England’s Requiem: “Dark Albion”

This book has sat like a shadow on my desk, waiting for the time I could face the daunting task of writing about England’s dystopian present and its even sadder future.

But sad as it is, the work cannot be postponed any longer. In the lead-up to the elections in some of the former countries of Europe now gathered into vassal satellites of a forced “union”, the walls are so obviously and unrelentingly closing in on people like this author. All the native peoples of Europe, people whose biggest sin is an abiding love of their homeland, will be consigned to a future they didn’t want, just because Brussels has the dictatorial powers to make it so. And the Political Class in charge of each former country wants this to happen so that they can continue to enjoy their status as the new nomenklatura. What “the citizens” want has ceased to be part of the equation.

Dark Albion is a commoner’s book. This is a series of essays for people who don’t often get to see their plight written about with sympathy, sans snark or condescension. It is written by one of their own, a pensioner from London’s East End who decided to get it all down before the story was obliterated entirely under the mass of foreign feet trampling everyone in their path.

The chattering classes will sneer or – more likely – they will pretend he and his fellows don’t exist except as occasional punching bags. It is as though a member of Tommy Robinson’s family, or a quiet voice among his band of brothers (or uncles), has stood up to have his say. His words will be tossed into the same oubliette where those in charge threw Tommy.

An amended precis from the author:

In this series of stand-alone essays, a Cockney pensioner (whose lifetime coincides exactly with the arrival of vast numbers of settlers) depicts mass immigration in general, and aggressive Islam in particular, as a catastrophe. He begins his “Requiem” with a brief summary of the coming of the English in 449 A.D., and concludes with a portrait of England in 2066, during the reign of King William the Conquered.

The book captures the rage and anger of the Displaced and Despised toward their politicians and those who do nothing, say nothing to stop this destruction. In fact, they profit from the selling off of England to those who neither value nor cherish her traditions and culture.

In those regions of the West which were considered to be the victors in World War II, this radical transformation of countries like England was not supposed to happen. Wasn’t this what Englishmen and Frenchmen and Free Poles, etc., wasn’t this what they’d fought and died to avoid – i.e., the subjugation of their descendants by foreign tyrants?

“William the Conquered” is the last chapter of Albion. We have stored a condensed version of that piece here at Gates of Vienna so that it can be read again after this post has past. Please feel free to link to it or use it as you wish. The book will also be available on the sidebar.

Here is a video enactment of that chapter on Poor William:

This is a synchronous moment where the coming elections in the member states of he EU are generating essays on the internet about the turbulent electoral situation in Europe. To say that Brussels is nervous would be an understatement.

Below is one such reflection, entitled appropriately enough, “European Elections Turn Nasty”.

The essay begins with a troubling description of the decision by the police in the Netherlands, who “offer” to do home visits to help Dutch citizens sign pre-filled forms against Mr. Wilders. This police interference is designed to keep a “meddlesome blond” politician tied up in court for years. Think of it: a concerted push by the police in concert with the judiciary and elected officials in a brazen attempt to bring down Geert Wilders. It’s a brazen, lawless demonstration that permits us to see the skeletons in the closet of yet another totalitarian democracy. So much cleaner than what they did to Pim Fortuyn, eh? And so very much like the process of those pseudo-referendums by which European states became members of the EUSSR.

[We can hardly afford to point fingers here in the U.S., given our recent experience watching the unfortunate videographer who was used to take the light off the deep incompetence of this current administration’s foreign policy “program” . In order to avoid having the public know how badly we messed up in Benghazi, that poor schmuck was made a scapegoat for his filming of an obscure video against Muslims, a video no one saw. But he was the best they could do without having bothered with a Plan B ahead of time.

So the fellow endured a few scapegoat sessions and was thrown in federal prison for a while on ludicrous charges that his video caused the deaths in Benghazi on 9/11/2012. The media has utterly no interest in talking to this guy, even though he’s in a halfway house now. Or was he given his “liberty” on the condition that he remain silent? If so, the media doesn’t report that either. Perhaps like Tommy Robinson, this man has been dumped into a leftist oubliette, and for some strange reason no one in a position of influence cares.

