What Kind of War is This?

Fjordman and I need assistance from the distributed intelligence of Gates of Vienna readers.

It all started this morning in several different skype conversations. KGS of Tundra Tabloids tipped me to a story about the stealth importation of Third-World immigrants into a small Finnish village. I remarked that it sounded just like the Refugee Resettlement program here in the USA. It’s uncanny the way exactly the same thing is done everywhere, all across the West. Hostile alien groups are being imported en masse, without the knowledge of the citizenry and against their will. As KGS says, “BLAM! …in your face and nothing you can do about it.”

Also in Finland, a leftist professor has demanded that the Finns party — Finland’s immigration-critical party — not be allowed access to public schools. It’s an example of the way the process of demonization is moving ahead in Finland, very much like the trashing of Sverigedemokraterna by the Swedish government and media. The only difference is that the Finns party became much more mainstream than the SD did before the demonization hit.

It’s as if Finland is saying: “We want to be just like Sweden! It worked so well for them, why not for us?”

Meanwhile, Fjordman sent this note, referring to an article (in Swedish) in Fria Tider:

“In the Multicultural Stockholm suburb of Tensta, 20-30 people abused a person they believed to be a policeman. It is very significant that even Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s largest newspaper, now warns against a possible civil war in Sweden.”

I remarked that it’s not really a civil war. A civil war is an internal war within the same nation and ethnicity. We don’t really have a word for this new kind of war, and we need one. We need a term that could be defined as “a stealth invasion by an enemy, aided by the leadership of the invaded country, with massive infiltration at all levels of society, provoking violent conflict.”

The English Civil War of the 17th century would fit the standard definition of “civil war”. And Fjordman notes: “The Spanish Civil War in the 1930s was a civil war in the more narrow sense, fought for ideological reasons.”

A neologism is required, a word or pithy phrase that describes the unprecedented situation the West finds itself in here in the early 21st century.

The condition didn’t exist before the late 20th century. “Civilizational war” is correct but cumbersome. “War of ethnic betrayal” would be more accurate.

So I’ll throw it open to our readers: What would you call the imminent conflict in the West between the native population and the deliberately imported, hostile aliens?

Leave any suggestions (short and pithy, please!) in the comments.

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    • A guerilla war is a form of armed civil insurrection, generally by a group within the same nation and ethnicity as the government targeted. Not quite the same thing.

      • The U.S., U.K., France, Russia, Canada and others are all multi-ethnic (single) nations even though Canada is part of the Commonwealth. Canada even has two languages.

        It doesn’t look like it because the groups are small, sometimes only a single individual, and there is no clear centralized authority.

    • An interesting term used by a French author called Renaud Camus for the current phenomenon is “the Replacement” (Le Remplacement): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaud_Camus
      If you think about it, it actually makes sense. It somehow looks like there is a deliberate attempt totally overhaul our society. Unfortunately not to replace it by something better but by something absolutely horrible. And why anyone wants to do that is a mystery to me. It is pure masochism.
      The politically correct left are so eager to see our continent be “invaded” but the “invaders” hate the anti-authoritarian “values” of the left. Does the left really think that the “invaders” came to Europe because they want to participate in the next gay parade?

  1. So this neologism has to incorporate both the stealth activities and the fact that the participants are from both inside the government and outside the country.

    That’s a mind-twister. The first is treason, the second is aggression.

    Both done in the name of “humane reasons”.

    BTW, the stealth here is a combination of “faith-based NGOs and our State Department. We know the motives of the respective NGO: a bureaucracy needs money to stay in business. But what could be the motive of the State Dept. operatives beyond treason? I’m sure they and their superiors – e.g., our Commander-in-Chief – do not see their work of salting the U.S. with 3rd world “refugees” who will never assimilate as treason, but that’s what it is, conscious or not.

    I will ask Ann Corcoran to put the question to her readers at RRW


    I looked and it turns out she’s out of the country and will have limited internet access. ..will put it on her plate anyway.

  2. Good question.

    I’ve been in Sweden for a while now and learned the language. The Swedish word for “civil war” is “inbördeskrig”. This is not an exact translation. It is a composite word of three parts: “in” means “inside, within”; “börd” + genitive-“es” means “origin, provenience”; “krig” is “war”. So, literally, a fraternal war, not just one within the citizenship or borders, which could be mixed up due to the similar sounding “börde”.

    What to do with that? I don’t know. The “modern” narrative is that all humans are brothers, so every war would be a fraternal one. I’m sure they’ll twist that way any which term you can come up with.

    As I see it, it would have to be something which expresses that the elected leadership is at war against its own constituents by using a hostile third party it had dragged in first. I heard that some Native American languages can express complicated terms very concisely, not sure if this would work though.

  3. pathogenic war?
    iatrogenic war?
    parasitic war
    transfusion war
    Dilution warfare
    dissipation war
    diabatic warfare (Diabatic process: Rapidly changing conditions prevent the system from adapting its configuration during the process, hence the spatial probability density remains unchanged. Typically there is no eigenstate of the final Hamiltonian with the same functional form as the initial state. The system ends in a linear combination of states that sum to reproduce the initial probability density.) I can translate this if required 😉

    • Imagine putting a small bicycle tire on a truck tyre inflation hose and inflating it until the tyre & tube bursts and shatters into into small pieces. All the rubber and wire is still there, but is no longer in a cohesive or usable form.

    • The War of Cultural Betrayal.

      Shorter yet: The Resistance to Betrayal.

      Your suggestions, just a little shorter?

    • Simple, just two words, but that does describe what’s happening.

      Surely impossible to get it down to just one word. Just one problem, I don’t see islam as having ‘culture’.

  4. I would call this coming conflict the Ersatz Proles War.

    Proles… from George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, signifying the proletariat or working class of Oceania, devoid of any real power or influence in their society, whatever the Elite’s propaganda might claim.

    Ersatz… signifying substitutes, generally of an inferior sort, for something else – in this case, the former citizens of “liberal” Western societies who, rather than get in lock-step with the current Party line, cling to their traditional cultures and religions, their civil rights and their hard-won liberties.

    Put together I’m suggesting what I think is really going on here: The ruling cliques, facing increasingly restive native populations, are hoping to shore up their nearly hereditary power and privilege by replacing unruly natives by other populations who are already acclimatized to tyranny and endemic social/tribal/ethnic stratification. Conflict between these different groups of proles – all truly powerless pawns – will also serve the true masters, as it will distract the proles from focusing on the real predators who use and abuse them all.

    • Can it really be so? Are the ruling cliques so divorced from reality that they truly believe that there is a long-term adantage to be gained in replacing a relatively placid, industrious and innovative population with its exact opposite?

      • I guess most of them are not very deep thinkers when it comes to that kind of perception – their only accountability is to their own person – they care not for those who actually get to elect them.

