Refusing to Parrot the Lies of Our Age

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Why I Write
by Fjordman

Why write?

What is the point of continuing my writing activities? I have asked myself that question quite a few times.

There is a theory that the Western ruling elites do not care as long as the huge problems of their Multicultural social experiment only hurt common people. They will not react until the problems target them directly. On October 22, 2014, there was an Islamic terror attack in Canada’s capital city Ottawa. An armed Muslim terrorist tried to enter the Parliament. He was fortunately shot and killed by the 58-year-old sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers. If the terrorist had succeeded in entering, he might have been able to kill many politicians who believe in dialogue.

This Islamic terrorist was stopped at the very last moment. However, others will no doubt try again.

Still, the ruling elites did not respond forcefully. I looked in vain for senior Western political leaders saying that we most now halt or at least restrict Muslim immigration. I did not see any. True, we would then still face the problem of converts to Islam, but at least the problem would be smaller and more manageable.

Once again, the useless US President Barack Hussein Obama refused to link this Islamic attack to Islam. Obama merely suggested that it was “senseless violence.” As the Canadian-born author Mark Steyn commented, this was a targeted Islamic terror attack aimed for the very heart of the state. It was hardly senseless.

If an attempted Islamic attack on a Western parliament is not enough to wake Western leaders up, then what does it take? There are more Muslims in Europe than in North America. Do they believe that this is the last Islamic attempt to target Western parliaments? The next one could hit lawmakers in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome or Madrid. What about the EU’s institutions in the increasingly Islamic city of Brussels? How long will the security services be able to keep the rapidly growing number of militant Muslims at bay? When will we see an attack on the European Parliament, the EU Commission, or perhaps NATO’s headquarters in the same city?

I admit that I once hoped that Western leaders would be able to change course, if they were to receive sufficient warnings. Right now, there are alarm bells ringing everywhere. You don’t even have to search for information. It is practically impossible to read a newspaper for a single week, or even a single day, without seeing something about the havoc and death caused by militant Muslims around the world. You would have to be blind not to see.

Apparently quite a few people in the mass media and in positions of power are still so blinded by their ideological beliefs that they refuse to see a threat that is right in front of them. The Western ruling elites fanatically stick to their agenda of open borders and dismantling Western nation states, no matter the cost.

Given the level of abuse one may get for writing about such issues, and in my case involuntary exile from my homeland, it would be nice to see that the Western ruling elites actually listened for a change. So far, they never have.

I admit that it is challenging for my personal motivation when those in power never respond to any warnings. So why do I keep on writing? I suppose it is easier for those who believe in a God and an afterlife. For me as a non-religious person who never prays to anyone or anything, it can be a challenge.

I insist on maintaining a very dim hope the ruling elites might listen some day in the future. Meanwhile, we should concentrate our efforts on educating the masses. That way, the worthless rulers can at least face significant public opposition to their suicidal stupidity.

Furthermore, it is possible to write in the hope that the winds will turn in your favor in the future. It may even be true. Already now, there is growing popular opposition to the dogmas promoted by the mainstream media.

Another reason for writing is for documentation purposes. In this case, the Internet can be useful. It is not a magic vessel. It can be used to increase freedom of speech, but it is also being used for mass surveillance. Likewise, it may be possible to close down websites and remove some information from cyberspace. However, it harder to get rid of evidence today than it was in the old days when you simply had to burn some papers.

We should document what is happening now so that it will be harder for people in positions of power to say in the future that they “didn’t know.” They knew, or they should have known. Twenty years ago, it might still have been possible to say that you did not understand the scale of the threat. This is no longer credible.
Finally, there is also the principle of stating what you believe to be true, simply because it is true. When people who grew up in Communist societies are asked about what they hated the most about their situation, many of them will answer: The lies. The practice of systematically lying every single day, of placing no importance on the value of truth and of despising those who are stupid enough to tell their true opinions, is the hallmark of totalitarian societies. This culture of lies from the Communist East is now spreading in the Multicultural West.

The English author Theodore Dalrymple has made a keen observation: “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

Seen in this light, writing can be a form of protest. You refuse to repeat the official propaganda. We are being told that Islam is a religion of peace, that moderate Islam is the true and tolerant form of Islam and that acts of Jihadist terrorism and savagery are caused by extremists who misunderstand and abuse the great religion of Islam. I refuse to repeat these claims because I do not believe they are truthful.

In the end, I hope to make some modest contribution to preserving my nation and my civilization through my writings. On an everyday basis, I focus on documenting what I see and trying to preserve my self-respect, by refusing to parrot the lies of our age.


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11 thoughts on “Refusing to Parrot the Lies of Our Age

  1. “Meanwhile, we should concentrate our efforts on educating the masses.”

    Maybe not so much educating the masses but finding the right message and most effective way of delivering that message, a keep it simple stupid – silver bullet penetrating the lies with the first shot.

    That message has to reinforce the positives of what we are, multikulti political correctness heavily relies upon self-abasement.

  2. Thank you, Fjordman!! Reminiscent of….

    “Why I Write”, by David Solway, which was posted on PJMedia this past March. David is someone Fjordman and the rest of us should be reading.