In other words we have similar problems in the U.S. That man’s imprisonment took the cooperation of the Departments of Justice and State, and the judicial system, not to mention the local police who picked him up.]

The essay on European elections is here in full.

This is a snip:

Smear campaigns are currently going on against Nigel Farage and Geert Wilders, Europe’s two most outspoken defendants of national sovereignty. The reason is obvious: the upcoming elections for the European Parliament on May 22nd and May 25th. In these elections, the citizens of the 28 member states of the European Union [EU] will decide whether or not they want to see their nation-states evaporate into a sort of United States of Europe ruled by the unelected, unaccountable and untransparent EU bureaucracy in Brussels.

The European political elite is trying to transform the EU, which started in 1957 as a vehicle for free trade and economic cooperation, into one Union to rule them all – a genuine pan-European state. This transformation process has been going on for decades, despite the clear opposition in many ancient European nations, whose people refuse to be reduced to provinces of a supra-national superstate. [my emphasis – D]


People who attended Wilders’ rally have received threats and local PVV politicians supporting their party leader also had charges pressed against them. The pressure against other PVV politicians and their families has led to the departure of two of the 14 PVV parliamentarians, one of the four PVV members of the European Parliament, and several provincial and municipal councilors.

Last Saturday, 5,000 people demonstrated against Wilders in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam mayor, a member of the Labour Party, led the demonstrators who shouted: “We are all Moroccans.” Some of the demonstrators were carrying the black al-Qaida flag. Others carried slogans such as “Wilders hond van Israel”, which literally means “Wilders dog of Israel.” Calling someone a dog is an Islamic insult.[there are links in the original essay. Please click on that URL]

The author of this essay is correct: European politics have turned even nastier this time around. Expect them to get worse as the pressure builds and we hear from other countries. Those who have the most to lose from their own country’s desire to exit an increasingly soviet “union” are beginning to put on their brass knuckles for a little bit of persuasion. France, anyone? Germany?

Meanwhile, European taxpayers, via their monies flowing into Brussels, will foot the bill for the newest bit of pomp and fakery: it’s $10,000,000.00 for a one-day appearance by President Obama in Brussels, his first visit since the election in 2008. The EU must want him badly to fork over that much for the “security parade” which accompanies his tardy, brief photo op. Maybe he’s supposed to try to shore up the efforts of Europe’s political elites to continue building their Nietzschean super state? At the very least Obama and the EU need one another’s support as they attempt to face off against Putin.

Besides, it’s a golden opportunity for Barack Obama, winner of the Nobel Piece Prize, to make a few contacts in support of his own post-presidential job plans. That is, any plans that can be worked into his golf schedule and the annual television appearance to pick the winning teams in those March basketball playoffs.

The Guardian plays it straight with their report on this visit :

Obama, who spent Monday in Amsterdam and The Hague, will depart Brussels on Wednesday evening for Rome, where he will meet Pope Francis. His sole planned speech during his three-nation, four-day European tour will be to a 2,000-strong audience at Brussels’ Centre for Fine Arts (Boar) on Wednesday afternoon.

…Brigitte Grouwels, who heads the city’s transport policy, said the expected lockdown of key areas during Obama’s visit should encourage locals to walk, cycle and take public transport. She said: “Obama’s visit gives an excellent opportunity … to experience first hand a city unencumbered by cars.”

Officials say Obama is unlikely to indulge in an impromptu city walkabout like George W Bush who, during a 2005 visit, dropped in on the distinguished chocolatier Mary to buy a box of pralines.