        That is the disconnect

      • Exactly. The ubber rich are surrounded by the upper classes, who are surrounded by the upper middle class. All three classes are 95% White, peaceful, and content with their status. So now the ubber rich want to replace these people with Blacks, Mexicans, and Moslems. Sounds more like suicide mission than a political solution

    • That’s what I think as well.

      Problem is the people they are importing are acting like colonists not immigrants. They aren’t assimilating they are keeping their traditional value sets and rejecting the elites. Sweden is falling apart, France. Norway are as well.

      But they don’t see it since they are so isolated from society. Look at Zuckerberg, open borders supporter but lives a isolated life. Same with Gates and others. They only hang with other like minded super rich. It becomes one vast echo chamber for them.

      Forget about sitting down and talking to these guys it won’t happen. They don’t listen to proles. The fact is they get enraged when we get a bit uppity(Trump’s immigration plan for example).

      I just get the bad feeling it may get very bloody. I hope and pray that it doesn’t my parents lived through WWII and know full well what war is like. I hope it can be prevented.

    • “The ruling cliques…are hoping to shore up their nearly hereditary power and privilege…”

      I’m not sure I agree with you that the hereditary “ruling” class necessarily has power they are trying to preserve. They have money and position, but not necessarily power.

      Leftist revolutionary theory, like Islamic theory of warfare, coincidentally, dictates that the defenses of a society, literally it’s sense of self worth and self-confidence, be destroyed before it can be taken over by a revolutionary (Islamic sharia) government.

      The best way to destroy a culture is to dilute it, and suppress any free discussion of its value. An example is the confederate flag. Another example is the current push to de-emphasize the founding fathers and philosophers of liberty because they were slave owners. The ideas they developed are not discussed: only the slanted accounts of their lives.

      I think the bureaucrats and elite politicians have little sense of culture, but they do have a tremendous craving for power, and an awareness that their power would be limited in a republic as denoted by the constitution.

      It’s like the affirmative action student who, finding himself over his head in advanced classes, responds by damning the entire system and taking refuge in general theories of class and race oppression. The bureaucrats are in over their heads when dealing with real entrepreneurs, so they aim towards a governing system where all channels of decision-making will go through them.

      You have mediocrities making their thrust for the power they think they deserve by rights of their intelligence and position.

      And because they are actually mediocrities, they do not engage in a real, open debate about their actions.

  5. When the time of The Burning arrives a lot of people will get scorched, unfortunately for them quite thousands will be incinerated, and a few, and only a few of us, myself included, will simply move a bit closer to the fire to get warm.

  6. Exactly what it is
    Not ‘Civil War’

    ““a stealth invasion by an enemy, aided by the leadership of the invaded country, with massive infiltration at all levels of society, provoking violent conflict.””

    As long as we don’t have a precise term for the above type of war, people will keep using the term ‘civil war’. Until they realize that we do have the precise term, which is


    • Well, from *our* side it’s a Counter-Jihad. Just like the Catholic hierarchy waged a Counter-Reformation in the late 1500s and the 1600s.

  7. The first term that comes to mind describing what’s going on is Fifth Column. I’ve found some conflicting definitions for Sixth Column http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sixth%20column

    Perhaps this is best described as a Column War. In such a war you have:

    – legal/cultural subversive population (fifth column)
    – supporters/appeasers for the fifth column (sixth column definition 1)
    – those resisting the fifth column (sixth column definition 2)

    The problem with the term “fifth column” is that it suggests that there are conventional 1st through 4th columns that are a credible threat, as when a more conventional war is going on. And the problem with sixth column is that it has been defined in completely contradictory ways.

    There’s certainly a war going on though it doesn’t become obvious until something like a Mohammad art event is planned. (If there were not a war going on, this would not result in violence.)

    Things like Column War, Fifth Column War, or Internal Column War are the best I can think of right now.

    The pattern also resembles insurgency though that term usually implies that the insurgents are domestic in origin rather than the foreign origin implied by fifth column. So a term like Alien Cultural Insurgency might be appropriate.


    • Alien Cultural Insurgency…has a good ring to it, too! (note the dactylic rhythm)

      The War of Cultural Betrayal.

      The Resistance to Betrayal.

      just making a list of my faves….

  8. I was trying to think of something like The Reconquista in Iberia in which the Spanish reconquered their land from the conquering Mohammedans. Then I began thinking about biological processes such as the immune response to invading pathogens. But all those terms seemed too scientific or clinical. I finally settled on a term, a noun, that sums up what the body does to the invader. The harmful and most likely deadly invader, if it had not overwhelmed the host yet, that is, it had not achieved conquest yet, and if the host were endowed and fit enough, it drives out the poison. And so, if the Europeans are not yet conquered, and they still have the ability to defend themselves, then they should be able to mount a response and drive out the poison, foreign and native. So here is my name for that response: “The Repulsion” or “The Counter-Repulsion.” It probably can be Latinized for Romance language speakers and does not have to remain Anglicized.

    • Hi William!
      As an spaniard I am proud of reading your cite about the Reconquista which took us eight centuries in order to reconquer our country. “O tempora, o mores!”, as Cicero said. My ancestors were brave, they knew well what islam really is and finally they could get rid of islam in my country. How ashamed they would be if they could see how Spain is becoming islamic again after so much suffering, struggle and death. It seems that we, spaniards, haven’t learn anything from our own past. For us it would be our Re-Reconquista, once again five centuries later. Unfortunately the term does not describe the phenomenon very much, only its main goal.

      When one thinks about the invasion Europe is suffering one starts to think about viral processes like AIDS, and I also think about something like pathogenic war although, I agree with you, it sounds too clinical.

      I hope that someone can find an appropriate term in order to define the new kind of war we are about to face in a not so far future, but it’s not an easy task. I would call it our last stand but it doesn’t help too much either. Using a mix of greek words I would call it endoxenos (endo = inner, xenos = strange, foreigner) war, that is, an inner war against foreign people. Well, this is only a try.

    • As a matter of fact, there are quite some terms which are applicable if you put “auto”, “self-imposed”, “self-inflicted” in front of them.
      This morning I thought about “self-imposed ethnic cleansing”. But then I thought that it is without a doubt a cleansing but not an “ethnic” one since Europe is a mix of ethnies, as it should be.
      So I would say that it it rather a “self-imposed cultural cleansing”. Unfortunately, once this will have been done, the result will not be clean but very dirty.

  9. Leakwar.

    The countries in question have “leaked”, that is their borders have not held. The ongoing leak causes and sustains the war.

    Short, transparent, and viewpoint-neutral.

    • I wasn’t aware that the request anticipated a viewpoint-neutral result. Hmm…gotta get that thinking cap on again.

  10. Imagine inviting in the people who want to kill you. Is that insanity or what? I call it insanity and Denmark, Germany and the other countries who are doing it, are, to me — by definition insane. The Muslims have to stay in their own countries. They are not fit to live in the west, since it offends them so much. Were I president (never happen) I would give them $500 and a one-way ticket to their place of origin. And don’t come back.

