The Unbearable Whiteness of Being White

We received the following email this morning. As car as I can tell, it doesn’t refer to any particular post, except maybe my recent piece about the Confederate flag.

This angry woman managed to encapsulate the entire range of issues in the Culture Wars into a single brief message:

It’s a pity that like typical forced birthers that you “care” more about the death of non sentient, surviving by a parasitic relationship with the host body fetuses et al, than when Black children are born and are sentient!

Of course then they have needs some of them and the very thought of those needs tugging at your wallets irks you into denouncing the children and mothers as “takers and useless eaters.” You denounce Hitler and the Swastika but the brutality done to African Americans by those who brandish the Confederate Flag doesn’t bother you, even as it was used by an evil, cunning individual to kill innocent, Christian, educated employed or retired Black Men and Women.

The accuracy of your words about Islam does not take away the sexist, homophobic and White Supremacist society you have in mind — for the USA, anyway.

We Black Women are proud to have the right to abortion — forced birth belongs to slavery.

A six year old child murdered as she laid on a couch with her grandmother concerns #BlackLivesMatter FAR MORE than a nutrient siphoning parasite in utero.

P. McCoy

So you also hate LGBT people

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  1. This ‘lady’ seems to have a problem with tolerance, but of course, like all women, black females do not HAVE to perform the standard entry procedures for admission to the “nutrient siphoning parasite in utero state”. Ever heard of taking personal ‘responsibility’ for ones actions?

    • I wish I had the original source (will endeavor to find it, perhaps Guttmacher Institute?), but the *majority*–not plurality–of women seeking abortions in the United States already have children and fear that the additional potential birth will/would reduce their ability to support the children already present.

      Will go looking for a source.

      Re. “personal responsibility”: ever hear of contraceptive failure?

      • It is one of the risks one must assess before saying ‘yes’ (there is also a ‘no’ alternative which we appear to forget).

        Legal abortion is based upon a whole set of assumptions, the main one of which is that there is no God and that human life is therefore disposable/up for sale to the highest bidder. To me, there are strong linkages between abortion on demand and high rates of murder; they stem from the same contempt for human life, vis Gulag, Endlösung. BLM is therefore irrational in this context.

        A second assumption is that ‘sex’ is ‘recreational’ and imparts no need of risk assessment of consequences.

        A third assumption is that ‘other people’ (or as yet unborn fetuses) should pay for my mistakes (or the failure of my chosen method of birth control; if any).

      • If they have the magic power to look into the future and see that the child’s life would be so hideous and worthless that he or she is better off dead… then why didn’t their magic future-vision-power tell them that they were going to have an unwanted pregnancy?

        Murder is not the answer.

        No one can see the future. So don’t kill your own offspring over it.

  2. Dear Ms. McCoy,
    What you write might be more persuasive if you gave your readers enough information to identify the evil, cunning individual who used the Confederate Flag (why capitalize “flag”?) to kill retired Black Men (why capitalize “men”?). In what way did this flag cause a death? What are you referring to, and how is retirement relevant? I am puzzled.

    • Dylan Roof is the cunning, evil individual. Thanks for living up to my expectations, I’m flattered.

      • The top three ‘most cunning, evil individuals’ I’m aware of in the USA are:

        1. Barry Soetoro (aka B. Obama)
        2. Al Sharpton
        3.louis Farrakhan

        Is it coincidence that all three are black?

          • Is Dylan Roof influencing anyone in America? Roof will stand trial for his crimes, and likely will be convicted, as an individual, solely responsible for the murders he committed. Will Farahkan or Sharpton ever answer for the “crimes of influence” they are guilty of? No, because what they do, however hateful and nefarious, is covered by the First Amendment. But they have a much broader reach, via their racial agit-prop than Roof could ever imagine.

          • Perhaps not directly but both spew racial hatred and discord and ‘arrange’ for numerous killings through incidents such as Ferguson/Baltimore/Crown Heights, etc; and that’s just from memory.

            It boggles my mind that scum like them actually claim to be ‘Reverends’. Sharpton in particular has a lot to answer for on Judgement Day.

          • the Rev. Farrakhan is looking for 10,000 men to do his killing. Google to confirm. In the news within last 2 weeks.

      • I am afraid that your expectations are of little rational value, your diatribe is of little intrinsic value and rather confirms a stereotype, which is such a shame.

        On this site we tend to call it like it is, not what devotees of political correctness would like it to be. The Confederate flag had nothing to do with the events in Charleston, and very little to do with either black or white slavery in the USA. You may as well blame the flag of the State of New Jersey which held on to its remaining slaves until 1865 and yet sent several regiments to fight the Confederacy.

        “However, by the close of the Civil War, about a dozen African-Americans in New Jersey were still apprenticed freedmen. New Jersey at first refused to ratify the Constitutional Amendments that banned slavery.”

        I am afraid that history is never quite as simple as “Black and White”

  3. This raises serious questions. Will you kindly include a testimonial of polygraphic integrity with all future writings. One can’t be too careful.

  4. Just another brainwashed ABW (angry black woman).

    But Margaret Sanger would likely be proud. Her plan worked.

