“Knives Are All That You Need”

Each of the following two videos is significant enough standing alone, but taken together they are of overwhelming geopolitical importance.

The first is a new French-language propaganda video that was released day before yesterday by the Islamic State. In it a mujahid exhorts his brothers in France to murder French infidels with bombs, guns, knives, rocks — whatever comes to hand.

Many thanks to C.B. Sashenka for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Warning: This video contains a few brief graphic images.

Update: YouTube took down the original video, so the embed for it has been replaced by one for LiveLeak:

As a matter of coincidence — or was it more than coincidence? — less than two days later, a police station in Tours was subjected to a knife attack by a “lone wolf”.

What would the French phrase be? “Un loup solitaire”, perhaps?

The second video shows a French TV news report describing yesterday’s knife attack, which proved fatal to the attacker, but not to the police.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Telegraph article about the same incident:

French Police Shoot Dead Knifeman Who Was Shouting Islamic Slogans

Investigation under way after man attacks officers in police station in central France

French police on Saturday shot dead a man who attacked them with a knife in a police station while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great” in Arabic), a source said.

The man injured the face of an officer at the entrance to the police station in Joue-les-Tours near the city of Tours in central France and injured two other before he was shot, the interior ministry said.

Anti-terrorist investigators were probing the incident, a judicial source said.

The perpetrator was a French citizen born in Burundi in 1994 and known to police for common crimes, a source close to the case told AFP, adding that the attacker “shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ from the moment he entered until his last breath.”

According to a statement by the interior ministry, the assailant was around 20 years of age, and was “killed (by) police officers present using their issued firearms.”

Transcript of the ISIS video:

0:38   A message to my brothers in France To all my brothers and sisters in France
0:42   (ARABIC expression) In the same way
0:46   that you call on our Sheikh Abu Bakr Baghdadi,
0:48   (ARABIC)
0:52   In the same way he calls on YOU to hit on all the interests All the interests of the Kuffar
0:56   in all the countries of the Kuffar.
0:58   Today I pose to you the question: What are you going to do
1:02   for your brothers and sisters?
1:04   What are you going to do
1:06   for your brothers and sisters? for the oppressed?
1:08   What are you going to do for them?
1:10   What are you going to do for yourselves?
1:14   What are you going to say on the Day of Judgment to Allah?
1:16   What answer are you going to give?
1:18   ARABIC
1:24   Today, it’s the time of the Hijra
1:26   Today, it’s more than a response we have to give
1:28   Today, it’s more than a response we have to give
1:32   If you are incapable,
1:34   If it’s a Kuffar (Wallahee – I swear to god) If it’s a Kuffar who is stopping you…
1:38   …from the Hijra Beat them from where you are!
1:42   Wallahee, beat them from where you are!
1:44   Today you are capable
1:46   Today you are capable of beating them Tell me what are you risking
1:48   If it’s not the Shahada?
1:50   What are you risking, if it’s not (ARABIC)?
1:53   Tell me what you are risking?
1:56   Ask yourselves what you are risking.
1:58   Today you are risking nothing.
2:00   You are risking nothing.
2:02   The Kuffar can’t do anything to you.
2:04   It’s clear,
2:06   that the kuffar no longer wants to listen to Islam.
2:08   Gone is the era
2:10   when the Ummah of Islam was weak. They were weakened.
2:14   This era has revolutionized, ARABIC (praise)
2:18   And (the old era) will never return.
2:20   Praise be to Allah (Hamdallah) on the right side with Allah (al yamin)
2:24   Today we learned the good news.
2:26   La Bay’ah (pledge of allegiance to a leader) of our brothers in Yemen
2:28   of our brothers ARABIC was accepted.
2:32   The Bay’ah of our brothers in Libya
2:34   was accepted.
2:36   All the brothers who were called, all the Mujahadeen brothers
2:38   who were called to join
2:40   to do Bay’ah, called to pledge allegiance
2:44   to Emir Bakr al-Baghdadi
2:46   (other Arabic names)
2:48   Today you will pledge allegiance.
2:50   From wherever you are pledging allegiance,
2:52   Blow up France!
2:53   Reduce France to crumbs!
2:56   Blow up the heads of its Kuffars!
2:58   In the same way that is permitted
3:00   to hit our sisters.
3:02   In the same way that is permitted
3:04   to render illicit
3:06   what Allah makes illicit.
3:08   In the same way that they
3:10   prevent our sisters from wearing Niqabs.
3:12   Blow up their heads, oh Allah! Blow up their heads!
3:14   Be it with a stone,
3:16   or anything at all if you can’t get a gun.
3:19   Ha Allah (Arabic expression)
3:20   There are stones, there are knives, there is all that you need.
3:22   Take an example of our brother Mohammed Merah
3:25   [ARABIC] Take an example from him! And blow up their heads!
3:31   Kill them! Kill them!
3:33   No matter where they are, kill them!
3:34   Do not let them live in peace,
3:36   in the same way that they don’t let
3:37   our brothers live in peace!
3:39   And again,
3:40   those who are capable of doing the Hijra should do it!
3:44   wallah, should do it!
3:46   Because after this day, there will be no (ARABIC word) before Allah
3:50   ARABIC
3:52   ARABIC blessing

Transcript of the news video:

00:00   It happened in the middle of the afternoon
00:04   in front of this police station locked up by a weekend security gate.
00:08   At 2 pm a man comes to the door. The police open it,
00:13   and he immediately attacks them. He had hidden
00:17   behind his back a knife like a big kitchen knife.
00:21   He attacked the security gate, very much on edge.
00:25   The officers came to see and opened the gate. He immediately he throw himself
00:29   on my colleagues, stabbing one in the hand
00:33   and attacking the neck and face of the second.
00:37   Two other police officers shoot;
00:41   the attacker is killed. Three police were hurt; tonight
00:45   their lives are not in danger. The Interior Minister, B. Cazeneuve,
00:49   arrived to support the police and to announce the first
00:53   elements of the inquiry.
00:57   Sources reported that he shouted “Allahu Akhbar”, can you confirm that or not?
01:01   Information which I received coming from first eyewitnesses
01:05   at this point confirms in effect
01:09   that this apparently was said before the violence began.
01:13   The attacker is originally from Burundi.
01:17   He is 20 years old and lives in the region of Tours.
01:21   And here is the testimony of a local resident
01:25   in front of the police station:
01:29   They said “please calm down”; he started to screech
01:33   and to struggle. Then I saw a very long knife.
01:37   I saw one police man falling to the ground with lots of blood spurting, here,
01:41   then another police lady whose head
01:45   was covered with blood, and a third one who was with them
01:49   was the one who pulled the trigger, he shot four times, I think.
01:53   After that there were too many people, I could see no more.
01:57   I remained very shocked by this scene and told what happened
02:02   And now to our correspondent, Guillaume Daret:
02:06   Is it now the Anti-Terrorist Section that took over this inquiry?
02:10   Absolutely. The individual killed by police this afternoon
02:14   was known for acts of delinquency, but not
02:18   for terrorist acts, by the intelligence services. But his brother was
02:22   a person of interest to our intelligence services;
02:26   that is the reason that the Anti-Terrorist Section has taken over this case.
02:30   The question tonight is: did this man act alone? Did he speak
02:34   to others about his act? In which case the inquiry
02:38   become an inquiry into an “association of criminals
02:42   with intent to commit terrorism”.

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12 thoughts on ““Knives Are All That You Need”

  1. There has now been a car attack in Dijon, 10 people injured by a man who was reported to be shouting Allah Akbar as he ran off with two others.

  2. The perpetrator was a French citizen. What a farcical statement; there was nothing French about the POS.

  3. Dijon, France

    Eleven injured by car under cries of
    “Our god is greater!” – Allahuakbar!

    Destabilized convert managed to injure severely several of the 11 pedestrians he ran his car into in Dijon on Sunday.

    Why during hi act, did he call for the mohammetan god-figure? Everything to do with islam.

  4. No surprises here mates. The Koran and the Imam, history and daily horror stories scream at us from dawn to dusk warning that every single Muslim is deeply programmed to hate all non Muslims with Jews and Christians in the street easy docile targets. Betcha the stories will be coming in time about the “loyal” Muslim soldiers, sailors and God love us “airmen” turning on unsuspecting comrades in the barrack room. Don’t know about you but personally I will be avoiding anything Islamic Koranic.

  5. Civil war soon in Europe as we predicted but were mocked and ignored by the so called “elite” and their vegetable life drones “Le petit choul”…..

    One fool told me it will not happen in his lifetime so he could not care less!

    What an attitude eh? Utterly selfish. Well in’t he in for a big surprise and he will try to convince himself that it has nothing to do with Islam…

    Silly people.

    • Bishop, like your good self I predict the same thing as happens in all Islamic laden nations will happen here in the UK – and all over Europe; very unsurprisingly given the very predictable historical precedents…although I am quite certain it is not an eventuality you are looking forward to. If only our leaders had possessed the courage to ignore name calling and limit the usurpation of our own tolerant culture by the most intolerant, totalitarian ideology mankind has known.

      • Please let Obama be retired and his cadre of Muslim Brotherhood and their sympathizers purged from the White House before anything requiring focus gets underway.

  6. One hopes that the singularly European resources of Gates of Vienna (including most of all, of course, concerned individuals on the ground in various regions throughout the UK and Europe) will be able to shed light on the recent vehicular violence in Glasgow, since all reports thus far apparently indicate no Islam factor; but I am, as always, dubious.

  7. Important to notice how the continous orchestrated propaganda is being worked up parallel to the violent jihad attacks.

    – The violent jihad attacks never have anything to do with islam, or jihad
    – Some head imam makes sure – for the records – to get MSM coverage that the ideology “islam”, never has anything to do with the worldwide mohammedan terrorism that is based on their warlord founder’s ideology, and always performed under war screams praising their moon-god
    – In Dijon, the jihadist also made the reference to “Palestine” as in mohammedan Brotherhood
    – Mohammedans make sure to bring up the same in media readers’ comments
    – For further reference, look up “The Project”, The Brotherhood’s plan for taking over the West by infiltrating, and making “Palestine” the spearhead in their ongoing Conquest
    – “The Gaza Doctor” Hamas-supporting Mads Gilbert was recently chosen “Name of The Year” by Norwegian newspaper VG, which should further explain about infiltration, as well as “dividing and ruling”

    Mads Gilbert
    – A Dangerous tool in the hands of Mads…

    “When asked if he supported a terrorist attack against the US he answered: “Terror is a poor weapon, but my answer is yes, within the context I have mentioned.”
    – In the Wake of 9/11

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