How’s that for politi-speak? Enjoy yourselves on foot, you lesser beings, because only Obama rides while he’s here. It’s hard to decide who is the most disgusting, host or guest. No mere mortal needs the level of security that will be on display. To impress whom?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

But back to the origins of this post, which is Dark Albionand also “William the Conquered”, the condensation of that final chapter in the book. On our page is a link to the book at the U.S. Amazon site. The U.K. Amazon link will be added to the page later, perhaps tomorrow. [And if someone wants to leave that link in the comments, I’d be happy to use it].

This is a real book by a real English pensioner. It is not one of those tossed-off dismissals of England’s lower classes by “experts” such as Theodore Dalrymple. He has drawn my ire on several counts since his own retirement:

  • as a medical doctor trained in England, surely part of his education was financed by English tax-payers? And then
  • he made his career, his living, as a government employee in the NHS by treating prisoners in England
  • about whom he has written with such disdain.

This second career piggybacks on the same population for whom he was once the doctor. You will find no James Herriott writing with fondness of his “patients” and their owners. This is a physician who retired to France and wrote most unfeelingly about those patients from whom he made his living. Where is the pity, the compassion a doctor is expected to display? Sure, he could confess to being burned out, but somehow it’s all their fault.And if he is the psychiatrist for these people, where are the success stories? Who did he manage to help?

Why is the underclass given no mercy by any of the literati? The mills of the karma dude grind slowly; someone ought to point that out to Dalrymple.

So support a real pensioner, one who is not living in the south of France. Buy Dark Albion and see if it doesn’t echo your own experience.

In fact, buy a copy for Nigel; he could use it.

In an uncanny parallel of the opening chapter of Dark Albion where our pensioner rides a bus in which he is the only ethnic Englishman immersed in a cacophony of other languages, Mr. Farage more recently had his own Migrant Moment, as reported by The Daily Mail in February:

Nigel Farage yesterday said he felt ‘awkward’ when he could hear no English being spoken while on a train from London to Kent. The Ukip leader described how he as on his way home when he went several stops without hearing his native tongue.

His comments followed a provocative speech in which he claimed some areas of Britain are being ‘taken over’ by migrants, while others have become ‘frankly unrecognisable’. They came a day after figures showed a significant rise in net migration.

In other words: ain’t reality a bite, Brother Nigel?

As for that jornolist “reporting” on the story, the least he could have said in the interests of fair reporting was that he, too, experienced the same awkwardness in such situations. Or have these robots had all feeling trained out of them? Their uniformity of opinion suggests this might be the case, eh?

Dark Albion can be read out of order if you like. It is my preference with non-fiction to pick the chapters that appeal to me most and then work from there. I suggest you not read it all in one go. That’s a rough ride for anyone.

42 thoughts on “England’s Requiem: “Dark Albion”

  1. I am afraid that the problem is no longer in Brussels, while it remains the controlling agent. The rot is embedded deeply in the majority of autochthon Europeans, and nothing can get it out except a major whack by history, or what I call “The 2 x 4 of Reality.” [Note for the Breivik sniffer squad: I am not urging any revolutionary action here. The whack will come on its own; by the immutable laws of cosmic homeosthasis, it cannot but come.]

    To wit — one example of millions possible: I forwarded the GoV link to Geert Wilders’s recent speech to a friend, who forwarded it to a Dutch friend — a woman, and alas the rot has taken hold in the fair sex far more, across the board. Her reply, from Amsterdam:

    “I truly hope you are not serious.
    This is called racisme.
    Nothing brave about that.”


    • GW assumes that everyone knows he means ‘people of islamic ideology’ and/or ‘criminals’ when he says ‘Morroccans’. Unfortunately, they don’t. They just hear him naming one ethnic/national group and immediately go into ‘defence against racism’ mode.

    • No it isn’t embedded in the indigenous people of Europe, it has been squeezed out of them by decades of what I call pap. There a lot still who sit on the sidelines to wait for someone to pull them out.

      Pap is a made up word, using a little bit of Slavic, pad. I’ll explain it more later.