    The people of the Muslim persuasion need to stay in their own countries, where they can feel comfortable and keep on killing little girls. I really think this is a horrible religion but if they want it, at least keep it to themselves. The rest of us are disgusted.

    I am beyond disgusted.

    And then reading the news this morning, I am despairing of whether there will even be a country left to our children and grandchildren.

    This has been going on since 9/11 I think. We are losing our minds and somehow we have to get them back again. But how? People who lose their minds are lunatics or crazy, so we can’t go with that.

    Baron, do you have any ideas?

    • Enforce the laws of OUR land. The instructions in the death manuals followed by the Godless Islamic death-to-humankind cult ideology must be publicised and made what they are – illegal. Illegals are illegal. How can a [redacted]-> book I don’t like such as the Koran be allowed to pass unchallenged? All the crazy community centers or ‘barracks’ as Erdo in Turkey calls them. Who is running western countries? How can so many be so ignorant and useless after so much exposure? Do politicians feel connected in any way to the country and its voters? Makes you wonder. I dread to think what we are not being told.

    • Ha! I was out at the doctor’s. But I don’t have any ideas more than what I’ve written. Right now I’m busy reading everyone’s comments — so many of them.

  11. “Islamic paraforming”: para for parasite and forming as in terraforming – changing the terrestrial landscape to suit the new inhabitants.

    Needs another word to associate with the stealth nature or demographic jihad though…..

    • The War of Excessive Invitation?

      The War of Hideous Hospitality?

      I know that I tread on thin ice here (thin w/regard to Harry Potter-like terminology).

      The first Turks in Germany were expected to be Gastarbeiter, guest-workers, who would work on X project and then go home. It worked out quite differently: the Turkish men brought their families with them and stayed long after projects X, Y, and Z ended. This was even before the Wall came down in 1989.

  12. I noticed a long time ago that the great folk movements described in German scholarship were called Voelkerwanderungen–folk migrations. But on maps made for Classics teachers, they were called the Barbarian Invasions. Depends on your point of view.

    To accommodate both points of view, I suggest THE INVASION OF THE CULTURE SNATCHERS,

    • We can film it in black and white. Kevin McCarthy can carry the lead. The immigrants will land in a tramp coastal steamer with the name Pequod crossed out and replaced by Seed Pod. I’ll ask Tarantino if he’s interested. I want to be mentioned in the credits.

  13. Proxy war.
    War of indirection.
    Jihad by Janissary.
    Emissary jihad.
    Guest jihad.
    Surrender war.
    Chivy war.
    Pod people war.
    War of surrender.
    Phony war.
    Fourth-generation, effeminacy war.
    Yin-toxic, surrender campaign.

  14. How about Autotrojanism?

    It has all the necessary meanings in a nice, short word. But I’m not sure it would ring the bell for most people. So here are two catchier ideas:

    – Immigeddon (I kind of like this one!)

    – Global Swarming

  15. Bit off-topic but heartening: Yougov has Sweden Democrats topping the polls, for first time, though the story is a bit iffy at the moment, having been pulled by Metro a few hours ago.

    • Well, Islamic terrorforming is an accurate term and certainly part of the strategy of conquest, and there’s a Trojan Horse aspect to this too, but it’s a horse of our own gov’t’s design, intentionally filled with foreign hostiles; a malicious gift against the people said gov’t is sworn to protect.

      … but it really isn’t an invasion when it’s an invitation to replace us. This is as much a War of Replacement and the main culprits, seated in gov’t and bureaucracy cannot escape history or commuppance.

  16. Those who have conspired to bring the coming troubles about know full well of what they intentionally inflict. So in a way, it is a cultural devolution organized around an intended genocide by war or civil unrest throughout the West by a bunch of traitors known as the Political Class – a Western Cultural Genocide.

    Destroy Western culture and many millions along with it, and the New World Order will come into being.

  17. I barely post any more, but years ago I likened what we are experiencing to “Civilizational A.I.D.S.”. The original infection that has compromised the patient is Marxism. The invasion by Muslims, or the American invasion of our Southern border, are the opportunistic infections. I also postulated that until and unless we hammer the Left back, fight the initial infection back, there will be no end to the opportunistic infections our society will experience.

    The Left deliberately takes aim at the natural cultural defense mechansims, (family structure, old-style Western laws, institutions like the military, educational system), so that the compromised society becomes pliant and “receptive” to anything that follows. The “long march through the institutions” as the commies call it.

    So what’s my point? Unless verbiage takes into consideration the nature of this deliberate destruction and harm by the Left, it will be hard to “freeze the target”, as Alinsky said. The Left is so adept at the Orwellian nomenclature, that is is hard to even define our terms. They are clever enough to coat their scemes with sugar – this helps the “buy-in”.

    “Affirmative Action” is less appealing that “reverse discrimination”, just as an example. “Clean Water Act” – who can fight against THAT?! is code for “We can do whatever the hell we want, but that doesn’t sound very altruistic, does it.

  18. I don’t think there will be a “civil war”. There is no sign that the indigenous peoples have got any will or organisation. Without these things, how can they possibly resist an alliance between organised & committed muslims and the traitors who run the state?

    What the elite are doing in the west is the cultural equivalent of what humans have done: importing a predatory non-native species in order to keep down some other species.

    By the time the people of Europe realise what is happening and think they should stop trusting their “betters”, it will be too late. Already in the UK muslims are 21% of those in young offender institutions. That is likely to be 40% within 10 years. To get a sense of how fast those 10 years will pass:
    it’s more than 10 years since Pim Fortuyn was killed, and we have achieved so little in all those years.

    • Even if we’re broken down to the point at which we have nothing left but biker-gangs we will prevail, because we’re bigger and stronger and smarter and, ultimately, much more deadly. The further the destruction proceeds, the angrier we will get. Thor’s Hammer in YHWH’s hands will kill the Ratmen by the hundreds of thousands, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city.

      • Exactly. White men take forever to get good and angry, but once they do they burn white-hot and incinerate everything in their path. Why do you think the Civil War, WWI and WWII were so deadly?

      • “YHWH’s hands”, garr? If there is a deity, s/he has been remarkably absent at critical moments. Yes, we won WW2, but only after the Holocaust.

  19. The immigration policies that have led to this are treasonous, cultural, religious, political treason. So the reaction to it should be called the Treason Wars against those who have committed the treason and the instruments of their treason–the masses of people who would never have been allowed in but for treason.

  20. The Liberty Wars: The Struggle for Self-Determination of Free Peoples

    Liberty Insurrection and Counter-Jihad

    Native Insurrection and Counter-Jihad

    Counter-Jihad Insurrection

    Nativist Insurrection -or- Nativist Uprising

    nativism n. a return to or emphasis on traditional or local customs, in opposition to outside influences. (def. 2)

    insurrection n. a violent uprising against an authority or government

    uprising n. an act of resistance or rebellion; a revolt

    (All definition from Apple dictionary.)

