest what is evil; cling to what is good. – Romans 12:9
    Let those who love the LORD hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked. – Psalm 97:10
    Depart from evil, and do good; and dwell for ever more. – Psalm 37:27

    There are numerous clues, very plain upon seeking, in which God makes it clear, that he has objectives in his plans, limits too, but there are times when it is responsibility to do battle, for defensive purposes: ”BLESSED BE THE LORD, MY ROCK, WHO TRAINS MY HANDS FOR WAR, AND MY FINGERS FOR BATTLE” –Psalm 144:1
    THEN SAID HE UNTO THEM, “BUT NOW, HE THAT HATH A PURSE, LET HIM TAKE IT AND LIKEWISE HIS PACK; AND HE THAT HATH NO SWORD, LET HIM SELL HIS GARMENT AND BUY ONE. — Luke 22:36 [Clearly, God is admonishing to arm oneself with a rifle, or pistol, sword and dagger, single or double edged knife, or even a ‘light saber’ in the future, to reach out and touch an enemy, as with a sword, for travel, and become trained in defense……..]

    There are and have been many individuals both wise and courageous, who provided shining examples of leadership, wisdom, as here in a now very rare example nowadays from the recent past:
    “America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance — it is not. IT IS SUFFERING FROM TOLERANCE. TOLERANCE OF RIGHT AND WRONG, TRUTH AND ERROR, VIRTUE AND EVIL, CHRIST AND CHAOS. OUR COUNTRY IS NOT NEARLY SO OVERRUN WITH THE BIGOTED AS IT IS OVERRUN WITH THE BROADMINDED.” ― Fulton J. Sheen, in the 50’s and 60’s, a real Catholic cleric, actually with WISDOM, INTELLIGENCE, VIRTUE, AND ETHICS, denounced hitler, and Stalin, saying ‘mortally’ of Stalin, in ‘53: “Stalin must one day meet his judgment.” ‘The dictator suffered a stroke a few days later and died within a week’ How the world misses and needs such worthy people as Bishop Sheen, and I’m personally quite far from being ever a Catholic, but I’ve had good Catholic friends and attended a few masses, with my good friends, and also a couple Synagogues, too! I am rather a Unity, of Christianity and Judaism; know of our progression from Judaism, to which we owe all as our foundations, and are a part of, many wisdoms, and many lessons, from which we came. It was so designed, by God, for the Christ, Jesus, in His own Words. The Ethos, the Logos, and the Pathos, of God!

    To paraphrase Michael Swan- ‘the next war will not be for gentlemen soldiers’, not a Romney, but for the wise, the experienced ones, the Trumps! For so many ways, with a good family and great success in a tough business, ‘among his fruits’, ‘by which to judge’, he has the best potential by far to be what America’s future now needs! Toughness, resilience, and good understanding of many types of people, and races, and good principles, actually.

    Would you actually feel better with anyone else in leadership than Trump if this occurred: “Our death toll would be staggering” reports FOX News. We’ve all been fine when the power goes out for a few hours and even days, but an extended blackout would be devastating. Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy predicts that “… should the power go out and stay out for over a year, 9 out of 10 Americans would likely perish.”
    Can you imagine a hussein, a Clinton, a Sanders, or a Romney, in such a situation? They all would, in chorus, spinelessly sing a long continuous ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, in panic!

    Only Trump, ‘The Don’, has the spine to handle such a catastrophe without flinching or collapsing, totally! He would be better prepared and experienced to mobilize and muster than anyone else, when faced with such an attack, than anyone who ever ran, in my experienced judgment! He has resilience, something Romney lacks, Clinton lacks ethics, just has anger and frustration at life and is clueless, and Sanders is clueless about it all!

  9. Thank you, tjfj. I love the James quote about our being as cats and dogs in the library. An awareness of the truth of that would be a healthy counterpoise to those who think they have it all figured out. Please, God, save us from people who think they know stuff. Please let us be ruled by humble, ignorant people.

    Obviously, that particular thought needs some work but the basic point is humility is preferable to hubris.

    The thought about our suffering from a surfeit of tolerance vice intolerance is choice. You see that playing out at the Greek border where the authorities are unwilling to draw the line between civilization and barbarism. They tolerate what must not be tolerated and the consequences will be horrendous for their own kind.

  10. This is the best and most realistic program I’ve yet seen to combat the muslim gang effectively. As I have no permission to pass this along from another top sight, I have stripped ID info. But my intention is to provide a wider distribution of such a high level type solution for the war we find ourselves in, again.

    It is my belief that this program provides a very realistic solution to eliminating our enemy from our land, at least. It is at least an exercise in being a starting point, exigencies may well develop that require additional elements of more severe nature to be added. I repeat, it is not my program regrettably, but one I was gratified to find at another top blog.

