Paul Weston’s latest video is the first part of an in-depth investigation of the esteemed culture-enriching mayor of London, Sadiq Khan:

Video transcript:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan appears to be an Islamic fundamentalist with a burning hatred of England and the English. His office recently put out side-to-side photographs showing a wholesome looking English family strolling along the Thames riverbank with the caption “Not representative of Londoners.” Alongside this was one of Khan himself, surrounded by the sort of people he would like to see in place of hated old whitey, captioned “Positive and optimistic.”

In actual fact, Khan isn’t wrong about white families being non-representative of London; the English now account for only 45% of London’s population and are rapidly declining even as the positive and optimistic non-white demographic is rapidly growing. But Khan wasn’t talking about demographics and percentages; he simply doesn’t think England’s capital city should be represented by the English at all, period. The sooner we are air-brushed out of London, England and the entire world, the better.

In order to fully appreciate the virulent anti-white hatred here, try to imagine two photographs put out by Hitler’s 1930s Nazi regime, one showing a Jewish family in Berlin happily sauntering Spreeside, the other a photograph of Hitler himself surrounded by SS soldiers — and above both photographs the same captions utilised by Sadiq Khan, albeit with Berliners rather than Londoners.

If you think my mentioning Hitler in the same breath as Khan is an example of gross exaggeration and paranoia, I can only point out that Khan has gone well out of his way to help people with a distinct admiration for Adolf. The first is Louis Farrakhan, the black supremacist leader of the Nation of Islam who has repeatedly denounced white people as a race of devils who deserve to die. Farrakhan doesn’t like Jews much either. He describes them as Satanic and has repeatedly stated Hitler was a Great Man.

Farrakhan was barred from entering Britain in the early 2000’s after the British government described the Nation of Islam as a Hate Group. This annoyed Khan intensely, and as a purported human rights lawyer back in the day, he sought to overturn this government ban. I think it is fair to say Khan spent as much time and energy trying to get Farrakhan into Britain as he later did as mayor of London in trying to keep President Trump out.

After being embraced by the Labour Party, Khan tried to deny his role in the Farrakhan affair but according to Full Fact and numerous newspaper articles at the time, it is very much true. Khan’s admiration for Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam is hardly a one-off. Prior to his election as a Labour MP — he was sworn into British high office holding the Koran of course — Khan spent close to two decades intimately involved with white hating black supremacists and Islamic extremists.

In 2004 Khan was Chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain’s (MCB) legal affairs committee. Those in the know were already talking about the MCB as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks a global Islamic caliphate, but it took another five-years before the Labour government finally got around to recognising it as such and dropping it like a hot potato.

Sadiq Khan was on the board of the “civil liberties” pressure group Liberty (NCCL) for three years, where he argued in the defence of Babar Ahmad, a British man jailed after pleading guilty to conspiracy and providing material to support terrorism.

Khan also represented Shaker Aamer, a British man alleged to have been a recruiter for al-Qaeda who was picked up by the American army in Afghanistan in 2001. According to U.S. intelligence, Shaker Aamer was holed up in the Tora Bora caves alongside a certain Osama Bin Laden.

Khan also sought to overturn the British government’s border entry ban on Yusuf-al-Qaradawi, the then spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qaradawi had called for the takeover of England — and indeed the entire Western world — by Islam and describes Islamic suicide bombings as a legitimate act.

Sitting directly alongside Khan on the board of Liberty was an Islamic gentleman by name of Azad Ali who excused the murder of British soldiers and was actively involved with the extremist organisations Islamic Forum of Europe and Jamaat e Islami. Azad Ali went on to become Head of Community Development & Engagement at the organisation MEND which seeks to undermine the British government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Astonishingly, or perhaps not so astonishingly for those fully aware of what has been happening in England over recent years, Azad Ali, as an active supporter of Islamic terrorism, was also an adviser to the police and Home Office on police procedure, and a member of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). He also sat on the Home Office’s Trust and Confidence Community Panel…and last but not least is a board member of the absolutely fascistic outfit Unite Against Fascism which is also supported by the British ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, a soft-handed man as witless as he is clueless when it comes to Islam.

Sadiq Khan then, appeared to be surrounded by swarms of unsavoury people at work, and rather unsurprisingly the same rings true of his home life as well. His brother-in-law, Makbool Javaid, was a supporter of the terrorist organisation Al-Muhajroun which became notorious for its September 2002 conference “The Magnificent 19“ praising the September 11, 2001 attacks which at the time was generally accepted as an Islamic atrocity rather than any other sort of atrocity.

