The Knife of Peace Comes to Offenburg

Another day, another knife attack by an asylum seeker with mysterious motives. This time it was in the German town of Offenburg, and the culture-enriching attacker was a Somali. Unlike the Afghans in Périgueux and Dresden, the Somali was more skilled with his blade: the doctor he attacked died at the scene, in his office.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Doctor Killed by Knife Attack in Offenburg, Germany
00:05   Police detectives collecting evidence at a doctor’s office in Offenburg, which became
00:10   the crime scene of a fatal knife attack this morning. Normally a place where the sick receive help,
00:14   but for the doctor, all help arrived too late. He died from severe stab wounds.
00:19   “For the moment, we can say that at around 8:44am
00:23   we received a call reporting a
00:26   knife attack in the area of Oststadt.
00:30   The perpetrator had fled the scene
00:34   and was on the run at the time of the call.”
00:37   The man stabbed the general practitioner with the knife he had brought,
00:42   and later he stabbed another employee.
00:45   The doctor died in the treatment room, his assistant was slightly wounded during the attack.
00:50   The Police then began a large scale search, with 20 police cars,
00:54   a helicopter and canine squads. Around 10am they were able to apprehend a suspect.
00:57   “We can say that the suspect that we have
01:01   is a 26-year-old man from Somalia.
01:05   Concerning his status, his history, where he resides —
01:09   we will see if we can obtain further information during the course of the day.”
01:13   The motive of the alleged perpetrator is still unclear.
01:16   The victim leaves behind a wife and daughter.

19 thoughts on “The Knife of Peace Comes to Offenburg

  1. Someone said on another blog, Somalis habitually kill each other, and now non-Somalis, with knifes. Guns appeared late in their evolutionary development, and Somalis and other African blacks don’t have the proper genetics to be truly comfortable with guns. But, the problem is partially solved with the AK-47, where you can indiscriminately spray cheap bullets with a cheap gun. If you hit one friend and two enemies, you’re ahead.

    As far as the motive, who knows? You import African savages, you get killings over issues you never gave a second thought to. The Somali, if he is ever able to give a coherent explanation, might cite some confusion over billing or having to wait in line too long. This is the consequence when you ship in people of low intelligence and even lower impulse control.

    • If ever there was a precise definition of sub-human it would be ‘Somali’.

      Or Sudanese.

      Both being Muslims and thus there is no more to be said.

      • Well, they were scraping the bottom of the barrel for smarts long before Mo’ was molesting little girls. Islam is just the icing on the cake.

      • The one who is lower than those sub-human are the traitors who invite them to Europe and North America and Aussie.

        No population in history has had such type of stupidity: e.g. Cologne Cardinal Woelki said: Those If you who say “yes” to church towers must also say “yes” to minarets, too.
        Are light and darkness equal. Does arrogance = humility ?

        If leaders become devils then what can we expect.

        And difficult times will come :

        1 Timothy 4:1
        Now the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will abandon the faith to follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons,

    • Guns? I have read that a sizable number of Somali ‘refugees’ to the U.S. came to this country NOT KNOWING HOW TO WORK A DOOR KNOB.

    • I regret to remark that there are people much dumber (despite money spent for their eduction (or thanks to the libtard school indoctrination)) and far more dangerous, (even if without shooting guns) than the somalis: the multiculture welcome-rapefugeeers and the no border believers.

  2. If nothing else, this is proof, that Darwin was right. Somalis are the bottom of the IQ barrel.

    • Actually, I think it tends to disprove Darwin in the sense that a subset of the human species that lacks intelligence, strength, and resourcefulness has nevertheless managed not only to survive but to thrive and expand into almost every corner of the much more advanced West. Their only attributes are apparently an unlimited capacity for breeding and a near-animal level of viciousness.

      • Your point reminds me of Gedaliah Braun’s writings, that rose a question in me : if africans do indeed have the attributed low IQs ( 70-80) that are not sufficient to accomplish the least tasks we can think of, then how are they still smart enough to find their way to , say Minnesota or Hamburg, learn all the ropes of social security, unheard of in their countries, or use the victim of colonialism scams? I do not understand this.

        • You must not be paying attention, then.

          WHOLE TRIBES of ‘western’ doo-gooders (WELL paid, I might add) assist their importation, installation on the public tit, etc.
          Undermines the status quo don’cha know.
          Provides support (AND votes) for the undermining party as well.
          Intelligence of the importee has NOTHING at all to do with it. No doubt it would hurt.

          • Is your reprimand directed at me or the moon,SIR? I will pay better attention next time, siryessir.

  3. So a skilled doctor has been replaced with a murderous savage, pretty much sums up what diversity is.
    How many children will this Somali go on to have in Germany and bring up with his not so useful view on life?

  4. Somalis are up there with Gypsies on my list of ethnicities that do not belong in modern countries.

  5. The readers here got something wrong:(irony on)
    The somali was going to deposit his application for an internship as gastrosurgeon( University of Turdabad) and willingly tried to give prove of his skills. It was the absence of a competent anesthesist that caused the failure.Period.
    Does anyone here know if there is any kind of educational institution in Somalia that goes beyond 1. and 2. grade? I mean, anything more would be a waste.

  6. Many Somalis are mad as hatters. And chewing that narcotic leaf, “Katt”, I think it’s called, probably only increases their erratic behaviour.

    • Yes, Baucent! Read Keith Richburg’s East of America.
      He reports that in a meeting of high- ranked military personnel of Americans and Somalis back when, the Somalis STOLE american uniforms in the warderobe.And the personnel present were colonels and generals.Can you believe this?

  7. A few weeks ago, Pat Condell’s Twitter feed had a video clip of a thirtyish afro-caribbean Londoner, formerly in a drugs gang. He says the recent increase in knife crime is due to Somali and Eritrean youths, coming from very violent societies, often having seen family members murdered and become brutalised themselves, to the extent that they will stab someone on little or no provocation.

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