    • What should I be-in a frenzy about Black crime and ashamed of my race collectively? I ‘ll do that when YOU Whites do the very same over :Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, the BTK serial killer etc;

      • I agree. I don’t believe in assigning guilt collectively. People are responsible for their own crimes, and no one else’s. Period.

        • “I agree…People are responsible for their own crimes…”

          I’ll be upfront. After reading P. McCoy’s post several times, I still don’t completely understand it.

          But, the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag is swimming in racial consciousness. I guess there are two viewpoints: the #BLM and the reality.

          BLM: Police are trigger-happy when they see a black, and are far more likely to shoot a black than a white in similar circumstances.

          reality: the proportion of criminals who are black far exceeds the proportion of criminals who are white. In fact, the absolute number of criminals who are black or Latin (from south of the border) far exceeds the number of white criminals. Therefore, it stands to reason that acting on individual characteristics, there will be more blacks than whites shot by police.

          Conclusion: if you judge on individual characteristics, it’s no big deal. If you operate on race consciousness, you’ll create a #BLM movement. A person defending the #BLM movement is by definition operating on general racial consciousness.

        • But Baron, you don’t understand, what applies to whites does not apply to African Americans…….

          Many British soldiers and sailors gave their lives to stop the western slave trade; fighting against the Black and Arab owners of the barracoons. Just as, if the Confederate flag is about slavery in the USA, then a huge number of white boys paid with their lives for ’emancipation’. I have yet to hear an African-American acknowledge these ‘debts’ and therefore I must assume that African-Americans only believe that the Civil War was about slavery when it suits their agenda.

      • I don’t understand your reply to Anne. Who said you had to be ashamed of your race collectively, because of black-on-black crime? Anne certainly didn’t in her comment. Where was it stated that you had to have any shame of your race at all? Margaret Sanger would be proud? Her plan worked? It seems very much a disjointed answer to a question not asked.

  5. Using the phrase “a nutrient siphoning parasite in utero” to refer to a gestating human infant tells me all I need to know about this woman. She is beyond contempt, and I pity her.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’ve never heard anybody describe a baby in utero as a “nutrient-syphoning parasite”. Anybody who does so is ipso facto unhinged.

      • Did you know that if via the placenta if a fetus does not get enough calcium from the host body (the host must consume extra), it will leech it out of the host’s entire skeletal frame?
        That’s clearly parasitic!

        • I suggest you take basic precautions to avoid re-producing. Problem solved. Avoid lechers with names like Musthava Ram Ram. Everybody happy!

          • “The born people you used as an example are sentient and not dependent on a single human body for survival.”

            It moves the goal posts.

            Where did you prove that a foetus is not sentient? And if sentience is your criterion, then those in a persistent vegetative state or a coma can be murdered by you, just as you would so happily murder a foetus.

            “effectively kill the people above. Democrats do not. ”

            The KKK was part of the Democratic Party. Anti-slaver Lincoln was a Republican.

            I’m a gay Brit with next to no knowledge of American politics. Yet strangely, even I can see the fallacies in your baby-killing, “let’s blame the Republicans” hysteria.

        • “That’s clearly parasitic!”

          By this definition, many severely disabled people are parasitic. They cannot live without others feeding them and providing them with water. I guess you would have them killed too.

          Then there’s the unemployed. They can’t survive without welfare benefits or crime. I suppose you would justify them being murdered too.

          Once again, we see the Left become the National Socialists they are, always hidden below the language of the “progressive”.

          • Not really. The born people you used as an example are sentient and not dependent on a single human body for survival.
            But it’s Republicans, Libertarians and Tea Partiers that pass policies that are draconian and effectively kill the people above. Democrats do not. But that matters little to folks like yourself who practice the idea of “every sperm is sacred.” Nice try.

        • “it will leech it out of the host’s entire skeletal frame?” What is wrong with using “bones” instead? Yes, I am well aware that a foetus draws the nutrients it needs from the mother gestating it – could it be otherwise with any mammal?

          The health of many women is seriously deleteriously affected by pregnancy and childbirth. Yet I have never met a woman who regretted having a child. Though I would imagine that those with a Downs Syndrome child or profoundly autistic child might. And I use the word might carefully as I know several parents with a such children who are grateful to have a child.

          A friend of mine developed a chronic back problem after her first pregnancy. I developed a chronic back problem due to another cause: life isn’t risk free.

          On the other hand I know several women whose lives have been ruined by multiple abortions and subsequent resultant infertility. One would gladly have her arm chopped off without anaesthetic if the trade off was that she could give birth to and rear a child. She vividly recalls (and I witnessed it) being approached almost 30 years ago by an old lady – clearly loitering for that purpose – as she was walking into an abortion clinic. The old lady gently touched her arm and implored her sweetly “Don’t do it, love!” before being shooed away by a security guard. She so deeply wishes she had heeded the advice of the meddlesome old “God-botherer” that I have never raised or referred to the incident with her after the first time it was recollected – that was traumatic enough to experience.

          For the record I believe, on very fine balance, that abortion should be legal, but heavily discouraged from a young age and from the perspective of a woman’s psychological and physical health. Not that I don’t genuinely respect the moral and ethical perspectives of religious people on this issue. They may well be right and I wrong.

