Hate Not Hope: “We demand the authorities take action against the Gates of Vienna blog”

Well, things have taken an interesting turn here on the morning of the first day of our fundraising week. I just received an email (reproduced below) from Jonathan Owen, a staff reporter for The Independent in the UK. Apparently HOPE Not Hate has decided to take down Anne Marie Waters, and The Independent was their chosen channel for breaking their “exposé”.

Breitbart has already picked up the story.

Mr. Owen’s deadline for a response from me was 5pm UK time, which is noon our time. Instead of replying to his email, my chosen response is to simply republish everything he sent me, in its entirety.

The pdf file that accompanied Mr. Owen’s email is here. I took a brief look at it, and it seems to just recycle the same old nonsense about us, left over from the Breivik uproar, with additional recent material about Anne Marie Waters.

The full text of the email is below.

I’d be very grateful for any response you may wish to make regarding the serious allegations made below and in the attached report. My deadline is 5pm today please.

Thanks and best,

Jonathan Owen
Staff reporter
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The Independent, i and the Independent on Sunday
0203 615 2079
07500 891316

Exposed: the Muhammad Cartoons plot

‘Muhammad cartoons’ plot to ignite serious civil unrest uncovered in new HOPE not hate report

Same Counter-Jihad ideology inspired Norwegian killer, Anders Breivik

Call for authorities to take action against hate blog supporting murder of Muslims

Monday 27 July 2015 — A group of British ‘counter-jihadists’ (anti-Muslim activists) is planning to use a central London ‘Muhammad cartoons’ exhibition on 18 September to spark a violent backlash from Muslims, HOPE not hate can exclusively reveal.

Under the guise of ‘freedom of speech’, these activists — Anne Marie Waters, a one-time UKIP candidate; Alan Ayling, a financier who helped found the English Defence League (EDL); and Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson, the founder of the EDL) — have discussed using controversial cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad to incite serious disorder between Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

HOPE not hate has had inside access to their plans, which is published today in a report The Muhammad Cartoons, written by HOPE not hate chief executive, Nick Lowles.

More disturbingly, the report reveals that some of these counter-jihadists believe that Muslims should be forcibly expelled from Europe, via civil war and genocide. One British ‘counter-jihadist’ has even written a fictional account of this civil war, which starts with the publication of Muhammad cartoons.

Our report reveals how former UKIP leader Lord Pearson is linked to these counter-jihadists. It also reveals that one of cartoon exhibition’s sponsors, satirical online magazine Vive Charlie, counts controversial Sun columnist Katie Hopkins as one of its regular contributors.

HOPE not hate is publishing this information today in The Muhammad Cartoons report and is calling on authorities to prevent these counter-jihadists from inciting hatred and violence.

We are also calling on the relevant authorities to investigate The Gates of Vienna blog, one of the world’s main counter-jihadist sites, which has acted as a facilitator of these counter-jihadist plots. On a UK-based server, this website carries material promoting civil war, bomb manuals, tactics for setting up paramilitary groups, and techniques to avoid police capture.

The exhibition

The Muhammad cartoons event will take place on 18 September.

It will be attended by the infamous far-right Dutch politician, Geert Wilders. Wilders took part in a previous exhibition of the same cartoons in Texas this May, which was attacked by two jihadist gunmen (both killed by police).

The London exhibition is part of a wider ‘counter- jihad’ strategy to push an anti-Muslim agenda, with similar events taking place or planned in several other European countries.

The counter-jihadists view the use of the Muhammad cartoons as a way to illustrate what they believe is the incompatibility between Islam and the West.

The research in The Muhammad Cartoons report has been gleaned from inside information and from the counter-jihadists’ own writings and words.

The organisers

The lead exhibition organiser of the Muhammad cartoons exhibition is Anne Marie Waters, a trained lawyer who was a candidate for UKIP at the recent general election.

Only three weeks before Waters announced the cartoon exhibition was to take place, she was involved in long discussions with Stephen Lennon (aka ‘Tommy Robinson’, the founder and former leader of the English Defence League), and Alan Ayling (a financier who helped found the EDL).

They openly discussed using the cartoons — which cause offence to many Muslims — to incite a violent backlash, which they hoped would spark a wider conflict between communities and, ultimately, civil war.

One idea was to hold simultaneous demonstrations in areas of high Muslim density in towns and cities across the UK, waving placards containing images of Muhammad. They believed that police would be too stretched to cope and at least one of the demos would lead to a riot.

Waters is using an organisation she created, Sharia Watch, to front the exhibition. Lennon had agreed to become its joint leader at a relaunch event on 23 July 2015 [but backed out at the last moment].

The relaunch of Sharia Watch was going to be supported by former UKIP leader Lord Pearson, who previously invited Geert Wilders to show his anti-Muslim film, ‘Fitna’, in the Houses of Parliament in 2010.

On 13 July Stephen Lennon was returned to prison for breach of his license (for a conviction for mortgage fraud). HOPE not hate believes that this may have been a police operation to undermine the cartoon exhibition and prevent a possible Sharia Watch relaunch. He was released again on 24 July.