  21. You are looking at the wrong direction.

    The left has a perfect Radar who the real enemy is. They say: “The main enemy is in your own country”. And that is why they get the enemies to their enemies into the country with the main enemy to be finished. The left alone is completely without any possibililty to win. In all civil wars (Spain, Syria) the parties looked for outside help. So also here.
    It IS a classic civil war. It is run by a minority against their own people.

    Don´t let you confuse that the auxiliary forces seemingly are without weapons.

  22. When there is a communist uprising in a country, and they decide to arm yourself and start an armed struggle against the legal system, thus endangering the rest of the population, or weapon and lunges, or die in the hands of revolutionaries that the end of its bloody revolution will achieve full power, and enslaved whole population. Today is different: political leaders can appropriate the legal system, buy influence and systematically destroy from within democracies. Finally, changing laws and then finally seize power and enslave a nation. Of course, not before demonize opponents and create a climate of hostility and segregation.

    I can say that I see this scene in most European countries today. The difference is that they socialists adults alike, are bringing trash outside, while posing the ideals of social justice, which project their nation model, taking the resources generated by the taxpayer, which should share these resources with the invaders, who should enjoy , thus making social justice and segregating the population that certainly will be furious. Liberals choose immigrants, because I made the head of the population via indoctrination that those who stand against immigration measures are Nazis, and that issues such as patriotism and the value of employment for locals, is a racist precept, and what it takes to shake it.

    Under communism they divide the nation; Socialism in the European Union, they divide the nation for a milder indoctrination, which practically goes unnoticed. That’s why there are so many unpatriotic idiots who take the side of immigrants, because little by little the nation was divided, and when it’s time to have a sense of responsibility and patriotism, certain groups against the post duty, and are in favor of measures deplorable rulers who embrace the Marxist political correctness, and multiculturalism, against expectations of truly patriotic people.

    I once read a statement from a Swedish politician saying that when they, Swedish, become minority in their own country, immigrants will give them the same courtesy that cozy arm that had the Swedes. You can be assured that this kind of idea is shared by all European governments.

    • I think you’re on the right track. That’s why I would call it a war of disconnection. That’s one of the things underpinning all this madness.

  23. The best term I can think of is Cultural Insurgency. For this to occur you need a culture that is 1) closed and intolerant to the prevailing system of laws and government – will not assimilate or adapt and 2) supremacist – believes that its own system of laws and government should dominate and replace any existing system.

    As a result you get everything from crime to riots, influence operations, and terrorist attacks.

      • Really? I guess I am onto something then.

        Reading the materials developed for counterinsurgency in general, it is just so sad how well it applies to the situation in an obvious case like Sweeden. For example https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurgency#Eizenstat_and_closing_gaps

        They already have a security gap, a capacity gap, and an increasing legitimacy gap because of the previous two. And this is supposed to be Sweeden, not Iraq, yet an analyst would be looking at it in exactly the same way.

  24. “This has been going on since 9/11 I think. We are losing our minds and somehow we have to get them back again. But how? People who lose their minds are lunatics or crazy, so we can’t go with that.”

    Hi Mariadee,

    You didn’t ask me, but since you did ask:

    As we used to say in graduate school, the problem is multi-factorial.

    Multiculturalism is an incoherent doctrine which its adherents fervently believe — as fervently as if it were a religion, although they believe it with rather less tolerance than have the adherents of many other religions. Multiculturalism holds that every culture (including every major religion) is of equal value and equal worth and that people, the world over, are substantially the same and want the same things for themselves and their children.

    It makes people feel good to believe this. It is consistent with a religious doctrine of the Brotherhood of Man.

    This is what the academics and the well-meaning but wooly-headed liberals and leftists believe.

    Every bit of evidence to the contrary is denied or dismissed and those who present this evidence are usually demonized or shunned. To admit this contrary evidence is deeply threatening to many people. This is a matter for psychology which I will not go into right now.

    Especially after the fall of the motherland, the Soviet Union, leftists have jumped on multicultural bandwagon. Now the oppressed groups are the minorities within Western countries and also 3rd World “nations” and groups around the world. A la Franz Fanon (who wrote “The Wretched of the Earth, a book which profoundly influenced Obama), the West is considered to be the great exploiter of the 3rd world–the 3rd world which would probably be a Garden of Eden if it were not for the evil, capitalist West and its colonialist past and its oppressive and exploitive present. This point of view is very popular in academia. The United States, as the leader of West, is especially culpable. From this point of view, anything which diminishes the power of the West and the power of the United States is a good thing. Thus the Obama Administration’s apparently absurd foreign policy–a foreign policy which becomes quite comprehensible when you recognize its ideological underpinnings. (I don’t mean to dismiss the sheer incompetence of Administration which I’m sure plays a role as well).

    Also, as Max Denken commented in a previous post, the large multinational corporations (I’m not sure he used this term, he spoke about bean counters) and big business want cheap labor, both manual and intellectual. So they want to import it. Everything from open borders to H1B visas.

    Max Denken mentioned the conceited billionaires who are obviously enamored of their own astuteness. And are flattered by the demagogic politicians whom they support.

    And then there are the traitorous politicians who want power (and whose campaigns are funded by big business and multinationals, including these conceited billionaires). In the United States, Obama supporters openly crowed about the fact that whites will be a minority in the near future in this country. They foresee a political future in which the left-wing of the Democratic party can remain in power forever. In other words, we are to become a one-party country, a kind of banana republic–of course with them and their cronies in power.

    Both in Europe and in the United States, the weakening of the nation states allow people to be more easily controlled by political elites.

    And as far as the communists and international socialists are concerned (is there any difference?), they would rather see everyone poor as long as “social justice” prevails. Of course, not everyone would be poor: there would always be a ruling elite and a nomenklatura. Ideology uber alles you know. Who cares if people have to line up to buy toilet paper (as has been happening in the formerly prosperous country of Venezuela) as long as “Social Justice” prevails. Ideology makes people stupid.

  25. In Chinese language, there is an all-emcompassing word : ” luan ” (pronounced in the 4th Tone)

    • Luan basically means ‘chaos’ and fear of ‘luan’ coupled with economic success is what keeps the CCP dictatorship in power and deters the people from trying to overthrow it.
      I don’t think it fits Europe at all.

  26. There are two words that describe what’s happening,
    Ethnocide and Democide, so I’m thinking, Ethno-democide.

    • Second thoughts, Ethno-policide may be more appropriate, since the government don’t want to kill the native population, because who will pay the taxes to provide the welfare ?

  27. The root cause of the problem is Islamic theology. If this Islamic theology is not changed, Islam will continue to produce countless jihadis. These jihadis will continue to their efforts to subdue non-Muslim populations.

    It is a two part war.

    Part one: Deal with the jihadis. This is a military problem.

    Part two: Force Islam to change its theology. This is an intellectual problem.

    (Part two will be the most difficult.)

    The name: The Islamic reformation wars.

    • Bob-

      There is a third part to the war you mention-

      What to do with the native-born leftist fifth-column that actively enables the Islamization of the West?