Mr Javaid regularly appeared alongside some of England’s most notorious hate preachers and in 1998 his name appeared on a fatwa calling for a “full-scale war of jihad” against Britain and the US. Here is the delightful fellow speaking in Trafalgar Square about the necessity of an Islamic takeover of England with the Black Flag of Islamic Jihad fluttering gaily behind him.

Sadiq Khan’s jihadist brother-in-law went on to become head of Litigation Services at the Commission for Racial Equality, by the way… the further one looks down the multicultural rabbit hole of broken Britain the more surreal the whole thing becomes. Mr Javaid is currently a partner at legal firm Simons Muirhead and Burton and lists amongst his Facebook friends CAGE director Moazzam Begg who was once a member of al-Qaeda, and fellow director Asim Qureshi who described Islamic State butcher Mohammed Emwazi — aka Jihadi John — as a “beautiful young man”.

Here is this beautiful young man engaged in decapitating British aid workers and American journalists in Syria. Emwazi was British, God help us, and graduated from the University of Westminster in 2009. British universities, by the way, are absolute hot beds of Islamic extremism, funded with billions of pounds by those lovely people running Saudi Arabia.

All in all then, prior to becoming Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan spent his entire adult life mixing with and legally defending any number of people whose main agenda consisted of a visceral hatred of England, the English and indeed the entire Western world. Many of these extremist friends of Khan were prepared to kill us, and in some instances did just that — to the loud cheering of the others.

This video was made simply to list the various horrifying realities surrounding Sadiq Khan’s pre-mayoral life. There are countless other examples similar to the ones included here, but I think everyone understands by now just what sort of a man Sadiq Khan so surely is.

There will be a part two coming soon which will detail the antics of Khan since he somewhat surreally became Mayor of England’s capital city in 2016. Relevant links to events and people mentioned in this video are provided in the box below, along with links to my Rumble video account, Twitter account and Patreon account.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

12 thoughts on “Caucasophobia-on-Thames

  1. Khan has to be removed by whatever means it takes. A good beginning would be to abolish his job

    • Abolish his job you say? Put a proper Englishman, if there is such a thing these days, in charge and hang that bloody Khan in Trafalgar Square with great fanfare and televised.

  2. It would be incredibly easy to put fear in the muzzy orc’s by targeting these savages with extreme brutal measures. Say one a week where they come out foaming at the mouth about islamophobia and such, and watching the so called authorities bend the knee to these GD savages. Make sure it is medieval, make sure no one forgets the images. It would tie up the police and security services into knots and make them wonder who is next.

  3. This is a ‘class’ problem, middle England does not have to live with or compete with Islam and its adherents, for almost by definition the only muslims they meet are ‘nice’ people.

    I met these guys at University and at BRNC Dartmouth, they are just people, but they totally lack any kind of Judeo-Christian values which would enable the to see value in ‘soft’ western society.

    Whilst many leftists despise Christianity, they have usually absorbed a valid Chritian value system, Muslims (and their Marxist handlers) have not and are thus wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    It is the poorer classes who have to bear the brunt of Khan’s malice, these people are now at the bottom of woke intersectional victimhood, ‘Labour’ has abandoned them and adopted the complete ‘globalist agenda of mix, match and murder.

  4. The muslims want London and they have almost taken control of it. What can anyone do now except civil war and no one has the stomach for that except the muslims.

  5. A colleague of mine attended a meeting a few months ago, at which Khan was present. After a woman came in to deliver a message, and left, he said “she’ll be gone soon”.

    If I used an appropriate epithet about him, the Baron would censor it. And yes, for those with long memories, I did vote for him in the last Mayoral election, as he promised more affordable housing; not my best decision.

    • Well of course you voted for him, or anyone that promises you free stuff, and yet wonder why things get worse and take no responsibility for your bad choices. Lenin described people like you perfectly.

  6. As a Londoner myself, I detest this man with a burning passion. I try not to get drawn into catastrophism, but I can’t help but feel that once political Islam reaches a certain critical mass, its mask will come off fully – such that even the ever-avoidant English will be forced to look upon its visage in all its uncompromising ferocity – and a proper confrontation will then become inevitable. That’s going to be a Pandora’s Box of weird and unknown forces and I only hope we still have the numbers to best them in the ensuing chaos.

  7. you vote for it you bought it ,like blue cities in America you will all have , buyers remorse .Look to New York ,LA, San Francraphole, Chicago, and most of the middle west and North east America rustbelt.

  8. The comparison between Khan and Hitler is idiotic.
    Hitler wanted Germans in Germany, not foreign parasites.
    Khan wants foreign parasites in England, not the English.

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