    “……….your description of Islam is exactly our key to understanding this horrendous enemy, a remorseless juggernaut of acquisition and destruction. Our most beloved people, ascetics, and entire civilization are at stake. This enemy is formidable; we must first shed all compassion and equivocation.

    In countering Islamic onslaught, are we obliged to become the “Moses/Jesus” Team? Muslims have been well prepared; certain that martyrdom brings infinite reward. Our Western beliefs have been compromised, hedged, left behind. Our society can no longer win by emulating the Knights Templar.


    – Immediately start exploiting our energy resources.
    – Selling the surplus on the world market.

  11. On the BBC:

    The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has also called on the Muslim community to take part in a blood donation drive for those injured in the attack.

    “We condemn this monstrous attack and offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of all those killed or injured,” Rasha Mubarak, CAIR’s Orlando regional coordinator said in a statement.

    Ethics? No Taqiyya…

  12. We also have the problem of an entire generation who was not allowed to fight back against the schoolyard bully, who were punished for any attempt to resist their aggressor, even if there was no viable route of escape. As adults, they’ve internalized that lesson that “violence never solves anything,” and therefore it’s up to them to change in hope that their aggressor will stop.

  13. MC, I absolutely defend Israel’s right to defend itself from those who’d eradicate it, and have argued the point with ignorant people here in the UK.

    However, Israeli forces have engaged in collective punishment of “Palestinians” (and I absolutely don’t mean in Gaza), which is not only counterproductive but does undermine their, and the West’s, claim to moral superiority. The guys in white hats may be constrained to fight with one hand behind their backs unless their survival is involved, but bulldozing terrorists’ homes doesn’t help in any way.

    • Israel cannot afford to be ‘nice’, the country is too small. It is 9 miles wide at its thinnest point, we just do not have the luxury of space.

      Collective punishment is going to be Europe’s and the USA’s only realistic defense against Orlando type terrorism, Israel has been there done that and has largely contained the problem. It works.

      Islam uses collective punishment without even batting an eyelid, both the PA and Hamas prescribe the murder of all Jews not just Israelis, is this not of more concern to you than demolishing the houses of terrorists?

      Israel makes no claim to moral superiority, we do what works and we cannot afford to do anything else, we are outnumbered 30 to 1 against Islamofascists who have their historical roots in 1942 Wannzee and have not compromised an inch in all the time up to now.

  14. “mostly Christian ethic,” Lost me right there! Nonsense. Our western societies have been destroyed not by “mostly” Christian Ethics, but by Leftist Ideologies mostly composed by Socialist Intellectual Jews, (Marx, Frankfurt School, etc) and adopted by weak minded and ignorant people, including extremely challenged “Christians” who deny the very Christ! Such has the rot sunk in.

    I am not anti-Semitic, and should not be smeared as such, as according to Apostle Paul, I am Jewish (of the circumcision of the heart, Romans 2:29)

    I am referring to a tiny, minuscule, Intellectual, agnostic group who have done everything they can to create a world that can never and has never worked. They have managed to utterly weaken Western Societies by their “leaven” (Mark 8:15).

    You must recognize the real enemies of our destruction, the Muslims have always done these things, but our leaders have never allowed them in en-mass and our Societies never embraced them, until we left the embrace of Christ and embraced the false religions of intellectuals. We were ripened for our own destruction, the Muslims are only the last tool for the job of destroying the west and its Christian Heritage, which was the firewall that had stood in the way of the Intellectual’s dreams.

    The whole world will descend into anarchy…surely we are witnessing two things;

    1. The end of the time of the Gentiles, ( Luke 21:24)

    2. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world (Luke 21:26)

    So no, its not “mostly Christian ethics,” Its Cultural Marxist Rot that disarmed us! The Muslims will just crush a hollowed out shell. Easy pickings, which is their specialty. We who can see it are, apparently, few in number and are labelled the enemy (as we are, to the Elites plans anyways)

    Love the Barons History points, being a history buff 🙂

  15. I think you missed the irony embedded in that first paragraph.

    And what about the Christians in the Marxist/Frankfurt school, don’t they count? Yes, you made an anti-Semitic statement. It does not make you an anti-Semite, just someone who spouts the politically correct memes about joooz. Communists are atheists even if a few generations ago they were Jews (or maybe even Christians). Marx went to Church, his parents had converted. Lenin and Stalin were ex-Christian, Trotsky was an atheist of Jewish extraction. and all those of Jewish extraction in the original group were dead by 1940.

    Try applying the same standards to both Jews and Christians; including extremely challenged “Jews” who deny the very Torah!

  16. We need healthy ethics, it is the perverted ethics of multiculturalism and of tolerating intolerance that we have to expose. It is ethical to be a patriot and to desire to live in a monoultural nation. It is ethical to reject immigration by people that have an ideology that has a warped totalitarian ethic that demands the destruction of the culture of the host nation

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