James Lewis on Jihad, Trump, and Churchill

The writer James Lewis first came to my attention back during the LGF-Charles Johnson wars when Chaz blind-sided us with his endless attacks. Those scurrilous character assassinations certainly had a European leftist flavor. Well, no wonder: he was being played by, as Mr. Lewis pointed out at the time, Belgium’s psy-ops people. They, along with Sweden’s EXPO, strummed Johnson like a violin. He was their out-of-tune instrument of attempted destruction. In the end, those he attacked prevailed against his lies. Poor Chazzer continued down the road to perdition, carrying his strange band of followers with him.

That analysis by Lewis lives on as the only accurate (and easily accessible) explanation for the strange metamorphosis of LGF. Because it was so singularly accurate, and because his analysis supplied a much-needed antidote to the daily doses of poison, I pay close attention to whatever I find of James Lewis’ work.

He writes frequently at American Thinker. Thus, this excerpt from one of his recent appearances in January at AT, where he demonstrates once more that he’s lost none of his edge. He begins with the dire situation in Europe in World War Two.(Any emphases or annotations are mine):


A crucial moment came in 1940, before general war broke out, when the British establishment finally saw through its own years of wishful denial. Hitler used those years to build overwhelming arms superiority, threatening and invading one country after another, spreading terror and fear through Europe while promising peace, peace, and more peace. After the “Norway debate” of 1940, Neville Chamberlain took public responsibility for his failures and resigned. Churchill was quickly asked to form the next government. He was ready, and the political establishment finally flipped on the very edge of disaster.

We are now living through an eerily similar moment. Jihadists use Nazi methods to terrify people long before they have the power to [actually] impose sharia tyranny. They work to win the psychological war long before they take over. Today, jihad is buying politicians in Europe and the U.S., with the constant promise of peace. We are seeing a sophisticated propaganda war against us, full of smiling agents of influence like CAIR, paving the way for jihad by the sword. These tactics were worked out long ago, when the early Mohammedan jihadists conquered the Persian and Byzantine Empires, the greatest powers of the time.

It is impossible to exaggerate how close Europe came to extinction in the Hitler war. Peaceful peoples have a hard time even imagining deadly danger, and most European countries just collapsed from the terror and intimidation that Hitler spread. French resistance to the Blitzkrieg lasted only a few weeks before the government surrendered and fled to Vichy.

Aggressors like the Nazis and jihadists try to win long before open battle breaks out. They win by terror. That is the goal of jihad today. Before Hitler grabbed Czechoslovakia and its arms factories, the Nazis actually had smaller military forces than Europe’s democratic countries combined. If France, Britain, Czechoslovakia, and Poland had found the courage to stand together, Hitler would have been too weak to attack.*

He psyched out his victims one by one, snatching the closest ones while telling the rest about his peaceful intentions. The suckers believed him. They fell for it every single time, until 1940 or so.

Winston Churchill watched it happen with open eyes, but helpless to act. Today millions of people can see it but feel helpless to act.

That is where we are in the jihad war today. Serious people like Admiral James Lyons are publicly warning about jihadist infiltration of our intelligence establishment. We can see it with our own eyes in the Obama crowd and with Hillary’s personal aide, Huma Abedin. The evidence is at your fingertips if you have the courage to see it.


The rest is here.

* History repeats itself. The scenario Lewis describes from 1940 is/was a variation on Europe’s old song of internecine warfare. The Baron has extensively described the deadly inability of European states to hang together. In “The Other September 11th”, from 2006, he wrote:


One of the main reasons the Turks had had such success in the Balkans and Eastern Europe was that their Christian enemies were unable to unite against them. Since the Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire were one and the same thing, Islam experienced no such fractiousness, and it was a united horde that advanced inexorably through the mountain passes and across the plains towards Vienna.

Austria and Poland had long been traditional enemies, only lately coming to an alliance in the face of the common threat. Poland had traditionally been allied with France, but the French were devious even in alliance, especially under Louis XIV, the Sun King. Louis had designs on the German states along the Rhine, and conducted his diplomacy with an eye towards the main chance in Luxembourg or the Rhenish Palatinates.

