“You Are on Your Knees”

Aldo Sterone, the Algerian-French Auto Pundit, returns with a video essay about Putin, Syria, France, and the Islamic State.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Hello Friends. You know, one of the problems
00:04   facing France today is
00:08   that things have turned bad. ISIS
00:12   is starting to get it in the face in Syria.
00:16   Putin will ferret out the terrorists in Syria; he will go
00:20   to the last corner of their s***houses (to quote him).
00:24   The problem is that when the terrorists
00:28   see the onslaught of the
00:32   Russians come towards them, what will they do? They will say
00:36   “the game is over, we will return to where we came from.”
00:40   Where did they come from? Many came from France
00:44   and from Belgium. So now France is trembling.
00:48   The French regime is multiplying friendly gestures,
00:52   of support towards this terrorist group, to signal to them
00:56   “we are on your side”. On the day Russian bombardments
01:00   started, what did France do?
01:04   France opened an enquiry against
01:09   the Assad regime for “crimes against humanity”.
01:13   Whereas there never was a similar enquiry
01:17   against the terrorist group that
01:21   kills people, that has re-established slavery,
01:25   has industrialised paedophilia, has erased
01:29   traces of world heritage [monuments],
01:33   has massacred minorities, and this for years,
01:37   what’s more, they documented it and shared it online.
01:41   There is no enquiry [about that] in France.
01:45   Yet the members of this group come from France, return to France, circulate
01:49   in France, and nobody disturbs them. As
01:53   [French Interior Minister] Cazeneuve said: “The call to Jihad is not
01:57   a crime.” Yet “Jihad” is exactly what ISIS is doing.
02:02   So, what is France doing? They are saying
02:06   to ISIS: “Look, we are like you.
02:10   You are against Assad; well, we are, too!”
02:14   They organised a cute leak via “Le Canard Enchaine” [leftist weekly].
02:18   See it on F deSouche [website]; it’s very interesting
02:22   they organised a leak:
02:26   “Elysee’s advisors try to persuade journalists that Bashar is worse than
02:30   ISIS.” You must not read that Bashar is worse than ISIS.
02:34   You must not read: “Persuade
02:38   journalists that Bashar is worse than Daesh.”
02:42   You must read: “Daesh/ISIS is BETTER than Bashar.”
02:46   So I note that for French diplomacy ISIS,
02:50   the crimes of which I have just described,
02:54   are better than
02:58   Bashar Assad who fights them.
03:02   One always supports the better one rather
03:07   then the one, considered to be worse. So France is saying
03:11   very clearly by this cleverly orchestrated leak:
03:15   “Listen, ISIS: we are on your side!”
03:19   A part of the French press
03:23   is saying:
03:27   “These bombardments are unfair,
03:31   and anyway, they don’t touch the positions of ISIS, who are not where they bomb.”
03:35   Really? So you know where the positions of ISIS are?
03:39   So you are in on the secret? I am not surprised, because France
03:43   is one of the sponsors of ISIS, like Saudi Arabia who just complained
03:48   to the UN security council saying, “It’s not normal. Putin must immediately stop
03:52   his attacks against these…
03:56   ISIS…
04:00   put our political plan for this region into practice.
04:04   So France adds her voice to the sponsors of
04:08   ISIS: Saudi Arabia, USA.
04:12   Now what happens:
04:16   France has
04:20   dropped its trousers. The French regime today
04:24   looks like someone surprised on the road by headlights of a car
04:28   with his pants around his ankles.
04:32   Because they wanted to fight terrorism by (negotiating?)
04:36   by fighting stigmatisation,
04:40   by excluding people who had a realistic discourse, like (name not clear),
04:44   and what is happening today
04:48   is that they know they are completely disarmed.
04:52   They have dismantled their security services;
04:56   they have disempowered the police by reducing their means;
05:01   they have not planned any legislative arsenal;
05:05   they know that bombs are raining on the ISIS terrorists;
05:09   and the fear is changing sides, so they
05:13   will return to whence they came. They will flee Syria,
05:17   pass through Turkey, drown the fish by passing through two or thee airports,
05:21   and disembark at Charles de Gaulle Paris just like
05:25   any tourist. And what will they do?
05:29   They will do what terrorists have always done. In Algeria
05:33   what happened? They let the terrorists leave
05:37   for Afghanistan. At the time it was already against
05:41   the Russians (fancy that), and what happened? They came back
05:46   to us and we had the massacres that you know about.
05:50   So France finds herself in this situation, but without any moral or political courage
05:54   to confront things seriously.
05:58   France is not at war, even if ISIS has declared war against France.
06:02   France has not declared war against anybody. France is a country