    • It’s the Islamic Reformation Wars whether Islam reforms or not as attempts are there to reform what’s not Islamic.

    • Islam is an ideology of war against US. The current horrible situation can be contributed in large part to lousy leadership and crazy mixed up liberal policies that are so magical and without merit that trained idiots would create better outcomes. Churchill or Richard (The Lionheart) would have no problems ‘explaining’ to these creatures. It is an intelligence problem. The west must dominate its own homelands. The Muslims will never change. After hundreds of years the Spaniards knew this well. Secondly, this is a real war. Too many more limp lefty ‘equal might’ decisions by spoilt political layabouts and PC realists will lead us all back into the ‘big time’. Stalinist and Hitler type outcomes that is. I am imagining all this of course.

    • Trust me: English ivy grows in California just like kudzu does in Atlanta and the rest of the South. Both are…invasive, noxious plants. Yep, that’s a technical term, used by the USDA and other agricultural entities to describe, well, invasive and noxious species.

      I think jihadis would qualify.

  28. I love the suggestions for this brand of war above. I would like to see the term include some form of the term insinuation, as in the forces we are fighting have insinuated themselves into our society. Here I use the term insinuate with the worst possible connotations.

    Baron, if you will indulge me I would like to get some input from these fine posters along a similar line of imaginative word play.
    Some years back I read a story where the hero was battling an evil organization known as SPIDER. He kept positing what it could stand for (e.g. Special Politburo for Insidious Destruction of Earth’s Resources.) The actual meaning was never made clear, though. Since then I have often played at formulating the meaning of SPIDER as the organization behind any situation where things seemed out of my control.
    I would like to hear what some of the commenters here can come up with suitable to jihad and islamization.
    I’ll start with: Socially Pathological Islamic Depredations Encroaching Remorselessly. (A bit heavy I admit.)

  29. Should wars indeed be fought and should the jihadis and the elites who decided to import them be beaten back perhaps years from now these will be known as the “traitor wars.”

    • These sound good, especially the second one. If it could be used at all, the first might be confused with something else.

  30. Identity attack
    Identity massacre

    I feel that the left wing diversity madness, apart from willfully denying the lack of diversity in islam, totally destroys the right for both cultural identity of the West and the identity of the individual. That way you can also explain that you acknowledge that muslims are often victims themselves, but the left has made this all grow so rapidly, that we don’t have the opportunity anymore to help those individual muslims in the West who try to escape islamic oppression. The identity attack is on a society level now.

  31. Civil wars existed not only for ideological reasons, but also religious or ethnic reasons, between 2 or more distinct people’s in one country – see Nigerian civil war, the conflict in Sudan, Rwanda or in Lebanon. In Lebanon in particular, large amounts of “Palestinian” refugees contributed to the problems leading up to the civil war.

    And the current newcomers – whether it’s 2nd-generation troublemakers in Sweden, or newcomers in a tiny Finnish village, are regarded (at least by officialdom) as being “Swedes”, “Finns” etc. So in my mind, the term “civil war” is OK. And those who know much about such wars, will know they’re the worst type of war – as it’s not like the Allies vs the Nazis, with the English Channel separating them, and Jews being safe if they were in Kent, but a conflict where the enemy could be anywhere – even next door… Such conflicts are often also more brutal than normal, country vs country wars – as there may be long-held grudges that people want to settle.

  32. In my heart I always call it “The Separation”.

    Because this is what is going on, from both anthropology and culture/ethics POV, and that will be the inevitable outcome of this trouble.

    “Separation” is much less along ethnic lines, but rather along moral and intellectual ones.

    The “beauty of the white woman” logo might be firmly in the center of my personal ethos, but I consider it as my narrow, inner right and biological trait, which I shouldn’t impose on others. I am against any form of racial laws – which is, in the end, what these endless repetitions of the word “ethnic” suggest.
    I find the agendas of enforced and deceptive promotion of miscegenation very creepy, but also the obsession with racial purity.

    The “Separation” is the raise of new biological species, let us face it.
    It is quite dramatic, it is global, and it will involve the attempts of domination and the collapse of cruel tribes and cultures. It could involve ethnic fusion, e.g. with Arctic nations. Again, voluntarily mixing, not enforced. But nevertheless, people will feel uncomfortable.
    We therefore must meet it with maximal decency and humanity and gentlemanship, without being weak, without compromising the continuity of civilization.

  33. Wars Against the Neo-quislings.

    The then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill used the term during an address to the Allied Delegates at St. James’s Palace on 21 June 1941, when he said:[8] “A vile race of Quislings—to use a new word which will carry the scorn of mankind down the centuries—is hired to fawn upon the conqueror, to collaborate in his designs and to enforce his rule upon their fellow countrymen while groveling low themselves.” He used the term again in an address to both houses of Congress in the United States of America on 26 December 1941.[9] Commenting upon the effect of a number of Allied victories against Axis forces, and moreover the United States’ decision to enter the war, Churchill opined that; “Hope has returned to the hearts of scores of millions of men and women, and with that hope there burns the flame of anger against the brutal, corrupt invader. And still more fiercely burn the fires of hatred and contempt for the filthy Quislings whom he has suborned.”[1

    • Excellent history; I like it! (but of course I don’t have a vote 🙂 )

    • Maybe the first time, but when Sulla captured him and presented him in chains to Marius, Jugurtha was toast. He walked in Marius’s triumph and was strangled in the pit.

  34. “Intranational clash of civilisations” is what came up first – but let me think about it some more. I’m sure I can do better.

  35. let us first define what is we are up against. It is clearly
    so our move against it would be
    counter or anti left-jihad alliance, or war on left-jihad alliance war.

  36. When the battle starts–as it most assuredly will–we must be clear in our minds what the FIRST target must be. You see, the actual invading enemy is protected so far by local police forces. When it comes to actual street fighting, these forces will be reinforced with State Police, National Guard and (most likely) Federal forces.

    In other words, it will not be ‘us’ vs. muzzies; rather more likely ‘us’ vs. our “authorities” actively defending the muzzies (while they attack US!)

    BEFORE the fight is the time to tackle the “authorities” problem. Forget about their leadership–those traitors are a lost cause. The rank and file, on the other hand, can’t live their lives on the firing line and must live in the same society as the rest of us. The goal for them should be: when ‘the balloon goes up’–just remember to call in sick and stay home with mamma and the kids. The cause ain’t worth it and you lose either way.

    THEN we can confront the bad guys. Call the war what you will–but the CHOICE of whom to fight, and when, is most important.

    • Interesting analysis. And if there is one certainty with what you put forward it is this: At any given time, the public sector is only ever two weeks away from withdrawing their ‘service’ i.e. police, fire fighters and so on.

      And I’m sure the ramifications of that and how to keep the useful idiots ’employed’ has been worked out in Bill Ayers lounge room.

