Bad Juju in Bad Ischl

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Explosive argument: Big fuss over pork slogan in front of restaurant in Bad Ischl

Excitement in Bad Ischl! The trigger is a host known for his funny sayings. His text about people who eat pork is explosive. And in the eyes of some, it went too far, given the already tense political climate. Others agree with the restaurant owner.

A sign outside his restaurant reads: “People who eat pork are statistically less likely to blow themselves and others up.” A provocation that is of course primarily aimed at Muslims. There is already a lot of excitement online, where pictures of the saying are spreading rapidly. Some feel “deeply disappointed and attacked”, others see “pure racism”. [Islam is an ideology and not a race, MORON.] In a free newspaper, a reader said that reading this text took his breath away, and called for “messages of peace;” after all, the situation was already very tense. [Appeasing Islam has worked so well for us during the last 1,400+ years, hasn’t it? Are people really that willfully blind and ignorant of what Islam and its followers stand for?]

Lots of approval online

However, the opinions are not as clearly distributed as the rapporteurs want to convey. If you look at the comment columns, it is quite clear that the innkeeper also receives a lot of support. “It’s a bit harsh, but unfortunately he’s right,” says one user on Facebook. “Sometimes the truth hurts,” writes another. “He’s absolutely right,” many people say.

Afterword from the translator:

No matter what all those apologists for the “Culture Enrichers” are saying, this restaurant owner is 100% spot-on in his assessment of the “religion of piece(s),” and I for one will use this when we have our next moonlight market and I’m selling flame-grilled pork neck steaks on home-made crispy rolls. Not that I think that there’ll be anyone local who is going to disagree with me, but there might be the odd European or American tourist who will be offended. As if I’d give a toss what those virtue-signalling cultural suicide freaks think about me in any case.

Hat tip for the header image: Reader from Chicago.

8 thoughts on “Bad Juju in Bad Ischl

  1. The innkeeper has already apologized.

    He writes on his bar’s Facebook page: “I took a quote from the internet and publicly wrote it on the board in front of our bar. Although this is satire, unfortunately this statement can be seen as hostile towards religions, which I later realized. I hereby publicly apologize!” There is no reason to “live Islamophobia.” “It was never my intention to slander or offend anyone.” He ‘clearly distances himself from this’ and asks for forgiveness for the mistake

  2. Although it was not is intention to slander or offend anyone, there are those who go out of their way to feign offence and generally cause trouble in the name of righteous indignation. To hell with them. I thought the comment of the translator was spot on.

  3. There is no such thing as “Islamophobia” was America, England , Canada , “Naziophobia ” during the years 1941 to 1945? Is Israel “Hamasiohobian” now ?They the followers of Islam wants us either dead or converted , or enslaved to them ,they have been at war with the ” unbelievers “for 1400 years. If I was pushed into an enclosed cage with a large hungry bear would I be “beariophobic” if I was scared of being eaten alive? Why are we importing people who have if they follow their Holy books a duty to kill ,convert ,or enslave us as a sacrament .Would we gladly import German Nazis into America during or just after World War 2?

    • Well, America did import nazi’s by the thousands after WWII to make the space program and jet aircraft to what they are today so????

  4. It is only the West that feels the need to not offend anyone (read: muslims) yet, oddly enough, the mohammedans never apologize for anything, they insult, inflame and incite and get a free pass.
    The West is slowly apologizing itself out of existence.

  5. In the city of Mecca lived a guy named Ed, who was selling ham at the local market.
    And all day long he used to cry: Eat ham, eat more ham!
    That’s why the people there called him Mo’Ham Ed.

    One day he received a revelation of God, abut the divine taste of bacon.
    And since then he cried:Don’t eat ham, eat bacon instead!
    But his old name stuck to him.

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