All of these squabbling political entities were Catholic, and theoretically united under the leadership of Rome. Pope Innocent XI recognized the danger posed by the Ottomans, and, in the name of God and the Church, called on all the rulers of Central Europe to unite against the common foe and save Vienna.

Louis XIV declined to obey his pontiff, and continued his scheming.

Jan Sobieski, on the other hand, was ready to answer the Pope’s call. However, in order to go to war, Polish law required him to get the unanimous approval of the Polish Diet. The French king’s ambassador plied members of the Diet with massive bribes to induce them to vote against Sobieski’s venture. Through most of the summer it seemed that Sobieski would be unable to ride to Vienna.

Fortunately for the Austrians, and for Christendom, Pope Innocent authorized the papal nuncio in Kraków to use the full resources of the Vatican. The nuncio was able to outbid Louis in bribery, but only barely. In the end the Diet reached unanimity and authorized their King to ride to the relief of Vienna.


Ten years later, that post remains worth reading. The illustrations are arresting, beautiful. Looking at it now, I’m wondering if it ought not be an annual event — reposting that tour-de-force from 2006, I mean.

As James Lewis says above, “[w]ill the political establishment finally flip?” [We are certainly] “on the very edge of disaster” and edging ever closer. Will the combined forces of Merkel, Erdogan, and Obama be enough to push us off the cliff?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Mr. Lewis’ most recent polemic is also about Europe’s decline and disasters: European Pathology Hasn’t Changed:

I don’t mean to pick on Europe — there are plenty of mad political movements in the world. But Europe has been the source of all major international wars for centuries. […]

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” said the Greeks, and they were right. The very same signs of severe mental pathology seem to show up before every major bloodletting in history. If you look for historical patterns, you can see the signs long before mass violence breaks out again. Today, the most stunning example of pathology is visible in the suicidal policies of the European Union, a grossly dysfunctional family if ever there was one…


I recommend any and all of Lewis’ essays; he is one of the most incisive political and cultural analysts we have. His work remains far ahead of the overpaid talking heads on television or radio; anything he writes is worth your time.

Just look at his take on WaPo conservatives vis-à-vis Trump, or…anything on Putin, or his various essays on Israel. The list goes on… Go here to start reading. No, you won’t agree with all he has to say. That’s inherent in opinion. But you’ll learn a lot.

Surely that’s the highest accolade one can give any writer…?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

NOTE: The Baron studied European history in great detail as he worked his way toward his A Levels exams when he lived Harrogate, Yorkshire. Thus his review in the post I cited was based on The Siege of Vienna: The Last Great Trial Between Cross & Crescent by Stoye, John [Pegasus, 2008] (Paperback) [Paperback] . While it was a revisit of old territory for him (although his deepest knowledge concerns the period 1871-1945), it served as part of my own education. He wrote several more posts using Stoye’s book as a jumping-off place.

What made this particular post even more interesting (for Americans at least) was his segue into America’s Civil War. I fear we haven’t learned much either. With the de facto and deeply illegal secession of many American cities who set themselves up as “Sanctuary Cities” for undocumented aliens, we stumble ever nearer to our own lethally internecine battles. The only questions remaining are “how” and “when”. “If” is no longer part of the equation.

34 thoughts on “James Lewis on Jihad, Trump, and Churchill

  1. Indeed.

    The blueprint is now in clear focus and the machinery of self-destruction is being feverishly built.

    I will count myself firmly as being one of the horde who had swallowed the narrative hook, line and sinker BUT now see that I was “illusioned” before.

    I have no reason at this stage to think I am in a small number of “converts” and also occupy a relatively privileged sector of society so feel that when the switch is flipped for self-survival the forces that will emerge to fix this mess will be overwhelming.

    Unfortunately very messily so…..That also seems to be a historical constant.

    There will be a contemporary equivalent of the Nuremburg trials and like those before the defendants will all look and sound like “us” (with linguistic differences). They are, after all, the REAL enemy.

    What a bloody tragic mess of things and all because of some virulent strain of post-war self-hatred. Very curious thing.

    • According to his memoirs, Churchill was exceedingly reluctant to ally with Stalin, and it was Harry Hopkins that forced his hand.

      The US diverted supplies from McArthur in the Philipines to Russia, resulting in the horrors of Bataan.

      The American people always pay dearly for their toleration of Communism.

