How Sweden Became a Gangster’s Paradise

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at Gatestone Institute. Below are some excerpts:

How Sweden Became a Gangster’s Paradise

by Peder Jensen

After the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in February 2022, Sweden and Finland abandoned generations of neutrality to apply for membership in the NATO military alliance. However, there is already a gang war going on in Swedish streets, and it has nothing to do with Russia.

Between January and May 2023, Swedish police recorded on average one completed bomb detonation every two days. If you add the bombs that were in preparation, but not yet detonated, Sweden experienced one explosives-related crime per day. Rival gangs increasingly continue to target each other’s relatives with revenge attacks.

In early May 2023, National Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg stated that more than 1,000 people are initiated into criminal gangs across Sweden every year. Despite some arrests, the rate of recruitment shows no sign of slowing down. With three new recruits, many noticeably young, added every day, it is virtually impossible to reduce the total number of active gang members. Thornberg estimated that more than 30,000 people are now involved in gang violence in Sweden. For comparison, he stated that the number of police officers in Sweden is 22,600. The number of gang members already exceeds the number of police and keeps growing at an alarming rate. According to Thornberg, the situation is “extremely serious,” with organized crime infiltrating and corrupting the democratic society, the business world and the public sector.

That Sweden has become one of Europe’s most violent countries has finally attracted international attention. The French newspaper Le Monde lamented “Sweden’s powerlessness in the face of organized violence.” The paper quoted Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson from the Moderate Party stating that the situation is “uncontrollable” and may “get worse before it gets better.” Kristersson labelled the dozens of criminal gangs in Sweden “domestic terrorists.”

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“Sweden must die”

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14 thoughts on “How Sweden Became a Gangster’s Paradise

  1. And after all of this only twenty percent of the populace is in favor of allowing firearms for self defense.

    The problem with Swedes (aside from allowing their females to run amok and participate in decisions about the future of the country) is that even with all the rapes, beatings, stabbings, bombings, shootings, thefts, etc., they still haven’t collectively taken it in the anus hard enough for them to recognize there’s a problem and then do something effective about it.

    Swedes are humanity’s version of the dodo, in that they are too far removed from violence and predation to recognize a threat when one’s present. And like the dodo, waddling about unconcerned as the sailors walk up to them with clubs to dispatch them for the cooking pot, Swedes wander about in their own imaginary perfect world where they are a humanitarian superpower while the threats they blithely ignore prepare to club them out of existence.

    • @ The Moon

      Your assessment, while quite brutal, is probably accurate.

      Sir Karl Popper’s words spring to mind:

      “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”

      The Swedes, who appear willing to tolerate just about anything, must sooner or later find themselves overtaken and conquered by the Muslims – whom, the Swedes will discover, have very strict ideas about what is tolerable and what isn’t. The strong prey upon the weak and the devil take the hindmost, as one old sage once put it.

      The perplexing thing is that many modern Swedes are descended from ancestors of that warrior race the Vikings. But whatever it is that animated those warriors of old, the modern Swedes appear to lack.

      • “The perplexing thing is that many modern Swedes are descended from ancestors of that warrior race the Vikings. But whatever it is that animated those warriors of old, the modern Swedes appear to lack.”

        I too, find that very perplexing.

        The only explanation that I can think of is that they abandoned their old gods, adopted Christianity, and became sedentary.

        But even that hypothesis doesn’t completely explain it. Sweden was involved in many wars and had a much larger territory for quite a number of centuries after adopting Christianity. They eventually adopted Lutheranism, but Lutherans seemed to still kill each other without much afterthought up to the modern era before they discovered it to be more profitable to import outsiders to do the killing. Sweden also managed to avoid the mass slaughters of the First and Second World Wars so there wasn’t a dysgenic apocalypse of their genes to blame like England or Germany.

        Thus my conclusion that perhaps it was precisely this lack of violence and threat that has caused them to be so unwary and irrationally oblivious to the dangers they have imported.

  2. Unfortunately, Sweden’s fate at the hands of their Coloured “guests” was both predictable (I’ve been posting about it on fb since at least 2016!) and, to the surprise of no one reading this, self-inflicted—karma doesn’t have a menu, you get served what you deserve.
    And that’s the “good” news.

    The bad news is that the sophisticates who rule over the US, UK and most of the rest of western EU are replicating the Swedes’ self-body-bagging with the greatest of haste. And their doing it in womens’ clothes….with knobs on.

    • These people can’t learn from experience, probably, because it doesn’t affect them directly, yet.

  3. I think the problem in Sweden is that the ruling class has been so enthusiastic in their efforts to abolish national identities that when people need a more local identity than “citizen of the world”, “Swede” has nothing to offer, so the young look for belonging in a gang. It is not an accident that the gangs grow as the ruling class seeks to join NATO. Even as citizens of the world they are finding themselves without allies, and the world is still a big, scary place, even for the rich and powerful.

    • It isn’t native, white Swedes that are in these gangs.

      This is a wholly imported and self-inflicted problem.

      Orcs join these gangs not because Swedes are weak and easy targets for predation. The primary reason for joining the gangs is protection from other strains of orc.

      • Au Contraire my friend Moon, that is why the Hell’s Angles are growing in every European city in Europe by leaps and bounds and are respected because they take care of the problem orcs in typical biker fashion and the locals love them for it.

  4. Is it “hatespeech” to say that Sweden’s military is totally useless at preventing Sweden’s invasion by the third world?

    Eff you, Rainmaker.

    The Noble Wolf

  5. @ kerdasi amaq

    Re: “Is it “hatespeech” to say that Sweden’s military is totally useless at preventing Sweden’s invasion by the third world?”

    Well, if it is, it shouldn’t be. I am quite sure there are plenty of people who benefit from the status quo vis-a-vis the present-day Swedish military who are made uncomfortable by such observations, but so what? They ought to feel uncomfortable – because while they polish their artillery pieces and play imaginary games against illusory threats, the Saracens are conquering their society. The very one they are charged with defending.

    NATO is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the globalist movement and its billionaire oligarchs. As the great Eric Hoffer once noted, all great movements begin as causes, become businesses and degenerate into rackets. I’d say that NATO has reached that point…. that is has in fact become a racket. Whatever it is, it sure as heck doesn’t actually defend Europe and its people.

    • The politicians of NATO are bought off, but the Generals sure ain’t, and that is what is going to throw a monkey wrench into the WEF machine.

  6. The basic fallacy on which Sweden’s immigration policy was based was the notion that the newcomers were of the same, or would become, cultural kind of people as the indigenous population.

    This may have worked when their numbers were low, but, now that the invaders have attained the critical mass to cause problems, that social dynamic doesn’t work anymore.

    • Also, these invaders have no intrinsic loyalty to the Swedish state, so, the Swedes will themselves to get second class citizens in the Islamic Republic of what used to be Sweden.

      The Koran supersedes the Swedish Constitution as the Swedes may find out one day.

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