Nick Lowles, HOPE not hate chief executive, said:

“This HOPE not hate report exposes the true agendas of those behind plans to display cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad in London on 18 September.

“While the organisers claim they are doing so in the name of free speech, HOPE not hate can reveal that their agendas are more sinister.

“Some simply want to provoke a violent reaction from Muslims in order to present them in a negative and intolerant light. Others hope the cartoons will spark a series of tit-for-tat violence that will ultimately lead to civil war: a civil war that the militant counter-jihadists believe is not only inevitable but desirable too.

“This report is more than just an exposé of attempts to use the cartoons to incite a violent reaction. It is about a group of political extremists, as dangerous as the Islamists they claim to dislike, who are seeking to bring society to its knees and drive Muslims out of Europe through fear, violence and murder.

“The authorities cannot allow this event to go ahead. It has nothing to do with free speech but it is simply seeking to incite division, hatred and violence.

“We demand the authorities take action against the Gates of Vienna blog, because it carries articles that openly promote terrorism. If a Muslim had a similar website, which includes bomb manuals and details about assassinations and establishing paramilitary groups, then you can be sure action would be taken.”




The Muhammad Cartoons report is the culmination of a year-long HOPE not hate investigation into the ‘Counter-Jihad’ — or anti-Muslim — movement. It brings together information from sources inside this movement and from their own words and writings.

HOPE not hate has previously produced a book on the counter-jihad movement, called The Counter-Jihad Report, key elements of which you can view here:


The Counter-Jihad Movement

Britain’s counter-jihad movement believes that Islam is a supremacist and expansionist ideology which poses an existential threat to the West. Many counter-jihadists believe that there is no difference between moderate or hardline followers of Islam.

The hardline counter-jihadists — such as Alan Ayling, who helped found and finance the EDL — believe that the only answer is the mass deportation or removal of Muslims from Europe. Some even openly articulate that this will only happen through civil war and the ‘genocide’ of Muslims.

These hardline counter-jihadists openly discuss civil war scenarios on the internet. One British counter- jihadist has written a fictional account of how this civil war will happen and how — through the mass killings of Muslims — it will end. He has even suggested tactics for paramilitary operations and urban warfare.

This is the same ideology which inspired Norwegian far-right killer Anders Breivik, and it involves many of the names he quoted in his 1,500 page ‘Manifesto’, which he used to justify his killing of 77 people in 2011.

In a month when Prime Minister David Cameron called for action against non-violent Muslim extremists, HOPE not hate also believes the authorities need to do more against these counter- jihadists. That people can openly talk and plot a violent civil war — up to and including the murder of Muslims — and yet face no police action is highly disturbing.

It seems incomprehensible that these Islamophobes can operate behind UK websites which promote civil war, contain bomb manuals and suggest tactics for paramilitary operations and yet no action is taken.

Copies of the report

The report is embargoed for publication until 08.00 on Monday 27 July 2015. It will be viewable online via the HOPE not hate website or as a download via our media team.

To request copies of the report (PDF), please contact media@hopenothate.org.uk for further details.


HOPE not hate www.hopenothate.org.uk | @hopenothate is the UK’s largest anti-extremism campaign. It researches and challenges organised hatred, and campaigns to strengthen communities.


To request copies of the report, or interviews with HOPE not hate chief executive (and report author) Nick Lowles, please contact:

media: +44 (0)20 8133 9560
email: media@hopenothate.org.uk
web: www.hopenothate.org.uk
twitter: @hopenothate

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97 thoughts on “Hate Not Hope: “We demand the authorities take action against the Gates of Vienna blog”

  1. Laughable. As someone who reads this site almost every day I have never read many of the accusations in this report.
    Drawing a cartoon of Mo is not illegal to my knowledge. Having a negative opinion of Islam is also not illegal.
    Thinking that a civil war will come to these shores one day is just that a thought. What about the Gaurdian survey a few years ago that said 42% of people thought civil war was possible in the future. Were they all counter jihadists?
    Is opinion now to be deemed illegal for opinions are like sphincters. Everyone has one!

    • Yes in the Regime’s opinion, any view that you think or express they do not like is now regarded as terrorist and extreme.

  2. ‘On a UK-based server, this website carries material promoting civil war, bomb manuals, tactics for setting up paramilitary groups, and techniques to avoid police capture.’ Is this true ? I am amazed that anyone working in your line of activity ie telling the truth about Islam would use a UK server. Firstly it leaves you vulnerable to our very strict UK libel laws. Secondly many British hosts would fold and withdraw your services under quite mild pressure from Muslims and the left.

    A Russian server would be cheaper and much more reliable !!

      • As a long-time reader I have never seen anything remotely close to “articles that openly promote terrorism” on GoV.
        England has some very liberal libel laws, perhaps worth looking into?- then again it also has some very expensive lawyers and frequent examples of multikuli exceptionalism.
        But I would love to see subversive outfits exposed and examined in public.