      • Obama started his political career in the living room of two communist terrorists, had a communist for a mentor before, and now his closest adviser is a woman who grandfather and former father-in-law were communists. This didn’t seem to bother the American electorate much. We are so over our hatred of totalitarian government and political murder.

      • MCin Sderot, you are correct.
        I have a relative who died in the Bataan Death March which did not have to happen as surrendering the Imperial Japan due to lack of weapons is not a pat of history told enough.

        and Yes, Harry Hopkins who actually spent quite a while living in the White House was the FDR – Stalin mover and shaker.
        FDR also have other red cells in his Adm.

        Trump is not capable of understanding National Security and Foreign Affairs. Proves this with his Michael Moore talking points
        and no clue about Putin.
        A recent book out “Winter is coming” Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must be Stopped by Garry Kasparov
        should be read by all.

        • Garry Kasparov is hugely despised in Russia. If he ever came to power, Russia would join the club of islamisized and PC countries.
          There is no trust toward him among the population. Same could be said about recently murdered Nemtsov. Ask anybody in Nizhegorodskaya Region, where Nemtsov used to be a governor, and you will get a response “I would kill him with my own hands.”
          So I would not recommend reading and trusting that book. Kasparov is the same as any current Western leader.

    • I believe Trump only said he could get along with Putin. that they could have a relationship based on mutual respect, not that he wants to “join” him.

      Actually, that’s what we need to do in Syria — cooperate with Putin against all anti-regime forces (ARFs), cease our supplying and enabling of ARFs (and our greasy “Assad must go” rhetoric), demand that Saudi Arabia and Qatar stop financing ARFs, and that Turkey stop supplying ARFs and attacking Kurds in Syria. Under the current mad hatter regime in Washington that’s the equivalent of saying that Obama should join the John Birch Society but someone’s got to say it.

      • You are [not being intelligent] to believe that Russia will cooperate for the good of European countries. Blind faith will be your ruin.

        • I couldn’t agree more. Russia will always do what is in Russia’s interests. ALWAYS. If Russia’s interests happen to align with the interests of European patriots, that is good and useful, for as long as it lasts. But it will not last forever, and when interests no longer coincide, then Russia will act ruthlessly against its former “friends”.

          Not to understand this is to make a fundamental, fatal error.

    • You’re right. A reasonable analysis….some excerpts…

      [edited…didn’t realize it was so long]

      …So he’s (Trump) not for sale, part of the club, or susceptible to pressure, and today that counts for everything. To put it differently, he seems his own man, and he’s not politically correct. That matters, not just as a selling point, but substantively, because p.c. is a serious matter. At first people thought it a joke, then an annoyance, and eventually a constant drag on life in general. Now, in the age of flash mobs that enforce insane beliefs by destroying careers, people are realizing that p.c. is much more than that.

      In fact, political correctness is a genuine threat to any tolerable way of life. It’s part of an attempt to recreate all social life as an artificial world, an infinitely sensitive environment in which there are no losers …

      The alternative Trump offers to the unreal world of respectable public discussion is also, of course, unreal, but less so than the official version of reality. […]

      Trump’s been called a clown by those who guard the purity of our political culture. The name-calling is silly in a country in which respectable opinion insists that two grooms make a wedding, and an organization that tears living babies apart and sells the pieces is a model of honor and public spirit. They may paint Trump as a court jester who would be king. But who wouldn’t root for the court jester—at least a little—in a world of supple place-seeking courtiers?
      This is from October. You can almost hear the thundering feet of
      the “disaffected masses”. Tyrants such as the achievement-challenged, noblesse oblige Peace Prize Winner, Obama, would be sleeping less well if they had enough native intelligence to be afraid…(if ever there was one, that award to Obama remains a thinly-veiled piece of affirmative action patronization by those addled, soft-power Scandinavians whose bottomless faith in their own inherent superiority shines through that bestowal. Embarrassed everyone but BHO and the awards committee…)

    • Rondo, of course that magazine will carry water for Trump, it is a Libertarian rag anti war, blame America first, and calls those who are against the spread of Radical Islam, NeoCons, aka the Joooos

  2. It seems to me that the Obamas are laughing in our faces while busily installing their
    Muslim buddies in positions of power (shades of Valerie Jarrett). Hillary Clinton is
    joining in the hilarity. Everything Obama has done only makes sense if one considers
    his Muslim connections and apparent dislike of anything remotely Christian. I think
    the Clintons are all about the almighty $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ signs and the power to
    gain them. Power IS an aphrodisiac when it’s the only love potion left that apparently
    appeals to these people.

