Culture-Enriching Doctor-Killer Walks Free in Emmendingen

Back in 2018 I reported on a bestial murder by a Somali (or Djiboutian) culture-enricher in Germany. The young “asylum seeker” entered the doctor’s office and stabbed him to death, while also wounding his assistant.

Now it has been revealed that the young perpetrator, who was determined to be mentally ill and has been housed in a psychiatric facility, is currently allowed to walk free in the city for several hours a day.

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Knife-African: Murdered Offenburg Doctor in 2018, at Liberty Again Today

In August 2018, the then 27-year-old migrant Suleiman A. brutally murdered a doctor in Offenburg with 20 stab wounds and wounded a medical assistant who rushed to help. The act was characterized by tremendous cruelty: Both carotid arteries and the throat were slit; the knife ultimately got stuck in the victim’s stomach, who in the meantime tried to escape to the door, but was attacked more and more. When the perpetrator left the practice, he left a trail of blood that stretched across several streets.

In such cases, the obligatory acquittal on the grounds of “insanity defense” due to a “mental illness” followed in court, which is typical in Germany, and then he was admitted to the closed psychiatric clinic in Emmendingen, where he has been housed for four years. Now it has become known that the perpetrator, outrageously, has already been released and is allowed to move freely in the city (!) for up to three hours a day. All he has to do is to be reachable on a mobile phone and undergo an occasional drug test.

A classic Merkel guest

The case is an example of countless similar murders and acts of violence in colorful Germany: Suleiman A.’s application for asylum was rejected back in 2017 — but of course he was not deported afterwards, but rather received “subsidiary protection status” and thus the opportunity to remain legally in the country, according to Angela Merkel’s heresy “make illegality legal”. He arrived in November 2015 as a classic Merkel guest in the course of the German welcoming madness through safe third countries such as Italy and Austria. He initially claimed to be from Somalia, but in court he said he was from Djibouti. He also gave conflicting information about his name and age.

“A man” of whom no one knows his name, or how old he is, or where he comes from, is staying in Germany without any authorization, murders a person in a bestial manner, is declared incapable of culpability because of a serious mental illness — and four years later he is allowed to walk around freely again. And when he picks up the knife again, no one will want to be responsible. This sums up today’s Germany perfectly. And because almost all knife murderers end up in psychiatric wards or correctional facilities, and both promise early release — be it through overwork or through a negligently progressive “rehabilitation” policy — one can already prepare for similar day-release regulations and more victims.

Afterword from the translator:

Isn’t it amazing? Each and every person who comes from the Third World and starts raping and murdering native Europeans is a kind of mentally ill and irresponsible “child” to the loony Left, and cannot possibly be held responsible for any CRIME perpetrated, as long is that crime against native Europeans.

But if a native European speaks up, then the “LAW” comes down onto that person like a ton of bricks from an dilapidated out-house, faeces and all, and while that person is being taken down as a dangerous “Thought Criminal” by a special, heavily armed goon squad, the state propaganda media are already busily painting that person as a NAZI who needs to be put down like a rabid dog before the “disease” of common sense catches on.

Or, refuse to pay your TV license — now that’s a crime worthy of the death penalty. What a pile of ideological retarded hyena manure European Governments have become!

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    • To much hate, my friend. You need to calm dawn. Else You will end up the same as Somalian. It is not plainly Germans fault, but as well it is. Wealth and comfort does it all. Germans will be all right, they will soon wake up and realise, worlds policeman causing all problems, with their interventions in other countries businesses, for sake of few top notch greed.

      • You are totally Wrong!!, Germans not will be ok , never !!, Germany is done , over , this people don’t know how to protect own country, never mind protecting own children a grandchildren, obviously You don’t know nothing whatsoever what is really happening in this country, this country is finished..

        • Ah! Yee of little faith! I can always depend on the Germans when push comes to shove, for when they go to war, they do it with zeal and a fanatism unmatched.

      • When the German begins to hate, I have hope that anger is put to good use in starting to Purge all 3rd worlders from their midst. So it is about time they get angry , roll up their sleeves and hoist the black flag and Purge baby Purge!

  2. I recall someone on here mentioning there is an “idiot” test in Germany for repeat (traffic) offenders. Perhaps they should have a similar test with a higher bar for the judiciary.

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