“The Revolution in the Netherlands Has Started Now”

According to the latest polls, the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV, led by Geert Wilders) remains the #1 party in the Netherlands, and has increased its lead even further.

The results of the most recent Dutch political poll were published today. The PVV gained two virtual seats and is now even bigger (30 seats, 20 percent of the vote), larger than the two governing parties, PvdA and VVD, combined.

The brief message from Geert Wilders to Prime Minister Mark Rutte: “The revolution in The Netherlands has started now, Mark.”

Below are the results of the poll:

Key to the parties:

VVD   People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
    Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
PvdA   Labour Party
    Partij van de Arbeid
    Social democrats
PVV   Party for Freedom
    Partij voor de Vrijheid
    Classical liberal, Islam-critical
SP   Socialist Party
    Socialistische Partij
    Left-wing populists, former communists
CDA   Christian Democratic Appeal
    Christen-Democratisch Appèl
    Christian democrats, center-right
D66   Democrats 66
    Politieke Partij Democraten 66
    Centrist social liberals
CU   ChristianUnion
    Christian Democrats, social conservatives
GL   GreenLeft
    Environmentalism plus hard left
SGP   Reformed Political Party
    Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
    Christian right, advocates a Christian theocracy
PvdD   Party for Animals
    Partij voor de Dieren
    Animal rights
50+   50PLUS
    Pensioners’ party
PPNL   Pirate Party of the Netherlands
    Piratenpartij Nederland
    Anti-copyright, transparent governance

11 thoughts on ““The Revolution in the Netherlands Has Started Now”

  1. We’ll see how the multiculti establishment twists itself into illegal pretzels to somehow ban the PVV.

    • Well they’re already doing it: decapitating the largest political party by prosecuting its founder and leader.

      Remember what happened to the then new anti-Islam party which was burgeoning in the polls, the “Pim Fortuyn List”, after Pim Fortuyn was assassinated? It fell apart within months without Fortuyn’s leadership. The murderer, a typically deluded Leftard vegan animal rights activist, executed a very carefully pre-meditated murder of Fortuyn using illegally an acquired handgun, was recently released from jail without serving his full 12 (!) year sentence. Even in Australia he would have gotten a life sentence without parole.

      Odd isn’t it that someone so concerned, so deeply committed to animal welfare was completely comfortable in taking an innocent human being’s life because he believed Fortuyn was scapegoating the poor Muslims?

  2. Please God make this be so. And May it spread throughout Europe until the scourge of islam is washed from our shores, together with its sister, socialism.

  3. As you said, Baron, there is a huge political risk for the establishment figures in deciding once again to try & prosecute Geert Wilders. This could backfire on them spectacularly. And it looks like it’s gonna …

  4. I pray that Geert Wilders is again vindicated. I hope he wins and that the Dutch have a chance to clean out some of the worst of their judges and replace them with better people.

    BTW, my own theological convictions are very close to the Gereformeerde position.

  5. My advice to Mr Wilders is simply to ignore the court. He must form his own bodyguard of volunteers (Russian mercenaries if necessary?) and just carry on his work.

    Let the sissy Dutch police try and arrest him…

    If not, the functionaries will shut him down. The only way to resist this is not to “win” in court, but to sidestep the court altogether, and refuse to play their game.

    • I agree – if he is able to, he should engage private protection. Leaving his security in the hands of the government/establishment would be unwise.

  6. Geert Wilders is a brave man who will stand up to be counted! I have followed everything that has been happening to Geert and will continue to do so. I am a native Dutch citizen, but live in New Zealand. I still care about the Dutch identity.

  7. If any person has ever deserved vindication for their views and possession of integrity it is Geert. He is the most truly tolerant political figure and fights for the right of Europe to be free from the intolerance of Islam. This lone figure spreading his message of tolerance against intolerance is destined for veneration in Europe’s future history books.

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