    • “A ruling class that loses its grip on reality is going to have problems, and so is the society it governs. So the people have an obvious interest in restraining rulers who start acting destructively, and letting them do so is a basic function of popular participation in government. Nonetheless, that function now seems out of reach. Public life has largely been nationalized and internationalized, and discussion has—in spite of sniping and occasional guerilla attacks—been captured and pacified by mainstream scholars, pundits, and journalists. In a mass society with ever weaker family, religious, and communal ties, the educated and ambitious care only for career, so they get along by going along. To do so they have developed the habit of ignoring or denying inconvenient aspects of reality, and they have made that habit a marker of social class and political and moral decency: If you lack it, you’re not the sort of person who should be listened to.

      Domination of public life by p.c. elites has thus made it impossible for ordinary people to assert their complaints publicly in an acceptable way, so their objections can easily be shrugged off as the outbursts of ignorant bigots who will, in any event, soon become demographically irrelevant.”

      • You are exactly correct. There has arisen within our society an entire class of amoral mumbo-jumboists who care for nothing but their own ticket to the gravy train, regardless of where it’s headed. And woe betide anyone who queries them, or who points out that what they are saying or doing is wrong, either factually or (especially) morally.

        Consider the case of Dr. Raj Mattu.

        The mentality of the people who have created their little empire in the first place, and who will now resort to absolutely any means in order to keep anyone from ever pointing out the obvious – that they are incompetents who are risking people’s live on a daily basis – is the mentality shared by many in our country today. The way Tommy Robinson has been treated by agents of the state is exactly how Dr. Raj Mattu has been treated by employees of the state.

        This is how people have been treated whenever they stand up and say, hold on, this uncontrollable immigration lark might have one or two problems you know … they have been persecuted and prosecuted for years … and now in 2016, we have what the media calls an ‘immigration crisis’.

        What a surprise!

      • — they have made that habit a marker of social class and political and moral decency —

        That’s an excellent insight. It goes beyond that also-excellent observation that you can’t persuade someone of something if his job depends on his believing the opposite of what you’re urging on him. Or that you can’t reason someone out of a position they did not use reason to adopt.

  3. “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” said the Greeks, and they were right.

    If this is correct, then it can’t be otherwise. Am I understood? (I’m referring to any of it being correct.) There’s nothing wrong with injecting some art into any essay, but it is nothing more than ice-cream and, if it is believed, then it prevents a scientific analysis that might identify the warning signs of the pathology.

  4. James Lewis is the first correspondent I have read who comes right out and accuses both politicians and media moguls of accepting arab money to lie to and sell out their countrymen. The truth is emerging.

    • Like Germany where Saudi Monies is funding the building of hundreds of new mosques for example?

  5. What the West needs urgently is courageous political leaders who understand what’s happening in the World and know the lessons of history. We see such leaders in Eastern Europe, but not the West. Trump might just be the leader the West needs. I’m not sure if he yet recognizes Islam is on the march again. He did say with the “ban on muslims migrants” idea “So we can find out what the hell is going on.” Does Trump recognize the danger to Western Culture and Christianity that Islam poses? Churchill saw the danger of Nazism and it’s expansionist dreams. If a President Trump was convinced the West was in a new version of an old war he might prove to be the best chance of uniting the West with the East (including Russia) against the old common enemy.

  6. Well,well,knock me down with a feather, the Baron took his A levels in Harrogate. I know it well as I was born just few miles away in Leeds.

    The family moved to the south when I was 16 in the 50’s. I guess the Baron’s a decade later. Tell me, were the trams still running in Leeds?

    • Yes, it was the mid to late ’60s. I never saw any sign of trams in Leeds. By the time I got to it, Leeds city center had been mostly razed and redeveloped, very modern. There were almost no Pakis in those days; apparently the Islamization of Leeds occurred after my time.

      • Is one allowed to say “Pakis”? Isn’t that waaycist? Aren’t we supposed to euphemise w/ “Chinese”? Oh wait…”Asian”?

