Now it’s in the Grauniad

The HOPE not hate hit piece seems to be trickling down through all the usual channels of the British Left. First it was in the Independent, and now it’s in The Guardian.

But the editorial rapscallions there refused to give us a link — the nerve! Have they never heard of netiquette?

And they used a photo of Imran Hussain as the header. I’ll skip that part of it, but here’s some of the text:

MPs call for ‘anti-Muslim paramilitary manual’ website to be investigated

Far-right Gates of Vienna website is also promoting upcoming London exhibition of Muhammad cartoons which it is feared is intended to incite Islamist violence

A group of MPs have called for an investigation into a far-right website described as a training manual for anti-Muslim paramilitaries – amid fears that an upcoming exhibition of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in London is designed to incite Islamist violence.

The Gates of Vienna website has been heavily promoting the exhibition, which is understood to feature the same drawings shown in Texas in May when two gunmen attempted to storm the event and were killed by police.

It has been organised by the former Ukip parliamentary candidate Anne-Marie Waters and is set to take place at a location in central London on 18 September with tickets priced at £35. Organisers say among those attending will be Geert Wilders, the Dutch rightwing politician who has espoused controversial views on Islam.

In a report on the so-called British counter-jihadist movement, published on Monday, the anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate called for the exhibition to be banned.

The rest is mostly a rehash of the HnH piece.

After reading this article, I realized what they all must mean by a “server hosted in the UK”: These esteemed guardians of British cultural cohesion have been accessing the old Gates of Vienna site using Google’s country-specific URL That’s why they think the server is British. What fools these mortals be!

And they must also think we’re British. Why else would six MPs bestir their hallowed fundaments to call for an investigation of us? If they knew we were Americans, running an American website from a server hosted in the United States, would they even bother?

No way to haul us before Parliament, cap in hand, truckling and tugging our forelocks.

No way to send PC Plod out to collar us and bung us into chokey.

How can “investigating” us do them any good?

I really believe this simple error is the root of all the current foolishness.

Well, at least they don’t think we’re Viennese — that’s the more common error.

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Update: P.S. — They’ll get my keyboard when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur.

24 thoughts on “Now it’s in the Grauniad

  1. Now I wonder what has provoked this? Has GoV touched some raw nerves? Maybe we’ll find out in the next few hours…..

    Better get those bigger and better servers out of their wrappings. Maybe we can offer a prize for the best bomb design found in the archives……

    • What if they find my pressure cooker. Or the pound of urea I bought on Amazon for my strawbale garden. I will have to ‘clean up’.

    • The fizzy pop cheerleaders are in retreat they need to consolidate the moderate ground, the exactly what it says on the tin brigade undermine that ground.

      could be testing times for cjuk.

  2. Just when I didn’t think this could get any funnier. Someone should remind them that launching witch-hunts against Americans has been outside British jurisdiction for quite some time now.

  3. Well, looks like this is what is being referred to as a “bomb-making manual”. And indeed, it has a section which is titled as such, and discusses various types of bombs. However – whereabouts are the detailed instructions on how to make a bomb? No such instructions seem to be included… and it’s clearly introduced as a “prediction” of how future events may pan out, not an advocation of such events.

    And given that the article was published only 2 months before the Breivik attacks, how likely is it that it had any influence – given that the attacks would probably have involved months of planning?

  4. Nonetheless – in spite of the absurdity of these allegations, I still feel you should at least put out a statement in response, maybe with consultation from a British lawyer. Perhaps someone like Gavin Boby may be of assistance?

    This is the second time the Grauniad has done this. They should not be allowed to get away with such baseless smears and lies.

  5. “MPs call for ‘anti-Muslim paramilitary manual’ website to be investigated.”

    The MP’s are idiots and cowards, but that’s to be expected.

    Here’s the rub, just about anything a infidel does can and will be construed as anti-Muslim. If I eat a BLT or pig in a bun I’m being anti-Islamic. If I play music I’m being anti-Islamic. If I practice a faith other than Islam I am being anti-Islamic.

  6. When you have the Grauniad on your back you know you must be onto a winner. These Marxist- Socialist-Islamofascist retards never were the sharpest tools in the deconstructionist’s toolkit.

    Even a retarded Imam (aren’t they all?) might be able to figure out that a Guardian attack on anything is tantamount to saying that somebody has got something right for once. You could hire the best PR agency in the world and they wouldn’t even come close to the Grauniad’s ability to recruit on your behalf, and it hasn’t cost you a penny.

    Long live the Guardian – mouthpiece of the thinking classes………I’m sorry, I just can’t go on any further. I’m laughing so much I’ve just spilt my non-alcoholic wine over my Halal pork chop.

  7. Hi Lads and lassies I must apologise for not reading your site for a while, but its good to be back, you know the score change of pc, and internet provider and the subsequent loss of bookmarks.

    Good to see your annoying the various leftist freaks who are determined to ruin Western civilisation, ill be looking in on a regular basis now. Its good to be back.

  8. ‘UK server’? Seems like the plot for another Bond movie, it’s an open secret that GoV is really controlled from a vast secret underground base in Antarctica.

  9. Paramilitary. parachute. paradox. paraffin. paradise. parameter. parakeet. GATES of VIENNA

    Which words are not like any of the above: GATES of VIENNA !! Of course!

  10. 1. What are the political roots of this latest attack on Gates of Vienna and on the plans to host the Cartoon Competition in London in August?It is important to do research on the organization “Hope Not Hate”. What is their history? Who runs it today and what is their politics?