          As I take exception to the frivolous and provocatively dehumanizing language of your original phraseology, this will be my first and last reply to you.

          • Just because you have not met women who were relieved to have an abortion doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

          • @Julius O’Malley: re. “I have never met a woman who regretted having a child”

            My mother (died March 2009) would never have admitted it to outsiders–it would’ve tarnished her carefully manicured Image–but she made sure to tell us, her children, frequently, that

            “Having children wrecks your life.”

            “I wish you had never been born!” (This could be directed either to an individual or to the group of us four. I graduated from high school when my youngest sister was 2, so I don’t know how much of this she was subjected to.)

            Is it any wonder that she had no grandchildren? That youngest sister had two children, but made sure that our mother didn’t know about them until she was too debilitated to come see them (August 2008, when sister’s office staff blew the secret).

            Believe it: women have said this to their children but probably not in public.

  6. Margaret Sanger[inflammatory ‘quote’ redacted because it was not sourced].

    (See my reply following.)

    The other part of this is strictly the commenter’s opinion and meets the rules for comments left at Gates of Vienna:

    This woman feels “proud to have the right to abortion,” and thinks pro-life equals slavery, but she’s participating in an effort “to exterminate the Negro population.” Planned parenthood has been successful snuffing out 30 million black lives and preventing many more. She calls these people “nutrient siphoning parasite[s] in utero.” Pro-life conservatives wanted those 30+ million black people to live, but as a “black woman” she wants them dead. Who is it then, that really believes black lives matter?

    • Gene, I’ll give you an hour or so to dig up the link to this quote. It’s high-stress material and you failed to source it. If you don’t get back to GoV comments with the direct source (not a blog link) – where she said it and when =- then I’ll have to delete…

      • Yeah, I doubt Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood said “We don’t want the word to go out that WE WANT TO EXTERMINATE THE NEGRO POPULATION…”

        Orthography matters. If someone is posting such an allegation, aside from providing citations to credible sources, they should also not parenthetically things like “(emphasis in all caps added)” or “(emphasis in all caps added by secondary source, xxx)”, and so forth. It’s a matter of civilized formality; like in another context taking off your hat when you enter the home of someone who has invited you over for dinner; then, before sitting down, waiting to be asked to sit for a preprandial hors-d’oeuvre or cocktail; then at dinner, refraining from cussing, belching, picking your nose, etc.

        When such formalities are absent, and when the allegation is outré, one has the right if not obligation to be skeptical.

        • This quote can easily be located by typing the quote into any search engine. It will turn up thousands of results. This is quite easy to do. It is actually better than providing a website like, which is only one of thousands. The reason being is that many websites that provide the quote don’t provide sites themselves. If a person does a search they can then see for themselves and there be a lot more to choose from. They can also find other quotes from Sanger to verify her opinions on the matter.

          It is arguable that Sanger might have been saying we do want people to think we are trying to exterminate them. However, other quotes regarding her opinions on eugenics and eliminating inferior people are numerous. see, (Actually, I thought Sanger racism and pro-eugenics positions were common knowledge.)

          I’m sorry I have to work for a living and that I could not sit around checking the site every few minutes to see the request for a link. However, I will try to include a cite in the future. I would suggest that a web search phrase might be better in some circumstance. For example: yahoo search: “Margaret Sanger exterminate the negro population.”

          As for “emphasis added,” I would have included that in a scholarly article, but for the purposes of comment, I would have thought that the fact that the emphasis was added was apparent. I will endeavor to include “emphasis added” in the future.

          One final note, it seems some what inappropriate to remove the entire quote, but leave a portion of it in the comment. Doing so eliminates the context and leaves the inflammatory nature of the statement in the post and may make it worse that it is. In the case of my post, “to exterminate the Negro population” was left in. If the concern was like of citation for an inflammatory comment by Sanger, then this should have be removed also.

          I understand the difficulty in moderating websites such as this and keeping them clear of false and hateful material. To that end might I suggest adding your citation requirements to your rules section and add that to the drop down menu that appears at the top of each webpage.

      • REDACTED…

        New rule, Hesperado: Off-topic and picayune comments don’t get in when I have to moderate them by myself. I am neither well enough nor patient enough to deal with it.

        File under Whatev.

        • Oops! Sorry, I was looking at the wrong cited source. The quote is from a letter Sanger wrote in 1939 to a Dr. Clarence Gamble in Massachusetts. Also described in Linda Gordon’s “Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America.” New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976.

        • I’ve read this letter from Sanger before. I think claiming that her intention was to the genocide of black people is malicious. She says that they don’t want black people thinking that is their intention.

          Obviously people are far less careful in what they say in a letter than in a publication.

          I readily subscribed to Thomas Sowell’s thesis that the Left (the Anointed) are never held responsible when the results of their implemented policies ends up hurting the mascot group the policies are supposed to aid. However, I still think it is malicious to construe Sanger’s words the way many right-wingers do.

          • True, but you need to read her other quotes. The letter can be interpreted in different ways until you read her opinions on eugenics, blacks, and other people she thought were inferior. Then her intentions become clear. Sanger was not that careful in other forums.