06:06   which lives for love, for happiness, etc.,
06:10   and when they get massacred, they will negotiate.
06:14   It’s interesting that today they attack
06:19   (and this doesn’t surprise me)
06:23   Bashar Assad on the basis that he used barrel bombs.
06:27   Perhaps he had not found bombs in suppository form on the market.
06:31   Maybe he found only barrel bombs.
06:35   One could equally say that France, when they
06:39   killed Coulibali (Charlie Hebdo),
06:43   or the other terrorists, they killed
06:47   some hostages.
06:51   In Dresden three months before the end of WWII there were
06:55   bombardments in which 25,000 people died for nothing.
06:59   We can also say that the Allies
07:03   helped the Nazis at the time. Or that the raid
07:08   that killed the Charlie Hebdo killers played into the hands of the terrorists.
07:12   It’s something utterly aberrant.
07:16   Then they give us “..they are bombarding the positions of the rebels”.
07:20   “Robin Hoods”, yes? As children we all read
07:24   the stories of Robin Hood and people
07:29   from their childhood love “rebels”. Here we have them. They get up
07:33   in the morning in Syria, and the poor “rebel”, what does he do? From 8 am
07:37   till midday he targets ISIS, he
07:41   kills pedophiles, assassins, terrorists and all that, and then
07:45   he has lunch, and after that he attacks
07:49   the positions of the Syrian Regime.
07:53   That’s your poor “rebel” who fights against two sides,
07:58   who deserves our support. The “rebel” does not exist. I tell you where he is:
08:02   the “rebel” exists only in one place: he exists in the receipts
08:06   which ISIS issues against the delivery of arms
08:10   and the money they receive. When states like France
08:14   the US and the UK furnish
08:18   arms to the terrorists, these terrorists will of course not
08:22   sign “Daesh” on the receipt.
08:26   They will not sign “ISIS”, because that’s not very …
08:30   it would be like signing with a swastika.
08:35   So what happens is: the “rebels”
08:39   who are really ISIS sign “Rebel”
08:43   or any kind of name, a mixture of politics and religion,
08:47   and then they take the arms and the money and go back to their camp, that is, ISIS.
08:51   and then they give us, non-stop, every two days,
08:55   “France had ‘rebels’ who have joined ISIS
08:59   The US had ‘Rebels’ who have joined ISIS”. No, they never ‘joined’ ISIS
09:03   they ‘were’ ISIS from the start. They came
09:07   to take delivery of arms, they signed in some way and then
09:12   they returned to their camp: ISIS. From the start they were ISIS.
09:16   Okay. Today France is
09:20   playing a dirty role which is like…
09:24   I give you an example: imagine
09:28   that an Arab/Muslim country starts to finance
09:32   gangs in French cities, starts to finance and to arm Islamists
09:36   in French cities, and tells them: Overthrow the French regime
09:40   and install a caliphate in France and slaughter the French people,
09:44   sell their girls in cages, slaughter their school students, gas their children, and
09:48   this country says very cynically: “The French authorities in Paris are fighting
09:52   terrorism, they make war against terrorism (not very clear…?)
09:56   they make war against their population (?)” That is exactly the role France plays today.
10:01   We’ll see
10:05   if France doesn’t move and continues in this logic, the laws of physics,
10:09   the laws of history are very repetitive; what will happen is
10:13   the same terrorists will return to France,
10:17   they will start to attack in France, and we will see how much the police, the French army
10:21   manage to make non-collateral victims. We will see.
10:25   If France gets better results,
10:29   better statistics on the collaterality of the attacks
10:33   than Bashar or
10:37   the Algerian regime got in the past fighting against terrorism.
10:41   We will see if you do better. I can tell you,
10:46   even Pakistan
10:50   suffers constant terrorists attacks, which means that submission
10:54   will not help you. Listen to me: Submission …
10:58   to submit to ISIS, telling them that you love them,
11:02   that you are with them, that you support them, will change nothing.
11:06   They will not think that you are
11:10   nice after all, and that they will let you live. That won’t happen.
11:14   They are at war with you, against the whole of humanity, whether you are
11:18   at war or not; it changes nothing. THEY are at war with YOU.
11:22   Even if you are not at war with them, they will come to attack you anyway.
11:26   To beg will not help you, because you are on your knees. They will see
11:31   this message as you being NIL, that you have no
11:35   defence against them whatsoever, and that will excite them even more.
11:39   They are attracted by the smell of blood and by the smell of the
11:43   the weak beast. You are sending them the message that you are WEAK.
11:47   Putin sends them the message that he is strong. You are weak.
11:51   And they attack the weak, OK.
11:55   I don’t know in which language one has to tell you.