    “…[T]he rise of totalitarian Islam, abetted by the media, the academy, the courts, and internationally appeasing and domestically autocratic Western administrations, appears unstoppable, leading to the installation and spread of a monstrosity known as Eurabia and the coming disaster…

    “Indeed, I have come to believe that Western civilization secretly or unconsciously wishes to die and that nothing will deflect it from the path it has chosen toward the abyss…

    “Almost everything I have read, thought, observed and studied over the recent years has led me to this dispiriting conclusion. And yet, irrational as it may be, I continue to write and publish from some inner necessity that makes no objective sense and for the perverse pleasure of spinning phrases like prayer wheels, aware at the same time that it will make no difference. There is the experience of psychological self-attunement I cannot find in any other field of activity or application; the issues I continue to address, no matter how crucial they may appear in themselves, are also strangely ancillary. They are grist for an ever-turning mill. A writer is not only someone who writes but someone who needs to write. The compulsion is inescapable. And so he continues to scribble, striving only to avoid the trivial, the flaccid and the meretricious, and, as it should go without saying, to maintain his convictions in the face of all the odds—which today means being politically incorrigible. One must be honest even if honesty does not pay. One must go for a major even if the game is irretrievably lost.”

  3. I don’t think there is some grand plan behind the islamisation we see in the Western world. It seems more to do with a synergy of a post-WWII-insecure, selfhating, relativistic, hedonistic and nihilistic culture, facilitating a by huge amounts of oilmoney revived totalitarianism, to infiltrate and gradually take over this Western world. Only when the Western world finds itself a renewed reason to be, it might overcome this growing catastrophy.

  4. Indeed, Benedict. Churchill said democracy was the least bad form of government; I find this enough reason to defend it- why can’t others?

    • Because democracy has become a vote stacking exercise in misrepresentations, guess Churchill assumed that even the worst government would at least be censored by an empowered and informed electorate.

  5. Hello Mark. Western culture is in a kind of general malaise. It is there but it doesn’t know why. Churchill was part of an era that didn’t knew this. And he certainly wasn’t an adherent of cultural relativism. But these days we ourselves are the enemy concerning a danger like islam. Slowly rolling into a kind of Orwellian madness. We need to want to be and to assert ourselves against the dangers we face. But we don’t. We are having trouble in arriving at a good analysis of all this. Interesting voices are for instance those of Robert Spencer (Arab Winter), Iain McGilchrist (The Master and his Emissary) and Thomas Nagel (Mind and Cosmos). They all in their particular way address this malaise. For example:

  6. The left and Islam share one very basic feature, the freedom from any absolute moral standard. In this they differ from most other religions, including the Greeks and Romans. Granted their gods were rather lax in enforcement except in extreme cases (read Aeschylus), but it existed. As Bloom explained in “The Closing of the American Mind”, the replacement of the Judeo-Christian ethic with moral relativism, in which “tolerance” remains the only virtue is what makes people who believe in it so close minded. I can still remember my shock back in the early sixties, when one of that philosophy’s adherents was expressing his hatred of Ann Landers because she supported an absolute moral standard. It wasn’t dislike, it was HATRED. Religion per se did not enter into it.

  7. The sooner a hundred politicians in some Parliament building or Congress are mowed down or blown to shreds the safer the rest of us will ultimately be, because clearly it will take a massive carnage of the somnambulistic elites to wake these drones from their multi-culti slumber party.

    If a hundred children of Senators and Congresspeople and the President had been dining at the Windows On The World restaurant in the WTC on 9/11 maybe the “religion of Peace” lie would never have been issued.

    We regular citizens are serfs to be deceived and to die in terrorist “incidents” so long as no “leaders” or their children do.

    Let Sasha or Malia be kidnapped and beheaded on camera by some Sudden Jihad Syndrome psycho and maybe Obama would then rouse from his Candyland fantasy about Islam.

    Nothing less than personal tragedy seems possible to effect the sleepwalking scum in charge.

    Though I fear it will require a nuke in a Western city as smelling salts for a culture as deep in a torpor as our’s.

  8. I think that most educated people understand that there is a connection between ‘Mein Kampf’ and the Holocaust. But these days we see that any connection between islamdoctrine and clearly islam-instigated terror is denied by the political correct. Worse, we are supposed to think that islamdoctrine is identical to ‘religion of peace’ (i.a. Obama, Cameron) and ‘compassion’ (Karen Armstrong). While islamcriticism is put aside as being ‘racist’. It is quite a dangerous situation. This kind of delusion is the stuff a historian like Jared Diamond writes about (Collapse). I think that it has to do with a kind of collective psychosis, that is caused by the horrors of WW I and II and the Cold War plus hyperindividualism, closely connected with relativism, cultural relativism, the delusional multiculturalism and the general idea that islam is a kind of Protestantism that with some effort can be integrated in Western culture. But by the time it is finally understood that islam comes with an endless array of demands, that bit by bit undermine every aspect of Western culture, it might be too late to really do something about it.

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