      What keeps those services ‘on line’ is their fortnightly pay packet and coming government rations, but once the money dries up and the free food handout begins to dwindle, as it most assuredly will given a plan to execute to bring that about, then the gate keepers and paid stooges will be next to withdraw their services and so forth.

      What we need to do is to collapse the services/gate keepers in order to get to those who have brought this upon us. There must be no opportunity left open for those who have deliberately and knowingly wreaked their civilizational destruction on us to escape from justice, otherwise they will live to once again plot our civilizational downfall.

  37. When you take all those ex Soviet Union easterner and poorer western others and ad a fifty millions dose of Balkans, Middle Eastern, African Muslims, huge waves of hostile illegal mite like more Muslim ‘migrants’ and give ’em full access to welfare charity and border control and Bruxelles – guess what? The EU is drowning. The new emerging west should be renamed the The Balkans Union. “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength”

  38. It’s hard to think of something better than some of these.

    Did anyone say War Against Regression?

  39. I call the resulting local conflict Tribalism. The jerks that import whole tribes of uncivilized folks must have a goal of creating perpetual tribal conflict, or an end to “civilized” behavior.

  40. Is this comment thread still active?

    Independent, I appreciate your comments but I am not that smart. . . I will have to read again to understand everything you said.

    On the day of 9/11, I felt complete terror for my children and their children. It was very much along the lines of “What is this world coming to and what will happen next?” Had I been in the position, I would have bombed the hell out of the country that produced these killers, despite their oil wealth. We can find out own oil and we don’t need those overly wealthy privileged, women-hating bastards anyway.

    I hope I have not violated the polite language rules of GOV, btw.

    • That is what started my own journey into what really occurred on 9/11.

      As you say, why were those whose direct responsibility for that attack not attacked themselves – which then opens so many other doors to why 9/11 should be considered a conspiracy of gigantic proportions.

  41. Independent, I have re-read your comments. People are not the same, they are different and we know it every time we go to the grocery, for example. And I believe some cultures are better than others.

    Eh. Prepare to die — now where does that come from? A movie or a book or a TV show? Can’t remember. . . glad I live in an area that is not enculturallary “enriched” though.

  42. Neologism:

    insidia n.
    1. a stealth invasion by an enemy, aided by the leadership of the invaded country.

    2. state sponsored treason, usually aiding aliens in replacing the native population for reasons either political or delusional.

    3. (psychology) a symptom of other-directedness; the delusion that everyone is as good or better than you are; that there is as good or better than here; that other is as good or better than same.

    From the Latin insidia, meaning treachery, ambush, plot, snare

    Note: phonically alludes to “insidious”

    insidism n.
    insidic adj.
    insidically adv.

  43. Actually, several terms are needed:

    Cultural subversion: The undermining of a culture or society by the wholesale importation of people unwilling to adapt.

    Cultural treason: the promotion of immigration policies that lead to the above.

    Cultural defense: actions that groups like PEGIDA take to raise awareness of the problem. That’s a much more positive – and truthful – description than “anti-immigrant,” I think.

  44. jlh wrote yesterday:

    I noticed a long time ago that the great folk movements described in German scholarship were called Voelkerwanderungen–folk migrations. But on maps made for Classics teachers, they were called the Barbarian Invasions.

    That agrees with what Wikipedia says:

    In general, French and Italian scholars have tended to view this as a catastrophic event: the destruction of a civilization and the beginning of a “Dark Age” which set Europe back a millennium.[35] In contrast, German and English historians have tended to see it as the replacement of a “tired, effete and decadent Mediterranean civilization” with a “more virile, martial, Nordic one”.[35] Rather than “invasion”, German and Slavic scholars use the term “migration” (German: Völkerwanderung, Czech: Stěhování národů, Swedish: folkvandring and Hungarian: népvándorlás), aspiring to the idea of a dynamic and “wandering Indo-Germanic people”.[36]

    Ironically, when a center-right German politician used the term Völkerwanderung (not invasion!) the other day, he was immediately attacked by the media and the leftists for being alarmist. You’re still not allowed to diverge from the official line that every migrant illegally entering Europe is a “desperate, severely traumatized refugee” fleeing “intolerable circumstances” back home.

    Most illegal immigrants are simply people wanting to go where the grass is greener, but you can’t say that without repercussions. Whether you call people going where the grass is greener a refugee crisis (NGO-speak), a Völkerwanderung (neutral) or an invasion (derogatory) depends on your point of view, which is heavily colored by your ideological and economic interests.

    When it happened during the 3rd to 9th millenniae, the power of Rome had been sufficiently weakened to allow in the barbarian hordes. While Europe does not have the military might of the United States, it is still vastly superior to the failed states in Africa (north and sub-sahara) and in the Middle East. So why is that strength not being brought to bear? Why aren’t “refugee” ships turned back, why are borders not being sealed? The NGOs and leftists want you to believe it’s impossible, but Australia manages the feat quite handily. It would take more resources and manpower for Europe to accomplish it, but it could be done.

    Here are some of the reasons why Europe is capitulating to the onset of another “Dark Age”:

    (1) Squeamishness. We see the hordes clambering over the fences, behind them the ground is black with more people also wanting to get in. Getting serious about defending our borders will mean the use of deadly force. It will also mean turning our backs on millions — hundreds of millions, if we’re honest — who want nothing more than a better life for themselves, right now. We feel the hunger, the frustration, the anger, and we fear the hatred of those who are locked out — their stares are burning holes in our walls. Not everyone is strong enough to shrug and say, “Live and let die.”

    (2) Demographics. For decades, Europeans have been making babies at less than replacement rate. The population pyramid is stood on its head. No one knows how so few working-age Europeans will be able to support so many European retirees. The Japanese have the same problem and they try to solve it through productivity increases, automation, importing Philipino nurses as “guest workers” but otherwise no immigration (especially none from Muslim lands). That is one possible course, but our elites have declared it off-limits for discussion. Instead, they tell us that accepting tens of millions of surly, sullen Muslims will yield enough elder-care workers to wipe the behinds of senescent 90-year olds in nursing homes. Right. Oh, and they also will step in for the never-been-born Europeans that should be generating surpluses for redistribution, through working in high-value-added jobs. Double Right.

    (3) Privatize profit, socialize the losses. Mass immigration boosts economic growth. Yes, you read that right. If you go by the numbers, GDP increases worldwide. In the origin countries of the Völkerwanderung, through remittances from migrants. And in the target countries, simply through population increase. More consumers means more sales. That is why you see so many economists arguing fervently for open borders. Entire industries, from food retailers to manufacturers of burglar alarms, profit in one way or another. But the costs are harder to quantify. Such as dissolution of the welfare state, if not the entire fabric of the nation-state, which used to provide for an implicit compact between the “haves” (not only the rich but the middle class) and the “have-nots” (people on welfare, on unemployment, or having to supplement their wages with government handouts). As well as the loss of trust in society, which we know to be the inevitable consequence of a massive influx of alien cultures.

