Living Under Anarcho-Tyranny

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Living Under Anarcho-Tyranny
by Fjordman

On August 21, 2015, what could have become yet another Jihadist massacre of Europeans was prevented at the very last second. Not by the country’s authorities, but by random travelers. An armed militant Muslim on a train to France was overpowered by some of the male passengers, among them several unarmed American soldiers, just before he could start shooting people. Ayoub El Khazzani, a Moroccan national, has been charged with attempted murder of a terrorist nature.[1] The police believe had carefully planned a terror attack.

Mr. Khazzani was known to the security services prior to this incident.[2] Yet they still did not manage to stop him. He was able to move freely in the EU between different Western European countries. He joins the rising number of Muslim terrorists who were able, or in his case nearly able, to carry out terror attacks, despite already being on terrorist watch lists. Why? Because there are just too many Jihadists out there. The authorities cannot stop them all. French authorities are concerned about a truly spectacular Islamic terror attack, perhaps on the scale of the September 11 attacks in the USA in 2001.[3]

As a result of the stupidest policies in human history, over the past decades millions of Muslims have been allowed to settle as immigrants throughout the Western world. As a consequence, the number of militant Muslims has now reached critical mass. Inspired by the Koran and Islamic religious texts, and encouraged by groups such as al-Qaida and the Islamic State (ISIS), many of them are willing and able to murder us. Nevertheless, Western governments have not even tried to halt further Muslim immigration.

Literally thousands of migrants, asylum seekers and foreign opportunists continue to pour into Europe on a daily basis. Some of these are Muslims with more or less radical views. Statistically speaking, militant Muslims with potential or actual Jihadist sympathies stream into Europe every single hour, 365 days a year. They come on top of the many millions of Muslims and other alien nationalities who are already here.

Any official talk about “increasing security” is intended to deflect attention away from a disaster that has already happened: Muslims with potentially militant views are now present in cities all over Western Europe, from Ireland to Italy and from Finland to Portugal. Meanwhile, internal border controls across much of the European continent have been largely abandoned. The external border controls were weak to begin with. Under the massive strain of illegal immigration from Africa and the Islamic world, Europe’s external borders have nearly collapsed.

The authorities in the EU and Western Europe have for all practical purposes lost control over their own societies. They are currently incapable of providing even basic security to their citizens. Western ruling elites are desperately trying to conceal this fact from the general public. After all, if the authorities can provide no real internal security and no effective external border controls, then what is their legitimacy? What is their purpose?

Why do ordinary people even pay taxes, if those in charge are incapable of fulfilling any of their primary duties to the public?

The late American writer Samuel T. Francis introduced the term “anarcho-tyranny.” This describes a society that is simultaneously defined by chaos and by repression, “a combination of anarchy (in which legitimate government functions—like spying on the bad guys or punishing real criminals—are not performed) and tyranny (in which government performs illegitimate functions—like spying on the good guys or criminalizing innocent conduct like gun ownership and political dissent). The result of anarcho-tyranny is that government swells in power, criminals are not controlled, and law-abiding citizens wind up being repressed by the state and attacked by thugs.”[4]

If you live in Western Europe — and the same is partly true of North America — this aptly describes your daily reality today. The government is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It is pervasive and intrusive in matters of little importance, yet nearly absent in matters of great importance. The ruling elites are incapable of or unwilling to properly protect the country’s borders or uphold its laws.[5] Yet they are very willing to spend your tax money on combating carbon dioxide.[6] The authorities cannot prevent large numbers of people from illegally entering your country, but they can and will regulate the fat content of your yogurt.

Take Sweden as an example. Sweden has one of the highest rates in the world. Despite this, their famous welfare state is showing increasing signs of strain. That is because it is now shared with immigrants from all over the world, who are rapidly displacing the natives. The natives pay more and more money for less and less security. The police now risk being attacked with live hand grenades in Multicultural suburbs.[7] Average citizens risk being stabbed to death by illegal immigrants while shopping in their own country.[8] The authorities do little to prevent imported foreign gangs from preying upon natives in the streets. As a result, the country has shockingly high rape rates.[9] Yet the authorities do make sure that future rape victims have learned a lot about transsexuals in school.[10]

The bad news for people of the West is that anarcho-tyranny has been upon us for years. The good news is that more and more people are becoming aware of this sad fact.

The complete failure of the ruling elites to uphold even basic security or border controls has become so visible that ordinary people can see it with their own eyes. Media censorship is no longer sufficient to hide this reality. An increasing number of people are now questioning whether their ruling elites are taking care of their best interests, and whether the taxes they collect are legitimate. One day a critical mass of Western citizens will think like this. That’s when things could get very interesting.


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14 thoughts on “Living Under Anarcho-Tyranny

    • Yes, yes and yes. No doubt about it now. Thank God my home is in the Unite States. Jesus the French say they are expecting a missile, a 9/11 or worse and all the only conversation in town is about how many jehadis where. This is a national defense crisis (like Hitler’s people are massed on the border and breaking through on a wide front). Borders and language would be a start.