        As I’m sure you’re aware vilification is one way antifas groups light up a target, from which the antifas brownshirts on the street, then draw succour, ironically and hypocritically enforcing their fascist tactic of ‘no platform’.

        Douglas Murray opined, no non-racist, grass-root, non-Muslim protest group can succeed in Europe- groups like HnH are a big part of the reason why.
        I tend to agree, only by polarising around issues like free speech, democracy and opposition to the corrupt EU, will any meaningful counter to the Islamification of Europe succeed- and then only by default.
        It is after all merely a symptom, albeit a horrendous one, of the EU’s corporate restructuring of Europe into EUrabia.

        All the best for the Summer fundraiser,

    • The “UK-based server” claim along with the unsourced contentions about our supposed materials re tactics is simply more airy-fairy gaseous effluvia emanating from an org not known for its accuracy or integrity.

        • I think you can take anything that the awful Nick Lowles says with a pinch of salt. He isn’t exactly familiar with truth and honesty. Hope not Hate actually seems to work diametrically against its own claimed aims much like its sometimes associates the UAF and SWP

    • It seems pretty obvious that these are the usual hard left employers of the Big Lie and the Noble Lie, all justified using “the ends justify the means.” If they’re looking for Nazis they should be looking at themselves.

      It never seems to occur to these people that if the means they use involve lies then the ends are lies as well. But to them, “hope” seems to mean telling a lie and hoping that it will somehow come true. These are epistemological subjectivists, in other words, crazy people.

    • What site carries this stuff? It sure ain’t a theme at GoV.

      Then, thoughts like these might be tucked into some of the long, dystopian articles that get posted once in a blue moon, which I never really read. If that’s the case, the context for such notions should be presented in a fair way. Which I’d never, ever expect from HnH.

  3. I t goes without saying that murder is of less importance than to “hope not hate” than a cartoon exhibition . Tunisia , Lee Rigby, 7/7 , brought no demonstrstion or condemnation from these people.

    • Smartly and genuinely put, Maverick.

      And Yes: Even:

      Tunisia , Lee Rigby, 7/7 , brought no demonstrstion or condemnation from these people.

      Let’s not forget Israel deals with jihadi criminals on an hourly basis.

      All of what the jihadis have done and are doing every day around the world, Have not affected them and changed their perverted minds.

      I wonder what will?

      Why don’t they get it?

  4. These people are seriously demented, and the symptoms of the pathology are strewn above-ground just in their wiki profile https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_not_Hate, let alone if one digs around.
    It’s the antifascist fascism, see? Can’t be helped, it’s a form of cognitive spongiform encephalitis.

    BTW, the Times of India carried a story in its July 16th issue, pointing to the fact that India is now the most populous country on earth, and, I quote, “New Delhi needs to facilitate emigration of 300 million or more, not just 30 million, to allow itself some breathing space and gain greater global heft.” The more of this is going on the more people in the West are going to wake up and provide an ever-increasing workload and fever pitch to the “antifascist” ethnocidists.

    • I agree. Whether caused by nature or nurture, it seems that some percentage of the population is extremely predisposed towards epistemological subjectivism.

      They have answered the question of “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it really fall?” with “No.” After that, they conclude they must be right because with their eyes closed and fingers in their ears, they sit alone in a clearing and aren’t hit by a falling tree.

      • Very well put, Nimrod.

        ” extremely predisposed towards epistemological subjectivism”

        Some say,” their brains are wired differently.”

        If that is the case they have no control over their thinking, so it seems. And therefore they are not sinful and they are not going to plunge into eternal fire.

        What puzzles me is that muslims gain power in the west and are poised to make donkeys and slaves of us all that is owing to the majority of the westerner’s perverted minds especially the Traitor Class who have no morals or conscience.

  5. WOW!! I have been reading this site for a LONGGG time and I have never seen any plans for bombs, how to milk a goat or anything remotely like how to avoid the police!!

    PLEASE for the lov’ a Mike… pray tell me… oh where …in what corner ..have I missed all this interesting information on dear GATES of VIENNA????

    Whoever the git was that wrote those accusations against this lovely site, is an absolutely stupid person with allusions of grandeur and probably wears his pants with both of his legs only in one pant’s leg and hops about like a LOONY bird!.

      • I remember reading a joke on here once that made me laugh so much I farted. And I’d eaten a plate of Stagg’s chilli con carne earlier in the day. That was fairly explosive.

  6. Well, Jonathan Owen’s too long an email for a decent story to take it really seriously, stimulated me to immediately make a donation somewhat more substantial than my usual contributions.

  7. As one reads one can almost visualize the Wizard of Oz pontificating behind his curtain. Seriously though, I must look in the archives for the alleged Bomb making plans, see if they match the ones we used to have to deal with in NI.

    Mr Hate has obviously not read Brevik’s letter number 2 so I hope Mr Owen checks his facts thoroughly before committing himself to the almost inevitable bias of the (non-) Independent.

    It is sad when the politico-religious left is so full of its own self-righteousness that it comes out with this kind of dogma which is every bit as silly as anything thought up in a young child’s imaginary play scene, only many times more dangerous.