    There are other factors, and some of them have been mentioned by other posters already. Perhaps “Perfect Storm” is adequate for such a conjunction of ominous developments. But except for its precipitousness, this is not unprecedented. Besides the decline of Rome, there are reports from medieval India that Brahmins who abhorred selfishness and “materialism” went out and opened the gates to their well-stocked towns so that Muslim invaders could get in. (They were beheaded also.)

    • No responses, so let me add a thought or two.

      As others have noted, the idea that there is some kind of war going on is ridiculous. There are no armies clashing in battle (symmetric warfare) nor is there a guerilla war (asymmetric) going on. So this “naming contest” is pointless.

      Undeniably, however, there is an “invasion” or “mass migration” taking place. In Germany alone, the number of asylum-seekers this year is expected to top 800,000 — one percent of the country’s population! And more to come in subsequent years. The vast majority of them are Muslims, meaning they belong to a supremacist faith that not only considers itself superior to others — all religions do — but whose holy book explicitly commands adherents to violently impose their will on “infidels”.

      In an echo-chamber environment like the comments section of this blog, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there is some kind of conspiracy going on, that the populace is being coerced by a sinister elite into accepting this Muslim influx against their wishes. But reality is different.

      Above, I mentioned Germany and its explosive growth of asylum-seekers. Which ordinary Germans overwhelmingly oppose, right? Wrong. A survey taken this month by German public broadcaster ZDF — http://www.forschungsgruppe.de/Aktuelles/Politbarometer/ — reveals that the number of Germans who believe that Germany can handle the large numbers of “refugees” (their word) did not decrease from the month before — it increased: from 54 percent to 60 percent.

      That is truly a stunning result. Remember, the politicians who govern the country are not appointed by divine right, they are elected by the people. And the people, collectively, are opting not to fight but to smile and nod and pretend things will work out just fine. You can go on and on about brainwashing and political correctness and media-imposed conformity, but in the age of the internet a strong, grass-roots resistance movement would be able to force a correction. Remember that elections at every level are still free and secret. Even in the privacy of the ballot booth, however, the people are not voting for change.

      In Germany’s last parliamentary election, the Alternative für Deutschland, a eurosceptical party that wants to curb mass immigration did not even make it past the 5 percent hurdle for gaining a representation in parliament. This dismal showing cannot be chalked up to manipulation, it’s an accurate reflection of the will of the people. And the people are opting to go quietly into that good night.

      • Eugene —

        Without disagreeing entirely with what you say, I must point out a major unexamined premise in your analysis, to wit: the accuracy of opinion polls.

        People in all Western countries have become increasingly aware that there is no such thing as a private conversation when it is transmitted by electronic means. They are aware that anything they say over the phone or the internet (and to some extent, in public places) may well be monitored and logged by their security services.

        People are also aware that the penalties for holding the wrong opinions can be severe. They may lose their jobs or be prosecuted for expressing “racist” and “xenophobic” sentiments.

        Conclusion: One cannot be certain of the accuracy of any opinion polls. We should expect many people to lie to pollsters.

        This is not to say that I know people’s true opinions, and that you are wrong, but simply that neither of us knows.

        An interesting counterpoint is provided by Sweden. Until recently, pro-Multicult and anti-SD sentiments ran fairly consistently high in opinion polls. Now, suddenly, SD is the most popular party.

        Either people’s opinions changed virtually overnight, or the current crisis prompted a subliminal decision to start expressing their true feelings, and damn the consequences.

        Once again, we don’t know which is true. But I think the latter possibility is worth a serious look.

        As for voting — that’s a different matter. It takes an extremely strong push to derail the average voter’s habitual loyalty to a particular party. And AfD is very new, and also demonized in the media.

        Furthermore, voters have learned from long experience that no matter who they vote for, their opinions will not be respected where certain issues are concerned. The same thing is true in the USA: with very rare exceptions, it doesn’t matter what name is on the ballot or whether an (R) or a (D) is next to it — we will get more mass immigration and “amnesty”, despite the fact that a persistent, stable, significant majority opposes such policies, according to all opinion polls. And if some of those polled are lying to the pollsters (for reasons described above), the anti-immigration sentiment is even larger.

        This is why I don’t completely discount the paranoids — something is causing almost all elected politicians to act against the will of the public. When only a self-financed buffoon like Donald Trump bucks the trend, you know something must be fishy.

        • Well, if you’re going to discount a particular opinion poll because you don’t like its results, why not discount them all? Why celebrate the recent lead in polling for the Sweden Democrats but be sceptical of 60 percent of Germans stating that their country can manage with millions of new Muslim immigrants?

          Makes no sense, I’m afraid. And look, while I share your opinion that this will not end well, that’s all it is — an opinion. I mentioned the economic argument for mass immigration, i.e., an increase in world GDP and GDP in both origin country and target country. That is a very real factor (if you ignore per-capita GDP in the target country).

          Our economic system requires permanent growth. No growth (stagnation) means unemployment because productivity increases all the time. Shrinking population because rate of reproduction below replacement –> stagnation or even contraction of the economy –> mass unemployment. So on the face of it, mass immigration is the solution. This is what many people including many politicians sincerely believe, no conspiracy here. An argument based not on wishy-washy moral goodness, but self-interest.

          And there are immediate benefits to mass immigration, from consumers being able to pay less due to lowered labor costs to families being able to afford a cleaning lady to extra jobs being added in so many industries.

          Now I happen to believe that this is ultimately not going to work, that the Muslims immigrating bring their dysfunctional culture along with them, that they will disproportionately go on welfare and stay on welfare, that they will violently attack anyone who does not genuflect to them and even some regardless of what they do (Jews especially but also other varieties of infidel).

          The pro-immigrationists wave my concerns aside and say that while it may take decades (!), eventually it will work out for the best. They are believers in the blank-slate theory, according to which people’s course in life depends on their education (which they expect to be directed by the state). I happen to believe they are nuts. But I cannot prove that I am right and they are wrong, short of possessing a crystal ball to see decades into the future.

          And it is, after all, easier to follow the path of least resistance, to go along with the flow of events, rather than to stand athwart of history. Easier to be a lemming than to shout, Stop the world I want to get off!

          Mass Muslim immigration is not some sinister scheme hatched by evil masterminds at the Bilderberg conference, Davos, or G-7 meetings. It is the expression of a simple physical principle, namely that differences in pressure will equalize over time. The vacuum in Europe created by insufficient reproduction invites the overspill from the teeming masses in North Africa and the Middle East. It’s like osmosis through a membrane. The vast disparity in per-capita incomes and welfare benefits, together with the ease and rapidity of modern travel, act as accelerants to this equalization of pressure.

          Again, the invasion could be stopped. It would require taking “Fortress Europe” seriously as a concept, patrolling and locking down borders, policing the interior (stopping and checking thousands of people on the street every day), and it would require the majority of the people to harden their hearts against the assault on their moral senses from TV footage of “desperate refugees” begging to be let in. It would require confronting our fears about what could happen once the wall is breached (think of the zombies spilling over the Jerusalem walls in World War Z). It would mean going to war to prevent Iran and other nuclear aspirant countries from acquiring nuclear weapons with which to blackmail us.