  1. In Germany the National Socialist German Workers’ Party may be gone, but it seems to have been replaced by the International Socialist Muslim Welfare Parasites’ Party.

    And if you try to post that on Facebook in Germany I’d bet just about anything it will be deleted immediately by some administrator who functions as a Facebook political commissar.

  2. But our elites are us. So this disaster is due to us?

    I’ve always thought that most people are good but that only a minority have courage. If this is true then the courage needed–as we delay managing this problem–is going to relatively climb ever higher, revealing us as ever weaker, as our surroundings become loaded with Muslim demographics, political energy and power. What can a single kaffir do in his neighborhood if something requiring courage comes up? and he is the only one on the block? Will he submit or fight?

    We are on the slippery slope of wet granite at the lip of Yosemite falls and the water is rushing through our legs ever faster as we approach the edge….the watershed could come before we imagine.

  3. Welcome to Hell. The British Archipelago is lost. So is Europe as Merkel- an unrequited Communist- tells her electorate they are Nazis and will be punished if they so much as squeak a protest of look at a migrant in a funny way. Those “Nazis” are all aged from 1 year to 90 years and wear uniforms of jacket and tie, Summer frocks and Teeshirts while the gutemensnschen Antfas wear the “normal” black. A Parliamentary paper is circulating demanding imprisonment for “Terrorist Christians” who make Islamophobic comments and anything “critical of gay marriage”.

    (It never ceases to amaze how the “Progressives” conflate opposing ideologies) We are all “Nazis” and “Terrorists” now simply for objecting to our own eradication. I was told by an official that we “indigenous” are now “No longer required and must embrace the new British values, or it would be bad for me!” Yes this is real.

    50,000,000 Britons of native stock? Hey what do they matter? This is simply a footnote of “Nature” and “history”. In the new “think” nations are obsoloete and were indeed simply an historical anachronism. Just like the 7.000,000 Jews that the Socialists exterminated in WW2 and the 200,000,000 they butchered since 1917 et al.

    Just a foot note in the Brave New World…..

    One day I hope these creatures also fin themselves a “Footnote”…

    • Which “official”, Bishop? Have you threatened to expose him/her in the media (online if the MSM don’t want to know)?

      • Methinks you need to pay just a little more attention sir. I, personally have been reading comments since the late 1990s from the Times of London to the Times of New York and all organs in between of Muslim ‘academics’ and others ‘warning’ ‘us’ that it is ‘we’ and not the Islamists who ‘have to adjust’. The ‘nice’ ‘rational fair minded educated’ people out there who maintain. a ‘healthy’ dose of sceptisism about the few bad Muslim apples still is amazing. I suppose all that bad stuff about the Muslims here and elsewhere is ‘greatly exaggerated’.

  4. There are an abundance of solar powered speed reminders that flash up when I travel a couple of miles over the speed limit where I live. Real criminals however can do as they wish with impunity as regards anti-social behaviour, drunkenness, theft, assault, drug possession – nothing much happens even when they get caught – but go two miles an hour over the speed limit and get caught and there are serious consequences.

    Criminals in Britain can collect arsenals of firearms and victimise law abiding citizens – but law abiding citizens are not allowed to carry a firearm.

    Freedom of speech is one way – Islamists can call for the destruction of Britain – nothing happens whereas other people cannot show some cartoons.

    Damned right we live in Anarcho-Tyranny’s in Britain and Europe. Its just a question of when the general populations explode as they have been so thoroughly bottled up about the handing over of their nations to foreigners.

    • “Its just a question of when the general populations explode as they have been so thoroughly bottled up about the handing over of their nations to foreigners.”
      I’m sorry to say it but that will never happen. You and your countrymen are to scared to do or say anything about this.

      You have been handed the rope and it is expected that you will find good use of it.

      • “You and your countrymen” Those same people from whom the USA sprang – after these people finally exploded after being controlled inequitably.

        A person would need to remove their head from the sand if they have failed to notice the Islamisation of all Western societies. We are all in this together.

  5. Didn’t Ayyoub El Khazzani know that Yurruppe has stringent gun control laws guaranteed to keep firearms out of hands such as his? How dare he ignore the concern and far-sightedness of the people of good will who imposed such limits!

    [Sarc off]

    Part of me has come to the horrible, unwelcome, and shocking realization that we Westerners, Anglo-Saxons (even if by osmosis only) and whatnot should’ve seen this coming. We were once a group of Bible-reading peoples who had the ancient example of Israel’s apostasy to warn us, and we dismissed it as the rantings of barbarous bronze age nomads. Yet it is happening to us in the West even now.

    • I think as soon as a people are ashamed of their ancestors and their achievements, you have a pretty good shot at eliminating them. Some want to atone for their ancestors’ past and some are so convinced their idenity is meaningless and non-existant that they’ll actively promote and relish its demise. This is what we are dealing with.

  6. Europe needs someone like Donald Trump to clear things up. Instead, I think Mr. Rogers is in charge.

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