      • Since I don’t know the specific quote that was intended, I’ll just recommend that anyone seeking background info on Margaret Sanger read her Wikipedia biography at . There are 124 References (footnotes) after the article sourcing quotes and other data in the biography.

        The root cause (if I might act as an armchair psychologist for a minute) of Sanger’s passion for publicizing contraception and birth-control information to women seems to have been her own family of origin.

        Margaret was the 6th of 11 surviving children of her mother, who endured 18 pregnancies in her 22 years of marriage and who died at the age of 49. The horrors of seeing stillborn babies or miscarried pregnancies must have burned themselves on Margaret’s heart. She had real child-care responsibilities from a young age. She took to her lifelong work as to a mission; the memory of her mother’s debilitated state no doubt sustained her passion.

        • Letter to the Editore:

          Isn’t all this garden-path meandering into Sanger “off topic” …? No less so than my much briefer (not to mention single) comment.

    • Sure you pro lifers want them to live but if you see a Black Woman get off of an urban bus with four children and pregnant what do YOU all mutter? Welfare cheat and lazy ghetto queen-then you vote for drastic social cuts subsequently-how “Christian and Pro-Life” of YOU!

      • Because the “mom” in question is not a fit mother. Mindlessly procreating in a serial fashion with numerous sexual partners does not a stable family make. The Black “family” is in crisis but it’s not because of wayciss Whites. It all stems from a single point. The Black woman’s lack of future time orientation dooms her offspring time after time.

        • So blame the six year old for sleeping beside her grandmother . Eric Gardner was married. Michael Brown’s mother was too. Do you hurl the same invectives against polygamous Mormons ? (White recipient of Welfare).

      • I don’t care how many kids this alleged woman has, as long as the taxpayer doesn’t have to foot the bill for the choices that SHE makes. I don’t want to support the children that other people choose to have, no matter their color/race, and it’s immoral to expect other people to subsidize your way of life. I CHOSE to have 3 children. My husband and I work hard to support them. We don’t pass that tremendous expense onto anyone. You may live as you wish, abort your children, give birth to 16 children, have no children at all. While I am pro-life, ultimately I cannot make that most moral of decisions for you, but I can certainly express my opinion on the matter, and I can say unequivocally that it is not my responsibility to take care of your progeny, or pay for your abortion, neither is it my predilection to agree to your description of a human fetus as a “parasite”.

          • You seem to have a selective reality. Definition of parasite: “An organism that lives off or in another organism, obtaining nourishment and protection while offering no benefit in return. Human parasites are often harmful to the body and can cause diseases, such as trichinosis.” In what way do infants (former fetuses) offer no benefit in return? If there is no benefit to having children, then why do people continue to have them?

      • P. McCoy: Please document the time you heard Uncle Kepha mutter “Welfare queen” or “welfare cheat” on seeing an African-American woman with four children and pregnant. You clearly resent stereotyping; so do we.

  7. If more people would respond to the “black victim” narrative with some honesty about who is responsible for the most murders of black people, and about the real facts of interracial violence, there might be a little more peace and safety in our cities.

    Unfortunately, most Democrat-leftists are eager to feed the dishonest narrative so they can pose as protectors of black people against (other) white people, while too many conservatives are afraid of being called racist if they tell the truth.

    • Apply that logic to White on White crime and the new interracial crime Cops murdering and torturimg even Black men with a prosthesis leg!

      • “Apply that logic”, you said. “Some honesty to who is responsible for most of the murders of black people”, says Radegunda. What answer do you come up with?

        • This is a deflection. Whites are not trying to curb their murderers or mass murderers but Blacks are expected to ignore being murdered in cold blood after not killing anyone Tamir Rice comes to mind and “focus” only on Black on Black crime. You should deal with your own band of criminals and neer do wells before masking your institution alized racism with vain pontifications about Black crime.

          • Logic about honesty, and you call it a “deflection”. Then you posit some outlandish theory about “whites not trying to curb their murderers or mass murderers”. As if, killing them or bringing them to trial, is not enough!
            Then another, and I must say, more outlandish theory of what ” Black are expected to do….”. I must step into the septic tank of your thinking by asking you to name a white person killed by a black cop?
            “Focus only on black-on-black crime.” Nonsense, “honesty about who is responsible for most of the murders of black people.” This, you refuse to do, that is, indeed, deflection.

          • “Whites are not trying to curb their murderers or mass murderers …” — Sorry, but that’s just crazy talk. White murderers and mass murderers are regularly prosecuted.

            The deflection and mythmaking are being done by racial grievance-mongers who pretend that the relatively rare cases of white people killing black people are the norm — that it happens all the time; that black people must constantly fear being gunned down by white people purely on account of race. What purpose does it serve to stir up an irrational suspicion and hatred of white people in general?

            Murders of black people are overwhelmingly committed by other black people. Does it help black people generally to ignore these murders and focus all your rage on the rarer cases of white people killing black people?

            Violence by blacks against whites is more commonplace than the reverse. What purpose does it serve to pretend that the opposite is true?

      • No one is objecting to the prosecution of violent crime by committed by white people.

        My point, of course, is that black people face far more danger from other black people than they do from white people, including police. White police work in black neighborhoods mostly to protect black people from violence committed by other black people.

        Also, white people face more danger of violence from black people than black people do from white people.

