No Easter Allowed!

Nasty WAYCISTS in a secondary school in Austria abused a Muslim student by exposing him to the symbols and practices of Easter. The horror!

Fortunately for the followers of Mohammed, school administrators intervened, and caused the classroom to be cleansed of all traces of Christianity, thereby making the school safe for Islam.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress:

School cancels Easter tradition — out of consideration for non-Christians

The next incredible attack on our culture: In an AHS [Academic Secondary School] in Upper Austria, a teacher wanted to decorate the class with palm branches. A trip to the Easter market was also planned. A student’s father complained. With success: The school director then reprimanded his teacher for her “Christian fundamentalism”.

Niki Glattauer was a teacher and school principal himself. In the newspaper Heute he reports on an email that reached him from Upper Austria. “Are Palmkatzerln [palm fronds] fundamentalist, and an Easter market for schoolchildren completely unreasonable?” asked the teacher there.

The pupil M. was disturbed by the Christian customs

Shortly after the first palm branches adorned the classroom, the father of a student whose second-generation parents are from Bosnia got in touch. Glattauer quotes from the message in the school app: “Our child is very disturbed by the transformation of his classroom into a church. Even an Easter market is completely unreasonable for M. We will therefore keep our child at home for the time being.”

Principal calls teacher ‘insensitive’

But that’s not all. The teacher turned to her principal for support. But he stabbed her in the back, instead asserting that she had “acted insensitively” and asked her to remove the palm branches immediately. For “Christian fundamentalism” there is Holy Week.

Afterword from the translator:

Want to bet that this selfsame “principal” will principally enforce Ramadan fasting on his pupils so that Muslim kids don’t feel left out? Europe has surrendered to Islam without a shot being fired, after our ancestors, along with their rulers, fought and died to keep the yoke of Islam from their necks. And what do we see now? Our “rulers” bowing down to a creed that is hostile to anything we supposedly stand for. They are bowing down to a creed that is antithetical to higher reason and designed to excite and beguile the most primitive of minds.

Instead of consigning this toxic ideology to irrelevance, our puppetician and other ideological retards have nothing better to do than to help Islam lay its slaving brands and shackles on the stride of mankind. I say, let them all become hog-manure, and their Allah can sort out that mess in “Paradise” himself. After all he must have enough “virgins” to help him in that task.

8 thoughts on “No Easter Allowed!

  1. Charles Schulz had a hard time getting “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on TV back in 1965 because the network executives didn’t want explicit Christianity on prime time TV. They too feared offending non-believers, though ’twas really themselves that despised the message. They’ve sure got the world they wanted now, in spades.

  2. “Palmzweig” was translated to “palm branches”, but really that’s branches from willows, that you take into the house to make them blossom a little earlier; more on this e.g.

    We Bavarians are very similar to Austrians and we don’t see that tradition as related to christianity.

    That type of principal would have adored The Führer formerly and will join to whatever will come next; so don’t care too much for them.

  3. Well, to be honest, a lot of what is now the attributes of Easter, the Abrahamists have already stolen from us … Indo-Europeans …
    I hate this planet. Now I’m working on the idea of incarnation elsewhere.

  4. The Easter bunny laying eggs for us to eat came out of the same Babylon school that produced Semiramis the mermaid (Starbucks’ mascot) and Tammuz her son who rose from the dead so that we now must bake cakes to Semiramis as she is now the queen of heaven.
    Jesus rose from the dead. The biggest miracle is that his body could not support life on it’s own but was filled with Jesus’ divinity and is still and will be forever. Thomas was most likely a witness to Jesus’ death on the cross and saw where the spear went into Jesus’ chest. He thought that the disciples were full of it and demanded that they produce the proof of what they were saying. Jesus shows up a week later and tells Thomas to examine him. Seeing that only God could make a lifeless corpse live Thomas fell on his knees and cried out, “My Lord and my God.”
    The veil of the temple was torn from Top to Bottom when Jesus died showing that His sacrifice on the cross was accepted and opened the door for us to come to God through Him. The ground shook when He rose from the dead showing that He is Lord and is alive forevermore.
    That, mateys is what Easter is about and the Muslim rabbits can throw all the eggs they want to at me. I will have the eggs for breakfast.

    • The mermaid of Starbucks is Melusine, Semiramis was a Neo Assyrian Queen.

      Saying that – My guess is that Melusine may be none other than Lilith – the serpent from Eden. God made every beast of the field when he was looking for Adam’s helper, but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him.

      The serpent was created when God was looking for Adam’s helper, but then he created the woman.

      The Serpent was one of the beasts of the field who was made to help Adam like the woman, so – what was the serpent doing at the forbidden tree?

      My guess is that Lilith – “the first wife of Adam” – was the serpent, and she was a she.

      The seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman, you know the stuff.

      Seeds are the product of the ripened ovule.

      Later in the Bible the serpent from Eden is identified as the mighty, strong and independent Leviathan – the crooked serpent of the deep sea. That’s what the Starbucks logo might actually represent. The lady of the “lake”.

  5. The funny thing is, both groups of those who care for its religious background and those who don’t have it wrong. Easter comes from a pre-Christian tradition named after Germanic goddess “Ostara” (hence “Ostern” in German). It has nothing to do with the east in its geographic meaning. Some languages use a Jewish origin where it is “Pasha” (e.g. as “Påsk” in Swedish). Several pre-Christian traditions were blended together in what we now know as the Christian cycle of events throughout the calendar year.

    I saw a long lament in a German Catholic newspaper once by someone who has discovered the ancient root of Easter later in his life and bitterly complained that it didn’t get renamed into something “genuinely Christian”. Well, but Christmas did. It was Yule before that. Interestingly, it is still “Jul” in the aforementioned Swedish. So in both German (as well as English) and Swedish we have one of the two main events renamed and one retained its old word, but they are reversed.

    What they are doing today with traditions is just stupid, uninformed or misinformed, even ignorant as in not even wanting to know what it really means. Such a mindset is always doomed. We can change traditions if we know about them and come to the conclusion that something is not a good thing to keep because it violates principles we have adopted later and call them basic laws/rights now (e.g. circumcision and slaughter without stunning — and we already know who’s gonna lose it over this). The rest is a purely personal matter, and equally much a fundamental right. Outlawing or banning them from premises, public or private, is overstepping authority. That they do it anyway will not be forgotten. Generally, any traditions that need to be enforced to survive, or its opposite, to be forbidden for the grandstanding of opposite views, are poised for removal. Sadly even on the good side of things, there sometimes are people who need to be reminded of that.

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