Who Will Rid Me Of This Turbulent Blond? (Part 2)

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, another leftist political leader in the Netherlands has announced that it would be better if Geert Wilders were dead. It’s the Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid, PvdA) again, this time a local party leader.

Below is the notice sent out today by the PVV:

Local Labour leader wishes for Wilders death in Tweet

Willem den Hertog, the PvdA leader in Katwijk, wished that PVV leader Geert Wilders would die of a heart attack in a post he distributed through his Twitter account late Thursday morning. Following the commotion they caused, he said the messages should not have been published, and he withdrew his statement.

Den Hertog’s tweets were in response to Wilders’ statement that if he is assassinated, the PvdA will have his blood on their hands. “I hope that the bullet does not come, but if that bullet comes from the left, then the Netherlands will know that the PvdA letters are written on its side.” Wilders made this statement in response to PvdA Chairman Hans Spekman’s statement calling him a danger to democracy.

Den Hertog tweeted, “We all hope that Wilders dies of a heart attack in bed (if not between the legs of a left-wing parliamentarian)”, followed by, “But if there is a bullet on the way, then it is big enough to engrave ‘From the grateful Dutch people’ on it”. He concluded: “How many PVVers are now carving ‘PvdA’ on their bullets?”

As can be expected, the tweets resulted in a storm of angry reactions and retweets. According to Omroep West, Den Hertog was even received a number of threats. So he decided to withdraw his statements: “There is commotion about the tweets I sent about Wilders. Given the reactions, I see that I should not have sent those tweets.”

Geert Wilders did not reply to the remarks until just after 2:30 p.m. In a tweet from his official account, he wrote, “Shocking message. Maybe now Labour chairman Spekman understands what I meant.” He ended the message with a hashtag that translates to, “bullet from the left,” referring to the Labour party’s leftist political stance.

(Source: NL Times)

21 thoughts on “Who Will Rid Me Of This Turbulent Blond? (Part 2)

  1. Sounds like politics is even more deadly in Holland than in some other places. and for years I have noticed the Dutch do not care for freedom of speech at all. Or should I say freedom for some, but not for all? What a country.

    • The Netherlands is a country filled with ” know it all” left wing bastards. 60% would vote for Hillary, 32% for Bernie S.

      The majority in the Netherlands is counting on ” filthy ” American blood to liberate them from one more totalitarian occupation they did not see invading. American blood will save them again.. At least. That’s what they think..

      I live amongst these people. They think they are better people. Way better! Enlightened.. Kind of like what most New Yorkers think about themselves perhaps 😉

      In reality they are arrogant, intolerant and stupid. But most of all. They are penny wise pound foolish. What a country indeed!

      Off course this is the general picture. There are exceptions.

  2. So the Dutch political establishment is no better than others in Europe, and perhaps filthier and more childish than most.

    Leading me to wonder, was it always so, or was it just better hidden 50-70 years ago?

    • Ever since the internet they- the Dutch rulers- are loosing grip on the population. So the turned to murder (Pim Fortuyn) Prosecution of rival politicians/Political parties) (Wilders/PVV) and increasing propaganda.

      The Dutch regime controls 95% of the newspapers, radio and television. The educational system is 100% controled by the cultural marxists. And they are using their resources way more then they did 50 years ago. Thanks to the internet.

    • Research has shown the Dutch were the worst traitors during WW2 out of any occupied country and that is why most of their Jews were arrested.
      I should know as members of my Dutch mothers family were in the resistance, rescuing Jews and allied pilots.There were far more traitors than resistance, unlike i.e.Denmark.
      Even though after the war so many lied bragging they were in the resistance !
      All resistance groups were betrayed . Those in my mothers family ( she was a teenager then and her parents never knew of course of her brothers’ activity) went underground and survived as did as far as they know, all Jews they helped escape.
      my mother and a brother left the Netherlands after the war.

      Being married to a Dutchman myself, and having lived abroad finally ending up in Netherlands only for work,we want to leave again, as many Dutch are totally ignorant of general knowledge. They believe themselves to be living in the best country in the world , and most are devoid of critical thinking which is really creepy.
      Apart from some exceptions and these are the nicest people around.