        The racial-grievance-mongers have constructed an utterly false, upside-down narrative of interracial violence so as to paint black people as only victims and white people as innately racist. One result of this false narrative is to give more leeway and indulgence to black violence — against white people and Asians and Latinos, and against other black people.

        Maybe you don’t mind seeing more unsafe black neighborhoods, as long as whitey gets blamed.

      • It is a “prosthesis” or a “prosthetic leg”. Your amalgam suggests a poor command of English – unlike your “torturimg” which is plainly a typo.

        BTW: What is it with your predilection for capitalizing the first letter of certain words? How is “Cops” somehow better than “cops”? Rhetorical question.

        • I did spell the word correctly, the world saw a crippled Black man being ganged up on because someone was afraid of the “sticks” ( his description) that he used to help him get around.

    • Even in the UK the victims of half of the racist murders are white. So 1/5th of the population who are not white are responsible for 50% of the racist murders.

      This is so shocking that when it surfaces, the news media explicitly talk about how it must remain hidden. The narrative of racist violence entirely blames white people and exonerates non-white people.

      It seems to me that this narrative is deliberately maintained by the Left in the US. They seem determined to fracture society, no matter what the cost to black people (they are probably gleeful at the cost to white people).

      • I saw a video where someone went around asking Britons if they recognized certain names, which were the names of various white people killed by non-white people. They drew a blank. But everyone knew who Stephen Lawrence was.

        A number of people had to decide it was crucial for everyone to remember Stephen Lawrence and the deplorable cause of his early death, whereas all the others merited no remembrance outside their immediate circles, and the cause of their premature death should best be left quiet.

  8. Apparently my previous opinion, also referencing history, did not meet the “nice” quotient required on this blog.

    makes me chuckle.

  9. When black women find a way to get young black men from killing other blacks, there will be no need for BLM.

    Here is a link to the US Department of Justice data for murder in 2011. (

    Let’s look at the numbers and do a little math.

    In 2011, total number of blacks murdered 2,695. Of those, 193 (7.1 %) were murdered by whites.
    In 2011, total number of whites murdered 3,172. Of those 448 (14.1%) were murdered by blacks.

    The numbers are quite clear. Blacks murder whites twice as often as whites murder blacks.

    But even more important – blacks murder the over 90% of all black victims.

    So here it is in a nutshell.

    Deal with the real problem or expect failure.

  10. That’s an awful lot of words that say absolutely nothing. Just a bunch of buzzwords and left-wing propaganda bits strung together into a barely cohesive paragraph. I had to read it twice to even figure out what she was raging against.

    • Agreed.

      I feel as though I lost several IQ points after churning through that drudge.

    • So speaking against anti abortionists and deploring the murder of a six year old girl is difficult for you to comprehend?

      I can’t help the [insulting epithet] posturing as a member of the Aryan ‘master race.’

      • When your rant is bloated with empty buzzwords like “sexist”, “homophobic”, “white supremacist”, and more recently, “Aryan master race”, it makes it difficult for one to take your point seriously. Particularly when you jam them all together in one run-on sentence with no context or explanation given. Are you familiar with the website, Tumblr? Something tells me you’d fit right in…

        I have to wonder what your motivation is replying to nearly every single comment and repeating the same pointless argument endlessly. Surely you have something better to do with your time than argue about abortion on a website that has little to do with abortion.

  11. What an idiot.

    She thinks it’s hypocritical to fight for babies in the womb but not black people who are alive?

    The reason I’m against abortion is the same reason I’m against government handouts: You need to stand up to your responsibilities!

    It’s not a “parasite”; it’s your responsibility. You called that life into being. It’s now your duty to take care of it.

    As for “hating” LGBT(etc.): Did Christ exhibit hate for the adulterous woman when he told her, “Go and sin no more”? Was that hate?

  12. I don’t understand P.McCoy but she does raise some good questions: Are African Americans generally FOR Roe v Wade? Do we abort more African Americans than others compared to their percentage in the population?

    • The Guttmacher Institute’s Q&A page I reference earlier in this comment chain also has info re. the race of women requesting abortion. There is no one racial group (of the four they identify: black, white, Latina, Asian) that constitutes a majority of the requests.

  13. On the poster at the bottom — those kind-of-cute radical Black Girls are role-playing; how do you think you they’d REALLY like the White Boy to respond? Fun for everyone!

  14. I am in basic agreement with P. McCoy and disgusted with the snarky comments of those who have willfully decided to misunderstand her. The kicker of her piece is right on: “We Black Women are proud to have the right to abortion–forced birth belongs to slavery.”

    Ms. McCoy opposes being forced (by righteous conservative prigs) to give birth to an unwanted child. She infers, IMHO, that the news feed of GoV reflects an anti-abortion bias…the bias of comfortable conservatives and libertarians who have no idea how the arrival of an unwanted child can wreck a black woman’s struggle to climb out of poverty.

    • In what way is calling those who find McCoy’s comments abhorrent “righteous conservative prigs” not snarky?

    • Nothing is as uninteresting as wading through peoples opinion of abortion on a comment section of a website that has nothing to do with abortion.

