Dutch AIVD: “The Possibility of a Terrorist Attack is Unprecedentedly High”

The following video highlights an unusual public announcement by the Dutch Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) that the threat of an Islamic terrorist attack in the Netherlands has reached an unprecedented high.

The second half of this report features an interview with journalist named Maarten Zeegers, who went undercover and lived in a Muslim neighborhood for three years, pretending to be a Muslim in order to write a book. His remarks in the interview make the AIVD look clueless and ineffective — they don’t really know what’s going on in the Muslim neighborhoods and the mosques, so they come to him. He says young boys are driven to join the jihad in Syria because “the Dutch don’t like them.” Even the Salafist imams oppose their hijra to Syria, and attempt to stop the boys from going.

Hmm. So what sort of journalist is this guy?

According to our sources, Maarten Zeegers at first pretended to be a Muslim, but then actually converted Islam and is now a practicing Muslim. He is married to a Syrian woman, and is the author of a book about his time in Syria entitled “We Are Arabs”. Hence his dissimulation over the jihad and the Salafists — if our sources are credible, he “went native”.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   The terror threat in The Netherlands is growing.
00:03   According to the annual report of the AIVD terrorists are getting more professional.
00:06   Jihadists visit The Netherlands to buy arms.
00:11   Whether those weapons are used for attacks in Europe is uncertain.
00:15   It’s not about those going or returning [from their jihad].
00:21   Not all jihadists in The Netherlands want to depart. There are those who want to fight
00:26   in their own country, The Netherlands. That means they might want to commit an attack here.
00:31   The calls from Al Qaeda and ISIS stimulate that.
00:36   According to the AIVD the competition between Al Qaeda and ISIS heightens the risk of an attack.
00:42   The security service cannot predict if an attack will take place.
00:48   The threat is great; an attack is likely.
00:53   However, to predict when an attack may come, I don’t dare.
00:58   Threats against The Netherlands come from all sides and are complex.
01:02   That’s what the AIVD wrote in their annual report.
01:05   They are worried most about jihadism.
01:09   Terrorists are getting more professional.
01:12   And an organization such as IS is able to surreptitiously smuggle terrorists into Europe.
01:17   It possesses unexpectedly large amounts of explosives.
01:24   The AIVD doesn’t like busybodies. The secret service obviously prefers to work in silence.
01:30   However, sometimes, such as today, they want to show they’re not idle. And share their concerns with the outside world.
01:37   According to the AIVD the jihadist threat, the possibility of a terrorist attack, is unprecedentedly high.
01:43   Russia is steering an attack course
01:47   and Dutch companies are naïve with regard to digital espionage.
01:51   Not exactly a comforting message.
01:54   The threat that most concerns us is jihadism.
01:58   We’ve seen two attacks in Paris.
02:01   We saw only recently an attack in Brussels.
02:04   We’ve seen attacks in Turkey. In Copenhagen, in Tunisia.
02:09   I think not many past years can be found that were as dominated by terror attacks as last year.
02:17   Thus, the threat is unprecedentedly high.
02:22   That threat is increasing, according to the AIVD. Due to competition between IS and Al Qaeda.
02:27   IS made it known already, and Al Qaeda also wants to commit an attack in the foreseeable future.
02:34   To regain lost prestige.
02:37   Both parties are looking for resources, also in The Netherlands.
02:40   The AIVD established last year that terrorists are looking for arms.
02:44   Weapons that can also be used for robberies to finance their attacks.
02:52   A link with organized crime seems obvious.
02:56   It’s clear we see cooperation with national police organizations as essential.
03:01   ISIS and Al Qaeda have progressed from individual attacks into terror networks.
03:08   They very cleverly make use of techniques
03:11   and are always on the lookout for weak spots in our society,
03:16   and European society, which they then exploit.
03:20   To stop a terrorist attack is the #1 priority for the AIVD.
03:25   From this moment onwards, everything will be done in secrecy. For the AIVD remains a secret service.
03:33   The question is: how much does the AIVD know about radicalization in The Netherlands?
03:36   For example, in the slum areas.
03:40   Not a lot, says the writer and Arabist Maarten Zeegers.
03:43   He lived for three years under cover in the Transvaal area in The Hague. To write a book.
03:48   They left the Transvaal. Zeegers and his Syrian wife.
03:52   He keeps his new address secret. For fear of his old neighborhood where he pretended to be a muslim.
03:58   I’m not proud about that, for I was acting. And lied about my intentions.
04:04   I felt I had no other choice. If I wanted to know what’s going on here, I had to become one of them.
04:15   Then I decided to live there as a muslim.
04:18   An area with a many ethnicities and as many religious concepts. [ed: nonsense, only if you’re muslim!]
04:21   Amongst muslim juveniles Salafism gains ground.
04:24   According to Zeegers, a response to the fact the Dutch don’t like them.
04:27   Those feelings lead to reactions against parents and society in general.
04:36   Salafism offers the best way of doing that.
04:39   In recent years many youths from The Hague went to Syria to fight in the war there.
04:46   Salafist mosques try to prevent that, according to Zeegers.
04:50   A number of boys feel it’s their duty, their individual duty, to go to Syria and fight there.
04:59   The majority, also within Salafism, disapprove of that.
05:02   I’ve been to really orthodox mosques where the imam constantly urged the boys not to go to Syria.
05:11   According to Zeegers the authorities have insufficient insight what’s going on in an area such as the Transvaal.
05:22   The imam doesn’t even know exactly what the boys are doing.
05:25   So how could a youth worker or local constable know more?
05:28   They have been trained for very different problems. I’ve been approached by the AIVD.
05:32   It should say something when they need to contact a journalist to give them information.
05:38   So they don’t really know that much.

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  1. “According to our sources, Maarten Zeegers at first pretended to be a Muslim, but then actually converted Islam and is now a practicing Muslim. He is married to a Syrian woman, and is the author of a book about his time in Syria entitled “We Are Arabs”. Hence his dissimulation over the jihad and the Salafists — if our sources are credible, he “went native”.”

    Good catch. Although, given how counter-realist PC MC is (and, even worse, its more robustly caffeinated uncle, Leftism), a Westerner needn’t go native to so enable the Noblest Savages Of Them All in an anxious assumption of the White Kuffar’s Burden to redeem his White Western Guilt by doing everything he can to immolate himself in a tub of boiling water: the paradox of self-sacrifice and narcissism. Just one step short of conversion to Islam.

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