    Yesterday a 10 year old female ‘shahid’ killed some 30 people and maimed many more in a market in Nigeria, all in the name of Islam. If ‘moderate’ Islam wishes me to believe that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’ then I need to see some convincing spreading of the message rather than than the ducking, weaving and passing the buck that I actually see.

    When I see little (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) children running for cover when the missiles come over at home in Sderot, I ask myself then where are these ‘moderates’ who expect me to smile and keep quiet? Why are they not here offering real support; tackling Hamas and showing them that shooting nail and rat poison filled missiles into the civilian population is wrong according to the ‘Religion of Peace’? Why is Muslim violence always the fault of those who ‘provoked’ it? Why is it never the responsibility of those verses in the Koran which tell the Muslim to Kill Christians and Jews where ever they are to be found? To be effective, diversity has to work both ways, give and take from all concerned, but at the moment I see no give in Islam, it is a rigid monolithic religion, little changed in 1400 years.

  8. “This HOPE not hate report exposes the true agenda of those behind the plans………….”.
    I find it depressing in the extreme to read that yes, indeed, there are Englishmen stupid enough to appease, enable and condone all the lies and atrocities pushed on to naïve U.K. by the ‘superior’, ‘cultured’ muslims.
    Sad. One can only hope Mr Lowles is enjoying all the benefits, inventive genius, technological brilliance and friendship bestowed on Brits by these wonderful people(?)

    • Better still, I hope he is on someone’s list for when the time arrives to prosecute those who have openly committed the act of treason.

      • Nick Lowles is on our list along with many others who will pay a harsh price for their treachery. We Anglo Saxons will not be mocked!

  9. Well, at least there’s time to prepare for the storm…

    Imagine – a mass plot to draw cartoons. The horror of it!

    But I’d be careful with visiting websites like “hope not hate” – given that they’re so off the deep end, would anyone put it past them to attach some nasty surprise for any visitors?

    • And it is because of that refusal to even argue their stance that there is now talk of future mass civil unrest brought about by the most intolerant of useful idiots to their own kind.

  10. Gee…and I thought this blog was an intellectual gathering place for those opposed to the destruction of Western Civilization by hyper aggressive, rock worshipping, carpet humpers from failed and oppressive societies. Um… is this place really the down low military headquarters of the armed wing of the counter jihad? Shocker!

  11. Of course the solution that normal people would adopt when they don’t like something is not to look at, read about or listen to it. The term hope not hate doesn’t make sense and is typical of the made up organisations that proliferate in the communist world. I hope everyone involved ignores these wanton trouble-makers and the cartoon exhibition goes ahead without incident. If it doesn’t, it will be the communists who are to blame, including those who work for the left-wing Independent newspaper

  12. As a contributing writer at the Gates of Vienna, my thanks to Nick Lowles and “Hope not hate”. You have helped our cause.

    You can be sure many of the readers of your “HOPE not hate’s report into the ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement” are not all blind to, Lee Rigby, 7/7, Tunisia, burkas, female genital mutilation, head rolling, child pedophile rings, 9/11, Charlie Hebdo or other Islam inspired atrocities.

    For every fool you deceive with your asinine “Hope not hate” fraud, others will be directed to the “Gates of Vienna” site.

    As anyone in the business of getting the word out knows: Even bad news is good news.

    Many readers of your tripe, know the reality of Islam. They only need to know where to go to get real information on it. Thanks for helping the readership of Gates of Vienna.

    • Precisely. All this publicity is wonderful news! ==>
      more GoV readers==>more apostates==>weaker Islam.

      Any time the world is told that GoV is a horrible,mean hateful, phobic, violent website, this means more curious readers…who then fall into our logical but loving and kind clutches. Poof! The rate of apostate creation dy/dx increases.

  13. After reading over the Hope and Hate document, I was struck by just how few anti-jihadist leaders they were able to name. Considering the long history of contention between islam and western culture, I would have thought many more would be aligned against this fanatical ideology bent on our oblivion. In any case, the document is a useful synopsis for those of us who oppose jihad and like to gather ideological ammunition/intelligence from as many sources as possible.

  14. The email address is up there–send your thoughts to HateNotHope. Just two words will be enough.

  15. I just can’t read any more of these people’s insane, anti-rational rubbish. They are so psychologically unwell, I fear nothing short of electric shock therapy will alleviate their profound sickness. Because their meds clearly aren’t working.

    Then again, maybe one day they will encounter a radicalised youth who disagrees with Britain’s foreign policy and has never had a proper girlfriend. On that day, they may just get a reality check.

    Perhaps they will be able to explain to that radicalised extremist why he should hope, not hate, before he cuts their throat with a bread knife.

    • Because as we all know, such “lone wolves” are everywhere, that’s why the British state needs to spy on its citizens – to keep us safe from radicalised young men who, as the mayor of London says, have never had a proper girlfriend. There is simply no telling who these “lone wolves” could be, so Herr Owen of the “Independent” is just as likely to beheaded or machine-gunned to death by a “lone wolf” as say, a British holidaymaker in Tunisia, or an off-duty British soldier walking the streets of the nation’s capital.