      • The comment about BLM by the author ended with the comment “more Blacks are killed by abortion. ” I responded because I found comparing a non sentient fetus to people like Eric Gardner being killed reprehensible. I also don’t like the images of “Aryan babies” being flounted on posters in Black and Latino neighborhoods by the group “Pro-Life Across America”. Yes keep letting those communities know whose lives REALLY matter alright. ..

  15. I am in basic agreement with P. McCoy and disgusted with the snarky comments of those who have willfully decided to misunderstand her. The kicker of her piece is right on: “We Black Women are proud to have the right to abortion–forced birth belongs to slavery.”
    Ms. McCoy opposes being forced (by righteous conservative prigs) to give birth to an unwanted child. She infers, IMHO, that the news feed of GoV reflects an anti-abortion bias…the bias of comfortable conservatives and libertarians who have no idea how the arrival of an unwanted child can wreck a black woman’s struggle to climb out of poverty.
    While I am at it, I shall add my opinion that the anti-abortion claque has done tremendous damage to the conservative/libertarian movement. Common sense has it that children are so often unwanted at different times, in different situations. Abortion has always existed and we can state with certainty that it always will exist whether righteous moralists like it or not. Yes, I agree that abortion is an ugly fact of human history…but to oppose and criminalize it is cruel and mean spirited. It is the last vestige of the righteous conservative moralism…anti-birth control, anti-divorce, etc…that has hampered common sense folk from joining with conservatives.
    The essence of rational conservatism is the unwillingness to meddle, to social engineer. It is the awareness that the human enterprise is so complex and unfathomable that it is best to study what “is” and to help along a positive trajectory rather than to impose unwelcome priggish morality, ideas, religions and ideologies. I stand with you, P. McCoy. Pax vobiscum, Dominis vobiscum.

    • Maybe these black women whom you talk about, who are trying to ” climb out of poverty” should [practice chaste behavior], while trying to climb out of said poverty. P.McCoy (and you) will never see the Truth (note CORRECT usage of capital letters… We’re not speaking German here; though [insulting assertion redacted]). If they bothered to [practice chaste behavior], then they would not have to commit murder. But God will judge them for that. I am merely a messenger.

  16. How can I arrange this to offend the maximum number in the fewest syllables?

    What do you want do, derail Planned Parenthood [thereby restoring unplanned parenthood] or embrace the shrunken crime rate? Do you really want to be gang-mugged?

    Have you considered the salutary effects upon job placement and the shortage of affordable rentals?

    If we institute government-funded euthanasia, can we handle candidate selection through secret petition if there are too few volunteers. I simply hate to see tax dollars wasted.

  17. Hey, Angry Black Person! I have a magic button here, and I will push it with your permission. And in doing so, African will have never been brought over here to be slaves. Imagine what a great country America will be if you were never here. Do I push it? Or is it true, as President Clinton said, that “our diversity is what makes us strong.”

    • Yes, DO that little thing -taken in a North and South America context , with the exception of the Potosi mines in Bolivia (untold quatities of silver were extracted by Indians) the gold, the diamonds, cacao, sugar cane (sugar, molasses and rum), indigo, rice and later cotton all obtained via slave labor, African slave labor, created the basis of wealth in short the food for Capitalism. If it was not for US, you might be cheering on for the invention of the steam engine in 2015 instead of all of the technological advances that you enjoy.

      • Racist P.McCoy is happy to ignore white slaves.

        Racist P.McCoy is also happy to ignore that the anti-slavery movement was run by white christians. It was other blacks who supplied the slaves.

        The Atlantic slave trade begain in Portugal – a country which had been occupied by the armies of islam for centuries: the slave-taking armies of islam.

        Let me guess: you are a supporter of islam. Why not join the racist Nation of Islam, who have meetings with neo-nazis and the KKK (the terrorist wing of the American Democratic Party).

        But you probably just want to stick to your simplistic, racist “blacks are the only victims” narrative.

        As late as WW2, when the Royal Navy was too busy with the Nazis to stop them, the muslim countries were once again importing black slaves.

        • I am not a follower of Farahkhan-he’s in bed with Scientology the rubes don’t all know that yet.

          The “White” slaves were indentured servants- they never had their language nor religion tortured out of them and their labor was not for a lifetime. Besides if they ran away and (if RC, did not genuflect every where) could blend in with the free populace. Blacks couldn’t hide and slavery was a scorched earth policy. I do know that the British used indentured servitude again with people from India in places like the Carribean and Guyana. So boo hoo .

          • The history of black slavery is traced directly to your allies-of-the-Left: muslims.

            Here’s a book on it written by an anti-apartheid campaigner:

            You come to a website that is almost entirely about islam, and the one thing you do is avoid talking about islam.

            You also don’t like to talk about the disproportionate amount of racist violence which comes from “Black” people.

            You won’t find anyone here who says that slavery (of any kind) is good. Yet it is only [epithets] like you who will only harp on about the trafficking of black slaves by white people. Never mind that the slaves were provided to whitey by muslims, based on centuries of preceding islamic slaving.

            The America you leftwing [epithets] want to create is going to be a very violent place. I hope you [redacted].

      • Honestly, so we’d all be back 150 years in time but for blacks?