      I’ve worked in emergency situations and there an awareness system for looking how people deal with difficult situations. This is mirrors how people are behaving nowadays. There are 4 levels:


      Pap is located at the unaware stage, this is what the media, education and the political elite drive home, when you watch mindless drivel on tv, read all about celebrities and get non stop news on a missing plane. It obscures the nasty bits.

      We’ve had a generation brought up on social networking, online, online, the problem is that they move only in a very tight and restricted awareness circle, entertainment is very shallow. No searching questions asked.

      If a people have exposed to pap for a long time, they are not going to shift up one gear so easily. Just look at what happened following the horrors of 911 or the Spanish Madrid atrocities.

      On a day to day level, how many people do you see cycling or walking in their own little world, headphones on and flicking through their phones. Cycling is the worst as the situation with traffic regards alertness. But there again, these individuals need their distraction!

      I’m quite happy to write an article if there is interest in this.

    • Amsterdam is lost, it has been dominated by Labour for the past 40 years, and now the equally revolting D66 has taken over the reigns.

    • You are right – of course. Western Europeans prefer to bury their heads in the sand rather than confront reality – which is that everything they’ve been taught to believe these past 60 years or so is a nonsense that clashes with every fibre of their common sense. I don’t know how long this can continue before everything falls about our ears – I suspect that the vast majority of those that make a living out of spewing these lies have no more faith in them than those of us who speak out against them. And if only a tiny minority believes in the prevailing paradigm, it can’t be long for this world… can it?

  2. I must say I do not understand the Dalrymple-bashing. Some writers have derided him for failing to oppose mass immigration. I don’t know if this is justified or not.

    But lack of compassion towards his patients ? The very fact that he devoted his life to helping those supremely difficult people (if not downright impossible to cure) proves the contrary. The way he tried to convince them to amend their ways, which he documents in detail in his writings, show that he was deeply concerned about their fate.

    He told some unpleasant truths about them ? Certainly. What’s wrong with tough love ? Is it better to support the leftist dogma, which holds that everybody is terrific and any misfortunes must be the fault of society ? Would that have been more helpful to them ? Obviously not. This has been received wisdom among official circles for so long, that surely the predicaments of the underclass must have been solved by now, if this view were correct.

    What’s left ? He used to be a civil servant, probably quite well-paid like all NHS doctors in Britain. He managed to retire in France, among (presumably) nicer surroundings than those he came from.

    What’s wrong with that ? Who wouldn’t do it if he could ? Whom did he harm by so doing ?

    • Bluntly. He got his pound of flesh and his utter contempt for the English is obvious.

      Anthony Daniels can stay on the continent for all I care and should kiss his pension goodbye.

      • Maybe his contempt is justified. Respect is not a human right. It has to be won. All he writes is true (unless you can point to what is wrong).

        Problems don’t get solved by telling lies and avoiding to offend various sensitivities. That’s the politically correct way of doing things, and the results have not been stellar up to now, to say the least.

        • The chasm between the social classes in England has been a problem since forever. It has led to a staggering waste of human potential over the centuries. The contempt the haves demonstrate for the have-nots simply make it worse. Tommy Robinson is a good case in point. If he had the right vowels, he’d be welcome to speak. But he doesn’t so he will be ignored, as will all those of his ilk.

          I never suggested that he lie, only that he show some mercy toward those unfortunates who provided him a good living. I like his conservative economic philosophy, but think that in his position as a public person making a living speaking out about the problems that afflict England, he could speak to the harm done the lowest classes by their betters.

          • Call it what it is:


            His pen name might make you think he’s actually English.

          • David Aaronvitch pulled the same trick on QT.

            It’s a preprogrammed deliberate and violent extermination campaign.

            I’m not sure that the man who stormed off is the brightest Bulb but there’s no compelling reason for Aaronovitch and the panel to have such contempt for him.


            That man could be my cousin or nephew.

            Watching that Editorial Toad tell him not to BELEIVE the evidence of his own eyes is positively evil.

          • I’m with Robert on this one.