  16. Hold fast, Baron and Dymphna – as I know you will. This is all a lot of drivel and doesn’t deserve the courtesy of a reply – especially one that’s to be submitted within an extremely short time frame! If The Independent chooses to publish this fictional and alarmist concoction, then they should take a look at a certain bridge I have for sale.

    By the way, what would it take “to spark a violent backlash” from Christians, in the way this group seems to think is acceptable behaviour from Muslims? They expect a violent backlash from the religion of peace? Surely not!

  17. “In the past, governments have been too quick to dismiss the religious aspect of Islamist extremism … simply denying any connection between the religion of Islam and the extremists doesn’t work, because these extremists are self-identifying as Muslims. The fact is from Woolwich to Tunisia, from Ottawa to Bali, these murderers all spout the same twisted narrative, one that claims to be based on a particular faith [Islam]. Now it is an exercise in futility to deny that. And more than that, it can be dangerous.”

    David Cameron, in the Independent last week.


    • You got my hopes up for a moment there – but then I read the whole article.

      “It cannot be said clearly enough: this extremist ideology is not true Islam. I have said it myself many, many times, and it’s absolutely right to do so. And I’ll say it again today.”

      So the mantra has switched from “Nothing to do with Islam” to “Nothing to do with ‘True’ Islam”. Thank you, Iman Cameron.

      • Actually he’s more like Grand Mufti Cameron since he is attempting to issue a fatwah to clarify to Muslims what is haram and what is halal Islam.

        He ought to form his own shura council along with Grand Mufti Obama and all the other western self-appointed Grand Muftis who like to issue fatwahs about what is and isn’t Islam.

        • When I thought about it, what struck me was the arrogance of the unstated assumption that he is qualified to speak on behalf of Islam. Would he issue sweeping religious pronouncements on behalf of Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion, for that matter? Obviously not.

          Hmm, perhaps he has a secret, even unconscious contempt for the religion of peace … if so, Welcome, Prime Minister: Please, come out of the closet on this issue and join us!

  18. These hope not hate people are delusional. Wilders is only against intolerance. Islam is intolerant. He has no problem with muslims. Being against intolerance is “Right Wing”?

    How can a group of people (us “Right Wingers”) be guilty of inciting others to violence – by displaying cartoons? If someone has an overreaction to our cultural norms that is their problem – not ours. Or are the native peoples of Europe now under the jurisdiction of foreign, sharia law?

    Freedom of Speech may indeed have limitations – but if showing cartoons is one of them then there exists no freedom of speech.

    As for commentators here encouraging civil war or a pogrom against muslims – more idiocy. Noting that wherever Islam gains a foothold it takes control of the society using violence, resulting in civil war – is not encouraging it – it is merely noting a pattern that is followed.

    Civil wars within Europe, resisting a change to Islamic culture is very likely within Europe. Not something any sane person would want. But almost unavoidable.

    If hope not hate wants to work towards peace they need to take their heads out of their arses, acknowledge the nature of the problem we all face and do something positive to deal with it, not play the appeasing the bully game or adopting the latest fashionable opinion.

  19. While these ‘Hope not Hate’ folks are on the subject of ‘hate’ may I suggest that they take a good and unbiased look at the ‘Muslim Manifestos’, the Quran, the Suras, and the Hadieths. These ‘scriptures’ are the source of the ‘hateful’ and incendiary speeches delivered 24/7/365 by many of the radical Imams and demagogues in the UK.

  20. Oh, and: Paramilitary operations?

    I must have missed that memo, LMAO!

    That Owen guy is BONKERS!

  21. Hold on, by planning paramilitary operations, does he mean … drawing cartoons??

    Oh dearie me, all those “counter-jihadists” are arming themselves with CRAYONS and FELT TIP PENS!

    Those are clearly extremely dangerous weapons and we need the British state to step in and BAN FELT TIP PENS IMMEDIATELY!

  22. I have never before heard of this punctuationally challenged organization called “HOPE not hate”. Why are the “not” and “hate” in this proper name not capitalized? And is HOPE an acronym? If so, what do the letters H, O, P, E stand for?

    “On a UK-based server, this website [Gates of Vienna] carries … bomb manuals”. How many bomb manuals? How come I haven’t seen any? And it’s bad tradecraft to base your server in the UK. For much higher security, you should set up a server in Chappaqua, NY, the site of a server that has never been breached.

    “One British ‘counter-jihadist’ has even written a fictional account of this civil war, which starts with the publication of Muhammad cartoons.”
    Sounds interesting. Mr. Jonathan Owen, you’re not a very good staff reporter if you cannot let your readers know the title of this literary work, and where to find it.

    “One idea was to hold simultaneous demonstrations in areas of high Muslim density in towns and cities across the UK, waving placards containing images of Muhammad.”
    How stupid are these demonstrators? Don’t they realize how counterproductive it is to *wave* a placard? Placard-waving detracts from legibility.