        Now ‘P’, that’s REALLY pushing it! Call it racism if you wish (and you will) but just be honest and serious, exactly what have blacks given the world, apart from jazz, which an Englishman I worked with many years ago labelled ‘the black man’s revenge’.

  18. I don’t expect all of my responses to appear here-I am flattered. The mad Black Woman stereotype from the 1970s (the picture) is SO passe but predictable. I don’t feel irrationally “mad” just outrage over Supremacists hiding behind badges to kill defenceless children.

    The crocodile tears for the non scientific term “unborn” just like the deflect from institutionalized racism to harping about “Black on
    on Black “crime does not fool me for a second!

    Having an abortion IS being responsible all birth control bar abstentience is 100% foolproof – why would anyone normal get obsessed about the medical and sexual decisions of strangers.

    By the way, I never called you “whiteboy” or the “H” word or the “C” word, so to preface my letter giving people that impression is rather dishonest of you. However, what the hey-it’s your blog, your rules ! May you all continue to live in Interesting Times!

    • I just like that little poster a lot — it makes me smile every time I post it. It was the only picture I had to hand that was even remotely applicable.

    • Honestly, for various reasons, I’m really not all that offended by any of the pejoratives mentioned in your final paragraph. In fact, I can’t really think of a single word I could be called that would really raise my ire.

      I suppose that’s just another facet of my monstrous white privilege….sigh.

  19. If this comment is too OT, please delete it.

    To MC in Siderot and others:

    Since we are discussing the topic of abortion, I don’t see that any of your three assumptions are valid. I think there are legitimate differences of opinion regarding abortion. Obviously “life” begins at conception but when personhood, for lack of a better term, begins is a matter of opinion, speculation or theology. We don’t have a funeral every time a woman has a miscarriage. I remember reading that many if not most fetuses are spontaneously aborted, often without the woman even knowing she is pregnant.

    You are welcome to your theological convictions, but spare us your self-righteousness.

    You might be very surprised to learn what psychology might have to say regarding your underlying motivations. I’ll spare you that if you will spare me the self-righteous preaching which I find nauseating.

      • I don’t see how pointing out the obvious, e.g. that we don’t have funerals every time a woman has miscarriage and that many if not most pregnancies are spontaneously aborted, is “preaching.”

        On the other hand, trying to tell people who support abortion rights that their views are based on an assumption of godlessness is quite definitely preaching. Also it is most incorrect.

        I’m a political conservative and a firm believer in God. I also support abortion rights for women. There is absolutely no contradiction.

        You have your theology and I have mine.

        I also have a Ph.D. in psychology and you would no doubt be surprised if I told you what I surmise about your underlying motivations.

  20. P. McCoy, if I don’t like you does that make me a racist? If the White-hating, violent, Black thug culture makes me sick, does that make me a “Supremacist?

  21. P.S. Or if you want me to re-write my comment, I will, leaving out all references to nausea (and I’m not even pregnant).

  22. The problem is that we need people. The fertility rates are going down all over the world. Africa, S. America, Middle East, everywhere. The replacement rate is 2.0 plus a little….maybe 2.05. Even Mexico and Hispanics here are getting close to 2. Black women here are 2.0. (lots of stuff on Net). White women are less than 2.0. In general, it has got to be bad morally and ethically and in every other way to cause H. sapiens to disappear*. An alien galactic supervisor looking down upon Earth would say to his superior: ” they are aborting too many and not [engaging in conjugal relations] enough.”

    *Well, I guess it would be OK to have fertility rates below two for awhile, but this cannot be sustainable. From another animal’s perspective, this would be morally OK. So you have to be an animal to be FOR abortion as a sustainable practice. :-).

    • Even in Japan, which has tolerates almost no immigration, the population has gone steadily up.
      When AIDS hit Africa-particularly Uganda-the scream went up: “Uganda will be completely de-populated!” Now the worry is Uganda’s population is going to double.
      Will we ever understand that our planet simply cannot support unfettered population growth? Are people so lacking in sense and imagination they cannot (will not) understand Malthus was right? Never mind food; fresh water is every bit as important.
      Even here in the Cowichan valley on Vancouver Island the water table sinks lower every year and still people pour in and more houses are built.
      Where will water come from in the future, de-salinized sea water? That’s a one way street.
      This has been an entertaining to-ing and fro-ing with many interesting viewpoints, but to say the earth is running out of people when population figures in every single country show a terrifying, non-sustainable opposite, is just absolute nonsense!
      Cautiously, I support Ms McCoy–she has the right to an abortion, which in my opinion should be between a woman, her doctor–and no one else.

      • I don’t know what is happening in Japan, other than their fertility rate (see en.m.wikepedia) is 1.4. This means that either their immigration is whacky or the UN, The World Bank, and the CIA Fact Book are all screwy.

  23. It is difficult for me to comprehend that there are people as [adjectives denigrating intelligence and altruism] as P. McCoy. She says that a six year old is a person of value, but a babe in the womb is of no value. I have to wonder when she thinks the child acquires human value?