            But TD botched what he said about the EDL. He probably speculated there. Copied the MSM on that. But I’ve read probably maybe twenty of his articles and one book, and didn’t notice this anywhere else. I could have I missed it. I enjoy his writing….and he is still writing, and well. To me it seems like he was a caring doctor and shrink, struggling to understand why things are so, uh, messed up.

            I think a lot of people misinterpret him as too critical. He is like an art critic who instead criticizes daily life. He is an observer of society more so than the solution man with twenty American style self help books. That alone makes me respect him. He seems slow to criticize, fast to observe.

        • Anthony Daniels is a purveyor of loathing, a propagandist set to demoralise and undermine the English working class.

          The antidote to Dalrymple’s poisonous dribbling is the rot did not seep up from the working class it rained down from above, particularly from the overeducated middle-class professionals with their inflated egos and superior sense of entitlement – wannabe kings and queens.

          • He despises his own patients. Perhaps it’s a result of bitterness at the fact no one recognised his non-existent genius. Btw, he only worked for the NHS for just over a decade. I think he probably crossed his fingers while taking the Hippocratic Oath.

            It is not the ‘Underclass’ he attacks but the ‘mentally ill.’

            but if you are fine with that…

            and if people are uncomfortable with the idea of undeserving psychiatric patients receiving taxpayers’ money they should be campaigning for the cessation of the public funding of psychiatry itself.

            Of course that would mean the end of the good doctor’s pension.

        • ‘All he writes is true (unless you can point to what is wrong).’

          How do you know this? Birmingham is a university city. It’s highly unlikely that in such a place the majority, or even a large minority, of his patients, are members of the so-called underclass.

          ‘Maybe his contempt is justified. Respect is not a human right. It has to be won.’

          Yes, it is. And if you can’t bring yourself to show respect to your patients then you switch specialisms or move into the private sector. Why didn’t the good doctor do this? My guess is that he was incapable of doing this. This was not the fault of his patients.

    • There’s ‘tough love’ and then there is sadism: ‘Meanwhile, down in casualty a young lady in a red bandana was spraying everyone in sight with shaving foam. She had bought it, apparently,, as protection from the demons which she had recently taken to seeing and hearing everywhere, rather as nervous ladies in violent cities carry tear-gas around in their handbags.

      ‘I had my revenge, however: I ordered her to be held down and injected in the buttock..’


      Would Americans be okay with this happening on their side of the pond?

  3. In our real world, the true, patriotic citizens of the various european countries, unless they abandon their own home country, are entering into the phase of ‘no voice, no exit’ as described by those crazy neoReactionaries.

    The zombie apocalypse awaits our ancestral brethren; pray for them, because they have all already been neutered (gun control).

    for clarification, when things do go into the loo, the zombies in this instance will be mindless immigrant parasites that will wreak havoc. Replace the zombies in ‘Shaun of the undead’ with afgannies, somalies and the like.

  4. The creepiest thing to me is the joy and righteousness that the left feels as they hand over their nations to immigrant masses that hate them. The sanctimoniousness they exhibit as they attack people who want to keep Britain British – it’s frightening. They have a vehement aggressiveness about it all, as if they’re almost shouting, “More immigrants! More! Come on! Jam-pack some more in here! Give ’em a few more towns to call their own!”

  5. “I truly hope you are not serious.
    This is called racisme.
    Nothing brave about that.”