    • A fictional account, oh dear. These internationalist socialists are as bad as the national socialists ever were. We should expect them to promote the suppression of fiction they don’t approve of. Book burning has always been a favourite activity of these soulless, liberty-hating, intellectual cripples.

    • You are amusing with your grammatical corrections and yet, still annoying. Do you have anything of substance to say?
      Go on, let it rip…

  23. Well, I have clearly missed something as I have not yet seen instructions for bomb making or plans for genocide. I imagine though, that one some Islamist site not a million virtual miles away these things are already in place.

    I totally reject the term ‘islamophobe’ and prefer to call myself an ‘Islamosceptic’ meaning I am sceptical about two things, 1) that is is a religion, and 2) that if it is indeed such, that it is a religion of peace.

    That the political correctness brigade is out there trying to silence us in our warnings of the future conflagration is very clear. Recently I was told that some factual postings on my own Facebook page, together with my own comments/views on these, had been seen by a ‘colleague’ and reported as they were offensive. It yet remains to be seen whether I will face a disciplinary or worse from my employers.

    I will look at this site more thoroughly for lessons on how to make a bomb and when the war will start. I think that if the latter is due it will be Islamists and not us indigenous/non Moslems who will start it.

  24. So the HNH “source” ironically appears to be “Zionist” conspiracy theorist.

    “In the context of the cartoon plot, however, ISIS and Al Qaeda are merely bystanders. The biggest beneficiaries would – unsurprisingly – be the group directly behind the proposed operation. And, while HopeNotHate are unwilling to use the Z-word, it is a simple fact that the common denominator in every single one of the plotters is that they either are themselves hardcore Likud extreme nationalists or are funded by ultra Likud Zionists.”


    • Bummer! The U.S. Post Office must have lost our check from the Mossad. Strange how that seems to happen every month…

  25. This barely coherent rant gave me a long-overdue laugh. In my two years perusing GoV, I’ve yet to see any bomb making manuals or long term genocide plans, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough! I’m also mighty curious as to this infamous book by a “British counter-jihadist” that apparently serves as the counter-jihad manifesto for liberating Europe. Come on, Hnh, don’t leave us in suspense!

    I expect more of this will be coming in the month leading up to the London exhibition. All joking aside, I really hope nothing happens to shut it down. There’s rarely any good news out of the UK these days, and this exhibition going off smoothly would be a tiny morale booster for us all.

  26. Mr. Owens seems to be your typical rubbish spouting Liberal tool. His job seems to focused on demonizing anyone he considers a opponent, truth and research are two items that are alien to him.

    It doesn’t matter though, because his audience will believe anything he says about the “other side” because he says it.

  27. “Our report reveals how former UKIP leader Lord Pearson is linked to these counter-jihadists. It also reveals that one of cartoon exhibition’s sponsors, satirical online magazine Vive Charlie, counts controversial Sun columnist Katie Hopkins as one of its regular contributors.”

    Anyone who tries to link Lord Pearson, the Baron and Katie Hopkins (of all people) in this way, can’t expect to be taken seriously.

    These radical leftists are crackers!

  28. “Some simply want to provoke a violent reaction from Muslims in order to present them in a negative and intolerant light.”

    Or in other words: “Letting Muslims do what they habitually do, which makes them look bad.”

    Man! I remember when Martin Luther King, Jr. provoked a violent reaction from the redneck cops in Selma in order to present them in a negative and intolerant light.

    He was so sinister!

  29. Baron, I must be really blind, as I have never seen the so called articles they say you have posted!! Go figure, 🙂

  30. I have just sent this email to Mr Nick Lowles; media@hopenothate.org.uk

    Dear Mr Nick Lowles,

    I have just read parts of your delusional rant over on the Gates of Vienna Blog. Your deliberate lies and distortions of this fine blog-site highlights your own intolerance for those who can actually observe the destruction of their own country through mass Islamic immigration while people like you completely ignore the history of Islamic conquest or even aid and abet this agenda for whatever personal reason/s you may harbor, and which is at complete odds with those who can see through the hate you have for your own people and country. You sir, are a British Traitor, and I sincerely HOPE, not hate, that one day you will be brought to justice!

    Name and address supplied.

    • I think that the letter writer committed SLANDER by accusing this site of being a paramilitary blog.

      Can you imagine we are not even allowed to @$$ or bu++ on this site because the owners of the site are VERY moral and upstanding people.

      GOD BLESS ’em!!

      Love you folks and I HOPE you can sue those HATE(ers) for lotsa’ moolah!!

    • One just has to lurrrve the Guardian. In the second paragraph of its article (linked by Blazingcatfur above) there is a reference to “two gunmen” being killed “whilst attempting to storm” a cartoon exhibition in Texas in May. Two gunmen? Were these gunmen from the IRA? The ETA? The Italian mafia? The Guardian doesn’t tell its readers. Nothing about their ISIS links, naturally.

      This is consistent with the Guardian’s initial coverage of the Garland, Texas attempted mass murder, prevented only by the marksmanship and courage of a traffic cop with a pistol who was under fire from two Muslim men wearing body armor and bearing assault rifles. The Guardian correspondent saw fit to include this:

      “Although the shootings occurred at the perimeter of the controversial cartoon event there has been no confirmation that the two were definitively linked.”