          Such a change in attitude is possible but unlikely to happen. I don’t see Europeans mustering the willpower required. So please, stop blaming our elites. They are doing a lousy job and the policies they enacting are disastrous. But it is we who elect them, we who give them their power. And a majority of us are content to stick our heads in the sand and let things progress as they have.

          • Actually, I do discount all the polls, generally speaking. I view them as an interesting phenomenon, worth reporting on, but not definitive.

            The interesting thing about the latest polls in Sweden is the relatively sudden change. I believe that people are probably still lying to pollsters, but not about supporting the Sweden Democrats. That means that either the support for SD has increased, or a lot of people are so fed up now they’ve stopped lying. I don’t know which it is.

          • “So please, stop blaming our elites.”
            Fine. We will stop blaming your elites.
            Since you acknowledge it is you who
            elects your elites and it is you who
            gives power to your elites, we will
            blame you.
            Now, go be content and stick your
            head in the sand.
            Meanwhile, things will not progress
            as they have.

      • Indeed, but I also recognize it in leftism. In both I recognize narcissism. It seems not to be just about anti-capitalism, about money and success. Narcissists most of all can’t stand seeing others feeling pleasure or pride and contentment. As if it wasn’t acceptable to see we were almost living in a western world of self-detemination and a chance for a privileged life for everyone.
        And Israël suffers from this resentment the most. How inspiring they are not to become hateful and bitter, but to keep on going and develop further.

  45. ” Judge-ordered Immi-Vasion ” !
    Whatever terms we use , they should reflect the behind-the-scenes role of the legal system as a whole , led by the Judges .. We tend to blame the Politicians first of all , but if you think about in terms of the classical division of power , it is the Judges who have failed the most . They where the ones who should be above politics , who should guard the people from temporary insanity in the political class . Instead they have mostly played a completely clear political role , giving the politicians a blank check when these push toward new hights of polically correct identity -destruction, AND showing their hand even more in the few cases when a democraticly elected government actualy tries to do its job by protecting its people against immi-vasion.
    The most clear case of the latter can be seen in Israel , where an identity-concious goverment , who does its best to repatriate illegal immi-vasion from Africa , repeatedly has seen the High Court of the land use all its prestige and media-power to rule as ”Illegal” the laws necesary for repatriating the immi-vasion…
    So , my bid for the new name is Judge-ordered Immi-Vasion !

      • Its not as simple as that . They may in some cases be apointed by politicians , but they have to be chosen from a list that politicians have very little control with . Usually it’s a complicated and very un-clear proccess involving many layers of selection , and the end result is to favour people with sharp elbows , strong political intinkts , and a strong belief in the holyness of their own personal interpretation of the law .

  46. We shall be called “The Peoples Front of Judea”.
    No, No “The Judean Peoples Front”.
    No – “The Front of the Judean People”.

    All good fun.

  47. Let’s be blunt(force) about it.

    Crusade(s) for National Survival
    or more simply The New Crusade(s)
    (and easily regionalized, e.g. The Swedish Crusade.)

    This stresses two essentials about the struggle that no one will mistake regardless of their perspective: You need a religion to defeat a religion; and the enemy is Islam.

    Embracing and using the highly contentious word “Crusade” becomes an act of defiance in itself, as well as conveying its greater symbolic value of defiance — a committed and zealous defense of traditional Western societies and ethos. Why not use it? We’ll be attacked regardless of how we try to couch our language; might as well be brazen and forthright. Besides, is this struggle really any different than the original Crusades? The original counter-jihad?

    The secular relativists will never withstand the fanaticism of Mohammadanism as they have, by they’re very creed, acceded to it in part, which is enough (the proverbial camel’s nose). If you don’t really believe in anything it is easy to submit to the threat of great bodily harm when it is only your earthly existence that’s at stake; subjectivity breeds crass self-interest with no allegiance to a supernatural Truth. Only a revivified, robust, uncompromising and united Christendom has a chance of defeating Islam.

  48. “We need a term that could be defined as “a stealth invasion by an enemy, aided by the leadership of the invaded country, with massive infiltration at all levels of society, provoking violent conflict.””

    Problem with question is, it’s not just the leadership, but in fact a dominant chunk of the people aiding it. In a sense, the country is at war with its own people, who are collaborating with the enemy. It’s “War by PC.”

  49. Stupicide

    My family are all getting ready for this, sadly we live near enough to large concentrations of Muslims so we are buying survival gear and are ready to flee into the mountains and have our plans to making our way to majority non-Muslim areas.

    It will kick off in 2016.

  50. The concept “war” is misplaced here as it implies two sides battling it out. For the time being, we are not fighting at all, we are the ones having our heads cut off and our children raped. This is genocide by an invading species. The purpose is to kill, subjugate and replace us, and “Jihad” has been the historical name for it.

  51. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxoplasmosis

    A serious illnes. Take a look at the crazy cat lady section…

    “We need a term that could be defined as “a stealth invasion by an enemy, aided by the leadership of the invaded country, with massive infiltration at all levels of society, provoking violent conflict.””

    Would “Toxojihad” ( of the third world kind, aided by first class traitors) ” be any good?

  52. Vaccine War

    An amount of defeatable but inherently deadly organisms is willfully injected into the patient by someone with authority to do so.

    … in an attempt to brace the patient for a larger conflict with said organisms.

    (Maybe that is really what they are up to? Who knows their twisted minds…)

    As some patients die after vaccinations it could resemble reality.

    As the conflict with the muslim world is far from over when the west wins the internal battle, it also could resemble reality. After going through a civil war to get rid of them there will be no more inhibitions to aid other countries in their fight.

  53. I was thinking that as the troubles are brought about by traitors, how about, Arnoldization in the US, and Quislingization in Europe ?
    The only problem is naming the people who are against it, maybe, Anti- Arnoldizationists, and Contra- Quislingizationists, too much of a mouthful ?
    In Europe the war could be named, Eurogeddon, the States Amerigeddon.

  54. Okay, one last go, because people have moved on !
    Tragolemite Wars,
    Tra = traitorous
    Go = government
    Le = leftist enabled
    Mi = Muslim invasion
    TE just to “round it off.”

  55. It is civil war, civil war by proxy. The leftist hipster supremacists hate and fight the average “normal” people (for being average and normal) by using muhajirs (mu+hijra, same as mujahid from jihad) as their red guards. They just dont want to make their own hands dirty. Find me the word for “they” this group of people within our society, that is both goverment ned NGO in one time.

  56. insidical or insidrecal (a new word) relating to insidious

    intended to entrap or beguile: an insidious plan. stealthily treacherous or deceitful: an insidious enemy. operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect:
    Insidious | Define Insidious at Dictionary.com

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