    She is NOT alone. 99% of the western people have become mindless robots, knee-jerkers, like that. During the Middle Ages people/sheeple clung to some superficial aspects of Chritianity, forgetting about loving one’s neighbor, sincerity, honesty, and love of in-laws, as sheeple do today in understanding freedom and democracy. Democracy is nothing but to elect the dumber from the dumb. Freedom is to have no restrain on drinking, doing drugs, partying, and the same womb producing black, white, Persian, Arab, Muslim, Afghans, Moroccan, Turkish, children. It never occurs to the voters that freedom means to watch politicians deviate from their election promises and squandering tax’ money and taking logical decisions. Politicians will say anything, do anything, including, surrendering their country to Savage Invaders, just to shop for votes or in order to take revenge on the other political party, just as a divorcee kills her own children to avenge her ex. Not even Aristotle would have thought that a noble idea like Democracy would, after 70 years of practicing it, become so rotten, so diabolical. so evil, that some people are eager to have a dictator but with a sense of justice. It is not democracy that is at fault. It is the unconscionable liars/ politicians, who with their rhetoric and party-like election fanfare, deceive the mobs that they are practising democracy, which Russia and China cannot understand, because they have different brain cells which cannot process the sublime trait that runs in the western people, and they have the freedom of selecting either one of the unprincipled ilks. As a matter of fact, democracy has fallen to a level worse than dictatorship because over decades people have been attracted to the dishonest. Human nature.
    In a democracy people even have no choice to follow their own religion. But find themselves driven like sheep to mosques, to train them in “sensitivities to the budding cult, and to cleanse them from the spiritual dirt of the previous religion, if they had one.

    • Exactly.

      People are now only interested in freedom if it’s connected to mischief. They want the freedom to get high and have sex without consequences, but then run to the government for all the things that would otherwise have rendered them as responsible adults.

      • Many college students are enthusiastic about Rand Paul’s assertions that the government ought not to be spying on them. Many of those same students undoubtedly believe the government ought to provide them with free college tuition and health care, and probably think it’s a form of oppression if the government does not require insurance policies to “cover” contraceptives, as the Democrats keep saying.

  6. I read the last chapter of “Dark Albion”. Sobering indeed, but (maybe naively) I doubt whether my fellow Brits will continue to roll over and play dead for long enough to allow this scenario to occur, and we should have (maybe unexpected, but welcome) support from our Hindu, Sikh, Polish and other communities of relatively recent origin.

    I find Nigel Farage’s account of his train journey strange. I’m not suggesting that he’s exaggerating, but from my own experience of frequent use of public transport in and around London, many of the foreign voices one hears are tourists, mainly from Europe and the Far East, and of course our former colonies in North America, Australia, India etc, most of whom speak something very close to English. That was a cheap joke, before anyone gets upset.

  7. The fact is that, for multiple reasons, people in rich countries do not reproduce at sufficient rates to ensure a steady population, so the main motive of letting immigrants in is to preserve the welfare state. For countries, population is destiny.

    Japan has a similar problem with its inverted age pyramid, and many Japanese villages that were once lively look today like post-apocalyptic wastelands. The only difference is that Japan doesn’t let immigrants in, whereas Europe and America do.

    In all likelihood, 50 years from now, Japan will revert to third-world status, because of economic stagnation and the increasing difficulty to borrow to finance its ageing population.

    In all likelihood, 50 years from now, Europe will undergo a civil war between the muslim and the non-muslim and will also revert to third-world status because of the chaos and destruction that the civil war will bring.

    In all likelihood, we may also witness the raise of new fascist states in Europe with the avert goal of purging the invaders from the general population, precisely to avert that state of civil war. In any case, France and England will be long gone.

      • You wish. The recent accident at 福島 (Fukushima) demonstrated that the Japanese, despite their reputation, are totally unable to use robots for dirty and dangerous tasks. Instead, they mobilize the homeless people across the contry.

  8. Murad, I find myself agreeing with all your postings (along with most people here). Allow me to pursue your train of thought about democracy.

    At the young age of 18, Étienne de la Boétie wrote his essay “Discours de la servitude volontaire” (Discourse on voluntary enslavement) in 1549. In this essay, he documents, with examples from antiquity, the fact that most tyrants have support from their people, who are thus enslaving themselves voluntarily.

    So I wouldn’t only blame the lying politicians, although they indeed are self-serving liars. The likes of Obama exist only because of willful enslavement on the part of voters.

    So the current perversion of democracy that we observe is nothing new under the sun. I think that people are simply addicted to their standard of living, and they are willing to let their own countries be denatured in order to finance their addiction – typical short-term thinking with long-term catastrophic consequences. The West must re-learn to live more cheaply.