      No, two Muslim gunmen drove from Arizona to the parking lot of the Garland Centre in Texas with three firearms each and opened fire on its unarmed security guard, but their presence and actions had nothing to do with the Mohammed cartoon competition going on inside the Centre.

      From a little “Mom & Pop” run, rural Virginia based website to being the subject of an article in The Guardian and the subject of an investigation request by six British Labour MPs. Congratulations!

      • If there is no causal link between someone drawing cartoons of islams so called “prophet” in Texas and those two muslims trying to kill people, then he has no way to connect the proposed cartoon drawing exhibition, sorry, paramilitary operation, and any subsequent islamic “backlash”. Either he wants to say that muslims become violent and try to kill people, or he doesn’t. But if he doesn’t, then there is no problem here.

      • There’s no such thing as bad publicity – many hits at GoV means even more people will find out about the problems with the Islamic ideology.

        • Agreed. No doubt there is a large mass of disquieted, Islam-averse, Brits (and foreign Guardian readers) who until two days ago never knew GoV existed. They’ll visit the site looking for confirmation of bomb-making manuals. And return. I predict a big increase in traffic.

  31. Hello,

    This is Vladimir Ilyich through a handy Ouija board. I am dismayed that you people forgot my paternity of all the fine progress notable in Western mass media now, including in The Independent and the sources it relies on in its shocking expose of the extreme right-wing, reactionary-bourgeois Gates of Vienna and its brethren in the Capitalist-Zionist conspiracy.

    “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

    “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”

    “He who now talks about the ‘freedom of the press’ goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism.”

    “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience.”

    • “Give me the boy until he is seven and I will give you the man.”
      – Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order.

      Mind you, Takuan, he might just have as easily said “Give me the girl until she is seven and I will give you the slave.”
      Muslims fully understand this rule even though they don’t expound it in public.

      Rgds, S III.

  32. Wait, what?
    As a very long time reader of this site I still don’t know how to make a bomb…
    Possibly, I am a slow learner.

    • I guess someone also covered this and I missed it; where should I line up for the civil insurrection?

    • You didn’t order the secret decoder ring??

      I’ll loan you my beebee gun. Hey, I just thought of something: those would deter deer…cool. I just packed one away from my son’s childhood…I’ll get it back out. Watch out, Bambi.

  33. Nick Lowles and his web site HnH is not unknown.It has been a pro-Labour site,but recently Lowles has been campaigning against the UK Independence Party.Information on his activities can be found at Nope,not Hope :an independent web site supporting UKIP.

  34. I guess the “hope” part is “if we kiss their behinds long enough, we may get to live a few months longer.” What a bunch of imbeciles. Sonderkommando. Forgive me if I’ve spelled it incorrectly.

  35. I must apologize on behalf of the American people who allowed HOPE into the White House and even re-elected him not wishing to HATE. The email/post in question reads very much like what one of his minions would write and then expect our Fourth Estate to reiterate until it was believed by the majority.

  36. I have to confess I didn’t have the stamina to read through the entire report, word for word. It’s poorly-written, repetitive, and obviously a cut-and-paste job. Moreover, the inferences it drew, such as the accusation that Fjordman and GoV inspired the Norwegian mass-killer Breivik, were not only flimsy but uninteresting.

    It seems to me the tendentious, tedious, rambling style marks it as a document meant more to rally the already-faithful than to convince anyone on the fence. It might also be a message to Lowles HNH followers to leave the real violence to the Muslims, who seem to have special protection from prosecution for violent acts.

    I guess the most noteworthy assertion was that the cartoon exhibit ought to be banned because it would incite Muslims to violent protests. Unfortunately, at this time there’s nothing particularly new about this rationale for suppressing free speech. It’s already a staple of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation campaign to implement sharia law, as well as UN Resolution 16/18 by the so-called UN Human Rights Council, a creature of Islamic supremacism.

    • thank you. I expected as little. Some twitter person reminded them not to leave our major role in writing Breivik’s Manifesto. Unh huh.

  37. Great! The leftwing idiots have helped you with some free advertising. Hope the exhibit gets filled up. Interesting how HOPE not Hate engage in so much slander and defamation. The site is basically a troll site looking to hunt for some individual or the other. It’s that how they assume they create hope then?

  38. In my BNP days, we referred to HnH as “Dope Not Soap”.

    They would be out in front of us chanting ‘Never again!’ (to encourage the falsity that we were all Nazis). The BNP responded by shouting: “Have a wash!”

    “Never again, never again” they yelled.

    So the BNP did it again. And they answered again.


  39. They state:
    “Many counter-jihadists believe that there is no difference between moderate or hardline followers of Islam.”

    So you do agree that ISLAM is the problem then?

