Belgium Throws Wide the Gates for Palestinian “Refugees”

The Belgian government says: “Come on in, Palestinians! And bring your children, cousins, uncles, and grandpas!”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this op-ed from the Belgian-Jewish site Joods Actueel:

Federal government decides: From now on, Palestinians collectively allowed as refugees in Belgium

March 11, 2023

On March 8, 2023, the federal government agreed on an approach to the asylum crisis in Belgium. With a “controlled and fair migration model,” the government hopes to regain control over the migration flow. With the reception law, the government wants to speed up the return of those who have exhausted their procedures, provide additional reception spots, and tighten the rules for family reunification.

by Mark Geleyn

As for restricting family reunification, the government is providing two exceptions: For children who are at risk of genital mutilation, and for “involuntarily stateless persons, in particular, Palestinians.” For these categories, family reunification rules are being relaxed in Belgium.

I am not so concerned with the asylum agreement itself, however skeptical I am about this lukewarm attempt to bring order to what is presently a disorderly asylum policy. Here I want to consider the decision to label the Palestinians as involuntarily stateless persons, and as such, to grant them an easier reception in Belgium. The decision is remarkable.

All in all, it is a short passage in the government communiqué. The press hardly mentions it. But it is actually a passage with possible long-term consequences, and above all a serious ideological symbolism.

Let us first look at the possible consequences. By labeling the Palestinians as stateless, not on an individual basis, but collectively as a people, and by then opening the door to family reunification, this government risks exposing our country to an influx, with dangers that they have deliberately not wanted to consider.

Collective offer

A collective offer, whether for Palestinians or any other people, is politically unwise. Under classical human rights, asylum is, incidentally, always a decision on an individual. Such a collective offer is, above all, dangerous from a security point of view. This offer will, in fact, be abused by two groups. First by Palestinian clans, such as “families” who now are terrorizing entire neighborhoods in Berlin and Hamburg. Secondly, by Palestinians carrying out a war against Israel, and who thus are offered safe accommodation in Belgium.

It is thought-provoking that such an offer does not apply to Yazidis, Uyghurs, Kurds, or Greek Cypriots. Only Palestinians are named.

And that brings us to the ideological undertone of this decision.

Because by specifically naming the Palestinians, we see what motivated the government. This is not a rule that was not thought through, but a rule that deliberately responds to the left-liberal thought patterns in Europe.

6 thoughts on “Belgium Throws Wide the Gates for Palestinian “Refugees”

  1. One has to wonder just what is going through the empty heads of the ruling class or the minds of the real powers who manipulate them like marionettes; likely overrepresented by members of the same tribe persecuting the Palestinians? What just do they think will happen once they succeed in importing an overwhelming majority of muslim orcs into their countries? Perhaps their imported orcs might decide to finish the job Schicklgruber was unable to complete? Or, are they, true to stereotype doing this for some kind of financial motive?

  2. The false premise is that WEF/UNHRC want to build nations when their goal is actually to destroy their cohesion, racial unity, culture, religion, nationalism to make all peoples a “commodity human race ” which they are then free to treat like any other commodity. It’s about reducing differentiation and making all people the same in all the areas they control. These areas are no longer countries. The problem they have encountered in this homogenisation is Russia, China, India and many countries in the global south who would rather die than lose their points of difference.
    This has now created another problem because these “homogenised” areas are no longer interested in dying for the people who own their countries and fighting against people they don’t see as an enemy.
    The million Chinese in Australia don’t see China as an enemy.
    The nearly 1 million Indians don’t see India as their enemy.
    The 1 million mixed Arabs/Lebanese/Turks do not see middle eastern countries as their enemy.
    You can really only make people kill other people if they perceive them as very different from them and play to that or it then becomes ALL about money and they will need to be paid more than the normal army wage. I see mercenaries as being a solution to this problem as they will happily kill anyone you want for money.

    The Australians who fought for Australia in the last wars are a race of people that is no longer with us in any significant number so to have a large army we would have to pay a lot of money to someone else next time. Perhaps like Russia we could offer citizenship after 12 months service

  3. Exactly so The Moon is a Harsh Mistress- those Palestinians as you say are Muslim and therefore follow the teachings of Islam and will follow the exact context, and thereby slowly with what appears to be their habit, endeavour to destruct and eventually destroy Belgium society. We see it happening in my country the UK. The invasion will continue unabated by our Parliament, that is showing its preference, no matter what the public think or demand, to encourage the sweep of immigration.

    • The invasion of your country will continue until thousands of your fellow Brits are slaughtered, then maybe you will get over your aversion to using methods that currently are distasteful because you want to play by the civilized rules of Queensbury and a stiff upper lip with tea and crumpets, but hey, look at those fooooooooseball scores of the local team.

  4. One wonders whether they’re “refugees” from Hamas, Islamic Jihad or someone similar? Arabs/Muslims (along with Christians, Druze, Ba’hai (who have their headquarters in Tel Aviv), etc), who are Israeli citizens have far more rights and freedoms than their brethren in neighbouring countries and territories. let alone the permanent “refugees” who are still not granted citizenship or equal rights.

    The Israelis are not always perfect in their treatment of non-Jews, but they do amazingly well under the circumstances.

  5. Import a couple millions of savage, primitive, uneducated, uneducatable, superstitious muslims who only care for hatred, rage, murder and imposition of their hateful, mysoginist, antisemitic and backwards ideology disguised as religion. What could possible go wrong?

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