    2. An understanding of Islam and thereby an understanding of why it is progressive to oppose Islam, and to be an anti-Jihadist

    3. To show that to be opposed to Islam is not a right wing or a left wing thing at all and here the quotation from Karl Marx wrtiting on the Ottoman Empire in 1852 for the Boston Gñlobe will show that Karl Marx was bitterly opposed to Islam

    4. Further to show that the Jihad is an intrinsic part of Islam. It is impossible to have an Islam without a violent Jihad

    There are some other things to keep in mind. One is the histoical decline of the British Labour Party. This has a very long history. The International Labourists broke with the Left and joined the International Butchery in 1914-18. As part of this the British Labourites were the opponents of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

    Then British Labour became identified with Stalinism and against Trotskyism In the 50s the British Labour leaders like Denis Healey were the opponents and called for the expulsion of the Trotsktist youth movement, Keep Left, which had won the majority of youth in the Laour Party to the policies of Trotskyism (this is a relative claim however)

    Under Kinnock the British Labourites organised a witchhunt against the Militant Group in Liverpool ending in expulsion

    From Kinnock to Blair was a straight path. Blair joined with Bush in the war on Iraq in 2003 which deposed Saddam thus opening the door to Iranian hegemony in the Middle East, augmented enormously by the recent Obama deal with Iran

    As an offshoot to this Labourism those opposing the war in the Anti war Movement were opposing the war for exactly that reason . They beleived the war on Saddam would lead to a similar war on Iran. They misread the intentions of Bush and Obama entirely.

    Thus there was a marriage between the British labour Party and Islam. At the root of this lies their marariage with Antisemitism in the form of alliances with Fatah, Hizbullah and Hamas, thus back to Iran again.

    One consequence of these positions towards Islam follows as day follows night. When it became clearer througout the 1990s that many Muslim Gangs were preying on defenceless and vulnerable young British girls, often in homes and centres in run down economic deserts such as Rotherham, these whole layer of “leftists” turned a blind eye. They did not want to know. They thus condemned many thousands of young British girls to horrible abuse at the hands iof Muslim gangs

    Indeed this very action alone caused the schism of “Labour” from the Britsh working class even more. Working class people in Britain began to shun Labour and these “leftist” groups and this caused the creation of the EDL and Farages protest type politicing.

    But another strange result also happened. The more they were going down on this road the further these “leftists” were drawing away from Karl Marx himself.

    The situation is not simple or easy to answer because the collapse of Labour has created a vacuum of leadership inside the very old British working class (the first after all)

    Filling this with a principled leadership is NOT a simple matter and is in the first place an ideological issue.

    The example of the EDL is a warning. Centred on an individual charisma, and leaderless and non-theoretical protest politics, this was a trap for many British workers. It achieved nothing.

    Similarly with Farage, I believe he is not even prepared to join with Marine le Pen in an allaince against a common enemy and this marks him out as a political opportunist who cannot last.

    The attacks on Gates of Vienna is a serious matter and a warning. As with Srebrenica, as with Breivik, it is possible to answer these lies fully and comprehensively and still lose because we face a venal ruling class and their venal allies in these “leftists” and in this lying Media. Not simple!

    As to Breivik the latest article by Fjordman does this extremely well. Breivik has admitted he is a Neo-Nazi and Not an anti-Jihadist at all. The article here is well worth reading carefully on this vital topic
    The reference to Srebrenica is best covered by this site
    The reference to Marx in 1852 is covered by a non-Marxist Jewish person on this site

    Immediate steps must be taken…Every group and website who opposes Jihad must make an analysis of these events concerning the Guardian and Indepenent attacks on Gates of Vienna and publish these attacks in the widest possible manner. A major effort myst simultaneously be made to defend the right to hold the Cartoon Exhibition in London in August. This is of extreme urgency

    • I lost a long ‘reply’ I’d made to this comment. I’m too tired to reconstruct it, but I do want to draw attention to the final sentences:

      A major effort must simultaneously be made to defend the right to hold the Cartoon Exhibition in London in August. This is of extreme urgency

      The counterjihad is the underground; its work often unknown. So the best anyone outside the UK can do is publicize the results. The revelation of the Exhibition was obviously a betrayal from the inside. Which is why “public” venues in a hostile environment are almost impossible.

      Pamela Geller’s event took place in Texas – an alien planet compared to England. And it was expensive. I consider it a wise use of Geller’s considerable resources, including her heavy security. She was victorious and the MSM was frothing at the mouth. Her post-Garland interviews were superb.

      Can such a similar thing work in England?? That’s not a rhetorical question. I honestly wonder if it’s possible.

  11. We in Britain frequently see – although not mentioned in the Grauniad – hordes of enrichers marching down the streets of what was once a sceptered isle carrying banners that state : ” Behead those who insult the Prophet”. Assuming they mean the muslim Prophet, Mo the Paedo and not some other prophet, would that not be a case for “inciting violence” rather than someone drawing a cartoon ? Just a thought.

  12. When come up on google it says this. Surely not right?
    Mobile-friendly – 18 hours ago – Far-right Gates of Vienna website is also promoting upcoming London exhibition of Muhammad …

  13. “The most widespread objection against the right to try non-coercively to convert others concerns the fear that this may lead to a disruption of societal peace and interreligious harmony.

    The specific concept of peace underlying international human rights clearly differs from the authoritarian control agendas that are sometimes also put forward in the name of “peace” or “harmony”.

    Respect for human dignity is not conceivable without recognition of every human being’s freedom to communicate about issues of religion or belief, including the right to try to persuade others in a non-coercive manner.”

    (Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, A/67/303, 13th August 2012)

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