    One thing I am most disappointed about is that we are nowhere referred to as Nazis. Not even once. What kind of a Communist agitator passes the opportunity by to use the N word? Very disappointing. Comrade Andropov would be quite bitter…

  40. I think you should write a rebuttal, Baron, in which you lay out the case that HnH is a racist front group for the BNP. I mean they are smearing Britain’s muslim population as so hopelessly uncivilised, violent, and immature that merely showing pictures of a dead 7rh century desert mystic will send them into spasmodic orgies of violence. I know there was a movement in the US in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth that suggested that white women who showed their ankles should be locked up. This because the n***o male was so debauched and uncivilised that the mere hint of such a sightn and being the primitive savage that he was, he would be unable to help himselfn and would descend upon white women-folk in an orgy of rape and savagery.

    Seriously, that should be your next front page piece.

    • I agree, that would be an appropriate report. But it will have to be written by a British person or persons; I’m not deeply enough informed to handle it. It takes a thorough understanding of the domestic political and cultural scene to do it.

      Maybe Paul Weston, or Seneca III, or El Inglés could undertake it. Or perhaps a new consortium of British writers.

      After all, this blog is a distributed operation, so an emergent response would be the most appropriate one.

  41. Please keep up the good work. Don’t comply to Sharia.

    Please read the damning expose of the European left in relation to Jews/Israel; “Catch the Jew” but Tuvia Tennenbom it’s truly mind-blowing.


    This red-green (Marxist-Muslim) alliance, tried and tested against Israel, is now waging lawfare against non-Jews in the west. They’re using these very same tactics against you, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and any other critic of Islam that won’t submit to Sharia despite constant threats of violence from Muslims.

    Do not submit.

    • Which then must surely beg the question; Why does the Left in its rabid hatred of basically everything Western team up with another totalitarian ‘religion’ (Islam) that has made no secret of how it hates everything that the Left champions with the advertised view of dealing with the Godless Communists/Marxists at some time in the near future?

      One only needs to witness the butchery now going on in the M.E. under the Islamic State to appreciate what Islam truly represents.

      Are those who hate the West so blindsided by their hatred that it shuts out any form of logic or even realistic acceptance of what is so blatantly obvious even to a simpleton?

  42. I have come to this discussion a little late as there is a time difference between where I am and where most of the Gates of Vienna readership is based and while all this kerfuffle was taking place, I was asleep.

    I have just read the Hope not Hate document and when I managed to stop laughing, the following thoughts occurred to me.

    I was not at all sure that the odious Nick Lowles had actually written this report since the standard of English is rather better than his usual pseudo- intellectual claptrap . My guess it was drafted by some apparatchik in the Home Office and comrade Lowles was designated as the useful idiot tasked with propagating it as an exercise in mass scaremongering.

    On the surface we have a typical leftist sneer, smear and slander exercise, or should that be lie, label and libel? Either way, there is something about this report that does not ring true. There is no mention of the multitude of crimes committed by Muslims on a daily basis right across Europe and, while he does mention the tendency towards violence exhibited by many of these people, he appears to accept it as part of the process.

    A lot of his statements are true but they are misrepresented and slanted to mean something entirely different. I had to laugh at his portrayal of El Ingles as some sort of bomb-manufacturing fanatic, although many of the others mentioned in this work of fiction would be well advised to consult a lawyer as they do appear to have been libeled.

    I could say a lot more – and probably will on another occasion but having discovered that I am party to a world wide conspiracy, I am going to go and make a cup of tea.

  43. HH claims not to have a problem with free speech but only an admitted distrust of the motives of particular practitioners, in that case maybe we can trust HH as the self-appointed defenders of free speech to draw the motoons – then there would be no question of motivation while demonstrating to the British peoples that there is no censorship by threat of violence and that freedom of expression exists in the UK.

    HH not only appear to have a hypocritical aversion to political satire cartoons but more seriously the artists that draw them and the people that appreciate them.

  44. These people are so out of touch with reality, they simply cannot understand that it is those who CHOOSE TO REACT to a drawing in an intolerant, discriminatory and possibly even a “paramilitary” way that are in the wrong here. Big time.

    We all have the right to try to non-coercively persuade people who have been brought up to see themselves as Muslims that their religious beliefs are wrong, and that they should abandon those beliefs. That is settled law.

    And drawing a few cartoons, which no-one has to pay the slightest attention to if they don’t want to, is about as non-coercive an attempt to persuade someone that their religious beliefs are wrong as you can get.

  45. The most widespread objection against the right to try non-coercively to convert others concerns the fear that this may lead to a disruption of societal peace and interreligious harmony.

    The specific concept of peace underlying international human rights clearly differs from the authoritarian control agendas that are sometimes also put forward in the name of “peace” or “harmony”.

    Respect for human dignity is not conceivable without recognition of every human being’s freedom to communicate about issues of religion or belief, including the right to try to persuade others in a non-coercive manner.

    (Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, A/67/303, 13th August 2012)

  46. Well, if GoV is responsible for Breivik’s crimes, then deep Green Pentii Linkola must be guilty of the Jokela School massacre . . . and all Greens by ideological association. Fair’s fair, after all. Unfortunately, quite a few Greens would be proud of that. Derrick Jensen, for instance.

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