    She equates giving birth to an unwanted child to slavery, but she does not notice that the origins of that child were the pleasure of the woman no wanting to kill the child. Failure of birth control is not an answer. There is perfect birth control; it is called abstinence and it is freely available to all (with the exception of those who are raped, but that is not the main thrust of this discussion). Mutually agreed sexual relations hardly constitute slavery, and that is the point where the yes/no decision regarding a possible child has to be made.

    The Christian Church was strongly against all forms artificial contraception until the 1930 Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion. At that meeting, it was agreed that artificial contraception was acceptable under some circumstances. One that door was opened a crack, the whole structure of opposition began to crumble. If it is acceptable under circumstances XXX, then it should also be acceptable under circumstance XXY and XXZ. And so on, and so on the argument has gone.

    All of this amounts to a rejection of the instructions given by God the Creator to go forth and multiply and to do no murder. What we have now is murder on request by the mother, possibly urged on by a demand for fetal organs. How far from God we have turned! It has led to the destruction of marriage, to the rampant trend in casual sexual relations, and to the murder of millions upon millions of the unborn.

    • Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. The medical and sexual decisions of others is none of your business. For a poster above I did mention in my post that I believe your blog has correct information about Islam. I just don’t want a so called “Christian” version of ISIL depriving me or putting me second in relation to my reproductive rights to a non sentient fetus. For me personhood is accrued at birth before that if it leeches nutrients from my body I have every right to extricate it from MY body!

      But fortunately I am too old for fertility but I fight for the rights of others as WE say: against abortion? Then don’t have one. Don’t want to pay for it? Then I want so called anti choice churches to be taxed since they aid, encourage and enable their minions in clear acts of Domestic Terrorism.

      • Why don’t you allocate a large proportion of your ‘fight for the rights of others’ effort to educating those others regarding ABSTINENCE, as DrD suggests above?

        Introduce concepts like monogamy and 2-parent families. Dig through Youtube for a few videos explaining and endorsing the concepts.

        Also include a few videos about the black thug-gangster culture, replete with the language of ‘Ho’ and ‘Biatch’ that is tearing black America apart and reducing both male and female members to caricatures of normalcy.

        Teach them Christian values and morals that made America exceptional. Introduce them to black success stories such as Mr & Mrs Dr. Ben Carson and Mr & Mrs Alan West and how they achieved their leadership status. And for God’s sake keep them away from the Obamas/Sharptons/Farrakan and the horde of misogynistic 5-letter name, rap artists ruining young black males.

      • Hello Mrs McCoy,

        unfortunately you did not answer the question, that Drd asked in the first pargraph (and I admit is THE question I want to get an answer to):

        “I have to wonder when she thinks the child acquires human value?”
        Does it magically happen just after giving birth or a second before giving birth? And why does a non-sentient fetus (your words) turns into a sentient human being at exactly that second and not one second before or after?

  24. I don’t like the tone the more recent comments have taken on this thread — led, of course, by the remarks of our distinguished guest, Ms. McCoy.

    I’ve allowed a greater latitude for incivility than I usually do, because this is an inherently contentious topic, especially when overlaid on the issue of race. Tempers tend to flare when people discuss it; it’s inevitable.

    However, enough is enough. It’s long past time to return to the rules of civility and decorum. Towards that end, I’ll allow one last salvo from everyone who’s been contributing so far, and then I’ll cut off the discussion.

    I’m about to go to bed. In the morning I’ll get up and moderate the new comments. Therefore, if you intend to say something, better put it in ONE comment, because that’s all you’ll get.

    If you leave more than one, only one will be posted. And that will be MY choice. You’ve been warned.

    • Thanks to having a new woman in my life, a few years older than myself (67), we don’t have to worry about the various means of contraception available- and it is such a relief! They all have problems, and with all due respect to MC and others, younger people should thank God (?) that they have a choice, unlike most previous generations, even if such precautions occasionally fail. And the survival rate for live births is higher than ever.

      Sex/making love is about so much more than reproduction, but even with modern means of birth control (sometimes) available, things can go wrong. Perhaps MC is a model of celibacy, but many of his fellow humans are weaker.

      Which brings me, inevitably and sadly, to abortion. I’ve made this point previously on GoV, but it bears repeating in the current context. I’m not a “believer” in any religion, much as I’d like to be- but I do strongly believe that abortion should generally be regarded as a last resort. However, if a woman is carrying a child she doesn’t want or need, who am I (or you)? to tell her how to conduct her life, even if you approach the subject from a
      fundamentalist (Christian? Jewish?) religious background?

      In which case, and again with apologies for repeating myself, it is not for any of us to impose our view of abortion on others, especially if it derives from religious doctrine; otherwise, how are we to distinguish ourselves from the other religious fundamentalists, whose activities and views occupy much of this blog?

      In short, if there is a deity, and s/he regards abortion as a “sin”, then all partcipants will be judged in the next life. If the preceding is untrue, it’s entirely up to us to decide for ourselves, in accordance with our own consciences.

      • If you would like to read it, my comment is about regard/disregard for human life, not about abortion (especially late abortion) which is just a part of the problem.

        I also referred to taking responsibility and considering consequences, and the dangers of regarding sex as ‘recreational’ with no consequences.

        all this in the context of who is responsible when birth control fails.

        So you are basically twisting my words to suit your own agenda; this being tantamount to an ad hominem attack.

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