    De la Boétie goes on to suggest that faced to a social consensus that is against the interest of the people, the only possible solution is civil disobedience. Education is also crucial. People must regain the ability to think for themselves.

    This is what Wilders is doing in the Netherlands. This is what we must do in order to save our souls and our countries.

    As I wrote above, and in agreement with the first comment from 沢庵 (Takuan – it means “pickled radish” in Japanese), eventually reality is going to hit and the inescapable result will be a return to barbary and fascism.

  9. @Fournier,

    Looks like the QT audience selection failed.

    Dumb politics to blame immigration on the welfare state to a homeless and jobless man that should know from experience that welfare state no longer exists.

    • Aaronovitch is a scandalous public figure. Dimbleby went straight to him after Platelle showed some compassion.

      The [person whom I abhor and detest] on the panel immediately generated a strawman by saying “blackface”. At least Dimbleby checked that, but then they started to give the poor bloke a roasting. He might have had issues with anger that expressed themselves at the workplace but he’s obviously a highly distressed victim of post English-England.

  10. Years ago I was visiting family in Munich and I mentioned the recent murder of Pim Fortyn and my sister-in-law said, “He was a neo-Nazi.” I told her, “I think he was a liberal, and gay.” And her response? “What’s wrong with that?” So that’s what passes for being a Nazi these days: not wanting your own kind to be wiped out.

  11. No wonder if Dalrymple sounds full of contempt for the lower classes. Can anyone even imagine how much degenerate white trash he has had to deal with? The stupidity and hartbreaking cruelty of some people in that category would absolutely shock most followers of this site. So don’t judge Dalrymple too hard.

    • His contempt for the underclass is quite understandable. Where I find his integrity in question is that he worked “with” them as their physician for many years, drawing down a government salary. To then retire and write so dysphorically about the same population is unseemly.

      I don’t judge him “too hard”, but I judge him for his choices. He could have gotten out and used his medical knowledge for something beneficial if those folks can’t be helped. I was once a govt social worker and it took me two years to realize the system was not only broken, but it broke those who used it and those who used it to make a living. So I got out.

      Western culture, especially in its socialist forms, is ruining human beings. ANd then it hires “experts” to fix them.

      • @Dymphna,

        To extrapolate the general condition of the UK (sub) – working class from the criminally insane of itself is an absurdity of insanity.

        Daniels aggressive contempt for that sub-group brings his own integrity into disrepute.

        The build up of contempt generally for the working class is part of the very brutalisation process that is the pathfinder to the disregard and the disposal of that resistant section of society – a resistance that Tommy Robinson exemplifies in some ways.

    • Good God.

      The English are in it together, no matter how much Spivvy opportunists exploit the situation.

      • I don’t know what a “Spivvy opportunist” is, but I’ve not seen any evidence of the “English being in it together”. What I do see often is a mutual hatred between the haves and have-nots. And from the history I’ve read, it’s been a problem in England for many generations.

    • He worked in Birmingham so it is highly unlikely that his patients would have been uniformly white. Look at the demographics.

      And since when have mentally ill people been trash?

      Is January Scholfield trash?

      Perhaps you’re not aware of this but his publishers are ex-tabloid journalists. Until recently they were not even aware of the good doctor’s specialism. My suggestion that they do a little fact checking was met with the words: ‘Don’t be so ridiculous.’

  12. Just one more thing. I promise.

    If you *genuinely* believe that Islam is an existential threat to the West then why on Earth would you admire someone who says this about our armed forces: ‘ ‘Many servicemen – who appear to have joined up imagining that war was a thing of the past, and that armies are now purely ornamental or a form of disguised unemployment.’

    By the way, he says similar things about US armed forces, if that makes any difference.

    And, given that he practised medicine in Birmingham, many of the patients he claims are members of what he describes as ‘The Underclass’ would be ex-military.

    Make of that what you will.

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