Allahu Akhbar from Central Africa to Macedonia

The consonants K-B-R form the Arabic stem for “greater”. Whenever you hear Muslims shout “Allahu Akhbar!”, they are using the comparative form of the adjective “great” to say “Allah is greater [than any other god]”.

The leader of a mob of jihadis will shout “Takbir!” to his followers, receiving an “Allahu Akhbar!” as the ritual response. The word “takbir” is formed by adding a T- to K-B-R. The prefix has the meaning of an imperative to “call” or “profess”, so that the jihad cheerleader is saying, in effect, “Shout ‘[Allah is] greater’!”

This chant is heard all over the world wherever the mujahideen gather to fire themselves up for holy war against the infidels.

That’s what’s happening in the following video, which was recorded during Pope Francis’ visit to the Central African Republic. The mujahideen in this case are veiled young ladies. Euronews conceals what they are doing by muting the sound and replacing their chant with a voice-over, to convey the impression that they are joyously greeting the pope. However, the raw footage from the scene tells a different story:

The second video was shot in Macedonia*, and shows Muslim “refugees” systematically stoning riot police. Vlad has enhanced the background sound in the second instance of the clip, and if you listen carefully, you can hear the cry of “Takbir!” followed by you-know-what:

This is the sound of jihad.

There is jihad in the Central African Republic. There is jihad in Macedonia. There is jihad in Syria. There is jihad in Bangladesh and the Philippines. There is jihad in Germany and Belgium.

And wherever the jihad goes, it screams out the same war cry.

The mainstream media are doing everything they can to hide this fact from the Western public.

“Nothing to do with Islam” — that’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for his help in enhancing and annotating these videos.

*   Yes, I know the name of the country is not really “Macedonia”. But everyone outside of Greece calls it that, and if I use the ugly acronym “FYROM” instead, at least 75% of our readers will not know what I’m talking about. So Macedonia it remains.

6 thoughts on “Allahu Akhbar from Central Africa to Macedonia

  1. The lying BBC have presented the troubles in the Central African Republic as being initiated by “Christian Militias”, while justifying “Muslim retaliation.”

    • Oh, yes, if it were not for those pesky little Christians, there would be no violence in the world. How dare these subhumans to harass noble followers of the Prophet!

  2. Why hasn’t the conservative party launched an investigation into each progressive broadcaster? Make it a 3 part special on each of the alphabets and peel back who is connected to whom. Let the light of day shine bright on each of these abattoirs so the people can learn what their minds have been fed.

  3. Pause the video at 1m48, look carefully at the left hand side, a guy with a yellow & red bobble hat. Check out the writing on the back of his jacket. Can’t guess where he wants to go????

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