Marion Maréchal: “I Do Not Want France to Become a Muslim Country”

Marion Maréchal is the niece of Marine Le Pen and the Executive Vice President of Reconquête, Éric Zemmour’s party. In the following video Ms. Maréchal participates in a TV panel discussion about the growing prominence of Ramadan in public celebrations.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   No, my question is totally neutral. I specify before asking it, that I am a Muslim
00:03   and my Muslim first name is Suleiman. You have…
00:06   Answer him, Suleiman. Okay, so this will change my answer, all of a sudden.
00:09   You have declared that you want to ban commercial advertising about Ramadan in public spaces.
00:16   So as a Muslim and French citizen, I would like to know what made you make such a proposal.
00:21   So first I’ll take you back a little bit, because, for me nowadays
00:26   Ramadan is the indicator of Islamization within the French society. I mean that since Monday
00:29   we have more or less been living the Islamic hour, meaning that, France2 channel did
00:32   “The Great Night of Ramadan”. There have indeed been advertisements everywhere
00:35   in the public space, in our mailboxes. The mayor of Lyon
00:39   stopped works of general interest to the population,
00:42   because it is Ramadan, so we are not supposed to bother certain shopkeepers.
00:47   And we have, in general, an omnipresence today of this Islamic holiday.
00:54   I am telling you very serenely, whether you were Muslim or not, that’s not my topic.
00:58   I don’t want Ramadan to become a French holiday today, like Christmas or Easter
01:02   because I am attached to a certain identity, a certain French culture that comes to us from afar.
01:06   And I don’t want it to change. So what am I saying?
01:09   So can I ask you a little question? —Yes. —You know, I am of Jewish faith.
01:13   Does it also bother you when there is Hanukkah, when they celebrate…
01:17   There is still a notable difference because, nowadays, the omnipresence of Ramadan
01:22   is not without consequence for society. Because of some simple reasons.
01:25   And you certainly heard of such controversies on a regular basis. Today there is some pressure
01:28   that is organized in certain neighborhoods, whose victims are often certain people.
01:32   I even know some of them at the Reconquête party, in particular women of Muslim culture,
01:36   who are often the first ones to be put under a form of pressure through such “dietary sharia”.
01:42   And there have been incidents, anyway. Just remember, a few years ago, in Lyon,
01:46   that 13-year-old young man, that boy, that little 13-year-old boy
01:49   who was lynched for eating a lollipop during Ramadan.
01:52   Remember that 45-year-old man who was Senegalese, who was also beaten up
01:57   for having a coffee in Lyon, Quartier de La Guillotière.
02:00   He had a coffee on the terrace.
02:03   Remember that waitress in Nice who was slapped for serving alcohol during Ramadan.
02:09   So we can see that there is a form of pressure. Look at the testimonies
02:13   of the teachers who explained that there are children hiding or dissimulating to eat
02:16   in certain schoolyards because there is a form of social pressure. I don’t want us to move
02:19   towards a kind of society to the extent that there are brands like Evian
02:24   who apologize for advertising water or encouraging people
02:27   to drink water because it’s Ramadan time.
02:30   So yes, I’m sorry, it creates a form of atmosphere, of pressure on a ghettoizing mode.
02:36   We do not put pressure on people by celebrating Ramadan. You are talking about dietary sharia,
02:40   of Islamization. We do Ramadan quietly, yet we contribute to sharia?
02:44   I have no problem with that. I mean, what Muslims do, whether they are French or not,
02:48   while respecting their own religious laws in the private sphere,
02:53   in the intimate sphere, does not pose any problem for me. I am a believer myself,
02:57   I respect all that and I have no problem with that. I am telling you very simply,
03:00   we had already talked about it between us, once again: everyone is free to believe
03:03   whatever they believe or don’t believe, and to practice within the intimacy of public spaces.
03:06   But I do not want France to become a Muslim country. I consider that it is up to Islam
03:09   to adapt itself to France and not the other way around.
03:12   That’s why I think we should reject all manifestations linked to Islamic Sharia.
03:15   So it’s true for Ramadan … —It’s not related to Islamic sharia.
03:20   It’s food-related sharia. —It’s not Islamic sharia.
03:24   You are putting an equal sign between a term you have invented which is “dietary sharia”…
03:30   I didn’t invent it. It’s what sharia…
03:33   —and a religious recommendation and a radical Islamism which has allegedly infiltrated us.
03:37   And you put all this at the same level. You say that the Muslims who practice
03:41   their own beliefs and religious recommendations, all that is “dietary sharia”, and that equates
03:46   to the infiltration of radical Islamism. —I think it’s all related.
03:51   I think it’s all related. Which means that today there is a problem of numbers.
03:54   You are right to say that today, through the immigration policies, there is
03:57   a more and more significant presence, a community of Muslims,
04:00   which means that today, there is a cultural change in our society that is taking place.
04:05   And there are, in addition to that, fairly radical organizations, particularly those brought
04:10   by schools of thought such as Salafism or the Muslim Brotherhood,
04:13   whose mindset is that of taking over, of claiming… —which are condemned in France.
04:16   …of conquest. Unfortunately, they are not forbidden, they are not. And nowadays,
04:20   certain mosques that are still open are close to these schools of thought.
04:23   Many imams are close to these schools of thought. And even today, I am thinking
04:27   of the European Institute of Human Sciences which trains our imams today in France,
04:31   who are also close to Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a real issue, and they are in the process
04:34   of putting pressure on society to impose claims which are political and ghettoizing.
04:39   I think we have to hold onto all this. We have to hold on, and you have talked about it,
04:43   we hold onto the sports clubs. And for the moment we are holding on, but for how long?
04:46   We have to hold onto schools. For the moment we are holding on, and for how long,
04:49   since there are teachers who have been threatened with death, even recently, because they
04:52   had explained to a veiled student that she had to take off her veil?
04:55   But when we have classes where there are 80% or 90% of young children who are
04:58   of Muslim faith, it will become more and more complicated. Children who will not adhere to this
05:02   principle of secularism. So, to simply answer you on the ban of this manifestation of Ramadan
05:08   in public spaces through advertisements, I do not have the exact legal path.
05:13   It is a wish that I express, but you know that today, advertising can be supervised
05:16   for several reasons: public security, public morality or public health.
05:20   And it is true that when we see that this practice sometimes leads, also to
05:24   testimonies of teachers in schools, about young children 7 or 8 years old,
05:29   fasting to the detriment of their own health, or other children who will not consume food
05:33   under the pressure of their own community,
05:36   or, once again, brands that renounce encouraging people to drink water,
05:40   I believe that we have taken a path we should explore.

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  1. France is lost with freaking Macron, Islamization in the full speed,!!, like all in Western Europe, this traitors in EU. And politicians in each countries are rushing so hard to destroy all our culture and way of living..

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