24 thoughts on ““You Are on Your Knees”

  1. at 5:17
    French : “noyer le poisson” (drown the fish) should be translated as “to muddy the water”, in the context of the text I’d say “cover their track”

  2. 11.31: le message que vous êtes NU (not NUL, hence not NIL)
    so it should read: the message that you’re Bared Naked/ Helpless

  3. Thank you Aldo. Very basic stuff really. Raging feminized insanity. I hope England and the US are still capable of paying attention once France in general goes Beirut and Balkans.

  4. Exactly correct! Until the West can bring forth out of their guts and entrails such an anger and force of belief, NEVER to bend their necks, never to compromise, then prepare for devastation and abomination, as it has happened so many times before.

    This is a battle of wills!

  5. Chasing ISIS all over the region will give Putin an excuse to stay as long as he wants, work with Iraq and Iran on an oil cartel, build up his Meditarranean terminal, pretend he is the west’s savior and protector, thoroughly humiliate NATO and the US, save Or dump Assad, affect Turkey and the Kurds, affect Iran’s nukes, gain hundreds of business deals. How clever a move is this? How much has he leveraged his power?

    A strong American military in Syria and the eastern Med would have prevented this, I bet.

    • William, of course Putin will shore up what he believes will be to Russia’s advantage, and after the mess that Obama has made of the Middle East, why shouldn’t he?

      One of Putin’s goals is to stabilize the M.E. because if left as it now is, confrontation with the West will eventually have to be considered. I do not believe that Putin wants that.

      Putin has been sitting back and gauging the outcome of the self-destruction of the West and the American administration’s wilful destruction of the Middle East. Someone had to act to try and limit the damage being done otherwise we will find ourselves, as the Good Book states, in Armageddon.

      Putin recently gave an open discussion with a number of American journalists, (OK, so let’s call them journalists for brevity purposes) you can catch that video on the SHTF Plan blog, and after having viewed it I have to say that I am impressed with the man’s knowledge of what is really going on around him.

      He was frank and very candid, and I believe he was being honest in that everything he responded to as he spoke was without reference to notes or other hints to assist him in his answers. I do realize in this age of deceit that everything must be considered as suspect until bona fides can be checked and then double checked, but Putin comes across as a person who does not have imperialistic ambitions as America has had ever since the end of the Second World War.

      If it ever happens, I can visualize Trump and Putin getting on very well together.

    • He sounds like an old guy at my church who worked in Naval intelligence under IKE. Says we are sittin’ ducks and since our PREZ is in with the Muslim brotherhood, our goose is just about cooked.

      The other night he said:
      ” I am glad I will not be here much longer, but I sure cry for my grandkids and great grand kids too”.

      • Despair is part and parcel of old age, and this guy may be “crying for his grandkids” but he does them no favors by telling them it’s going to be bad, bad, bad after he’s gone.

        Maybe it softens the hard edges of his own mortality to say these things out loud but it’s certainly no help to those he leaves behind. And it is *definitely* not a Christian message. If you look around the world, notice that Christianity seems to flourish where it is most persecuted – China, South Africa, Islam states, etc. For those courageous souls, death is likely…and that is how the early Christian ecclesiology operated. For us, in our comfortable pews, there is much outrage but not much action…the Tea Party being an energetic exception.

        • I agree Dymphna. I found myself countering a comment left on Andrew Bolts blog yesterday from an elderly male who had run up the white flag.

          I tore strips off him.

        • Dymphna,

          Speaking of South Africa, regard this report from France24:


          It’s actually a halfway decent piece until the liberal reporters start bending over backwards to deny there is any racial component to the violence.

          I’m also not a big fan of the race traitors in the rap group that try to claim, “we had no idea our violent lyrics about killing white farmers would incite people to kill white farmers…no one could have imagined…”

      • ‘Ye of little faith’ or words to that effect. We are responsible now. I imagine when the moment of truth arrives coulda, woulda, shoulda will only serve to turn the temperature up.

  6. Poignant, Lady D, but what is he supposed to do, or to put it another way, until civil war actually breaks out, what can he do without running afoul of the so-called authorities?
    Serious question, as I’m old and despairing too…

    • Peter, every age wrestles with one or another aspect of the human condition. For the old, it is coming to terms with that final existential fact: we live with a foreshortened future. Now that many European countries (and California) are offering the quiet exit of euthanasia, that despair becomes more complicated and tangled.

      People whose spiritual constitution offers them the prospect of some kind of continuance after death aren’t exempt, either, though I often hear this from those who are constitutionally aligned with atheism. Just as a believer has trouble understanding how an atheist confronts death, so the atheist sees the believer as choosing a “false comfort”. But even the most spiritual of us find it hard.