        • I don’t know about the term “Pakis” as such, but “Pakistan” means “the pure land” in Urdu (see http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Pakistan for a tortured explanation of how the name allegedly came about).

          There were no people after whom the country was named, unlike Kazakhstan, Turkestan, etc.

      • Baron Bodissey said: “…apparently the Islamization of Leeds occurred after my time.”

        Dear Baron,

        Islamization of Leeds? You haven’t seen Bradfordiabad (old English name: Bradford), capital of Yorkstan. It’s a place where churches hide behind barbed wire and high iron fences. Believe me, compared with Bradfordiabad, Leeds is merely ‘cosmopolitan’. I managed to escape over decade ago. White people from Bradford coming to ‘our neck of the woods’ on holiday are very, very careful to speak. And chose the words carefully, thinking about any phrases or expressions they employ.

        • Oh, but I have seen Bradford. It was Islamized while I was still in Harrogate. It was the butt of numerous jokes because of its Pakis and (more generally) wogs.

          But Leeds was still mostly populated by native tykes back then. Working-class people. It’s very different now.

  7. Edited:

    From this post:

    Winston Churchill watched it happen with open eyes, but helpless to act.  Today millions of people can see it but feel helpless to act.

    That is where we are in the jihad war today.  Serious people like Admiral James Lyons are publicly warning about jihadist infiltration of our intelligence establishment.  We can see it with our own eyes in the Obama crowd and with Hillary’s personal aide, Huma Abedin.  The evidence is at your fingertips if you have the courage to see it.

    Here is an interview with the Admiral …


    • One year plus a few weeks ago, I found GoV and educated myself about the overarching jihad. It put my observations of the prior 15-ish years into a historical frame I could understand.

      Earlier in January 2016, I was quite ill during a crucial week, but made a comment here that the cracks were widening.

      Looks like they’re also becoming visible to many more people! Please keep it up (everyone!) with the links.

      thx very much

  8. Might I add too that when Churchill became PM, he was confronted by Halifax and quite a few of the other political heavyweights of the time who were quite keen on having a parley with the Italians in order to see if a deal could be struck with old Adolf.

    Winston showed that he could use the political system as well as anyone, having a little ‘break’ from discussions with ‘The Holy Fox’ in order to have a little get-together with the rest of his colleagues, which is when he gave his ‘if our island story must end, let it be with each of us lying on the ground chocking on our own blood’ speech. That did the trick! After that, there was no question of Halifax having his way.

    Right up to that moment, the question of whether Britain would stand against the Nazis could have gone either way. So it wasn’t just a question of Winston becoming PM, even after that he had some serious work to do …

  9. It’s obvious that Obama favors Islam. But has anyone ever considered that maybe at least a smidgen of his very public support for Islam is done to buy himself protection? After all, he was registered as a Muslim student in Indonesia and attended Koran (recitation?) class. That would make him an apostate if he were not a closet Muslim, secretly working for the Muslim cause.

    After all, Huma Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood family let her marry an ethnic Jew when his political career was riding high. And low and behold, around 2007 or so, there was talk about Huma’s running for public office. This of course was before her husband’s career imploded with a rush of embarrassing public ridicule.

    It would not surprise me if most of the Muslim world considers Obama to be Muslim.

    This means he probably will not have to worry about being killed–for apostasy– after he leaves office.

    • This makes the most sense of the many theories I’ve read about whether Obama is or is not a Muslim. In terms of practical politics, it doesn’t matter: he favors Islam and derides Christianity.

      re. Huma Abedin: Muslim women are permitted to marry outside the faith IF the family approves; clearly, there was reason to believe Weiner would be helpful (or at least not harmful) to their cause.

      • Under sharia law, Muslims, men or women, are permitted to do anything that advances the cause of Islam against Dar al-Harb. There are no limits when that end is being served.

        That’s one of the things that makes Islam so strikingly similar to Communism.

    • In Algeria, the natives think that Obama is the best president ever.

      Tells me everything I need to know.

    • In most places in Europe and the Middle East where I have worked in the last few years O is considered a Muslim, and that bow to the Saudi king (Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques) is considered to be significant in a way that Westerners fail to comprehend.

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