  3. No words can express the contempt and disgust for the socialist left.

    (The remainder of this post was deleted by the author.)

    • I join you whole heartedly in your sentiments. Can you imagine the press and political storm if the reverse had happened and Mr Wilders had issued such statements. This shows how scared the left have become lately that signs of resistance to their treacherous open borders policy are growing. Whilst Merkel is crawling on her hands and knees to Turkey, brave politicians like Mr Wilders and others like Farage, Le Pen and Orban have the courage to fight back but they need the people to be as courageous too.

  4. It just gets dumber. What’s good for the goosed (sic) is good for the gander – and the rest of the animals on the farm.

  5. So he should not have sent it because of the “commotion” it caused? Not because it was evil, but because of the “reactions?”

    I guess he thinks that death threats for Wilders are OK but not when they are directed at him.

    What a disgusting individual! Now why do I think he’s typical of Dutch Labor?

  6. Sounds like the socialists have no problem with the idea of running the Netherlands like a banana republic if there’s any chance of them losing their strangle hold on power.

  7. Before he spouts such nonsense, he would be wise to remember that bullets can fly both ways across the political spectrum.

    • But in the Netherlands bullets,knives,etc., are used only by people working for those in charge but with no connections back to them. They are aimed one way: at the ‘troublemakers’. As I’ve said repeatedly, the only way to understand this process is to read Dutch historian, Arthur Legger, in his essay from 2008. He sounds so very Dutch and mordant, but if you read this work, you’ll understand that tough Dutch mordancy.


      This was written in 2008, when Legger was wondering how long Geert Wilders had left. Now, 8 years later, the threats are becoming open and ever more pointed.

      If you read Legger, above, you’ll understand the process – how they ‘get rid of’ the troublemakers w/o getting their hands dirty. It’s chilling.

      • Keep recommending this essay, Dymphna. I read it a few months ago (maybe in relation to another news item on Wilders?) and was completely stunned.

  8. At times like this, I’m quite embarrassed to tell people that I was born in Holland. It’s humiliating, to say the least.

  9. Although slightly off-topic, I would like to know what you all here think about yet another 94-year-old being put on trial in Germany because he served as a prison guard during WWII — does this never end until everyone is dead? Do people not know that in Germany at that time, nobody could refuse an order on pain of death? Why are they doing this? Perhaps to deflect attention from the Muslim horde that Angela doesn’t want to deal with? Just puzzled and wondering and hoping somebody much smarter than I can explain this.

    • Forty years ago in Calgary one of my co-workers was a German who as a teenager found himself in a tank on the Russian front. Someone asked if he could have refused to go, he looked shocked and answered: “I would have been shot!” And I have no doubt at all, he would have been.
      Nurnberg Trials notwithstanding, so would the 94 year old; and how would that have helped?
      The equivalent today throughout Europe is the threat of withheld pensions, ridicule and political tar-and-feathering; you are no doubt familiar with the sudden change of heart by the French General Piquemal? There’s your answer, Mariadee.

      • Unfirtunately many Germans were complicit with Hitler as he received a huge following, so I am less apt to excuse them all. Some said they were ” brainwashed” Hitler was “charismatic etc.” Well, not all were brainwashed and ended up in the first concentration camps Hitler set up in Germany as soon as he came to power for the dissenters.
        Even many German Lutherans were captivated.
        The young men drafted to serve in the army can be excused I agree,as nothing they could do. Mostly nice young men,my mother said . The Gestapo were the evil ones.
        However the role ordinary Germans played in the rise of Hitler has been proved .
        Until the American series ” Holocaust” in 1980, the German children of the war generation had never been told Hitler was bad. Even at school he was depicted as the hero, and the allies the evil victors over good !
        I saw a documentary back then about the rifts this caused in families. Children asking their parents what their role had been and even if they had played no role their children were angry they had never told them the truth. Up until then no such movies etc had been allowed in Germany
        So arresting an elderly man is absurd I agree, and just a twisted ” matter of principle” Most of the real baddies, Nazi’s ,escaped to Argentina.

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