      My aunt was a Franciscan nun, surrounded by her loving community (they sure liked to laugh). As the end came nearer (heart disease) she became afraid of death; her uncharacteristic fear puzzled me. After much research and thinking about her final years, I came to the conclusion that medical techology got in the way of her being able to say goodbye. She submitted to a SECOND heart by-pass procedure. Since she knew from experience what lay ahead – the inevitable deep depression that follows having your heart lifted from your body – she caved. It never occurred to her that she could tell the doctor ‘no thanks’.

      I have the same tired heart and blood vessels but I will never submit to surgery. This makes doctors extremely uncomfortable. So I finally cornered my family doc into telling me what would happen. “Before all this wonderful technology, how did people like me die?” She said I’d probably have sudden cardiac arrest. I hope she’s right: that is a good death, in my eyes. And it means that each day has to be lived as though it *might* be the last, since in reality no matter how old you are, that could be the case.

      I just heard about the death of a young man we know who suffered from Crohn’s Disease. I hadn’t known he developed bowel cancer, and I don’t know how much treatment he suffered before being allowed to surrender. He was 26. I feel very sorry for his parents, especially his mother. And though I can’t say so to her, in my mind he is free at last. This is also the way I have come to view my daughter’s death: she suffered so. [I had no idea there were three forms of migraine headaches; she had them all, including one in the limbic area that affected her vocal chords. While in its grip, she sounded like a cartoon character – if she hadn’t been in such pain, it would have been funny.]

      Maybe, Peter, a way to begin addressing the despair of old age is to realize it’s supposed to be there. A second way is to realize that death – the process – is not something passive. We are not acted upon but instead participate. Only no one comes back to tell us this. A few days before my mother died she said to me, “this is too much work for so little return”. I agreed with her that it was a mighty labor to fight it off. This was on my birthday, and I drove her to the hospital where she was admitted for pneumonia. The doctor examined her that night (his own dying father was three rooms down) and said, “you’re looking better. Let’s plan on having you go home in a few days”. She died several days later, at 3:00 am – well-known as the time the body is at its lowest ebb – but I think she’d have preferred a deathbed drama…oh wait, I’m thinking of her younger self. In her last days she chose this and simply let go…

      • ‘Anticipation of the actual event is worse than the event itself.’

        Quoted by someone who was to have his head removed from his body the next day. Can’t remember who though.

        But, acceptance of our eventual death goes a long way in determining how one will handle that time when it arrives, as it surely must. My Mother passed away at home in May this year after not accepting treatment for pancreatic cancer. My Mother was one brave lady who I can only hope to emulate when my time arrives.

        • Your mother was indeed courageous. That’s a terrible disease and the “treatments” are no real help, they just prolong the suffering.

      • Very thoughtful and moving, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

        Well, each of us has to find their own path of resistance. For some, this will mean joining some form of militia, others will try to build islands of friendship and mutual assistance.

        There is a broad spectrum of choices, depending on one’s tolerance for personal risk and a constant re-evaluation of threats and opportunities.

        I don’t think it is defeatist to say that things are going to get worse. Even if by some supernatural trick all illegal immigration were halted tomorrow, the ones already there are going to present more problems with every passing year. In any case, illegal immigration by millions and millions of Muslims won’t stop any time soon.

        Therefore living standards and the quality of life will keep moving downward. Violence will increase, some of the readers of this blog will themselves be affected.

        A counter-offensive — deporting a million of them, closing the borders airtight, punishing Erdogan for opening the floodgates on his end — is but a pipe dream. Let’s face it, we are playing defense now, trying to fall back in orderly fashion from one position to another. There’s nothing dishonorable about fighting defensive battles, even as we keep losing ground.

        If some of us do nothing more than help each other with acts of compassion and kindness, that is worthy of commendation. I only hope that none of the readers of this blog, despairing of a reconquista that does not come, gives up and defects to the enemy — i.e., convert to Islam or become a snitch and an informer on the resistance.

        • Addendum: Coming generations perhaps won’t experience their lives as a constant rearguard action. They won’t have the memories of a Europe in which people did not have to support a growing sullen, resentful, unproductive and frequently violent Muslim minority with their taxes.

          They may listen to their parents and grandparents bemoan the decline, but they are living in their own present. People adapt when they have to. Eventually, though, the overspill from the Muslim youth bulge swamps what is left of Europe. So, perhaps they won’t be content. Perhaps they will curse us. “Why did you let this happen? Why did you bequeath this horrid life to us?”

          I won’t have an answer then.

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